Not melting

But go up in smoke!
The plundering of the dark god of death and the divine judgment of light have collided with each other by the same person this time.
A touch of chaos wrapped the figure in the field.
Zhao Yuan’s consciousness retreated.
Even he, a terrorist force such as the intersection of Yin and Yang, was more and more surprised by the strength of Totopicis.
Not third order, but not sub-third.
Is it the blessing of the dark Lord?
an instant
"Look out!"
Zhao yuan suddenly blurted out
A virtual shadow suddenly broke through the two access control laws and appeared in front of Dotopicis.
Wandao tactic!
The figure is only a hundred meters in the shape of a firm but gentle sword. At first glance, the earth cracks and cracks, and the dangers are soaring.
At the same time
A spirit of terror overwhelmed the land of Li Xu.
Silver field!
Third-order silver has a domain, in which all creatures will be intimidated by Zhao Fujia’s will and their strength will drop sharply.
Even the second-order odd theory cannot be excluded.
However, Dotopissis’ magic wand in his hand was not affected at all, but his thoughts turned more clearly.
"Lei Huan!"
"The earth spirit is bound!"
"Wood winding!"
Lei Huan lets his body flash like thunder, moving at will, binding the spirit, winding the wood, binding the opponent.
"Ice pray!"
A chill appeared, and the snow and ice around Dotopissis danced, and the cold mountain held a staff and pointed at the trapped Zhao Fujia.
The ice curse-the ice queen sighs!
All the cold came together to cover the field, but everything was frozen in the blink of an eye, and the extreme cold expanded rapidly
The Great Forbidden Mantra is an absolute taboo in the Mu world.
Even in the market world, it is like the sigh of the ice queen that can completely freeze a big city.
Millions of people died in one blow!
Nowadays, the chill is enough to freeze everything to death.
A tip of a sword suddenly appeared on Dotopissis’ forehead, and the tip leaned out from the outside and shone brightly on the ice crystals.
Drops of blood slipped down the tip of the sword.
Zhao Fujia, with a gray gown and scattered hair, appeared when the dagger penetrated his head.
"Uh …"
Dotopissis ran a few steps before shaking and stumbling, and his eyes were full of confusion. It seems that it is not clear what happened.
"You will all die."
Finally he opened his mouth.
Darkness dominates the faithful, and he is not afraid of death. When he dies frequently, he only regrets that he has not completed it.
"Everyone will die."
Zhao Fujia swept coldly.
"But you’ll never see it."

Raymond Felton dribbled the ball for a while from the outside to a 45-degree angle. Stoudemire caught the ball in two zones and turned around and hit a jumper, hitting two points.

Stoudemire changed a new pair of glasses. He took off his new glasses and smiled at the audience. It took only a few tens of seconds to wipe the sweat off his jersey. Is it so tired? Or is it too empty?
At the 45-degree angle on the right side of Zhong Daguo, he held the ball with both hands and faced jr. He seemed very calm. Suddenly, his left foot took a step forward. jr took a step back this time, and the Great Country immediately took off. It was like McGrady’s posture. Three points, three points? ? ? ? ? ? A perfect goal with a radian. Tracy McGrady’s ball has a very low radian. Many of them are directly blown into the basket, but Zhong Daguo’s goal is rotated into the net. This is Rivers’ deliberate presence to improve Zhong Daguo’s technology. Tracy McGrady was also a Rivers lover in Warcraft.
"This little" Anthony doesn’t have much enthusiasm, but a rookie who has only played for half a season is so arrogant. He really has some ways to put up with "this is the new york Knicks, this is my territory". Anthony is angered by the wonderful performance of Zhong Daguo.
"Ball ball to me? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony seldom gets angry and smiles has always been his trademark, but this time he is a little angry.
The bottom line on the right side of melon is facing Zhong Daguo. He holds the ball with his hands bent over and leans forward slightly. Zhong Daguo seems to have expected his next move. He feels that melon likes to cut into the bottom line, so Zhong Daguo subconsciously defends melon against the bottom line and is really ready to squeeze another way out. This time, Zhong Daguo blocked the road before him and his breakthrough was disrupted.
Regardless of whether the breakthrough of melon was not very smooth, he shot directly from the bottom line outside the three-point line. Zhong Daguo didn’t react. Melon was gambling this time, but the goal was scored in Melon. He has always been a big-hearted player, and it is actually normal for him to score this time.
2431 7 points gap between the two sides
Rondo catches the ball in the backcourt and transports it to the frontcourt. Everyone pulls Rondo and can play singles by himself.
"Let me defend him," Anthony said with a little domineering. He has made many great successes in the face of Zhong Daguo and hardly scored a goal in his defense of Zhong Daguo’s clock, so Melon is very confident in defending this rookie.
Jr discretion is gone. He’s defending Pierce with a bigger tonnage. It’s obvious that Pierce is too thin to eat him alone.
Rondo has a clear understanding of the situation. He is the top point guard in the league, which is strong and weak. He knows all about it. Although he can break Felton, Pierce has a better chance and is more sure.’ Marrying someone else’ has always been the most important thing for an excellent point guard.
Pierce is so old, he is no longer the domineering and leaking years ten years ago. He didn’t choose singles jr "Hey! Zhong catches the ball and you hit it. I believe you. "Pierce shouted and gave the ball to Zhong Daguo.
Zhong Daguo gave Pierce a firm look. "Thank you, Big Brother, I can do it," he thought to himself.
Anthony is going to be serious this time. He didn’t defend Zhong Daguo just now, but it’s hard to get in. Now he really defends Zhong Daguo, not to mention it’s over.
Anthony’s low body and Zhong Daguo are separated by a little distance. Zhong Daguo’s left hand holds the ball with one hand. Why is it a classic move by McGrady? Who told me that I love Mai Yaoge the most? Zhong Maoti watched the game with his eyes open.
He suddenly started to take a big step with his right foot, which had already passed Anthony Melon. He wanted to move in parallel to block the big clock country, but Pierce came to help pick and roll. When jr was ready to change the clock, the big clock country had accelerated to kill Jr. It was changing the defense from time to time.
This is also why Rivers privately coached Zhong Daguo. When Tracy McGrady was once all-powerful, he rarely went directly to the basket after pick and roll. After pick and roll, Mai usually chose jump shots directly. Therefore, Rivers taught Zhong Daguo teammates that it is often the safest way to score.
Zhong Daguo entered the basket. Stoudemire took a step forward in the attack route of Zhong Daguo, and then raised his hands to hold Zhong Daguo. At the moment when he was next to Stoudemire, he suddenly leaned back with Stoudemire’s strength, then suddenly turned his back and jumped in the direction of the basket. At this time, Kurt Thomas was blocked by Gatt and Fabmelo. His roots could not touch Zhong Daguo.
Glide for a short time, hold the ball high with one hand and swing it with one hand 3.
"Clock? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Madison Square shouted a rookie name for the first time.
"It’s so handsome. He passed Anthony and dodged Amare’s defense. It’s so handsome and dunked. I have to ask him to sign it." Several American young women were angry at the scene, and they couldn’t help being on cloud nine.
"wipe? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony actually spewed a dirty word, which is rare in a hundred years, but his voice was so low that no one could hear him.
"Give me the ball? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony made a determined effort and shouted that he took the ball and rushed to the line. The big country couldn’t carry Anthony’s tonnage this time. It’s really not a cover to kill melons and rushed to the line with a grin.
It’s another sudden violent impact on the melon. It’s slightly fat, and the body is a little painful. I don’t know how painful the other guy who was knocked down is. Yes, that guy is the Wolf King. He made another opponent to attack and release the rules. This is experience. This is how hard he suffered. old bones knows with him.
Melon is completely desperate. Although he scored points, it can’t change the abused situation of the team. He left with his head down.
The wolf king got excited. He roared and hit his chest with an iron fist. He can make melons and set rules. Of course, he is happy. This is his value. He is everywhere.
The Knicks not only defended badly, but also seemed to attack in general. The second quarter was not over yet.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 151 Paper Tiger Seven
Chapter 151 Paper Tiger Seven has already entered the garbage. Without fighting spirit, there is no hope. This is the paper tiger Knicks.
Although the Knicks are 9 points behind, they have been beaten by the Celtics. They have no rules and regulations, and now they are even more confused. This is the so-called paper tiger surface array, which is very good. In fact, they collapse when they meet tough opponents.
The Celts will never have women’s kindness. They will respect the strong and will never sympathize with the weak. As a result, they will continue to eat knives and continue to be ravaged by the green military.
The Green Army played like a rainbow. Madison Square seems to be the home of the Green Army. The shouts are all for them, and the home Knicks are a poor foil.
At the end of the half, the Green Army has a huge advantage. When the half is destined to be garbage, the Knicks will play soy sauce and brush the data together.
The Knicks locker room is as dead as ever. Everyone knows the contradiction between Melon and Stoudemire. In addition, the team’s record is getting worse and worse, and their wounds are more difficult to heal.
Melon is still active because he always likes to laugh, but Stoudemire is sitting in the corner of the locker room with a sullen expression. He bowed his head and said nothing, which actually made everyone very unhappy. Stoudemire was also the second in charge of the team and was once a big name. He kept a straight face in the locker room. Do others dare to laugh and laugh?
However, the locker room of the Green Army is a different world. After winning the Knicks, they returned to the third place in the East. The Heat Bulls 76 ers and the Green Army have been occupying the top four teams in the East. The Heat has been at the top of the list, and the rankings of the other three teams have fluctuated slightly.
"Zhong, you are becoming more and more mature now, a bit like Tracy McGrady, the former Rivers coach’s apprentice, but your personality is a little better than him. Actually, you should play like you are in a state of humiliation, composure and flamboyant personality. Unless he is as strong as Artest, he will definitely not be able to mix long in the league." Pierce’s words have always been very instructive to Zhong Daguo.
"Ha ha, in fact, I have to thank the eldest brother you and Rivers coach Garth eldest brother Rondo eldest brother? ? ? ? ? ? You teach me Dundun every day, and it’s hard for me to think about it. I used to be a very aggressive player. I only played a few games in ba, and I was seriously injured in the hospital for half a year. "Zhong Daguo thanked everyone very sincerely.
"We’ve also heard that we’ve been taking pains to tell you to be smart. In fact, if you weren’t injured, we wouldn’t have chosen you. Before, everyone recognized that you were seriously injured in ba. Are you sure you can’t stand such a fierce confrontation in nba? ? ? ? ? ? ? In fact, if you are not injured, your physical condition is definitely the top 1 player. Now there is actually a boom in the league to watch the quarterback swingman. You are such a player. "Rivers is glad that the Green Army is the 13 th pick.
"Oh, I see. The former Rockets actually expressed their interest in me, but later they didn’t choose me. I was worried that I would get hurt again. No wonder." Zhong Daguo suddenly realized this time.
It’s the second half of the game in 2 minutes. It should be said that garbage time has officially arrived.
Cameron Anthony is a 45-degree-angle three-pointer in a game. If he shoots, he can clear his name. If he misses, it’s normal. Anyway, it’s not his fault that the team is one point behind.
&hony? ? ? ? ? ? ? "Madison Square Garden shouted the names of the Green Army players for a long time. It’s not easy to finally turn to their own team players this time.
Anthony’s mouth was grinning, his left hand was holding his fist gently and waving jr on his chest. He has always been a loyal follower of melon. He just ran from Nuggets to Knicks to follow Anthony. He jumped over and hugged Anthony’s chubby body excitedly. It felt so good. Maybe it was sensuality. Maybe it was melon scoring. It felt so good.
Pierce shrugged off this. "Isn’t it just a random shot that scored a goal?" Rondo seemed to see through Pierce’s mind and immediately gave it to Pierce.
Truth is a shrug and a false move, and then jr doesn’t know how to defend. In fact, even if he knows that he is not in truth, Pierce will take a jumper and continue to make shooting gestures until the ball finally enters the nets by mistake.
“paulpiere? ? ? ? ? ? ?” The loud dj shouted the hero’s name.
Melon just that three points should be the final redemption, should it be said that it is a flash in the pan? ? ? ? ? ? He didn’t last like this. Three points, three points? ? ? ? ? ? ? Many times to strike while the iron is hot? ? ? ? ? ? He sometimes chooses to break through. It’s true that he has successes, but there are also failures. On one occasion, Zhong Daguo seized the opportunity to take out his ball when he broke through. Of course? ? ? ? ? ? Another fast break? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? At the end of the third quarter, the advantage of the Green Army has reached 25 points. It’s really unnecessary to play again. Seeing here, someone must understand what the Green Army can sweep the Knicks 4 times in the 2011 playoffs. In the 212 playoffs, the Heat can beat the Knicks 41 times, and that lucky game was deliberately released by the Heat. As a result, Anthony didn’t get a point against James’ defensive base in five games. How many blocks did James eat? ? ? ? ? ? ? I don’t want to count the statistics. I can say that melons do attack, but what else? Knicks is really a fake paper tiger.
All the main players have been changed, including Zhong Daguo, a rookie. This is Rivers’ substitution plan, and the Knicks, all their main players are still on the scene to catch up with them. Even the Green Army substitutes are hard to get rid of.
Anthony throws a three-pointer, then jr Smith throws a three-pointer, and Raymond Felton, who doesn’t like to throw a three-pointer, is also infected. Does he throw a three-pointer? ? ? ? ? ? ? It’s all in vain. I’ve never seen a team that can win by throwing three points. If you want to throw three points, you have to throw them by a player with three points like Ray Allen Jason Terry.
At the end of the game, the Green Army actually won 34 points at 1115. Although they thought that the Knicks would definitely lose, they didn’t expect to win more than 3 points. The Knicks were so broken.
Cameron Anthony scored 3 points per game. He hit one shot out of 3 shots, which seemed good. He also grabbed 6 rebounds and sent 2 assists, but he still made 4 mistakes. How to calculate the efficiency?
Zhong Daguo scored 2 points on 15 shots in 36 minutes. In addition, he grabbed 5 rebounds, sent 3 assists and 2 steals. The data is not very gorgeous, but it is very efficient. In fact, the team needs such players to win.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 152 Beauty fans
Chapter 152 Beauty fans
The game is over, the Celtics are all smiling, and the Knicks have no expression, but they still have to shake hands after the game.
Although melon lost the game, his face still wore a charming smile. Good, good. It was melon, as the name suggests.

Scattered to occupy the terrain advantage.

Wait until Goethe and Zhang’s young master came in, and ten more people quickly walked behind them, and the future retreat was completely blocked.
The ordinary people who followed saw this battle and immediately dispersed.
I thought I was extraordinary and capable, but I didn’t leave.
They seem to retreat one by one, but in fact they are staring here to see what kind of war will happen.
So their eyes are full of expectation.
But a second turned into consternation.
Bang, bang, bang!
In a series of muffled sounds, the imperial city company sent a man to directly blow it up.
Half-length blood fog, but two legs are still there.
Wait until the sea breeze blows
Fall to the ground with both legs
Plop, plop
The blood fog rolled, the linen garments were not stained, and the left thumb was lightly buckled, the index finger was erected, and the remaining three fingers recited a number.
"Are you white, disciple?"
Words are deserted but shocked.
Behind the onlookers, the Imperial City Division sent people to wait for a while.
They were scared silly.
Is the’ longevity road’ strong?
As we all know, strong!
Otherwise, there would be no heavy-handed arrangement to bring the other side into the game.
Can it be now?
The other party is not only strong, but also very strange.
I didn’t see anything. Why didn’t the Imperial City Company choose 50 people carefully?
What means is this?
Of course, it is necessary to strengthen the "tired gaze"
Or the kind that doesn’t leave a hand.
Goethe has shown himself to be a "immortal Taoist" who is strong and unsparing.
The effect is naturally excellent.
Imperial city secretary
Are scared.
Even the zhangs’ young master was frightened and couldn’t help scratching his head after hearing Goethe’s question.
This question was not rehearsed before, but improvised.
Zhang’s young master didn’t know that answering eucalyptus could be a live answer.
"Master is not white"
"Not white?"
Goethe thoughtfully seems to have a headache. How to solve it for his disciples?
Goethe hesitated the imperial city department, but others could not sit still. Without waiting for his population, these people in the original ship were as heavy as water, and they jumped in one by one, and their posture was as impressive as that of Youlong.
"well? Had "
Goethe saw this scene as if he had been inspired to raise his hand.
Suddenly sunny and thunderous.
A flash chain comes out from the fingertips.
In the middle, these figures shuttled back and forth.
Black and smelly
Still aggressive for a moment.
Burned and broken in a moment.
Most of these imperial city experts were blown to pieces, and a few of them were burnt after landing.
This scene silenced the rest of the ship.
"This, this …"
"Is it the Lord of the’ Immortality Road’?"
A nobleman from that royal family was dumbfounded.
The same is true of those who wait on him.
It’s not that they don’t know that the Taoist master of the "Immortality Road" has even played against the so-called Taoist master of the "Immortality Road", but the other root has no such strength.
There’s nothing too aggressive except being really resistant to beating and being able to run outside the base, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done that disgusting thing to refine the so-called’ blood god’
But what is this thunder method now?
Even the original’ Qingyuan Mountain’ is not good at Leifa!
This Lafayette is more exaggerated than the’ Nine Schools’!
Is it because this guy has an adventure that he has been hidden from the world for ten years and won’t let Zhang Deshou attract our attention?
These people think so.
That royal nobleman thinks so, too.
Immediately, the royal family’s face changed and he looked at a person around him.

Many players on the shore exclaimed that this man is bound to be finished.

Who knows that the swordsman suddenly turned back beautifully and hid the magma without hesitation, and then landed firmly on the tightrope. At this time, he could see that his skill was quite vigorous, and it made sense for a swordsman to walk so carefully.
The swordsmen moved on after avoiding deadly magma, but this hellish furnace seemed to be spiritual, and the magma in the whole pool boiled and fluctuated greatly.
Three consecutive magma splashes from behind the swordsmen, and the swordsmen roll forward directly.
He really hid beautifully, and when he fell down three times in a row, he was steady, and the cable was slightly shaking.
But at this time, his feet showed signs that a large piece of magma not only covered him directly, but also rose to the sky for about ten meters.
In fact, anyone with a little insight can tell that the first few magma are the most standard lux, but this time it is a strange water red and very bright.
A moment later, the slurry was scattered, and the "bridge" man was still there, but the swordsman had turned into a skeleton, and he even maintained a stick posture.
The field was as silent as death, and everyone was transfixed.
SAO Hehe Trail "This rock liquid is mixed with a kind of energy, but it is not a scientific and technological category."
Mad dog dragon didn’t deny what he said, because at this time there were people who were not afraid of death in hkk array.
This time, an assault soldier dressed very succinctly walked to the shore. First, he stepped back a few steps and blew the bridge with a fierce force.
The soldier’s thinking is excellent, so I won’t learn from the swordsmen, and it will take me twenty or thirty seconds to cross the bridge.
Sure enough, after a bridge, he pulled out one illusion after another and rushed out thirty or forty meters in the blink of an eye.
But even the blink of an eye bridge swelled up with a big thick lux slurry, which was accompanied by a slight scream
For a moment, there was not a ghost on the bridge, and the cable was swaying gently as if nothing had ever happened.
This flood turned ugly, and hkk lost two generals.
Sao ha ha complexion is heavier than "there are monsters in the pool"
Han Xinyi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. "It looks like a fish."
"How can there be such a thing in this place?"
Han Xinyi said, "It may be to stop everyone from coming to Taiwan."
Sao Hehe nodded in agreement. This magma pool is very calm if people don’t bridge it, but once you go to the surface, it will boil and go to the center. The magma will be thick and big, and if you dare to go deeper, monsters will come out to punish you.
"There is definitely something hidden in Taiwan!" SAO, hehe, this belief is getting stronger and stronger.
Han Xinyi way "but is the method to cucumber, do you have any way? Cucumber? Huh? Where are people? "
She turned and saw that Mad Dog Dragon had disappeared.
At this time, the players once again screamed and looked up at the sound. When they saw a camouflage moving like a monkey on the north cave wall, they were holding a pair of straight army thorns in their hands. This method is exactly what the ghost Wuji showed in the Temple of Heaven to climb.
But this time, the terrain here is more complicated and difficult, because the whole cave is hemispherical, and the further you go, the harder it is to climb.
Everyone is staring, and everyone wants to know how this camouflage can be lowered to the stage.
Soon everyone knew that camouflage was halfway up, and suddenly a flying claw "ding" embedded in the wall of the square cave followed him to pull the rope and swing to the center.
So many times camouflage miraculously approached the central altar.
SAO, hehe, obviously I haven’t seen this kind of scene, and I can’t help sighing at the moment.
Han Xinyi eyes flashing "there are more severe"
"Oh?" Looking down her eyes, I found that the mad dog dragon root on my head didn’t need to throw flying claws to make Peter Pan float around in the sky directly.
Camouflage also found that Mad Dog Dragon is obviously much more powerful than him, and it depends on the situation that he is definitely one step ahead of him.
At this time, the distance between the two people is less than 100 meters. Because of the terrain, the swing range of the two people is relatively small
Another camouflage suddenly pulls the rope with one hand and pulls out a dark and bulky pistol with the other hand after swinging back and forth.
"bang! Bang! Bang! Hey! "
Several rounds of gunfire have been shocked, and you can feel the sonorous sound from such a long distance across the ground 2.
Camouflage is obviously worried that Mad Dog Dragon will try to shoot him first.
"mean!" Han Xinyi was very angry, but she was so angry that even the archers at the high school scene were not necessarily able to shoot to that height.
Camouflage shot seven times in a round, and one of the bullets hit Mad Dog Dragon because it was really swaying.
Mad Dog Dragon’s health dropped by 17 points directly. He instantly calculated that the opponent’s pistol attack power had a high attack of 21 points.
But this is not the most important point. The key is that the bullet hit his shoulder and suddenly produced a feeling of paralysis and weakness, and his eyes ached and his vision was a little blurred.
The bomb not only has attack special effects, but also is contaminated with poison. These guys are really yin.
Camouflage showed his shooting skills in high school at this time. After a round of shooting, he pressed the safety magazine with his finger and fell off and fell to Fangyanchi.
He pulled out a new magazine from his belt with one hand and turned it around with the gun in his hand.
"Click" a new magazine and then magically reload it into the bolt machine.
"Not good!" Mad dog dragon found that the other side was aiming at himself again, and now the distance is getting closer and closer. If you even take a few shots, the consequences will be unimaginable.
The problem is that you don’t have a single-handed weapon to fight back. I should have developed several powerful pistols before my buddy came to the genius hall. The great advantage of pistol shooting in this environment is that the rifle method is compared with the sniper rifle …

But in that seemingly peaceful scene, there seems to be something dangerous and hidden, which makes people dare not care.

In addition, Qingwei is vaguely aware that this boundary star has flashed past the remains of Buddhist monks.
"This side is relatively easy to enter." Master Jin Chan looked at the seemingly peaceful star road.
Bodhisattva Gui Mu also explained that "the pure land of Buddhism seems to be independent, but in fact, the core of the pure land of sumeru, the pure land of life and the pure land of great wisdom is faint, and once it encounters changes, it can evolve into a Buddhist country."
"Therefore, there are still some characteristics of the star Buddha country here today, and if you enter rashly, it will lead to unpredictable changes and you can enter from two relatively safe entrances."
Qingwei slowly nodded and looked at the seemingly harmless star. "What about this side?"
Master Jin Chan heard the words and laughed. "When this star field Buddha country was breached, it had been eroded by the great spirit of the Voldemort. Entering from this side will cause the Voldemort Mountain Army to attack."
"Of course, this is much better than arousing the reaction of Buddhist sages. After all, it is said that there are several great bodhisattvas and Buddhas in it, and even if we try to enter from other places with Buddhism, it will not be good and he may be in danger."
"However, only one gatekeeper was stationed here because of his obsession."
The gods of the Nine Heavenly Gods Court also have a subdivision level, but the weakest one has to be a fairy, and I am afraid that it was not an ordinary god who could be sent to block the back road of Buddhism in that year.
Indeed as expected, Master Jin Chan’s look was slightly solemn. "The name of the God here is called the sunrise cloud. It is said that it was the first time when the four great warriors fell."
Qing Wei looked slightly folded and nodded solemnly. "This place is already saying that God will leave the door. Is it harder on the other side?"
"There’s a demon-luring great god with a nine-day demon-luring imprint, which will never go in and out of the road. Although it’s several times weaker now, it’s even more difficult than here." Gui Mu Bodhisattva also entered the Buddhist country several times and naturally had a deep understanding.
Moreover, it is said to be an "entrance" but it is also a big area, but the distance has never been a problem for the level.
Master Jin Chan looked at Qing Wei and said, "After entering, the situation will be better. The two of us don’t have much restrictions on our moves. If it weren’t for the extremely dangerous situation, if my school sister and I really can’t cope, the real gentleman wouldn’t have to make moves."
"If you really want to make moves, try to be quick, accurate and malicious, and don’t delay for too long. It’s about fifteen percent."
"If the true king makes a long-term move, I am afraid that the Buddha will be regarded as an invader of the Nine Heavenly Shrine, which will lead to the abandonment of the Buddha or the siege of the sages."
It’s always difficult and sensitive to be original at first, but it hurts to be familiar with it after entering. Don’t be too fierce to attract the attention and reaction of the whole Buddhist country.
See the golden cicada mage, Gui Mu bodhisattva first step directly into the qingwei followed, but in an instant it seemed as if something was staring at it and looking up, I saw that there was a virtual shadow coming from all directions.
"Retreat, retreat!"
However, in an instant, I will see that there are thousands of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals, and their figures are solid, cold and serious, and their momentum is truly awe-inspiring and they come together towards the three people.
At the forefront, I don’t know when there was a silver armor covering the man of God with a golden pike, and the terrifying qi machine immediately called the three people a careful heart.
The dead naturally have no nonsense, so you can see that the sunrise cloud god will raise my hand and cut the sky with a wave of his hand, like devouring all kinds of energy, tearing the sky with a sword and directly covering three people.
Even after years of death, this blow is still enough to stop all the immortals!
Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu have long been experienced.
The entrance here is clear and micro-handed, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the sunrise cloud god will put an end to all things that go in and out.
Light flint will see a chaotic axe light meet the sunrise cloud god will be sharp-edged magic gun and go to the moment and directly collide together.
Hum ~
Master Jin Chan is not surprised. Counting cicadas sounds like solemn chanting, and then he sees that many heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals are in a trance. The strength of the sunrise cloud gods is somewhat weak by direct strength.
Gui Mu Bodhisattva’s eyelids jumped, but there was also a ghost incarnate instantly. The golden body of different Bodhisattvas evolved in a quiet and serene way. The Buddha array was like a pure land shrouded in the sunrise cloud after death.
Resolving the obsession and crossing the dead is the specialty of Buddhism, but the sunrise says that the obsession is too heavy. Even if Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu join hands, they can’t influence this "stubborn stone", but it will affect it for a short time, or we can’t get in before.
Qing Weili hit the axe to contain most of God’s energy. After Master Jin Chan and the two of them solved it again, the sunrise cloud God was already half a step slow to break free.
Gui Mu Bodhisattva Buddha array is exquisite, but obviously it will be broken after three or two breaths. When Master Jin Chan saw it, he reached out and gently held the Buddha country in his palm to directly collect the sunrise cloud.
"Go inside!"
As if the physical strength was pulled, the right-hand Golden Cicada mage immediately said that Qingwei two people did not hesitate to fly directly towards the Ministry, and Qingwei did not forget to converge as far as possible.
Master Jin Chan took a few steps, and then his look changed slightly, like a click resounding through the void. He did not hesitate to throw his right hand behind him and flutter the Buddha’s back. Time seemed to be delayed.
Qing Wei brushed the five-color divine light behind him at the right time and directly pulled Master Jin Chan. When the sunrise cloud god will completely leave the Buddhist country, the three people have just left the entrance area.
Master Jin Chan couldn’t help laughing that "three people are convenient"
Gui Mu Bodhisattva echoed and laughed, "It is true."
Her strength is not as good as Qingwei’s. She had to come in with some secrets before.
Qing smiled and just wanted to talk to the three of them, then their faces suddenly changed. Qing Wei’s head was full of mystery and beauty, and Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu, who were born directly under the canopy of five emperors, also showed their magical powers to defend themselves.
A golden magic gun directly pierced the stars of the universe and pointed at three people.
Xuanhuang Gongde Qi Transpiration Pagoda Instantly Broken Innate Five Emperors Outside the Huagai Five Emperors Living in One Side, Controlling God Beasts to Resist the Vast Force
Five-colored lotus flowers in the hands of Qing Wei Yuan Shen shine brightly and firmly.
At the same time, the axe in your hand is hard to split out again!
"The sunrise cloud god will be out of his obsession area? How is it possible! " Golden cicada mage face slightly white way
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-one Five elements of mountain light curse Buddha pure land
The sunrise cloud god will pike unexpectedly and suddenly and violently challenged three people is some mess Gui Mu bodhisattva corners of the mouth is a dark gold blood flow.
"How is that possible? For several years, the Jinyun God has been unable to leave the stationed area! "
Looking at the two people next to them, even if things change suddenly, it is easy to stop the sunrise cloud from attacking Gui Mu Bodhisattva, and they have a further understanding of the strength of Qingwei and Golden Cicada.
Not far away, the sunrise cloud god will appear in front of the three people at a seemingly slow but very fast speed.

He was eager to open the envelope, and a cold light flashed in front of him.

First, the heart is a little scared, and then it is surprisingly angry? ? ? ? ? ? "Mom, it’s too arrogant to scare me on dog day. Is it always scary?"? He has an impulse to go into the lion’s den alone and beat up that group of scum.
"Wrong to calm down to calm down? ? ? ? ? ?” A rational thought flashed into his mind, and all the teachings of Rivers coach Pierce reappeared in his ear.
"This is China’s heroism in the United States. Maybe it doesn’t work. I want to exercise restraint. I want to make sure that I am coming to play ball instead of fighting. My dream? ? ? ? ? ?” Although there is some confusion in Zhong Daguo’s mind, he is generally sober.
"Well, Brother Pierce just said that if there is anything, I will ask him for help. I have to solve the problem in the safest way, and I can’t rush. If something really happens, my future will be ruined," he thought carefully.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 13 Truth comes forward
Chapter 13 Truth comes forward
I slept at noon, and I was in good spirits. In the afternoon, it was the routine training clock of the team. When I went to the arena, I just took the envelope and the bullet and asked Paul Pierce. He is experienced in this field and should be able to find the best solution.
After coming to the arena, the coach and other players haven’t arrived yet. He always comes early. He practiced for a while by himself, dribbling and projecting while moving. ? ? ? ? ? Pierce walked into the arena, and this time he walked over to Pierce himself. "Brother Paul Pierce, I have something to talk to you about."
"Well, what do you say?" Pierce was quite frank. Did he have a fight in front of this little brother he liked?
"This is what I received when I came home at noon. I don’t know who put it on my pillow. I’m not afraid of this at all, but after all, it’s the United States. As coach Rivers said, I don’t want to make trouble again. I hope to find the safest way to solve this problem, so I came to you." Zhong Daguo handed the envelope to Pierce.
"These guys are really arrogant and dare to come true." Pierce Ma was a little angry
"It’s okay. I know their situation, that is, dozens of gangsters are not big gangs. I know their boss. It’s no problem to go there in person and finish the conversation," Pierce said with confidence
"Well, it’s best to solve it easily. I don’t want to delay my basketball career," Zhong Daguo responded
"It’s better for you to think this way, not only in the United States, but also in other countries. If you want to do a good job, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of impulsiveness. This is the first rule of success, or you will definitely ruin your future if you cause too much trouble." Pierce agreed with Zhong Daguo’s calm and rational approach
After a while, coach Rivers also came to the arena. "What are you talking about to make it so mysterious?"
"Oh, I have something to tell you straight. As you expected, Zhong has caused some trouble outside. Now I need to help him solve this problem. What should happen and what shouldn’t have consequences?" Pierce and coach Rivers have worked together for so many years, and they have the same father base. Say what they have.
"Well, that’s good. You should learn a lesson this time. If you make trouble again, no one can help you." Rivers woke up again.
"You two practice for a while before you go, players. The business must not be delayed by other things." Rivers is really a strict coach, and he is also very confident that Pierce can easily solve the troubles of Zhong Daguo.
After practicing for a while, it was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon. After asking coach Rivers for instructions, they went out by car.
"Do you know where they are?" Zhong Daguo asked.
"Well, they are just a bunch of idle gangsters. There is nothing I don’t know in Boston," Pierce said confidently.
The car stopped at a chaotic residential area. "The car bar is here," Pierce said.
Pierce led Zhong Daguo to a basement, and the walkway was messy and dirty, but after turning a corner, the darkness disappeared and replaced by a scene of bright lights.
Pierce took Zhong Daguo into the room, and two burly black men with strange hairstyles came out. Their faces were pointed and cheeky, and their horses showed flattering smiles. "Hey, if it isn’t Brother Paul Pierce, why didn’t you come and sit in our shabby place?" "Pour Brother Pierce a good cup of coffee quickly." The monkey-faced guy politely said that Pierce was notorious for fighting with a group of gangsters, but he didn’t die a dozen times. His name has long been famous in the American gangster world. Now Pierce has turned over a new leaf and is rich and famous. These gangsters are of course going to give him great affection.
"Tell your boss to come out. I have something small to talk to him." Pierce said quietly. He didn’t want to mess with these punks endlessly. Finish early and leave early.
"Is it? ? ? ? ? ? You wait a moment. "The monkey face is small and quite clever.
"Oh, hey? ? ? ? ? ? Why did brother come to my humble abode? ? ? ? ? ? Disrespectful? ? ? ? ? ?” A bald white man with a gold necklace hurried to Pierce and showed great compliment.
"Hehe, the style is getting bigger and bigger, with a gold necklace and enough prestige. Recently, I heard that your gang is getting bigger and bigger, or the eldest brother is well managed." Pierce has always been very serious, but this time he is here to handle affairs, and it is better for everyone to be emotional and communicate.
"Ha ha, where is the current economic downturn? It’s hard for us guys. My two hands are always causing trouble for me. Yesterday, I just spent a lot of money to take those two idiots out of prison." The gangster turned and pointed to the two troublemakers.
"It’s really ignorant of you two to roll over here. Even the Pierce brothers dare to offend the old man and shoot you two idiots now." The gangster eldest brother said, and got up and took out his pistol from the side drawer, and he was going to shoot at the two beaten guys.
"Eldest brother forgive? ? ? ? ? ?” Those two guys plopped down on their knees. They were beaten so badly that they didn’t even have the strength to speak.
"Don’t forget it. It’s over. We’ll talk about it later." Pierce must have understood the mystery. He didn’t want to rock the boat and stop the gangster.
"Get out of here for the old man and never let me see two idiots again." Gangster eldest brother took out a pile of money from his pocket and threw it at those two guys’ heads. "Take the money and get away from the old man. Are you paralyzed? ? ? ? ?” Brother Gang was furious and seemed to eat people.
"Brother, I have to do this in front of you. We people have to eat, but how much did the two guys cost us before and after? The police station redeemed people. Although we also have it, we have to spend some money. Now that two idiots have been beaten like this, I should give some medical money. You should see that although I am a big brother, the opposite person still has some love." The gangster complained to Pierce repeatedly about his difficulties
"Your difficulty I know that we have known each other for so long. Brothers have something to say and don’t beat around the bush. How much does it cost you? I don’t want to pay a price, but you must make sure that I have no trouble after my little brother. Otherwise? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Pierce knew that the guy wanted money, so he came straight to the point.
"look? ? ? ? ? ? You see, we have been friends for many years, and it is said that money hurts feelings, right? ? ? ? ? There are some things. Well, since the brothers are so frank, I’ll just say that no one dares to touch your little brother after 5w dollars. "The gangster brother said a few pleasantries and then went out to sea.
"Listen, if my little brother is in trouble, especially if you are bothering him, then I won’t talk about friendship with you." Pierce took out a thick stack of US dollars and handed it to the bald white brother with a tough and heavy warning.

In fact, it’s not just Qian Shan, they are Yanyu, Xutui and Yanzi who are also very nervous.

Although this mass delivery channel has been fine-tuned many times over the past few days, the grandparents and grandchildren have also taken part in it and carefully reviewed the theory to make sure that there is no problem.
But theory belongs to theory
If you don’t finish the theory in one day, there will be problems.
Why do you agree to withdraw from the tobacco field? The reason is very simple and strong
It’s no good refining this massive array core by a single person, but you can tell the true and false defects at a glance after you join in.
Don’t give back a defective multi-person delivery array core in the future, and you can’t see it, so it’s a big game
Because of this, the smoke field of this first stress test is also a little nervous.
If it fails, the amount of work will be large, which probably represents the former research direction, even the theory is wrong.
It will be difficult to think of success again.
After five seconds, the smoke field held its breath and loosened the number one mass delivery channel without collapse.
If it doesn’t collapse, say it has a high probability of success.
If you want to send three targets, you will succeed if they are alive and have no abnormal conditions.
Ten seconds later, I received a message from the opposite planet, and the target department was alive and there was nothing unusual.
That is, after the delivery was successful, the three guards tried to escape and were seriously injured by a punch from the star guard of Jiuweixing.
"Continue to test" tobacco field has reached the command.
Then these three test targets are constantly thrown into the test multi-person delivery channel.
Three people were thrown in each passage at least twice a day.
And this is another major technical improvement of this test in tobacco field.
It is twenty-four hours before the multi-person delivery channel is sent off and after the star fluctuation is restored.
However, after this technical innovation in tobacco field, the recovery time of quantity fluctuation was reduced to twelve hours.
You can pass once a day, but now you can pass twice a day.
The significance of improvement is also extremely significant.
But there is a price to pay for this improvement.
Before these solidification, a small amount of source crystal needs to be put into the planetary mass delivery channel to start, so that the start-up delivery can be activated. If the mass delivery channel wants to shorten the cooling time, it needs 10 thousand grams of source crystal to start up.
Consumption has increased tenfold.
Of course, if one kilogram of source crystal is put into the cooling channel, it will still take 24 hours.
It is a bit extravagant to send 10 thousand grams of source crystal at a time in non-emergency situations, but the significance of tension is very important
One day, after the first pressure test of the multi-person delivery channel from No.1 to No.4, the normal smoke field kept recording the data changes after each test, sensing the subtle changes of the multi-person delivery channel, which was extremely cautious and serious.
Therefore, as planned, these four multi-person delivery channels are actually Tongtian Expeditionary Force or Blue Star test.
The No.1 and No.2 mass delivery channels are ordinary mass delivery channels, and the No.3 and No.4 mass delivery channels are actually cross-satellite mass delivery channels.
If the Tongtian Expeditionary Force wants to go home, it will be the No.3 and No.4 multi-person cross-satellite delivery channel. Special attention should be paid to the retreat of No.3 and No.4 channels.
Fortunately, everything went well.
On the evening of January 21st, Xu tui, Yanyu and Yanzi returned to the temporary camp of Baishanxing and rested for half a day due to the fluctuation of quantity, before continuing the test.
The others are resting, but the three of them are not resting.
They are making a comeback.
Although the test was successful, we should carefully check and calculate the data received after today’s test to see if we can find any problems.
If there is no problem, it is better to correct it immediately if there is a problem.
I have to say that stress testing is the easiest problem to find.
A problem was quickly discovered in the public reply.
"No.3 and No.4 mass delivery channels need to be re-refined. Although this energy delivery channel is stable, it has suffered the most energy impact in the received test data.
There should be no impact at present, but there may be hidden dangers that need to be strengthened before cross-satellite transmission is really carried out in the future, "said Yanyu."
Xu tui is very satisfied with the attitude of tobacco field, and it is very good to solve the possible problems before they occur.
However, it took more than two hours to re-refine the multi-person cross-star array core smoke posture and smoke field.
After all, all their raw materials have been processed before.
After refining the tobacco field, I looked at it and stood by. Xu retreated and said, "Continue?"
"Go on!"
After saying that, Xu retired and sat opposite the tobacco field, but the two men turned to consciousness communication.

"So …" Yang Ye smile more sheng "Lilina we …"

"yes! !” to be continued
Chapter 3: If you take up the challenge?
"mystifying!" Tyrannosaurus rex sneers at a war of promises that is almost arrogant, otherwise.
This also can’t laugh at Tyrannosaurus Rex, who told him that there is indeed a powerful force that can’t be ignored behind him? Behind him, except for those who had gathered in the central pan-horizon alliance before, they were sent out, and the periphery was also stacked around the ground at a high speed, forming an impenetrable encirclement.
See how you escape!
Tyrannosaurus rex corners of the mouth evoked a smile, and the scroll in his hand continued to rub-vowing to take the promise!
"Brothers together to kill this promise! ! !” Tyrannosaurus rex roared and launched the final mobilization.
"Kill! !”
"Dog ri promises to fight for life! !”
"Die in my cold knife! !”
Tyrannosaurus rex made the people around him act immediately, yelling at Yang Yechong, and constantly shouting all kinds of arrogant words. It is estimated that it is not really so powerful, but it is courageous. Although calling them alone may make them unintelligent, at least so many tactics of their own people around can always drown out the promise war, and look at each other’s equipment. This red name state is dead once and the ground is full of fairy-level equipment! Is there a reason not to kill?
"rage! !” Crazy fighters fists a hold roars a way
Rage is a skill that reduces the defense and increases the damage, but it has a considerable effect. People who play crazy fighters generally don’t care what defense-kill it to the end!
"Knight Soul!" The heavy knight straddles the steed, his eyes fixed on the front, and he drank lightly. A giant knight’s virtual shadow immediately merged into their bodies.
Knight’s soul is heavy. Knights can increase their own skills when they are possessed by knight’s soul. Their own attributes are important skills of heavy knight’s toughness. Once they have this skill, their physical strength is also extremely high and difficult.
"Flash dance!" "fatal!" The instant blade dance launched two state skills and at the same time put itself into a stealth state and touched it forward.
Flash dance can increase the evasion rate of the blade dance itself, which is very good. The blade dance can almost force its way through the skills, and it also has a good evasion rate. The deadly pupil found that the enemy’s weakness was locked, so that the next 3 seconds of normal attack could be crit. It was a blade dance to kill people. The key skill was very scary
Blade dance, a profession that relies on ordinary attacks to eat, has gone out, while the other two assassin professions have not been idle-the high-flying assassins have moved their skills in a blink of an eye. When they are in the unit, their moving speed is high, and they can quickly approach the target. The wind-flying state of death is not accelerating, but it will drop to 2 seconds when the skills of killing, scattering blades and nailing are cooled down. It is simply a double-trick artifact. Based on the "wind of death" state, the high-flying assassins can launch continuous attacks in 1 second.
Compared with the high winds, the ninjas seem to be relatively low-key. They are silent and directly launch stealth to make themselves busy. After covering, they directly move toward the goal. The rest of the skills are not moved. That’s how they become cannon fodder. At this stage, ninjas can almost connect people to disability if they are recruited smoothly!
Suddenly there was a burst of bowing on one side, and the bowstring was collapsed tightly-you must be a heavy bowman to play the bow and arrow like this!
There are a lot of archers in this pan-sky alliance war, but not many archers, because they are not suitable for forest warfare. All kinds of problems will interfere with them, but even if they are small, they will launch a level 5 skill "destroyer", but the shock is still underestimated …
As soon as the line of sight turned, a clever figure suddenly flashed-it was a spirit arrow! Lingjian is good at guerrilla warfare, containment and kite flying, which has brought their dexterity into full play in this forest. Therefore, in the Pan-Sky Alliance, at most, Lingjian leaves are constantly creaking, and the figure of Lingjian is leaping out …
There is such a group of people in the rear of the whole team. They seem to be doing everything leisurely, which is in great conflict with the tense fighting atmosphere around here, but they seem to be busy with something. They look at the sky and think for a while and then fiddle with it. Have poked and poked the ant nest for a while, and then fiddled with it … Such an improper way of fighting must have buried the feathers. These trap guys are already making special toys. These toys form fighting power, which is terrible!
Suddenly shining magic swept through, and this magic wind was almost mixed with all magic elements ice, fire, earth and thunder, and then a group of magicians laughed and laughed after hearing it …
Magicians also showed off their magic to shine the slightly dim environment of Dolson in a white and miserable light. Firefighters burned wet land and transpiration, and a lot of water vapor floated in one direction, making some places like fairyland full of white fog; The ice skaters don’t seem to like the potholes in Dolson, but they just freeze the ground into a flat piece, which seems to be a huge mirror, but this mirror … The damage is really terrible! The local mage is just calm. They control the falling rocks and clods like bulldozers, and they are moving forward. This leisure is very leisurely, which hides the dangers … Lei Fa has enveloped itself in the thunder, and the sound of Zi La Zi is constantly appearing. Players are afraid of Lei Fa’s natural fear, which makes them afraid to approach the staff around him. The thunder suddenly falls through the fire steam, indigenous boulders and ice mirrors and hits the ground, scorching the soil and burning it dry …
Because the enemy has a holy shepherd, they can almost relax. They constantly put the cooled "holy shield" on the surrounding teammates, try their best to ensure their safety and guard against promises and attacks at any time, so as to release their healing skills at the first time and save their teammates as their solid backing.
After releasing the "big blood-sucking aura" and "storm aura", the Yan Ling seems to have some strength. They just sit aside and wait for a skill to cool down and release it. Some daring Yan Ling have moved to the promise war, hoping to throw their skills into the promise war. I don’t know if they can succeed.
The spell masters braved the black gas and exuded an unusual strange smell. At the same time, they started the "bad blood corruption" skill, and then summoned an evil spirit to follow the charge army to sneak towards the promise war, hoping to infect each other with their own plague and let him die painfully!
Everyone in the Pan-Sky Alliance has started their skills, either moving forward, approaching the promise war or protecting their teammates to cooperate with the attack. At first glance, it looks like a huge potential.
Tyrannosaurus Rex is satisfied. Look around. Leading the league, which used to be like scattered sand, has now been able to actively cooperate with each other. This is a good end, and the promise war is the test target and the cornerstone of consolidating the people’s hearts of the league!
Turning to the promise war, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s heart burst into self-confidence and whispered, "Do you want to fight like a promise war?"
Yang Ye looked at him with a look on his face. He came to the player group in a crazy way. Xia Ge? Aidijian gently draws out the sword and reflects a slightly dazzling light in the mottled light and shadow of Dolson. It looks dreamy and unreal, and many players are rushing around. It looks hard to stop, but it is not difficult for Yang Ye.

This kind of wind affects new members, and they feel embarrassed if they don’t practice. The practice of penance is very strong!

Xu retired and found Zhou Chuan.
"Zhou Ge ah we make a discussion …"
Xu back a bite Zhou Chuan first be afraid "don’t you don’t come to pit me before Lao zhou Lao zhou.
This will call me Zhou Ge must be bad. "
"I will never cheat you, Zhou Ge. I just want to see your body."
As soon as this statement came out, Zhou Chuan had a creepy feeling. Looking at Xu’s eyes became very strange.
"It’s no wonder that Li Zhen told you that you didn’t respond! So you like men?
But I like women, not men!
Don’t look for me. I’ll introduce you … "
Xu back face black "Zhou Ge za steady point don’t soar? Don’t say my hobby is little sister, even if it isn’t, I won’t look for you.
Look at yourself like this! "
"I’m so hard tough guy that attraction … have to be crooked by you! Since it is not, what do you think of my body? " Zhou Chuan curious way
"You are the strong transmutation condition. I want to see your genome chain status! Because of this, you need absolute trust and release. You need to trust me completely and release my spirit into you.
So I came to see you.
Transmutation in the strong can and I absolutely believe that there is no other person, "Xu said.
"I see … but I still have some disadvantages. Not only the body is seen by you, but also the spirit is invaded by you." Zhou Chuan joked.
Xu retreat at this moment is a little serious about asking for help. "If Zhou Ge feels inconvenient, forget it."
Xu back to go Zhou Chuan directly pulls "I’m kidding you. I don’t want to see the friendship between the two brothers. If you have a legitimate reason to need it, I will sleep with you!
Come on, how can I cooperate with you? "
"Don’t make me sick when you sleep."
After three minutes, Xu retired his spirit smoothly along Zhou Chuan’s body surface and entered his body to telepathize with Zhou Chuan’s body.
It is worth mentioning that this is a one-time completion of Xu’s retreat, which hinders his entry into Zhou Chuan’s body.
What does this say?
This says that Zhou Chuan is absolutely convinced of Xu tui from the outside!
Before retiring to see Cui Xi, Yan Lie, Zhao Hailong and others, they still need to retreat a little bit of mental hypnosis to put the bottom line layer to protect themselves and let Xu retreat spirit enter!
It’s not that Cui Xi, Yan Lie and others don’t absolutely believe that Xu tui can say that Xu tui Zhou Chuan’s life-and-death communication is the best way to protect himself and let Xu tui go.
Seeing clearly the main gene chain of Zhou Chuanti is a stare blankly.
It’s different!
The genetic ability chain of the strong in the transmutation environment is completely different from that in the evolution environment.
The color is still tertiary gold.
Zhou Chuan is a strong transmutation environment, and the real ability rating is C-level transmutation environment. The strong body has seven gene ability chains, which are golden at the moment.
However, compared with the evolutionary gene capability chain, nearly two-thirds of the gene base points in Zhouchuan main gene capability chain are tertiary gold.
There is a gene base point in the main gene capability chain that has been strengthened to a three-level golden full progress state.
This point is very white compared with itself.
If it is purely about the degree of strengthening the extension of the gene base point of the gene capacity chain, Zhou Chuan, the strong person in this transmutation environment, is much worse than Xu tui.
For example, Xu tui’s spirit lashes the gene ability chain, in which the gene base point and the gene ability chain part are three-level full state.
However, the law has been strengthened and extended to the fourth level of recognition.
But this time telepathy Zhou Chuan reason is found.
Zhou Chuan, the strong evolutionary gene ability chain, has retired. The biggest difference in the evolutionary gene ability chain is the branch line!

Dog two "envy plus one"

"I went to her to take off his clothes." The dog trembled.
Dog 2 "envy me to death"
"Oh, why is she so close to him? She doesn’t want to kiss him all over." The dog trembled with excitement.
Dog 2 "Ah, it’s so exciting that I can’t breathe."
Then two small stones flew over to stun and kill dog one and dog two. Patience was really limited and annoying. Too noisy and dizzy; I can’t tell, but I’m a little dizzy …
Great, the world is quiet again. Take back your hand and let Liu Xi wrap him up carefully at night. Liu Guang falls lightly on Liu Xi’s sharp face at night, and his eyes look big and watery, and the affectionate clouds are flickering.
Blood kills me and I feel itchy all over my heart. I like it at night and I like it at night. This kind of warm and practical feeling is that he always yearns for him-he doesn’t want to let go.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 522 You will never be returned to him.
It suddenly occurred to me that the man who was carefully comforted by his girlfriend and hit a tree killed his eyes and bent up. He didn’t envy that man. He is a hundred times happier than that man now. Hum, have you been seen by your girlfriend? I was seen thoroughly. Oh, I even showed my ABS.
Killers also keep up with the joneses-
Liu Xixi naturally noticed that blood killed her eyes, which were more tender and watery. If she still didn’t notice, she would be scorched by his enthusiasm, okay?
She sighed and angered him, but how could she really abandon him? She saved him.
"Well, don’t wave when we go to catch rape! !” Liu Xixi tried to ignore the strange feeling and pointed to the distance with great interest.
Well, she can leave this kind of children’s love affair to Difeng Night alone, and she still has a lot of things to do. Well, her goal is the sea of stars.
It’s not easy to live in ancient times if she wants to kill those who want to kill her first.
So the two men stopped cultivating feelings and excitedly prepared to abuse Emperor Weiyun and Mo Ruan Ruan. When they went to the tip, they killed their eyes and became cold. "It’s not good for us to get caught."
As soon as his voice fell, it rained like a migratory locust when he shot in from the outside of the window.
Blood killed busy pulling Liu Sunseeker’s hand and rolling into the desktop land together. My father-in-law was shot into a hedgehog by those arrows.
Liu Xixi exclaimed at night, "Ya, this arrow is poisonous."
Because it happened that an arrow shot was a squirrel hiding at the table, and the squirrel turned white in the eyes and twitched in the limbs before dying.
"Liu Xi night, blood comes out and wants you to come out. I promise you won’t die." A cold and gloomy sound track.
Liu Sunseeker shivered slightly when he heard the sound late. First, Ye Ze couldn’t think of this guy’s haunting, and he chased him here all the time.
Willow sunseeker night dissatisfied tunnel "didn’t you say that his army was annihilated? He brought so many people? "
Blood kills some. "He has money! !”
Liu Xixi’s "…" paralyzed her hatred of the rich! !
"He has rich girls, too." Liu Sunseeker thought of a way to quietly kill her ears with blood and wanted to think, expressing his great agreement with Liu Sunseeker, so he gloated.
Look at these ancient people. Aren’t they all great heroes? But at the time of crisis, I don’t have to rely on her little girl to save me. Hehehe, she finally feels a little superior about being a traveler
Looking at Liu Sunseeker’s side face with appreciation, I couldn’t help laughing when I saw her triumphant face at night.
He has been crawling out of the dead since he was a child, and it is almost common for him to take the risk of death.
Liu Xixi looked at her differently at night. Even when she was poor, she was well raised by her mother. But she can be so dangerous. She even said that she didn’t change her face in the gambling plan. !
Sure enough-I have a crush on women, and I will never give you back to Difeng Night.
"Hey, it’s the night master. Why are you still so arrogant? I heard that your night home will be confiscated by the emperor. I wonder if you can afford the wages of these people?" Willow sunseeker night and smiling propaganda way
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 523 What is salary?
Yeze frowned. What’s that?
In fact, the 500 hired thugs are also thinking about a problem. Shouldn’t wages be wages? Fortunately, they pay first and then work.
Everyone is determined in their hearts. Although it’s a down payment, it’s certainly not a lie for the public to spend a lot of money to see the gold, silver and jewels in his carriage full of mountains.
Ye Ze also sneered, "I’m the one who left you at Liuxi Night. Stop playing and come with me. I won’t kill you, I swear."
In order to save you, I was almost eaten by crocodiles. How can you be so ignorant of good people? Of course, this kind of embarrassing night will not tell Liu Xixi that his eyes are dark and the original is healing. It seems that there is some dull pain.
Every time it hurts, his heart is full of Liu Sunseeker’s shadow. The thought of seeing him at night makes him feel a little nervous and excited.
However, Liu Xixi definitely won’t come to see him at night. She asked with a smile, "Yegong, you are even more stupid when you cheat these fools this time. You haven’t found your tricks yet. You won’t put straw on the bottom and spread some mixed jewels like the last time. Oh, that method is also what I left behind. You are just trying to make a difference. In the end, you won’t let them get paid and then bomb everyone."
Liu Xixi was just saying that if she was such a pervert, she would definitely do it.
But I didn’t expect the effect to be so good that she was hit by a blind cat.
"Damn it, he really let us see the treasure of that car far away. It can’t be fake, can it?" Finally, some people are unreliable.
Ye Ze frowned slightly and said, "Don’t you believe that girl who can talk, not that I don’t want nonsense to force people out of me. I want that girl."
His words are like a starting gun and an arrow, like locusts, drilling into a dilapidated land temple.
Liu Sunseeker was almost injured by the flow vector last night. Fortunately, the blood killed her suddenly and held her back, which barely escaped.
However, this evening, Liu Sunseeker and Blood Kill are tightly attached together. Liu Sunseeker looked up slightly at night and saw that the earlobe of Blood Kill was red with the naked eye, which made her a little nervous.
"Does it hurt?" Liu Sunseeker moved her eyes late and saw blood killing her shoulder. She bandaged him and knew how deep the wound was in that place.
If this fool were an ordinary person, he would have been lying in bed for a long time.
He also ran over to find her and ran around with her rashly, sighing. She thought that if she came to this world and was the first to say that she liked her, maybe the result would be better, but many things didn’t.
"Blood kills you. Listen to me. There is little chance for the two of us to escape together. Let’s split up later. I’ll run to the river. Sorry, I’m not good at kung fu. I can take you to the mountain through the river. If nothing happens, I’ll wait for you in Beijing."
"No" blood kill coldly refused.
Liu Xixi was so angry that his eyes were wide open at night. "What? I think this is the best way. Kuang Yeze may not kill me."
In fact, she is not sure whether to kill or not depends on the mood of Yeze.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 524 Pearls are so expensive