But what is lacking is the key-time!

Under normal circumstances, these blue star geniuses can’t practice stars even if they haven’t been a genius for five or six years.
Even if the strong people who practice in rows of stars want to practice in nine satellites to become the backbone of the cosmic war, it will take more than ten years to decades.
The most lacking is time.
But will the alien race give Xu a retreat?
Xu tui thinks not.
This time, the three alien families have appeared in the small universe of reincarnation, and all three of them have personally made moves.
Then their strategy of reincarnation will be faster.
In particular, Xu tui learned from Wula that the seal of the underworld mastered by the three alien clans is the seal of the other three ghosts.
The order of the ghost emperor’s seal is not too high, but the key is that after the reincarnation universe is unsealed, the ghost emperor’s seal can open a cosmic channel to enter and exit the reincarnation universe at any time.
That is to say, the three alien families can attack the small universe of reincarnation at any time.
Although the ghost army in hell is immortal
However, Xu tui felt that the hell was not the enemy and there was a lot of possibility that he would be defeated in the final war.
Of course, the loss of hell is not the loss of blue star
But the problem is that if the reincarnation universe is occupied by three alien families, then the extinction of Bluestar will count down.
Or the former problem is that we must quickly increase the strength of Blue Star in a short time.
In the small universe of heaven, the rapid cultivation of shaped array is only the first step.
However, this time, after careful study, the scope has expanded a lot.
The Tongtian Expeditionary Force retaliated against the Elves and took some alternate members on an expedition to the Elves. These members grew up greatly.
Now those alternate members have been the main members of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force, and the minimum repair is all six-star guards.
But today Xu conceded that Quqingshan and Weibin had more alternate members.
In fact, there are 120 alternate members of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force and 120 elite members of the military.
First, the military strength also needs to be strengthened.
Secondly, the army is more likely to produce powerful practitioners in this place.
Members from the army are extremely tough-willed, and the army has helped Xu tui complete all the genetic training. It can be said that all the members of the army lack here are just cultivation resources.
This time, two-thirds of the members who can knot here are quasi-planets and one-third are planetary stars.
If this group of people grow up, the post-expedition will be really worth fighting.
Yu Tianhe chessboard 6,000 ghost troops, which is still a one-time fighting force, can be the last defensive force.
One more thing, the strength of the ghost army is lower than the physical strength.
"All right, let’s go in."
As the array of the Purple Emblem Palace in Shenxiao Mansion was built, Xu gave in and everyone went in, and the two great seals were prompted at once.
In an instant, the source energy of the whole small universe in heaven converged towards the two great palaces.
"Teacher Qu, you guide."
Xu retreated and handed the small universe fire spirit of fire source to Qu Qingshan, so that Qu Qing’s mountain fire obsidian star monarch could lead to the small universe source of fire source continuously, and nearly 300 people could practice in front of him.
Just for a moment, the energy concentration of these two emperors’ palace sources reached more than 50 times when they gathered in the shaped array.

Wanchonglou is a mixed place where all kinds of people are here, and it is also the safest and most dangerous place, because I don’t know when your trace will appear in someone’s hands, but at the same time, no one dares to make moves without authorization in this place. Maybe the old man sweeping the door is a senior soldier.

Leo came from the carriage and generously threw a silver coin. The driver was overjoyed and said, "Thank you for your reward."
At this time, Leo also experienced the feeling of a rich man. After all, he is now a daughter in hand.
Leo, the place of Wanchonglou, is the first time to come to this place. He has also heard a little about what Munster chose this place. Leo can’t help but wonder again. Who is this Munster?
Leo walked into Wanchong Building and went to the third floor. After giving Munster his name, a man took him to a window bag.
Leo drank tea and waited for Munster to arrive.
Soon Munster came into the room wearing a clean robe. When he entered the room, Munster was more enthusiastic. "My dear little Leo didn’t expect you to arrive so early to keep you waiting."
"I didn’t come here, and I didn’t finish a cup of tea in a short time." Leo also pretended to be enthusiastic. He wanted to see what Munster had called him out in this strange way
"Little Leo, I came here today to make a long story short. In fact, I have another identity." Munster said frankly that if he was selling this thing in front of a little guy, he simply said it.
"What do you mean?" Leo is a little confused. He doesn’t understand what Munster said that another identity represents.
"Let’s just say that besides being a member of Watson’s adventure group, I am also a great alchemist’s servant. Have you heard of it?" Munster said
"alchemist?" Leo was surprised.
He never imagined that Munster would be an alchemist’s servant and that a magician would stoop to be a magician’s servant?
The alchemist, he has also heard that they are really noble people. They can use different magic materials to make gold, even if it is very cheap, it will become very expensive after their hands.
Some precious life-saving elixirs are made by alchemists. Most people would rather offend a noble magician than provoke a great alchemist, which can save their lives.
"If I tell you that I respect the alchemists and are interested in you, are you willing to follow us and respect the alchemists?" Munster took a sip of tea and looked very complacent. He believed that Leo would make the right choice. He was a powerful alchemist.
Leo chuckled and shook his head and said, "Freedom is always the first in my heart. No matter whether he is a respected alchemist, a powerful warrior or a noble magician, I will not play a chess game in their hands. I want to be myself. No one can bind me."
Munster almost threw away the cup in his hand. He couldn’t believe Leo’s answer. Where did he get the confidence to refuse to be recruited by an alchemist without even thinking about it?
"I hope you think it over," Munster said.
Leo shook his head and said, "No need. Let’s call it a day. I have work to do."
With that, Leo walked towards the outside, leaving Munster stunned alone.
A man in a black robe was in the attic of Wanchong Building. He looked out and got into the crowd. Leo smiled a little at the corner of his mouth.
Leo packed some hot food on his way back and bought food for six people before he walked to the college.
I have to say that eating goods is very powerful. When Leo opened the bedroom door, Kyle was super eating goods. Kyle immediately leaned out of his head and there was a crystal thin line hanging around his mouth.
At this time, Ryan came out from washing his hands and unceremoniously opened a food and grabbed it directly and ate it.
"Old three, get ready. We have to go to St. British Columbia for an annual experience. If we get good grades, there will be rewards in the college." Ryan said when something would happen in the college, but he could tell it in a few words.
Leo’s eyes burst into dazzling light when he heard the experience of Mount St. British Columbia
66 st. petersburg, mt
"whoops! Blare … "
With a bull horn sounded somewhere in the St. British hills, junior students from the Holy City College came here, including soldiers and wizards.
They come from their own annual experience, of course, they are also honored, and they are qualified for advanced middle-grade colleges … Only by winning the ranking in the annual experience can they be qualified for promotion to middle-grade colleges. This is a rule and an iron law.
But it’s not the kui is a so-called "snow world" here. The mountains of St. British Columbia are covered with white snow, and the cold beat on your face into ice flowers.
Even the exhaled air is cold, and it will soon turn into layers of frost, which is really cold.
The wolf sounds from a distance.
"It’s snow Wolf! ?” There was some commotion in the team of Holy City College.
The so-called snow wolf is a lonely wolf in the world of ice and snow, which is a specialty of Mount St.
The strength level of the most common snow wolf in the Mount St. British Columbia is estimated to reach the second level of Warcraft, and if it is an elite, it will be stronger. The second level will peak at the third level … which is at the fourth level!
Anyway, the King of Snow Wolf in Mount St. British Columbia is a six-level Warcraft equivalent to the strong in the holy area, and the whole holy city mainland knows it!
On the other hand, this Mount St. British Ridge is located on the east side of the warm water river that runs through the holy city mainland. If it is divided according to the frontier boundary of the holy city mainland, it should belong to the position close to the node, that is to say, it belongs to the Terran natural barrier to stop the inferno, and many alliance teams are stationed to guard the frontier against the inferno.
I can vaguely feel that the smell of war is heavy and full of blood here.
Actually, the most powerful professional college in the Holy City, the Holy City College, is meaningful for students to feel all this … War or fighting against demons. This is not only to make them feel grateful, but also to make them adapt to the atmosphere of war. After all, they are likely to participate in the war and join the army!
Because the Terrans have been hiding in the holy city continent for decades, they have repeatedly tried to return to Azerbaijanis by means of war, but unfortunately they have failed.
Holy City Calendar 3 years Holy City Calendar 17 years Holy City Calendar 36 years Holy City Calendar 51 years In this short period of 50 years, large-scale wars have been launched by Terrans, with more than four times, and the number of casualties is countless, with as few as 10 million, but each war is defeated in the same way.
But four large-scale wars, none of which was more successful than even getting a good result, obviously there seems to be something fishy hidden in it.
But these are civilians who don’t need to care about things or are not qualified to care about the high-level game of the Holy City Alliance. It’s not just a few humble civilians who can shake the high-level of the Holy City Alliance. It’s the overall situation … Whether it’s true or not, then God knows.
Of course, this is all nonsense, so there is no need to overdo it.
And what is most needed or repeated now is the snow wolf in the St. British hills.
That’s right, it’s those arrogant snow wolves. It may be hard for you to guess what the scariest species is in this snow-capped Mount St. ? Blue-tailed giant ape? Giant scorpion triangle silver ring emerald snake in St. Python Mountain? No, no, no, they are all the species that give people the most nightmares, but if they are the most horrible, they have to pull over.
In the St. British hills, it is a kind of Warcraft. If you face a snow storm at the same level, you will have a game to escape.
After all, it can be said that the snow wolf is the king of Mount St. British Columbia. Whether it starts from a low level or counts until the strongest level 6 Warcraft, it is all the snow wolf. After all, it is said that the snow wolf king is too strong and is known as the three kings of Warcraft in the holy city mainland. This claim alone is enough to say everything!
"Remember to tell you the rules before? If you don’t remember, you can look through the manual again. I believe that everyone should have an annual experience. It’s a month, and the rule is very simple. That is to collect as many crystal nuclei of Warcraft as possible. During this month’s experience, each of you has two opportunities to come back and pay the crystal nuclei of Warcraft. If you miss it, you can’t even get a dragon crystal nucleus. Is it clear? " College instructor said in front of the big
In fact, he didn’t worry about not being heard by magic, but he still shouted loudly and did his duty.
"Boo hoo, damn it, I’m going to stay in this hellhole for a month. Are you sure I’m not dreaming?" Even in my heart, I’m already ready. The boss in Leo’s dormitory, Ryan, can’t help but cry out in pain at the moment.
A young man with ambition, ideals and ambitions, how can he waste his good time in a place like this … Of course, this is just his complaint. If he has the courage to skip the exam and not take part in the annual experience, his usually kind aristocrat will immediately turn into a demon and tear his skin apart.
Just like going to the iron law, yes, the annual experience of the Holy City College is the iron law. If you don’t participate, hehe, the tragic day is still behind!
"Ryan’s boss is only a month old. Anyway, you must have prepared a lot of things and passed the annual experience. There must be no problem, right?" Leo said with a smile beside him. He was wearing a snow suit made of snowbird skin. Of course, there was a layer of leather inside, trying to make himself more secure before ensuring the temperature. This is something that every wise man would do. After all, it’s dangerous. There is always no big mistake to be careful in Mount St. British Ridges!
However, they have him in this dormitory today, and Ryan has come to participate in this year’s experience, and the remaining two have not come. This is because freshmen are relaxed in the first year of school and can choose to participate in the annual experience from the second year … This is also afraid that some freshmen are not strong enough, but two years will be enough for them to adjust.
According to what he said, it’s actually very simple to pass the annual experience. The annual experience rule is to harvest the crystal nucleus of Warcraft and then transform the integral. A first-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points, a second-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points, and a third-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points … There are special magic instruments to judge the energy in the magic crystal nucleus. Don’t worry about less. As far as the annual experience is concerned, it will definitely be fair and just.

"Good" Fang Yu remembered the incident of closing the gold mine, and she got excited first and talked softly at the landline.

About half an hour later, he affirmed, "They asked a friend to buy it. I asked a messenger in Antu. He said that the company subsidized the purchase of a suite, which is the Jiangbei residential area …"
"Yin Senyong"
"Go to Antu cruise ship and get all its documents back for me."
Yin Senyong, the family knight, ran out of the house as quickly as possible.
Fang Yu blinked hard and finally decided not to ask.
"Well … why don’t I go back first?"
"Still waiting?"
Chen Yi said nothing.
Two hours later, Yin Senyong returned to Chen Zhai with a huge safe.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Yan Zhao (2)
The safe was bravely entered into Chen Yi’s bedroom by Yin Sen.
The three men sat in a circle, staring at the silver-gray cold-tone safe and looking intently as if there were many gold and silver treasures buried in it.
I am most concerned about my own affairs. Fang Yu first asked, "How to fight?"
Yin Senyong’s fingernail scratched the safe shell and made a sharp sound and replied "pry"
"How did the safe become warped?" Fang Yu disdained pie pie.
Fang Yu’s ridicule seems very normal without knowing Yin Senyong’s identity.
Silver Sen Yong just ignored him and put his hand on the safe lid and gradually exerted his strength.
Chen Yi gently held him down and said, "Don’t bother if there is a self-destruct device. Tell me about the process of taking the safe?"
"They were drinking in front, and when I got to the back, I knocked out a guy and asked his companion where the files and videos were. He told me that I didn’t know, but maybe it was in the yacht master bedroom. When I went there, I happened to see the photo. Antu put the thing in the safe. After he left, I tried to force it, and the alarm was used to carry it back. "
Yin Senyong said that it’s simple, but it’s not simple to break the safe from the solid hull.
Fang Yu listened to silly thinking, maybe you are superman?
Chen Yi secretly cursed the ink and drew a small circle while they were obedient.
Level 3 curse ink can push things with a total weight of 3 kilograms.
He pretended to twist a few numbers and listened to "click" before the big guy rang.
Chen Yi gently pulls the safe and slowly hits it.
"Do you know the password?" Fang Yugang emerged from the contempt of Superman stories and immediately fell into shock.
"Secret Shh" Chen Yi smiled and put his finger in his lips. His eyes were smiling but serious.
Fang Yu nodding nervous.
Safe pull
Chen Yi roughly looked at his eyes and turned his backhand to pour out the contents of the safe.
Fang Yu jumped up. He knew that the safe weighed 15 kilograms only by visual inspection. I didn’t expect Chen Yi to pick it up and turn it over.
The attention paid to Chen Yi’s arm made him pay no attention to the banknotes, videos and CDs on the ground.
"A lot of money?" Chen Yi muttered. He took out a pile of RMB, US dollars, euros and yen and looked at it. Then he gave it to Yin Senyong. "You put all the banknotes with different colors in it."
In addition to money, there are four jewelry boxes on the ground, two of which are used as small yellow croaker for banknote suppression.
Fang Yu lowered her head and helped to sort things out. At the same time, she reported, "Two gold watches, a diamond watch, a diamond necklace and a box … Oh, it’s a set of about 10 thousand. All countries have money, NTD and HK dollars. This guy’s yacht is here to run away."
He gave the answer flatly, but his eyes were fixed on the two piles left.
The pile on the left is a video tape and the pile on the right is a CD. I’m afraid the total number will exceed one.
Chen Yi frowned and asked, "Do you know which one is you?"
"See?" Fang Yuxin smiled.
"Then see" Chen Yi also don’t wriggle from the housekeeper to the video recorder and DVD player.

Ye Qing arranged three men to defend at point A, including his own sniper, meteor, and cold-blooded and sentimental at point A to defend point B, but they rushed to point A as soon as point A was attacked.

Ye Qing knew that even in the case of the same number of people, they couldn’t beat each other on their side. The other side was attacked by five people. A shooting star just appeared from the back of the train car and didn’t come to the mirror. Jiang Yuhan killed the gun with a long-range shot. The speed was faster than that of bare. Seeing his video before the shooting star was not so real. Now he died in the sniper marksmanship and realized that it was really terrible.
Ye Qing and Dong Lao Er didn’t dare to show up, even if they showed a little body shape. It is estimated that they will be killed by Jiang Yuhan. Two people can retreat to the trail and no one will stop them. S team people quickly pushed to the platform.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Being great power
S team easily occupied point A, and the audience applauded, apparently praising Jiang Yuhan for killing the sniper with his shot, and then deterring other defenders from staying on the platform.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer retreated all the way to the trail and rushed directly to the platform. Cold-blooded and affectionate, they also quickly changed their route, then entered the middle gate, and then the trail and Ye Qing joined them. After the trail was closed, Ye Qing arranged tactics.
Although the strength of the other side is ridiculously strong, it can be said that it is already the strongest team in the country, but Ye Qing does not want to give in blindly. He still uses his own momentum. Ye Qing intends to let four people rush out together through the alley and then quickly kill the latest person with fire, and then try to drive the other person out of the platform and then dismantle the bomb when fighting.
At this time, the S team has already installed Bao Jiang Yuhan in the rear of the train car. K is next to Jiang Yuhan’s left box. Yan Yue shines on the platform and Avenue A in the dog hole. He is mainly defending the defender’s base, while Yu Youhe is behind the box 4.
Jiang Yuhan really didn’t expect the other person to rush out of the alley. When Ye Qing and the four of them rushed out together, Jiang Yuhan was very surprised, but after all, he was a sniper, and he reacted quite quickly. When the camera flashed, he was killed in cold blood.
At this time, K and Shine shot Ye Qing. The first person to see Ye Qing was shining at the entrance of Avenue A, because his position was the most obvious. At the first time, Ye Qing was shooting at the shining point, while Shining was in love.
Ye Qing was very calm at this time, and his mind was very clear. He was determined to prove himself in this game. His trajectory was very stable. Several shots accurately hit the shining fourth bullet, and then Ye Qing rushed directly to the side of 4. At this time, Jiang Yuhan flashed out again, and another shot killed Dong Laoer in the middle of the trail. While shooting at K, he retreated. His purpose was to attract K firepower and Ye Qing created opportunities.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to squat down to defuse the bomb at this time. It was a dead line. He just wanted to touch Jiang Yuhan behind him, but when he just walked to the side of 4, a gunner immediately flashed behind the right box. It was Yu Youhe.
Ye Qing’s reaction is quite rapid, as if he knew someone would flash out there. As soon as Yu You and he flashed out, he shot, and it was a bullet to the head, which shocked Yu You and he. You know, his strength is that few people killed him with a bullet.
People watching the game felt very smooth when they saw Ye Tilt, which didn’t seem like a temporary reaction, and Ye Tilt even exploded two heads. These two games were really wonderful, and even the supporters of the S team couldn’t help clapping their hands.
Dong Laoer and K also quickly identified the responsibility for the gun. Of course, K won easily, and immediately Jiang Yuhan flashed out again. At the same time, Yan Yue also flashed out from the dog hole. Ye Qing could choose to attack the nearest Yan Yue and Jiang Yuhan’s gun had already rang.
At the moment when Jiang Yu was shot, all eyes were on the right corner of the screen. As expected, a line of death information appeared in that place. Ye Qing was killed by being killed! ! The death of the last person in club I means that club I lost this round.
Jiang Yuhan killed four people in Club I by himself, and his shooting percentage was 100%. His exquisite marksmanship surprised his fans again, making them scream wildly.
"I rely on the example of virtual hair! This sniper rifle method is terrible! " Ye Qing felt deeply shocked. At the moment when Jiang Yuhan flashed out, he felt that he had been locked, and he gave birth to a way to avoid feeling that he died without even showing his posture. He died when he saw Jiang Yuhan’s figure flash out. There was no response opportunity too fast! !
Meteor is very sigh tunnel "hey, I also said that we should do a good job today. Who knows that we have met the sniper god and he has no chance to win the shot? I don’t even have a chance to stand in the mirror. I was dead when I saw him, but I was ready to die when I didn’t see him …"
"Ha ha ha the last sentence is very incisive! Every one of us is preparing to die when we don’t see him. "Ye Qing laughed.
The S team is also talking about the sparkle. Obviously, I didn’t expect that I would be shot in the head by the other machine gunner, and the other party also blew up Yu You and Lian Bao, which really made them sit up and take notice. K couldn’t help saying, "This little ak marksmanship is not bad!"
Shining is very depressed. "It’s not only good, it’s just awesome. Otherwise, how could you blow my head off?"
"You come on, the old man didn’t even have a chance to shoot. He rushed out and saw a man in front of him who was robbed of business by Jiang Yuhan! He killed four people by himself, and we still have a hair! " He month shook his head and said
Jiang Yuhan ha ha a smile "forgive me, I haven’t played for a long time and I’m a little excited. I’ve been like this in recent games. You should be used to it!" I’m still looking for the feeling that it’s hard to get back to the peak! "
He month and others smell speech suddenly all language and then set up a middle finger shining together and laughed. "You are still looking for a feel like this. If you find a feel, you will be abnormal." Your sister, let’s just make a cup of tea and watch your performance alone. "
"That won’t work. You have to attract firepower!" Jiang Yuhan serious tunnel k turned to look at Jiang Yuhan way "and we these top gunners in value is that you attract fire for you? I depend on you, can you be a little more awkward? "
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Don’t take it lightly. I think their ak machine gunners are not bad. If we underestimate our enemies, we may suffer big losses. We must pay attention to each opponent’s freedom!" Jiang Yu cold way with a smile
"I depend! You said you should pay attention to every opponent, but you didn’t bother to arrange it and told us to move freely! Have you such a command? " He month immediately language for the rest of the people is also extremely despise looked at Jiang Yu cold.
"Well, then I’ll arrange a tactic! Shine to point A to attract the other side’s firepower. I believe that after the first round of onslaught, the other side will definitely be heavily defended at point A. It is necessary to stall the other side, Yanyue and K, and go out in the middle. If there is no one outside the middle of the road, I will attack point B with Lao Yu. "Jiang Yuhan spoke very quickly and arranged tactics.
The S team members acted quickly. They were all top professional players in China, and their tactical execution was very strong. After the first round, Ye Qing did deploy heavy troops at point A because he felt that the other side was too strong. What tactics should he make to storm point A all the time? Even if Ye Qing tried his best to defend, he couldn’t keep it. After all, Jiang Yuhan’s sniper rifle was too powerful, but his defense line was riddled with holes.
In this round, Ye Qing arranged four men at point A, and only one cold-blooded man defended at point B. He still dared not put point B completely. The main reason is that Jiang Yuhan is a tactical master. Who knows what he will do next?
Shining on Avenue A, he lost a smoke bomb, then fired a shuttle bomb at the platform, changed the magazine, and then shot the leaves in a messy place. Judging each other at Point A by a gun, at best, it was impossible for two people to be more, so he suddenly realized that something was wrong, immediately left the meteor at Point A and went straight to Point B with Dong Laoer and cold blood.
At this moment, Yanyue and K just rushed out of the middle door and happened to meet Ye Qing. Both of them immediately shot at each other. Both Yanyue and K are great marksmanship, such as the posture of the gods and the wind. Almost at the moment of fighting, Dong Laoer and cold-blooded head were shot. Fortunately, there were three of them, and Ye Qing was lucky to kill two of them in an instant. When Yanyue and K shot Dong Laoer and cold-blooded, he was very calm. Because K was an enemy in his eyes, K was much better than him, so he had to kill K first.
K posture is very flexible. Ye Qing didn’t kill him by shooting several shots. After Dong Laoer and cold-blooded death, K has already freed his hand. Ye Qing suddenly felt bad. He immediately turned some shots into gun shooting, which immediately worked, and both K and Yan Yue were shot in the head.
Ye Qing felt very excited when he saw two people fall down. He immediately rushed to Jiang Yuhan and Yu Youhe at point B. Both of them were shocked to see the screen death information. The ak machine gunner actually killed Yanyue and K, the two top machine gunners! !
"It’s really good for me to react so quickly to both of us. If he was alone, I could easily blow his head off, but three of them gave him a chance to kill both of us. I should have killed him first!" He month is feeling almost to k way.
K nodded faintly and said, "I’ll show him what ak marksmanship is next round!" "
Chapter one hundred and seventy Meteor shining point
Ye Qing miraculously killed two gun gods in the middle of the road, and he had already rushed into point B. When Ye Qing rushed in, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and found the backbone.
Because Dong Laoer and cold-blooded were killed outside the middle door, Ye Qing went to Avenue A where point B was shining again, and then he was afraid to rush toward the platform alone. At this time, the meteor position was on the trail, and he was afraid to frame the sniper behind the train car. The main reason was that there was a shadow after being killed by Jiang Yuhan.

How should I know if Zhuang is not far away?

City personnel wanted to think to reveal the abandon expression.
Ee ~ what a heavy mouth!
"Blare ….." A few strange noises came from the backpack not far from Zhuang, and the sound of a backpack stopped not far from Zhuang.
The crew didn’t care. After all, it’s impossible for a plane to disappear, right? And it is certainly impossible to pack a few people in the backpack!
Maybe something is ringing.
"By the way, sir, our flight can now use mobile phones in flight." The passenger woke up and turned away.
Although the scenery outside the window is beautiful, I will talk after watching it for a long time.
Not far from Zhuang, I was planning to play with my mobile phone when my backpack suddenly moved, and Okabo’s head popped up.
"Master Zhuang, three catties, four ounces, four ounces, no more play. Are you coming?"
"Count me in." Zhuang is short and short, and he got into his backpack.
Next to Huo Tengbo, he looked at the seat backpack not far from the eye village and shook his head with a sigh.
After a while, the passengers came out again.
Looked at Zhuang not far from swinging seat and looked at the direction of washing hands.
"Eh ~ what a heavy mouth"
Chapter 437 I come I see my sign
"This is Fusang?" Zhuang walked out of the airport not far away. "It seems to be no different from the virtual city."
"I saw the pick-up. I went to the meeting group to report." Huo Tengbo saw someone holding a card and carrying a suitcase not far away. "Then the landlord is high. After all, this is not a state. Be careful."
"Don’t worry, I bully others. No one bullies me." Not far from Zhuang, I gave a hand and sent Huo Tengbo away.
"No, I’m not worried about you. I’m worried about others …" Hortenberg shook his head in distress situation and left after all.
In the state, the landlord’s estimate will be very convergent.
But when it comes to the personality of the landlord outside the state and the group of servants around him who are radical …
This country, which has been tortured by earthquakes and nuclear leaks, is asking for more happiness …
"Let me have a look." Not far from Zhuang Tao Tao’s backpack, he took it out from the inside and flipped through the Weekly Record of Women Workers.
Not far from Zhuang, he listed what he needed to do this time.
"First, find a place to plant grass seeds."
"Second, visit the red light district and feel a fusang custom industry"
"Third, whoring …"
"Four …"
Next to the high crab, he saw his forehead sweating, grabbed Zhuang, and made a few small noises and scratched the back items.
"What are you doing!" Zhuang is not far away.
"Before the Lord Zhuang came here, the Lord Zhuang told me that I must look after you!"
Not far from Zhuang, roll your eyes.
Mom, dad deserves your son to be a bachelor for a generation!
Not far from being scribbled by a tall crab, I found that I was left with the option of "finding a place to plant grass seeds"
Zhuang is not far away. This time I came to Fusang not to find trouble with Frost Winery, but also to help Zhuang’s dad find a suitable courtyard.
Besides, Dad Zhuang also asked Zhuang to pay attention to a suitable craftsman not far away.
Although Zhuang doesn’t have a good impression on Fusang because of the bad behavior of Jiabai Winery due to historical reasons, one thing is denied by the law.
That is, Fusang is very strong in the wine industry!
Several major wine varieties in the world, Fusang, have the strength to come from behind.
Whether it is wine or whisky, Fusang has produced many excellent wines that have won many awards.
On the one hand, all kinds of plants can always find a suitable living environment because of the complex terrain of Fusang.
On the other hand, it is actually related to Fusang’s "artisan spirit"
Sometimes people always think that people in the state are impetuous and unwilling to work with peace of mind, and they are desperately sharpening their heads and drilling.
As everyone knows, this is actually not a bad thing.
People in the state are so impetuous, the reality is that the state has not yet completed the class solidification, and now it is possible to climb a class from the bottom to the middle class or from the middle class to the rich class.
However, unlike Hezhou, which just rose, Fusang has developed rapidly since the Reform.
Up to now, the society has been completely fixed, and it is almost an idiotic dream for ordinary people to jump out of their own class.
This is that difference between state and developed country.
It is precisely because of this peace of mind that those who work hard as workers in their own class and devote all their energy to studying their own skills have become the spiritual representatives of the so-called "craftsmen"

Bald head and Lin Zhi suddenly feel puzzled. What is this?

"Please allow me to introduce myself." Glasses girl is very graceful. "My name is Sivic from Guanghui City, Happy Star, and I work in the Major League Law Firm."
As she spoke, she showed her work permit certified by the federal government.
Bald head and Lin Zhi are still puzzled by Zhang Er, but Alex knows quite well. If the first team of the special task force of Tai Police Station is a miracle of the police, then the major league lawyer building is the legal profession, and the clearance rate of any lawyer in Taishan Beidou will not be lower than 96%
That is to say, if you hire a major league lawyer, you usually won’t lose the case, even if you are definitely going to lose the case, the lawyers can win a lot of benefits.
Sivic entered the black spider through the most formal procedure, and Alex naturally won’t reject her.
Moreover, she really came to Black Spider to announce the good news. She picked up a piece of paper material on the table. "This is the release order with the seal of the Supreme Court of the United States, the scanning code and the special anti-counterfeiting logo."
Alex took it, looked at it and nodded slowly. These things are true.
Sivic turned to the bald head and said, "Haidong congratulates you on your freedom. From now on, you can leave the black spider before you finish your sentence."
Bald face expression way "thank you!"
Sivic picked up another piece of information "This is Lin Zhi’s Release Order!"
Alex was surprised and Lin Zhi was surprised. What happened?
It makes sense that his bald head was released before. He stayed in the black spider for 12 years honestly. According to the normal procedure, he will be released in one month. Now, the first month is also due to his good performance in not making trouble and making trouble.
After Li Dalong escaped from prison, he was tried, and he was quite cooperative. It is also reasonable to be released before the prison.
However, Lin Zhi is different. The two-year sentence has only been executed for one year, and he does not have the conditions for pre-release
Sivic explained that "the amount of money that Lin Zhi robbed in the explosion robbery of the Federal Bank of Wu Xing in Hanwuhan totaled 190 million correspondence points, among which 140 million correspondence points were recovered before Lin Zhi went to prison, and the remaining 50 million correspondence points were automatically returned to the Federal Bank HanWu Xing Branch at the same time through 46 different account terminals from 21 different banks three days ago, and left a very positive confession. We filed a complaint in accordance with the law, and the Federal Supreme Court allowed Lin Zhi’s sentence to be executed outside prison under limited conditions."
Alex listened with amazement, and Lin Zhi also opened his mouth.
Old spicy warden, she won’t doubt the authenticity of the Release Order, but how can Lin Zhi return the stolen money when he is buried in a black spider?
This is obviously returned by his accomplices or relatives without authorization, trying to fish him out of the black spider.
But confession is bullshit. It’s a loophole in the law.
In fact, the most surprising thing is that Lin Zhi knows how weird this Release Order is because of himself, even he is afraid of it.
After the original case, he and his companions scattered and fled at the first time, but he couldn’t stand the temptation of huge sums of money and quietly hid alone, and even the party couldn’t contact him.
Lin Zhi’s abacus is very cunning, that is, to take the money for himself, that is, to put it bluntly, to eat black and eat black
However, in the year when he fled, the police searched for him all over the place, which made him realize that he couldn’t hide because he was a famous Feng Wang.
Later, he was deliberately caught, and then he took the initiative to hand over 140 million messages and lied that the remaining 50 million were divided by his accomplices.
In this regard, the police can also because his accomplices have gone outside the five major stars, and it will take a lot of time for the police to recover the stolen money, so that he will spend several years in prison and come out as a hero with 50 million assets.
It’s impossible for him to fool his uncle, who has long seen that he is wrong, but he has no evidence to testify against him. However, his uncle suggested that the court should give him a heavy sentence, and the federal court directly sentenced him to two years and made him vomit blood secretly.
This is Lin Zhi’s biggest secret, but he never dreamed that such a bizarre thing would happen.
This is definitely not what his former colleagues did? When his colleagues get the money, they will never write a confession, but quickly cut him into large pieces and throw his body fragments into the interstellar black hole after sharing the stolen goods.
Now someone not only knows his secret, but also returns his money. Lin Zhi feels a cold air rising from his back.
He’s scared!
He is really scared!
Unknown things and the consequences of imagination will be afraid to change people!
Alex added, "What are the qualifications?"
Sivic said every word, "Lin Zhi will be punished outside prison in Luoning Town, Xuehua Town, Camellia Star. He can’t step out of the jurisdiction of Luoning Town. After five years, if he behaves well, he can get a proper amount of commutation and expand the scope of his activities, but if he behaves badly, he will be punished as a black spider again."
Alex nodded. This arrangement is reasonable. Anyway, Lin Zhi did well in Black Spider this year.
Alex suddenly thought of something. "Miss Sivic, I want to ask a question. Does the Lin family know about this?"
She asked very cleverly, but Sivic gave me a sweet smile. "I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t reveal the identity of the client. This is our professional ethics! Please forgive me! "
Alex shrugged his shoulders. These damn lawyers are so cunning! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Desert ghost town
Bald head and Lin Zhi are good news, but mad dog dragon is bad news.
Now Mad Dog Dragon has changed its old name again, and it’s like a local dog. It’s too tired to vomit blood.
He didn’t die in the battle at the waterfall. Although he killed Lei Zhan at the last minute, he fell into the flood and was caught in the vortex.
The big ship exploded and caught fire, and the hull soon disintegrated. The local dog dragon and two huge steel plates were caught in the undercurrent, and he was knocked unconscious by the steel plates because of the great impact of the current.
When he woke up, he didn’t know where he had been washed. Anyway, the flood could not be seen. The surrounding Woods were thick and dense. He walked back by feeling for a while and found that something was wrong because there was little water when he came, but when he returned, the terrain became more and more like a stone mountain.
So he turned back and walked in the other direction. After several times of tossing, the great Tai Long classmate turned out to be lost!
The unknown area is horribly dark, and the control panel does not display the map coordinates. The mad dog dragon has no choice but to find the right direction and go all the way to black.
In the end, he took the wrong road, which was even more outrageous than the previous one. After there were no monsters, he stopped talking. He could still see some grass and Woods, and the terrain gradually became Gobi. In the end, all he could see was fine sand and golden yellow sand.
The local dog dragon gradually realized that he was likely to walk into the desert deep in the unknown area. There was enough food to drink, and now it was a problem. If he didn’t go there for two days, he would be humbled and thirsty.
"So many experts have failed to make me explain. Is it true that the desert will make me explain?" Mad dog dragon is very sad. "That can’t be done. We must find water."
He was still secretly cheering himself up, and there was a faint sound in front of him.
Woman: "I haven’t found it for half a month. Is it the wrong way?"
Male: "It’s very likely that this desert is deserted and angry. What do you think of the Silk Road?"
Brother Li, "The Silk Road will pass through a barren land. I can’t say that I found the Silk Road at first sight. There must be prosperity in the depths of this desert. Let’s go again!"
Woman: "If I walk for another half a month and still reap what I should wait for?"

However, even if the pilots are so highly trained, I have never heard of any ace with tailor-made fighters. Since the power armor is tailor-made, the treatment of messengers should at least be equal to that of pilots.

In other words, only officers are qualified to make power armor less power armor. It is impossible for ordinary soldiers to have power armor on a large scale.
But how to arrange a few soldiers with him? The captain said that he would make a decision after checking the situation of several people. Could this statement be perfunctory? He has already made up his mind to send all four people away?
w w w
I wish I had left them in Fuyun like this.
Thinking yip hon suddenly heard a burst of footsteps, he originally and motioned, but the footsteps actually stopped outside.
Yip hon sat up in disbelief and his eyes fell on the hatch. At the same time, the hatch had already made a tall figure from the outside and stepped into the dormitory.
This man has a dark face, and his facial lines are unusually tough and full of military masculinity. His height is less than one meter, and he starts with a strong body like a wall full of high pressure, which makes people breathe hard.
Chapter 3 Exclusion
Yip hon consciously looked at the man’s shoulder, and when he saw the title of two armed forces, he could stand up and salute at attention.
The tall school raised its hand in return for the stiff face expression "Ye Han?"
"Gao you new captain" held out his right hand.
"Hello, captain" Yip hon holding a tall hand feels like a child’s hand being held by an adult.
"You are mine from now on. What’s the problem?" Gaowen
"What should I do?" Ye hanwen
"Wait for your power armor and then get familiar with armor to form combat effectiveness as soon as possible," Gao said. "Any questions?"
"No!" Ye Han said
"But I do!" High left eyebrow slightly pick "my team members are all secretly selected elites. Although you have good service experience, you are still far from my standard. Please remember that you can be stupid or rubbish, but you can never hold others back!"
Yip hon sip sip lips frowned at high don’t talk eyes light sharp as a blade.
It is said that the first and second special forces in Wen are all carefully selected. A common word in online novels is soldier king.
Yip hon has always been proud of his identity as a special soldier, but he was not alone in his original service. There are a dozen more elite troops of the same kind, and it is not without them. But those troops are extremely confidential, let alone ordinary people and most soldiers who can’t know about those confidential troops.
This guy named Gao is probably a member of a secret service.
People who can enter this kind of army are all elite ordinary special forces. It’s not surprising that they don’t have the qualification to think highly of Yip hon’s displeasure.
"Why are you angry?" High eyes are equally sharp.
"No" Yip hon is insincere.
"There is a soldier who even dares not say the truth!"
Yip hon breath holding his chest almost didn’t explode with anger. He forced down his anger. "I’m a soldier. I’m here from the level command. If you have any questions, please ask the captain to complain to the level."
"Yelling at me?" Gao Yi had a Gherardini expression. "To tell you the truth, if my people were not familiar with giant ants, you wouldn’t have a chance to join our army!"
You’re welcome when you’re taller. Yip Han feels that he’s not welcome. It’s necessary to "understand, but I didn’t volunteer. If he has the right person, the captain will kick me out."
Yip hon mouth say car-scrapping in the mind has long been calculated.
The surname Gao suddenly jumped out with a horizontal nose and a vertical eye. The surface is to see that Ye Han is not pleasing to the eye, but why is the surname Gao not early or late when Ye Han leaves the experimental cabin?
Eye yip hon has passed the physical examination and finished measuring the body data, even the armor has entered the printing program, and he can have a set of power armor in a few hours. Isn’t it a coincidence to find it at this time?
This time is 99% deliberately chosen!
But what is the purpose of surnamed Gao?
Yip hon suddenly remembered that when I was a child, I watched a TV play. Xu Sanduo was a reserve player since he joined Old A, and he was not accepted by other players until he passed the test of Old A.
Thought of here yip hon look high eyes can’t help but take a few minutes to ponder.
"You and I don’t want to?" Gao Yi looked disgusted. "I don’t have that power!"
If you continue to play your little acting skills, you can play a facial paralysis. Do you dare to show more expressions?
"If you don’t get the armor, everything will be fine. Mark my words, don’t drag your feet!" Speaking of which, height is already a matter of color.
Yip hon learn Gao gang appearance picked his eyebrows "drag is not necessarily me"
"Not you or me!" High spirit not dozen 1 come to say this little courage is not small.
Yip hon answered without hesitation, "I am more experienced in dealing with giant ants than you are in dealing with the enemy, and I have a lot of battlefield experience." The implication is that it is not necessarily who is holding back.
High corners of the mouth a pull out a millie smile "lip service is quite neat, since you are so confident, I’m waiting to see your performance." Say and turn around and don’t talk to Yip hon.
Yip hon disdained to pout and sit back in bed "inexplicable!"
When he first settled down, he was in a bad mood and was not in the mood to do anything. He simply fell into bed and slept until he was woken up and found himself sleeping in the evening.
Wake up yip hon or the navy lieutenant. He politely said, "It’s time for the captain to eat."
"Oh, thank you," Yip Han asked, rubbing his eyes and getting up seemingly. "Brother, let me ask you something. What’s that height for?"
"Don’t you know?" The lieutenant was very surprised. "Captain Thunder, your new company!"
"Thunder?" Yip hon a face of constipation expression "this name is really his mother too distinctive"
He doesn’t know much about the range of the ball. There are three special forces called Thunder, and today there is another one.
"Who said no!" The lieutenant rarely agrees that "there is no way to do this system."
Follow the lieutenant all the way from the dormitory to the ship restaurant. The restaurant is small in size and very compact in decoration. There are a row of rectangular stainless steel boxes in the insulated dining car, which contain all kinds of main and non-staple foods.
Yip hon took a stainless steel dinner plate and liked to put some in it. Then his eyes swept away and he found that the dining officers and soldiers were divided into several pieces. Ordinary sailors, petty officers and officers all had their own dining areas. In the officer dining area, there were two tables with several unusually tough guys who were incompatible with his naval officers and soldiers.
Yip hon this a few people smell the same kind of heart suddenly clear carrying plates walked over and picked a seat and simply eat it.
The officer at the same table gave Yip Han a surprised look and asked in a low voice, "Are you the new comer?"
Yip hon smiled but didn’t speak and stuffed a mouthful of rice into his mouth.
Ye Han is really a newcomer, and he doesn’t know anything about Gao He. The players, such as the players, are likely to reject Ye Han as an outsider because of his high attitude.
As a newcomer, try not to talk if you can’t talk. If you offend people, you must observe for a while and understand the situation.
Chapter 31 Fine-tuning
A few old players didn’t show rejection, but a few people had some communication before Yip hon sat over, but after Yip hon sat over, everyone kept their mouths shut and stopped eating and soon finished eating.
Action exclusion is more obvious than language and expression exclusion.
Ye Hanyuan didn’t expect these old players to immediately accept themselves as members of such an elite army. I don’t know how many years my comrades-in-arms have said that it is not too much to be closer than brothers, and it is strange not to exclude him as an outsider.

Before the game, the conductor lsnn specially watched all the games rep made by Shiran. It is very easy for a giant club like ag to get the opponent’s game rep. lsnn is not only a conductor but also a sniper. He is bound to stand up in the middle of the game. After watching all the games Rep, he came to a conclusion that "this man can defeat me!"

He was deeply impressed by the speed and hit rate of bare gun, especially when bare showed consciousness and super hitting ability in two street battles, which made him feel the pre-pressure. The third map is the street fighting place. He is now very headache. How can he restrain bare? Frontal fighting is definitely not acceptable.
Bare, who is experienced in the game on this map, has already figured out how to play the game. After the game, he picked up a sniper rifle from the ground and killed it from the wooden door. Then he picked up a Grenade and killed it directly in the middle of the road. In the middle of the road, he directly flashed out of the mirror and killed a machine gunner in the other base.
Lsnn is now on the right side of the plane and sees the screen death message. His eyebrows are wrinkly and he knows that bare performance has been finished, but he doesn’t want bare to continue to perform. He must stop bare, or bare can kill their team by himself. even is fierce when this map is no longer in the desert for one day.
Lsnn moved to the center of the base. He looked at the middle of the road and the situation was bare. He expected bare to go to the right, so he went back. Bare actually didn’t run to the front, but retreated because he wanted to make sure there was no danger behind him. After returning, he saw even moving, shooting and even counterpoint. It was Zhou Wei.
Bare, decisively, the mirror directly took even away, Zhou Wei looked at it and rushed out, then killed each other’s base together with Bare.
Lsnn was killed on the other side. When the monkey fell to the ground, two people, Fat Monkey and Mulei, also rushed to the middle section and disappeared. They desperately shot Zhou Wei and Bare, and after entering the enemy base, they saw the cover of lsnn’s war. Bare, a mirror will disappear and be killed.
At this time, lsnn flashed out from behind the box and seized the fleeting opportunity to kill Zhou Wei bare. A three-shot lsnn immediately dropped dozens of points of blood and retreated back, but Mulei and Fat had already rushed to the front.
Smuggling directly jumped out and Mulei Fat desperately changed his life, while Fat and Zhou Wei formed a potential attack on lsnn, and lsnn tried its best to kill Fat but could not escape Zhou Wei ak47.
The man who was killed in the middle of the road was Li Shi, who was killed in the first round of ag Swim Tour and was successfully taken by Tiger Brothers.
During the ag parade, the front line adjusted its tactics in the second round. They gathered five people together and then killed them from the left. Bare saw their five figures in the middle of the road and quickly ordered Mu Lei and others to ambush at the base, while he went around to the rear to double-team.
Lsnn’s dragging in the last cover happened to be bare’s preferred target. Bare killed lsnn from behind. The four gunners in front were in chaos. Instead of going back to kill Bare, they sped up and rushed into the enemy base.
In the Tiger Brotherhood base, even and others were ambushed and flashed out from behind bunkers. The enemy was caught off guard. However, even with great power, the two heads almost broke down the enemy ambush. When bare, he appeared again to save the team. He killed the other three machine gunners with a mirror, including even, the enemy of great power. The remaining machine gunner was Li Shi. He killed Zhou Wei and the monkey seized the opportunity to shoot Li Shi in the head calmly.
The Tiger Brothers won two rounds in a row, and the morale was immediately boosted. During ag’s tour, the front line was not discouraged at all. They experienced many backward situations during the game, but they also played many wonderful performances. They still managed to win the third round peacefully.
Chapter 43 Entering the Finals
In the third round of the Tiger Brothers ag parade, the God-level ak shooter even went straight into the middle of the road and directly shot a bullet in the head! On the gun speed, ak47 is of course faster than a sniper rifle. If bare had been photographed at that time, it was probably even’s death, but they met each other at that time. even was of course faster than him.
Bare’s death means that the fighting capacity of the Tiger Brotherhood is greatly reduced. They lost their spiritual leader ag. During the parade, the front line quickly wiped out the Tiger Brotherhood under the leadership of even, and the remaining four machine gunners successfully regained a point.
After that, the battle was not a bare lsnn battle, but a bare even battle. The strongest men of the two teams were bound to contain each other, but bare was king on this map! His sniper rifle is fantastic, its speed is extremely fast, and it always hits the enemy accurately as if it were controlled by his mind.
Even can only have a chance to shoot bare in front of or behind bare. even is a long-distance situation. It’s better to lose than to lose. lsnn snipers should confront bare, but when they encounter each other, lsnn will be killed. His root method is to fight bare on marksmanship. He trains for one hour every day, and the number of people killed is absolutely not worse than bare. He is just as bad as the gun speed. It’s the same as the fast gun speed, so he can take the lead.
Because even is preoccupied with killing Zhou Wei by bare, the pressure is greatly reduced. He and Mu Lei can cooperate to smuggle and disappear, and the combination of fat and monkey can also suppress Li Shi’s head. In this way, bare shows that he has pinned down the other two people. He has to be sniped off lsnn before dealing with even.
At the end of the fight, the Tiger Brothers Alliance relied on Xiao Ran to play a stable role on this map, which was slightly better than 13 to 12. Xiao Ran and others couldn’t help but collapse in their chairs after playing the game. They have been tense and nervous until now.
Zhou Wei leaned her head back in her chair and turned to bare. "Hoo … it’s hard to believe that we won the ag parade! It’s like dreaming. "Barely, sit up straight and twist a head and smile." It’s really exhausting to play against a strong team. I feel as tired as playing a basketball! "
Fat and monkey slapped each other to win the game, which was a rare experience for them. During the game, they really saw the style of a strong team and saw the methods of machine guns and pistols, and they also learned a lot during the game.
After Zhou Wei got up and packed her equipment and put the keyboard in her bag, she said to Xiao Ran, "Did you go for a walk on the Bund tonight?"
Bare, some accidentally looked at Zhou Wei and said, "Good!" Zhou Wei saw that he promised to be happy in his heart and quickly packed up her equipment. She threw the keyboard bag to her back and put her long hair down from her forehead to reveal a delicate and perfect face. The delicate mouth gently said, "I’ll call you then."
"hmm!" Bare nodded and looked at Zhou Weichao walking towards the field. Fat quickly leaned in and put his hand on bare shoulder and smiled grimly. "Do you two have plans for the evening?"
"You fart matter!" Bare, shake off his palm directly to get fat. Hey, hey, one laughs. "Of course, Xiaoxiaomei asked me to help her supervise you before I left! Otherwise, I’ll make a phone call now and see what she says! "
Bare, put his arms around the fat neck to reveal a smile. "Fat brother, I know you are the most loyal. How can you do this kind of betrayal?" I think how great it was when the Buddha cut the meat and fed it to the eagle Guanyin and the tiger. But I think you are even greater than them. Being a brother, there is no afterlife, and there is no afterlife. Do you have the heart to betray such a kind person? "
Fat suddenly bare this guy is good at wearing a top hat to make you refuse his request, and he often makes a long speech with a patchwork of quotations. Fat shook his head and said, "Well, I told you about Vivian. It’s not that I didn’t know what to say before I told you about Qiu Ling. Didn’t I betray you?"
"Don’t worry about Qiu Ling when you were young. You almost turned against me because of her!" Xiao Ran’s face turned red with embarrassment. "That was a long time ago. I was always thinking about why I didn’t like her at that time, but now I think it’s enough to watch her live happily from a distance. By the way, if you don’t tell me, I forgot what you are doing with Qiu Ling now?"
"What’s going on?" Bare, playing dumb way
"You just pack it! The next time you rescued her from the hotel, she appeared in the unyielding rose team again. I heard that she had dropped out of school and we met her team every time we participated in the competition. Do you dare to say that she is not you? Don’t you dare to say that you haven’t contacted her? " Fat a pair of know the chest sample asked bare straight back.
Bare, with the wave, "in fact, there is no progress. I know that she joined the unyielding rose for me, but now the Lafayette in our family hasn’t authorized me to accept the princess!" Oh, my God, I didn’t react. Why should I tell you these things? "
"Let’s two brothers, who will you talk to if you don’t talk to me?" Fat justly tunnel
"Come on, let’s go back to the hotel and put something away. Let’s go outside!"
"good!" The two men walked off the field in a gaudy way.
When the Tiger Brothers defeated ag in the parade, the front line was an upset, which surprised all the spectators who paid attention to the game. The sniper rifle suppressed lsnn at the end of the street fighting map and showed great lethality, which made many people become his fans.
Liaoning Qingcheng also defeated his opponent and advanced to the finals. That is to say, the Tiger Brothers will meet Liaoning Qingcheng in the finals, and Shiran will have a decisive battle in the finals. If Shiran can beat 7kg, he will become famous in World War I. If he loses, it is not shameful. It can be said that he still has growth.
When the Tiger Brothers defeated ag during the parade, Ye Qing and Ouyang Yu’s one-on-one fight in Chengdu Julong Internet Cafe was in the most intense moment. At this time, Ouyang Yu killed Ye Qing for 29 times and Ye Qing killed Ouyang Yu for 26 times. There was not much difference.
Ouyang Yu’s pair of Ye Qing is very disdainful, but the more they fight, the more frightened they are, and the more vigilant they are. Ye Qing has used all kinds of obscene tactics to kill Ouyang Yu many times. He has played very patiently, even if he is behind, he has not been in a hurry. In the main road, two people have encountered Ye Qing several times and killed Ouyang Yu two or three times, which makes his self-confidence gradually increase.
Ouyang Yu desperately wants to solve the battle quickly, but Ye Qing is so difficult that he can completely pull the score. When Ouyang Yu killed Ye Qing 37 times, Ye Qing also killed Ouyang Yu 35 times. This also shows that Ye Qing has become more and more comfortable in this map. From the beginning, he was led by Ouyang Yu, and now he can play Ouyang Yu all over the map with ease.
The difference in marksmanship between the two men is very obvious. Ye Ye is backward in marksmanship. If there were no rules and restrictions on one-on-one combat, Ye Ye would have already lost. It is precisely because there are no restrictions that he can play hide-and-seek with Ouyang Yu patiently, smoke bombs, flash bombs and hand thunder to kill the enemy. That is why he can bite the score tightly.
Ouyang Yu doesn’t want to look for Ye Qing everywhere on the map. Since it’s patience, let’s fight for it. After all, he is ahead now. He is in no hurry. He chose a place with the widest view to wait for Ye Qing.
The place with the widest view of the main road is suspected to be that the side bridge can not only see the two entrances at both ends of the main road, but also the two ends of the middle building corridor and the entrance of the warehouse. He will have a panoramic view of where Ye Qing appears. This is why snipers must have a side bridge because of the wide view!
Ye Qing squatted behind the auxiliary box for a long time without seeing any movement from Ouyang Yu. He couldn’t help but worry that this elementary school was smart. Tired of being old? He rushed directly to the outside of Ouyang Yu base from the auxiliary road, and then carefully prepared to go inside Ouyang Yu base. When his figure just appeared outside the entrance of the main road, it was discovered by Ouyang Yu.
Ouyang Yu looked out from the entrance of the main road, just in time to see Ye Qing walking towards his base. He immediately turned the muzzle to a precise single point and directly smashed Ye Qing’s head. The score became 3-35. Seeing that victory was coming, Ouyang Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He took off his headphones and said to Ye Qing, "You can still struggle. Why don’t you be frank?"

Yi Qianjin continued to try low singles. His defensive player, De Andrew Jordan, was stronger and bigger than Griffin, and certainly stronger than Yi Qianjin. Yi Qianjin squeezed for a long time and couldn’t do anything. De Andrew Jordan took a step back and turned Jordan forward. It was extremely difficult for hands in the air Yi Qianjin to make a shot, but he was forced to make an arrow shot. The shooting posture was not right and his body was not very balanced. Of course, it was difficult to score.

Griffin jumped up and grabbed the basketball easily. A long Paul caught the ball in one go. A fast break. Paul hit the basket firmly.
The score continues to expand. Cavaliers 5366 are 13 points behind the Clippers.
The coach scratched his head happily on the scene. He walked around the court with his head down, and it was obvious that he was quite nerve-racking
Yi Qian was defended to death by De Andrew Jordan. He played easily against Griffin in front of him. Now the Clippers suddenly switched to Jordan to defend him. He really adapted quickly to another missed shot. He threw too reluctantly, and it was even a little difficult. It was really difficult to throw.
The Clippers had another good outside shot in Paul’s organization. Fortunately, God had mercy on the Cavaliers’ outside shot, but DeAndrew Jordan bravely grabbed the rebound and then violently dunked it.
The knight’s heart is broken, and after a wave of misses, how can we defend?
The score is 536 points, and the difference has reached 15 points. The Cavaliers coach is too lazy to call a timeout. Let’s see. It is estimated that there is nothing wrong with the clippers’ offensive firepower. There are indeed too many Griffin, Paul Butler and their defense is not bad. Paul Jordan is famous for his defense.
Owen finally fought out. Although he had a strong line, Paul’s defense was really unbearable. His physical fitness was very good. There were always some small moves when he added his hand. Paul’s breakthrough was actually very risky and difficult, but now it’s the end of the rope and last stand has to cross the rubicon.
Owen throws Jordan and Griffin in the high basket, but Owen throws a high arc. After all, the two non-human knights did not interfere with the ball operation, and finally scored a goal with difficulty.
The Clippers lead with a score of 556.
The clippers’ sharp edges have repeatedly succeeded, and the knights struggled hard. After all, it was difficult to resist the bullets of the clippers. When the game was still 2 seconds, both sides gave up and the score was fixed at 199.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 29 Yao plot
Chapter 29 Yao plot
It’s a lot easier for the Cavaliers to rest for two days. It’s really exhausting for them to go back to back three times in a row.
Considering the physical condition of the players, the coach didn’t ask everyone to do too much training in two days. Even the daily training is possible. If the players need to rest, they can report to the coaching staff. The coaching staff can agree to the players’ request for rest
During the two days, the team members were very relaxed and slept most of the time. They didn’t have a good sleep for many days. Now they can finally make up for it. It’s really a great thing to wake up naturally. It’s a good thing to wake up early with your eyes open and the sun shining. A dozen players can get together and then go to dinner together. Of course, they can also be alone everywhere. After all, there are not many times when they are alone in the team. Now it’s not a bad thing to enjoy one or two mornings, afternoons or nights quietly by themselves.
Rest well, of course, full of energy.
Everyone’s face is swept away, tired and frosty, and the unpleasant feelings lost to the Clippers two days ago are gone. It’s always good to look forward to the future, and a decent man should be able to afford it.
It’s still an away trip. The Sun Stadium is not as luxurious and lively as Staples Center. It’s not a big ball market. After Nash left, the popularity of the team plummeted to the bottom. Now there is no one in the team who is even a little famous. Of course, some people will say that Luis Scola is not bad. His popularity is not bad
Maybe it’s limited to China and Argentina. He is popular in other places. I think everyone should know.
Diamond has been in the rocket for years, and every time he encounters malicious release, he is not even the best bully in China, Yao. He has been exposed to malicious release more.
Against Lakers seven old, the ten old fish will look for him to push him hard behind his back and knock him down. The old fish will not stop looking for him. One is because he is not an American and easy to bully. The other is that he really has no name in the nba. If he is as famous as his compatriot Ginobili, he will definitely not encounter the malicious release of the old fish.
Against the timberwolves, Kevin Love actually stepped on him. Love was of course competed for two days, but Scola was humiliated. Who can understand what is always he who is not others, but it is extremely bad.
In fact, I just said that Scola is really nothing in the nba. Although he can average more than ten points and seven rebounds per game, the league doesn’t recognize him. His defense is really not valued. The base is a real defensive zone.
Time goes by, night comes unexpectedly, and the game between knight and sun is coming.
Scola and Yi Qianjin smiled at each other from a distance, and they both approached each other with brisk strides.
The warm handshake lasted for a long time, and then a deep hug. Are they going to hug him for a long time? It’s touching that the two talents are still wanting to hug their hands.
"Yi Qianjin and Scola had too many deep contacts before." Many people will think so.
In fact, they used to have very few contacts, that is, they occasionally met several times, even without a few complete greetings, let alone other intimate friends. Now they are so affectionate that they seem to have not seen each other for years.
Scola’s playing for the Spurs after entering the nba is very unsatisfactory. Of course, it’s not that he is poor. Maybe Duncan is not the second power forward, even if he is a little enterprising. Power forward can play Duncan as a substitute. This is absolutely and also the kind of coolie black-collar role that does all the defensive work. Scola shows that he has no defensive skills and he has flowed to the Rockets.
The Rockets actually had Yao, and then came McGrady. He was destined to be a walk-on and an auxiliary core player. He was really lonely in his heart.
However, he has gradually adapted to it, especially Yao’s friendly and enthusiastic love, which made him feel that he still has great value in pinning his personal data on the Yao line. After all, it is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree. Of course, there are also China fans who like him very much because of Yao. He received an advertisement from China because of Yao’s great achievements. Later, Yao was injured and left his defensive loopholes, and he finally became weakened. There is no doubt that he could not be a superstar even without Yao. He was traded by love and came to the sun. From loss to a little light, he is now down and out again. What he
Yi Qianjin actually had a brief glory. After Yao, another China player entered the nba or was the sixth overall rookie season. He actually played really well. At one time, he was full of confidence and had a bright future, but his good future was ruined by successive injuries. He eventually fell to the edge and flowed again and again. lang finally couldn’t even get a contract. Now he finally came to the Cavaliers to see the light.
A wave of N-fold ups and downs in life, great sadness and joy, the feelings of the two are somewhat similar, and they also have a deep friendship with Yao. Can they not hug each other tightly and affectionately?

Ye Qing Su Yanbing wasn’t surprised when he saw him. His expression should be a little surprised, but he was disappointed. Su Yanbing recovered her normal state after her surprise. She was always elegant and demure. He smiled wryly. "I played in the sea. What about you?"

"We came to the sea to see the store. Sister Su is going to prepare a chain store!" Before Su Yanbing could speak, the girl beside her rushed to answer, Su Yanbing gave her a white look and said, "You!" She originally wanted to talk about traveling to the sea, but her shop assistant broke it, so she leaned toward Ye and said, "Did you win?"
"lost! You may leave the sea the day after tomorrow. When will you go back to Chengdu? " Ye Qing’s eyes sparkled with anticipation and asked the girl beside Su Yanbing to speak again immediately, but she was pulled by Su Yanbing. Then she said first, "No, we may have to stay in the sea for a few days. You haven’t finished the shop yet … How have you been recently?"
Su Yanbing last sentence ask a little hesitant this Yuzryha fall in love is not very happy then gently nodded, "not bad not worse than before! What about you? Is there anyone else coming to make trouble in the coffee shop? "
"No, I have come to Shanghai to prepare a branch. Do you think I am doing well?" Su Yanbing asked with a smile that she seldom talks like this. Ye Qing looked down at the ground lines and casually said, "It seems that you are about to realize your ideal."
He originally wanted to say whether you would reconsider your emotional affairs after you realized your ideal, but because there were other people in the place, he was too embarrassed to ask, which would make Su Yanbing feel very embarrassed. He didn’t want to be difficult, and Su Yanbing didn’t want to suffer a little injustice.
"my dream is that every city in China has my coffee shop. It will take a long time to realize this dream. I am just taking the first step in the long March. It’s still early! How far are you from your dream? " Su Yanbing asked with a smile
"I am also far from our team’s strength, but I will be the strongest person in two or three years!" Ye Qing clenched his fist. At the moment, he was full of self-confidence. The short beauty was going to be a anthomaniac. Her eyes stared at Ye Qing for a moment. In her opinion, Ye Qing was charming and domineering at this time.
Su Yanbing smiled indifferently, and the tone was still so calm. "I believe you can do it."
Ye Qing knows that it’s time to say goodbye here. Although he has nothing to say to Su Yanbing, he just doesn’t want to leave, even if he looks at Su Yanbing quietly, she is so able to bear or endure looking and so makes him move.
He hesitated, slowly looked up at Su Yanbing’s beautiful face and said, "Why don’t we find a place to sit?"
"I’m sorry, we have to continue to look at the shops." Su Yanbing replied easily. This is obviously a refusal. The short beauty beside her moved her mouth and finally didn’t speak. She knew that Su Yanbing didn’t want to get involved with Ye Qing too much. They are now on their way back to the hotel. After they came back from Pudong, she was at the entrance of the Wutong Road. Che Yanbing liked this road very much. Anyway, it was not far from the hotel.
Ye Qing saw that Su Yanbing had no intention of catching up with him at all. He couldn’t help but feel very depressed. He remembered that he had been kind to her in the past few days. He always settled all the troubles for her in front of her in the wind and rain.
He sighed faint tunnel "I we are still friends … in the sea so big international city can meet isn’t this fate? Well, goodbye then! "
Ye Qing is not the kind of person who likes to pester people. He turned around and left even though the beautiful figure was so attractive. After a few steps, he heard Su Yan bing behind him. "Sorry, God, can I call you if you have something?"
Ye fell in love with a joy and raised his hand over an ok hand, and left without looking back. Su Yanbing looked at his back and suddenly felt that this man was very free and easy. His broad body once sheltered her from the wind and rain, and his solid chest once gave her reliance. He is actually a man worthy of entrusting.
Ye Qing walked out a few meters away and started to run. He suddenly remembered that he wanted to buy a bottle of water for Dami to go back to the hotel building. There was a grocery store selling water. If he spent too much, it would definitely arouse Dami’s suspicion. He had to buy water as soon as possible and go back.
Chapter 32 Grand Plan
Club I lives on the second floor of a hotel. It takes a few seconds to get to the first floor by taking the ladder. It takes ten seconds to get from the ladder to the hotel door and then to the grocery store. The whole process takes at most one minute to buy water and change, and then it takes another minute to come back. That is to say, it takes three minutes to buy water and go back and forth. Even if it is slower, it takes at most five minutes.
If you don’t take the stairs, it will take more than 20 seconds to get to the first floor. Even if you buy what kind of water in a grocery store for half a day, it will only take you a minute or two. The whole process will be dead for ten minutes, but Ye Qing just spent ten minutes talking to Su Yanbing and then ran back from that road for another minute, so he didn’t have time to struggle about what kind of water to buy. He rushed into the store and directly grabbed two bottles of the nearest water and paid to leave.
Ye poured out of the grocery store, but he rushed to the front of the ladder and saw that the ladder was still in the building. He couldn’t wait and immediately rushed to the stairs. He didn’t even come to see what water was in his hand. On the second floor, he took a breath and then went outside his room and kicked the door.
Big honey knocked on the door and saw a layer of fine sweat on his forehead. "Are you being chased?" Why is the sweat coming out? "
Ye Qing handed the water to Da Mi and said, "My boss gave me ten dollars extra change, so I ran desperately. As a result, when I got to the building, I found that I was so depressed that I didn’t get more change!"
This guy has a gift for telling lies, and his face is not red. A lot of honey can’t help laughing. "You are a money addict. Are you greedy for ten dollars?"
Ye poured into the door of the room and looked at the water in his hand. Suddenly he was blindsided. He took a bottle of mouthwash! Big honey just unscrewed the lid to pour leaves into her mouth and immediately shouted "Don’t drink!" Big honey was so scared that she almost poured water on her body. She pouted and said, "What are you doing? Scared me to death! "
"I bought the wrong water …" Ye Qing was very guilty. Big honey quickly picked up the bottle and looked at the label. Suddenly, her face turned white. She turned to look at Ye Qing and asked, "mouthwash! ? You went for more than ten minutes and bought this for me? Did you get a flash bomb when you bought water? "
Leaves the bitter face, "no, I’m looking at the most expensive. I know it’s mouthwash!" I said that the boss looked at me strangely. Who would have nothing to buy two bottles of mouthwash! "
"Even if you buy expensive, you have to look at the label? It’s okay. It’s nothing to drink a few mouthwashes. If it’s nitrate water, won’t I become dumb? Are you intentional? " Big honey is very uncomfortable tunnel
"That’s a good idea. If you become dumb, the world will be much quieter." Ye Qing put mouthwash on the tea table and then went to the bed and lay down.
Big honey also put mouthwash and then went to him and kicked him hanging on the edge of the bed. "Hey, do you think I’m too noisy?" Or should I go first? "
"It’s just a joke. You just sit down. Aren’t you going to wash up and wait for me? Why don’t you come and lie down and I’ll check your hygiene? " Leaf tilt sat up and said with a smile
Big honey saw him with a * * * smile, and his face turned red and he stepped back a few steps. "I haven’t washed it yet. The conditions in this hotel are so bad that I’m not used to the bathtub."
"So you even like to lie down in the shower …" Ye Qing’s tone is very * * * authentic big honey suddenly understood in seconds and couldn’t help but criticise "I said you are a smelly * * * *! You like lying down! You are lying down even making money! "
"I make money by lying down. That’s a duck!" Ye Qing is very authentic
"This is your own admission! Look at your figure, it’s really suitable for this profession. Those old ladies like you to be a strong young man and live well! "
"Honey, I find that you are quite bold and unrestrained, but you can’t be serious. Are you so old and don’t understand the story of bed?" Ye Qing said and lay down on the bed. The clothes were pulled up to reveal a few beautiful abdominal muscles.
Big honey suddenly felt a little shy. Although she had made many boyfriends before, she did not take the last step. Many people coveted her, but few dared to touch her. On the one hand, because of her fierce personality, she dared to touch the knife. On the other hand, her father was still hard in Chengdu in all aspects. Besides, people in her circle are rich and expensive. They may bully ordinary people to occupy them by hard bow, but they still have some scruples in a circle.
Once there was a rich young man who pursued her crazily. After she rejected her several times, that guy took risks and tried to bully her hard bow. As a result, he was almost castrated by big honey. After the incident, those rich second-generation people who were still trying to get her idea were scared as tigers. After all, although the beauty is attractive, there must be goods in the crotch!
"I don’t understand … do you understand?" Big honey didn’t good the spirit tunnel Ye Qing couldn’t help but say with smile "Of course I understand Cang teacher’s enlightenment education well done! Do you want me to teach you? "
"Go to you! I ….. I’ll go back first. "Big honey felt that the atmosphere was getting more and more wrong, so she fled and seemed to rush out of Ye Qing’s house and smiled and said to herself," It’s better for girls to be reserved. "
Big honey returned to her room and felt her heart still pounding. She knew that she and Ye Ye would sleep in the same bed sooner or later, because she had decided that Ye Ye Ye would never leave him. Every time she thought of that picture, her face burned badly, but she vaguely expected that she wanted to lie on Ye Ye’s broad and strong chest. She liked to watch Ye Ye Ye lean on that beautiful abdominal muscle and she dared not think about it.
Ye Qing was lying in bed trying to sleep for a while when he squinted and heard the knocking at the door. He was a big honey and turned over and went to the door, but Dong Laoer was standing outside.
"Does the boss have it?" Dong Laoer looked at Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing nodded and said, "There is not even a computer in this broken house. Can I have it?"
"That’s not necessarily you can also Lu tube …" Dong Laoer joke tunnel Ye Qing directly pushed him a way "you just Lu! Hurry in! "
Two people sit in the room chair to Dong Laoer saw two bottles of mouthwash lying on the tea table, not from curiosity. "Eldest brother, do you still have mouthwash habits? But also bought two bottles of demand is really big … "
"Er … that … by talking about business, why did you come to me?" Ye Qing is very embarrassed to pull the topic.
Dong Laoer looked dim and lowered his head. "My dad called me yesterday and asked me to go back to class immediately. This time it was a dead order! I didn’t tell you that I didn’t affect your game! I thought about it today and thought that this matter should be told to you first to make you mentally prepared. "
Ye Qing couldn’t help but stare blankly. He didn’t expect Dong Laoer to tell him that this is the truth. He didn’t want Dong Laoer to go. Even though Dong Laoer gave him too much help, he didn’t have many friends and even fewer buddies in his life. Only Dong Laoer really treated him and he was very reluctant to give up.
"Didn’t your dad agree to let you play F? Why do you have to go back now? " Leaves some anxiously asked.
Dong Laoer sighed very naively. "It’s common for him to go back on his word. I’m used to it, but don’t worry, I won’t leave for the time being. I’ll stay and help you until the team is strong. Now you need help too much. They can’t do it in cold blood!"
Ye Qing was very touched by the smell speech. This is a fucking brother! He patted Dong Laoer on the shoulder and said, "Thanks, Laoer! It’s just that you mentioned this matter, so I’ll tell you now. Our team horses are going to undergo a big change. Cold-blooded, they will all leave the team and our team will be strong just around the corner! "
"ah! I haven’t received any wind for such a big event! Boss, you and the big boss are really hidden! " Dong middle child is very surprised tunnel
Ye Qing shook his head and said, "It’s not that I’m hiding deeply, it’s that Honey is hiding deeply. She has already thought about it and contacted several people. It was after I failed in today’s game that I decided that I really needed help too much!"
"If the team is strong, you don’t need me. It’s time for me to leave!" Dong second smell speech a little sad tunnel
"No, you have to stay and witness the glory of our team! Now it’s not finished with honey. Finally, it’s hard to say how many experts can come. I guess there will be room for you then. If you leave now, where can I find someone when there is a shortage of people? "
"Well, I’ll stay first. If everyone is here, I’ll make way for someone who is not neat. I’ll keep playing!"
"Well, don’t tell cold-blooded people about this matter. After all, it’s still not authentic, and people haven’t made any mistakes. They usually train very hard. It will make people wonder if they suddenly give it to others. If they know it before, they will probably make trouble with Honey until the overall situation is decided!" Leaf tilt charged way
Dong Laoer nodded and said, "My mouth is the most secure. Don’t worry. I don’t know who the big boss has dug up. It’s a bit of an expectation!"
"I don’t know, but I don’t think her strength is weak, and she spent a lot of money. Then the array must be very luxurious. How can we win several championships before you leave the team?" Leaf high-spirited tunnel
"Ha ha, that’s right. It’s glorious to think of it after I won several championships before I retired! In fact, before I leave, I also want the team to do something. I don’t know how much it will cost to dig up 7kg. What our team needs most should be a god sniper. Let me help you contact the boss. If the big boss can’t afford the high price, I will show that Xiao Pang has quit several teams. Then our team will be strong and lure him at a high price. It is estimated that he will come! Now, no team in the S reorganization professional circle can compete with the desire to break the dominance of the S team, so that the masters can all join a team, and the ig team will do this! " Dong second is very finely planning way
Ye Qing was shocked by the news of 7kg, but he was the most powerful sniper in the post-sniper era. His contemporaries, White Shark and Ma Zhe, were not as successful as him. If he could dig him up, the I club would be awesome and immediately become a super team.
Chapter 33 High Quotation