"You also know how can I escape from the chaos abroad?" Zhang Tao smiled at himself and sat on the only chair that didn’t break.

The dark emperor obviously knows the situation of Zhang Tao. "Now if we start work, there is no turning back. Can you deal with a giant?" The words of the dark emperor made Zhang Tao very silent. The strength of the dark emperor, Zhang Tao, saw that even if he broke out, he was by no means a giant opponent
"If you can ask the Split Saint to help us, we will have a chance." The Dark Emperor said a way and the only way as if he were bewitched.
Split the saint? Although this dragon has saved himself twice, who knows where he is? See Zhang Tao difficult expression dark emperor will know that this matter will be hopeless for a while fell silent, only the ground powder moved slightly.
"Dark Emperor Pavilion, I want to ask you a question" Zhang Tao suddenly said.
"What’s the problem?"
"In the face of the tactics of the peak saints?" Zhang Tao asked, since there is no one to match each other, then only the number of people can make up the gap.
"Yes" but the dark emperor’s answer made Zhang Tao sigh. The strange power possessed by the peak saint seems to be the enemy, just like killing several people instantly.
"So, can a nine-level martial artist defeat a congenital master?" For a moment, Zhang Tao suddenly asked a strange question, which made the dark emperor stunned. "What are you going to do?"
"Since time waits for no man, then we should continue to look for the impossible hope? It’s better to give it a try. "Zhang Tao suddenly said that there are many unknowns in life, and everything can’t be done at will, so it’s better to take out your own efforts.
On Zhang Tao’s assurance that he will not die! Because Yuemei promised to hear Zhang Tao’s heroic words more, the Dark Emperor also said a good word! Obviously, he has been impatient for many years. Apart from the hope of Zhang Tao, he didn’t find anyone with this courage and potential.
If you don’t bet on your absolute failure, if you bet on a big deal, you won’t leave regrets. Then the Dark Emperor will discuss future plans with Zhang Tao, and Zhang Tao will of course say something about Mo Lengfeng.
Dark emperor heard mo cold wind and Zhang Tao know each other. Suddenly, it seems that there is mo cold wind, and everyone’s opportunities will increase a lot. This makes Zhang Tao wonder if this mo cold wind has improved again.
At the end of the negotiation, the enemy of Zhang Tao is Gu Youjun! The dark emperor is responsible for dealing with the dark devil. The dark emperor says that he is 70% sure to kill the dark devil, but when a large number of people of their level are needed, it is not a short time to decide the outcome.
According to the meaning of the Dark Emperor, the Big Three of the Magic Tower will set out in secret and try not to take people to the Prairie Temple to discuss the plan to completely obliterate the overseas land. Now the overseas land has been completely confused by the soul control spell method, and many sects have lost trust with each other. They don’t know that their former friends turned against each other overnight.
I don’t know so much about hiding in the mountain of Zhang Tao’s exotic animals. Now it seems that I have been away for just a few months, and the changes in the overseas land have been on fire
If we continue to delay, I am afraid that the whole overseas land will be in danger. Zhang Tao said that he can solve the problem of soul control and incantation. The dark emperor is overjoyed, but the mountain in front of them is only if the Magic Tower is controlled unnoticed, can the overseas land support of the temple be completely cut off
Six days later, the Big Three set out in secret, and the strength of the three of them naturally won’t be sent. Chapter 57 Completely changed.
Zhang Tao has secretly contacted Mo Lengfeng after confirming the route. He heard that it was such a stimulus plan and it also met Mo Lengfeng’s taste. He did not hesitate to choose to promise Ouyang Qiuling to help, but Mo Lengfeng refused. His meaning is very simple. Men do things and women leave it alone!
Although it is a heart, it seems extremely masculine, but it is this set that Ouyang Qiuling eats, but it seems extremely happy. Zhang Tao looks at it with great language
Before entering Mishu Tower, and then coming to the route to ambush, the Dark Emperor and others will kill you if you are unprepared or die after passing through Zhang Tao! Success wins! This is a huge bet.
The three giants of the Magic Tower are absolutely frightening to the mainland of Dongyue. It is also rare for three people to act together. At this time, the dark devil is still the same, but Gu Youjun has surrounded himself very tightly, just like walking in the desert without showing any skin. Only the more fascinating eyes are like ripples.
It’s a one-man zone after entering the passage, and it takes one and a half months to go to the prairie. Of course, it takes less than three days for the peak strength of their saints to arrive, but at this time, the dark Lord and Gu Youjun stopped in unison, and they all stared at the dark emperor. At that time, something was wrong with the atmosphere.
"What’s the matter?" Although the dark emperor asked, he was faintly alert in his heart because he found something unusual in the eyes of the dark devil and Gu Youjun.
"Dark Emperor, are you really ignorant of everything you do?" Gu Youjun’s voice is more gentle and lovely than before, like a real woman, but his speech surprised the dark emperor. Does it seem that his plan is still exposed? But this is normal. After all, there is no windtight wall.
"I don’t know what you mean," the Dark Emperor said coldly.
"Ha ha Gu Youjun, I told you that this guy will never die until he reaches the Yellow River." The Dark Devil laughed. "Do you really need the three of us to go to the temple? This is a scam. It’s a scam that we lured you out. Now there are only three of us here. Do you know what I mean? " Gu Youjun Jiao said
"You want to kill me?" The dark emperor asked, but he was secretly glad that his plan wouldn’t have died if Zhang Tao hadn’t made up his mind to help him solve a giant. Two saints peak against themselves, even if they are more proud than themselves, they know that they are no match.
"It’s not that we still have a temple. I didn’t expect you to secretly get rid of us. I have to say you have a lot of guts," the dark Lord said with a grimace of a grin. Obviously, the dark emperor has exposed everything
"Do you know?" Now, I feel that it is meaningless for them to hide their murder. At this time, I still have to ask questions in my heart.
Hearing this question, the dark one seems to be a little proud. "You don’t know, do you? Soul control spell method can not only control people’s hearts, but also make the controlled people say everything. Before you know it, your plan will be exposed. "Hearing this, the dark emperor’s heart sank, and the overseas land was controlled. It seems that there is already a leader-level figure. It seems that the chaos in the overseas land is even bigger than expected. Now only hope that Zhang Tao can resist Gu Youjun.
"I see, but are you really stupid enough to be unprepared?" Dark emperor suddenly light said
"Are you? Let’s see if you are ready? " The dark one obviously doesn’t believe it. After all, this is a sudden attack, but for a moment, he suddenly felt three strange smells and his face changed slightly. Zhang Tao Mo Lengfeng Zhao Daniu has three people behind them.

"She refused. She didn’t want to sell the team."

"That’s not what I’m asking. I mean, does Mel know about you and her?"
"I know it’s some details. I didn’t say it."
"Do you want to tell me these details?" Pearl Krabs looked at Ye Qing and asked.
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "That depends on what details you want to know. I can tell you if you want to know."
"Want to tell me?"
"Because you want to know!"
"Yes, I want to know how you met her?"
"I met in the middle of a traffic accident when I was driving a honey car and Zhao Xiayang was still sitting in it. As a result, the girl hit my car and that’s how I met her."
"After the general traffic accident is handled, the two sides will never be connected again. How can you still be friends? You honestly tell me if you see somebody else’s beautiful place … "Pearl Krabs looked at Ye Qing with suspicion.
Ye Qing hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Of course, it’s not that I didn’t contact her at all. It’s that she added me to WeChat via mobile phone. After chatting on WeChat, she said that she just came back from abroad and didn’t have any friends in China, so she wanted to make friends with me. But I specifically said that I could be a netizen and couldn’t meet her in reality. I said that I had a girlfriend who misunderstood me, and she also agreed. But this time, after she came to Xi ‘an to watch the game, she managed to meet me. But I can tell you with certainty that she has no other meaning for me
"When we came back from the game yesterday, did you go out to see her by saying that you were going to the bathroom?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye Qing nodded his head. "Yes, she said she had something to talk about with me, so I went."
"Her so-called business is to build a team?" Pearl Krabs Road
"It’s easy to talk to Cong people. After she paid the price, I came back and told Mier. After Mier refused, I told the girl on WeChat. Then she said that she would rely on her own strength to build a strong team, and then there was no news."
"Although I believe what you said is true, I always feel that the girl approached you not simply to make friends with you. Of course, it may be so, but can you guarantee that she won’t have other ideas after contacting you for a long time?" Pearl Krabs looked at leaf tilting way
Ye Qing thinks that what Pearl Krabs said is very reasonable. Actually, he is also worried about it. But Tang Yiqing, who is not bad, can’t just say that he won’t be friends with her, can he?
Chapter 1267 Four teams get together again
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs walked back while talking. Ye Qing had already made it clear to Tang Yiqing that he didn’t know what he wanted to confess to Zhenzhen. He just didn’t want Pearl Krabs to misunderstand him and Tang Yiqing.
Pearl Krabs is also very happy with Ye Qing’s confession. She feels that she still has a very important position in Ye Qing’s heart, so he is worried that she will misunderstand Tang Yiqing’s bid for millions to buy the team, which was rejected by Da Mi. Pearl Krabs also has a new understanding of Da Mi. You know, millions to buy a professional team in the circle is the only thing with too much premium. If you promise, you will immediately make millions, but Da Mi didn’t want to make that money. Everything is for the sake of the team and Ye Qing.
Pearl Krabs felt that if it were his own words, maybe he could not help but agree to come. From the point of view of business, the deal was absolutely cost-effective and most people would be willing to sell it. It was like the boss of the Big Dipper Palace. He was very rich and willing to invest a lot of money in the team to build a purpose, not just to train the team and sell it. However, in the face of Li Zhihao’s high price of 7 million, he hesitated a little and sold the team. It was quite cost-effective for him.
A team consists of five people and two substitutes, but only seven people are equivalent to one person selling one million, and the owner of the Big Dipper Palace has invested three million in total. After all, this team is still training in the dark and has not gone everywhere to participate in the competition. The players are not worth much, and the expenses on weekdays are not very high. Of course, he will sell it at a good price.
Big honey is different. She has feelings for this team and thinks that this feeling is more important than money, especially because there is Ye Qing in this team. This is the man she loves deeply. How can she be willing to sell the team? For many reasons, she doesn’t want Ye Qing to take orders from others. She hopes Ye Qing can make her own decisions so that she can have dignity.
Pearl Krabs and Ye Qing walked back to the hotel lobby. Pearl Krabs suddenly stopped and said to Ye Qing, "I have another question for you."
Ye Qing also stopped and looked at her doubtfully. "What’s the problem?"
"Why did you tell me about the female driver but not Nalan?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye Qing was embarrassed by this question from her. In fact, he didn’t know what he wanted to tell Pearl Krabs but he didn’t want to tell Nalan. He felt that he couldn’t find anyone to talk about it in his heart. Sometimes he felt uncomfortable, and he had already noticed that Pearl Krabs had doubts about him and Tang Yiqing. It was better for him to confess that Pearl Krabs and Nalan blocked him in the lobby that day. After he returned to his room, he felt something was wrong. A little inference showed that these two people must be suspicious.
He thought for a moment and then said to Pearl Krabs, "I don’t know what this is. I just want to tell you, but I don’t want to tell her about my son’s desire. This is my heart’s natural response. I just listened to my heart."
Pearl Krabs was very satisfied when she heard the speech. She smiled and said, "I like your answer."
Then they went to the elevator together. In fact, this feeling is tacit. Although they can’t be together, they can always feel that they have been invisible in their feelings and make each other feel warm.
Ye Qing went back to his room, took a shower, changed his clothes, and then picked up his mobile phone and looked at the missed call from Da Mi. He quickly dialed Da Mi back and it didn’t take long for Da Mi to pick it up. It turned out that Da Mi wanted to tell him that he had arrived home safely and was ready for business.
The two chatted for a while, and honey handed Su Yanbing her mobile phone. Su Yanbing felt comfortable when her gentle voice came to Ye Qing. Su Yanbing was so attractive even if she was not seen, she was already drunk when she heard her voice.
"Yan Bing thinks I didn’t?" Ye Qing couldn’t help but ask that he seldom talks to Su Yanbing like this, because Su Yanbing is thin-skinned and thinks that you love you, but the more so Ye Qing wants to hear her say this.
Su Yanbing glanced at the big honey next to her and lowered her voice a little embarrassed. "Think …"
Perhaps it is because two people have already taken the last step, so Su Yanbing is willing to say anything to him, and it is true that Su Yanbing misses him very much these days, and the more he misses him, the more straightforward he is.
Ye listened to Su Yanbing’s careful voice and felt very warm. He said, "I miss you, too. I will go back to Chengdu the day after tomorrow and I will come to the restaurant to see you."
"Well, the restaurant will be very busy the day after tomorrow, so we can’t pick you up at the airport. You can take a taxi yourself!" Su Yan bing Dao
"Don’t worry, going back to Chengdu is our territory. We can come back if you don’t pick us up." Ye Qing said with a smile.
"Well, I won’t tell you more. Honey and I have to go out and do something." Su Yanbing said and handed the phone to Big Honey.
Big honey said to the words, "Come on, Ye Qing knows it’s my mobile phone, so you’ve been chatting all the time, haven’t you?"
"Hey, you’re the big boss. Are you kidding?" Ye Qing was very dissatisfied with the tunnel, and he just said a few words to Su Yanbing, which didn’t stop chatting.
"I’ve invested all my money. I’m a poor man before I went back, and I’m no better than you," said Big Honey.
Ye Qing laughed. "Then you are far worse than me. I still have some money. Do you want me to protect you?"
"Roll you haven’t heard of thin dead camel is bigger than a horse? I still need you to cover me? All right, hang up. I won’t talk to you anymore. "Big honey says, and hangs up.
Ye Qing put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket in a good mood, then pulled the door and went out. He went outside alone and bought a tourist map of Xi ‘an, and then sat on the sofa in the hotel lobby and studied for half a day.
He decided that he must go to the ancient Guanyin Temple in Zhongnanshan, Xi ‘an one day. He said that there is a ginkgo tree that is over 14 years old. It must be huge, and its yellow leaves can be paved into a golden carpet.
After returning to the back of the house, Ye Qing studied the ancient Guanyin Temple and several other scenic spots. At the same time, he packed all his luggage. It must be very tiring to pack things after a day’s visit.
At five o’clock, Ye Qing received another message that Jiang Yuhan called to invite their team to have dinner together to celebrate together. An ag team was also going, and both nb team and ag team were late from Xi ‘an before they wanted to get together. Although they were ranked fourth, they would still participate in the celebration.
Ye Qing immediately agreed, and then went to inform his teammates to take a taxi directly according to Jiang Yuhan’s address. The maximum number of people in the I club was because they had several substitutes. After they went, their team members could almost fill a table, but Jiang Yuhan soon asked the staff to make a big bag for them, and then everyone sat in a big round table. The place where the dishes were placed was rotatable to ensure that everyone could eat everything.
Moreover, due to the large number of people, every dish is ordered to be double, and the dishes have already been finished before they are turned around. Jiang Yuhan thinks that everyone should sit at a table to eat and be lively and communicate with each other-this can achieve the purpose of the party.
At dinner, everyone in the Tiger Brothers took the cup and led it in bare hands to express congratulations to the other three teams. After all, the biggest winners of this competition are these three teams, and they all got trophies and bonuses.
Then I club congratulated the champion and runner-up, and then the runner-up congratulated the champion. Everyone joked with each other and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. No one could see that they were rivals in the game. This is the professional players throwing the game. In life, ordinary people like to make friends.
After dinner, the ag team took the lead to leave, while Jiang Yuhan pulled Ye Qing aside and solemnly told him again that nb team would welcome him to join the team if he wanted to change teams. Jiang Yuhan did not want to express his idea of inviting Ye Qing to join the team too early, but he was really worried that Ye Qing would be poached by other teams. After all, Ye Qing has made a big noise in fpl, and his marksmanship has shocked many people. Every professional team needs such a machine gunner.
Plus nb team ak machine gunner K Ma will retire. Jiang Yuhan must firmly hold Ye in his hand. Otherwise, once K retires, no one can fill this gap. I am afraid that other ak machine gunners will be compared with K. even, of course, is also this series, but he will soon retire. Plus ag team, he will never let people go. This position can be replaced by Yuzryha.
Ye Qing is also very touched that Jiang Yuhan values it so much. He said that if he wants to leave the team, he must give priority to the nb team, and the nb team will accept him at that time. He will not contact with other teams again, and he will be assured that Houjiang Yuhan will rest assured. Although Ye Qing has not shown signs of leaving the I club yet, once K retires, he must owe him a favor to invite Ye Qing to join him. He believes that Ye Qing will not refuse or refuse.
Chapter 126 The rekindling of old love
At dinner, because there was no competition the next day, everyone drank a lot of wine and fell back to the back of the hotel. Fortunately, he was good at drinking, otherwise he would have been thrown over on the spot, and if he couldn’t drink enough, he vomited on the spot and went straight back to his room to sleep.
Pearl Krabs and Na Lan Zhou Wei all drank a little red wine, but they all stayed awake. Ye Qing walked. Some of them happened that Pearl Krabs helped him back to the room. As soon as he got back to the room, he sat on the sofa and didn’t want to move, but he was still conscious. When he saw Pearl Krabs with a worried face in front of him, he smiled and said, "I have nothing to drink more. You go back and rest."
Pearl Krabs gave him a white look. "You men are really temperate when there is a competition. Once there is no competition, you are all open and drunk. Is it necessary to bear it yourself?"
"I’m glad you women don’t understand today. It’s hard for men to drink more when they are happy. Of course, they may drink more when they are unhappy, you know? Sniper God told me again today that I must go to their team when I want to change teams in the future. That’s nb team! All professional players want to join the team, but I can’t leave the team. At this time, I just refused to be bought by others at a high price. How can I go? " Leaf tilt some contradictions tunnel
After that, he touched his forehead and leaned against the sofa. Pearl Krabs quickly took the cup and poured him a glass of water and handed it to him. Then he gently said, "I know your difficulties and your ambitions. You really wasted your time in this team. If you didn’t support the team hard and didn’t get the third place in fpl, you wouldn’t have won the championship miraculously in a champions league. If you went to nb team, you would have won more honors. In fact, I support you to go to nb team. You can have a good talk with Mier. I believe she will support you."
Ye Qing looked up at her eyes a little emotional tunnel "you are always so considerate, but I think if I leave the team, the team will collapse. What about you? You should go from? "

Han Che is Qin Muyu’s confidant, or he wouldn’t have given Lin Yu to him, but Qin Muyu is very dissatisfied because the other party actually disobeyed his orders.

"Miss Lin, who belongs to Wang Ye’s incompetence, has disappeared."
Cold che came to Qin Muyu and knelt down to confess to Qin Muyu.
"What? Missing? What do you mean missing? "
Qin mu feather picked up cold che asked
"The report just left for a while and Miss Lin said that the abdominal pain was unbearable and sent her family out to find a doctor, but who knew that Miss Lin would not be there when she returned."
Speaking of this, Han Che is also very upset about what Lin Yu means to Qin Muyu. No one knows better than him that when Qin Muyu handed people into his own hands, Han Che immediately took them to their temporary place to avoid being disturbed by other people and arranged a tent for Lin Yu alone.
"What about the people around you? Are the waiters blind?"
"Yes, Miss Lin told them that the sovereign had something important and her hand had to be delivered by herself."
"They believe it?"
"Miss Lin said that she agreed because she was absent at that time, and she said that it was particularly important."
No one knows Lin Yu’s true identity except Han Che. Lin Yu said she was going to find Qin Muyu, and who would stop her?
"Do you know where you went?"
"say it!"
"Your report pardons Miss Lin for possibly going to the underground again."
"Wang Ye Wang Ye!"
Cold che never dreamed that Qin Muyu was in a coma for vomiting blood because of this news. Fortunately, Qin Muyu came out with many people, including two doctors.
Before the two doctors had a good medical skill, Qin Muyu’s Wangfu can be said to be the exclusive private doctor of Qin Muyu. The two doctors are very different in age. One doctor Hu Baihua is frowning and feeling Qin Muyu’s pulse. The other one is a young but talented old doctor. The old doctor has already learned 90% of things, and the other one is just a lack of exercise. This time, I heard that Qin Muyu needed to take two doctors when he went out, so he grinded his master to come out.
"What happened to Master Zhou Dafu?"
The old doctor surnamed Zhou listened to Han Che’s question and sighed deeply before answering.
"Report some qi and blood is not smooth vomiting blood, but I woke up before I was old because of the body method worm. Report other body method worms are too overbearing, except that the report knows, and even there is his influence. Let the report be extra careful. Now the method worm doesn’t know what suddenly attacks the host actively, which is quite immortal."
"Is there nothing he can do?"
Cold che never gave up and asked, but he himself knew that this sentence was quite redundant. Since he knew that the method of worms in the report body, they visited famous doctors all the time, but they were disappointed in the end.
Chow Tai Fook sighed again
"When will the sovereign wake up?"
"This old man has something to say. The report is in a very bad situation. The only way is to fight poison with poison to stabilize the worm. This will definitely hinder the report’s life."
Dr. Chow’s statement is quite euphemistic. If it is good or bad, it will depend on God’s will. Even if you can wake up, you will surely have few days to live.
"Is there nothing he can do?"
The old doctor shook his head.
"This matter is too big for me to do alone. Can you wake the sovereign first and let him make his own decisions?"
"I’ll do my best."
Dr. Chow still has a few brushes, otherwise, Qin Muyu can’t keep people in his own house all the time. It is said that the needle of Dr. Chow’s ancestors is superb, but it’s a bit exaggerated, but the needle technique is really good. A few stitches to Qin Muyu really wake up.

"Goodbye ….." Our son was holding two small fists, and the tears in his eyes didn’t slide down easily for a long time until the cold wind filled the whole hall horizon. silver moon slipped down the mountain, and our son finally turned around and stepped on the bench, turned around and sat in a robe, waving his hands on the armrest surface like frost!

"Ebay, I’m sorry to leave you here alone again." When I got back to my residence, Si Nian hit the door and jumped into him. Ebay laughed.
"whoops!" Yibei seems to have understood the dissatisfaction of Si Nian’s words and cried
"Well, let’s go home …"
"Desire language so you see me in? Don’t even look at me! ?” A strange place in the wilderness, the desire for language, accompanied by Zhuang Xinjin’s members to practice and upgrade, but once again met the first master of Kongtong School-Dongtian Dongtian seems to be very obsessed with desire for language, always pestering her.
Looking at the cave indifferently, the expression of suppressing anger said indifferently, "You don’t deserve it."
"I don’t deserve! ?” Land suddenly anger surges can no longer hold back he shouted, "where do I deserve? Miss me, the first master of Kongtong School, the deputy landlord of Wanhua Building, what can I compare with the garbage that has disappeared for three years? What’s better than me as a villa owner attached to the Palace of Heaven? "
"He is better than you at any point," said the desire language, still indifferent, but at the moment her eyes suddenly flashed as if she were missing.
"Is it up to you to insult our landlord now or to persuade him to take back what he just said?" One side has been indifferent and silent. When I heard that the cave called Sinian garbage, I suddenly turned my face and looked at the cave coldly.
"Hum!" Dong Tian disdained to look at the way of life, "Who am I? I turned out to be a little master with such a big breath."
The student smiled indifferently. "If I remember correctly, your landlord died in the hands of my landlord, didn’t he?"
Dong Tian’s face suddenly changed when he heard this. It has long been a well-known thing among Jianghu people that the expert of "Flower fragrance" was killed by Si Nian alone, but now many people in Jianghu are afraid to do it again because of the popularity of Wanhua Building. Things in those days have been gradually faded by Jianghu people, but now life turns out to be a tepid poke. All gang members in Wanhua Building are unwilling to talk about the shame of the past!
"Looking for death!" Dongtian’s eyes suddenly contracted "hey!" Draw the sword, draw it out, and a sharp sword awn will attack and go straight to life. Staring sideways, it will bounce a few feet away from the desire, and at the same time, it will draw a long sword to meet the cave.
Seeing this, Diane frowned and immediately said, "Tianlong Ma came to help." Then Desire quickly took out a pair of gloves as thin as cicada’s wings from her waist and put them on her slender hands. "You are so arrogant in the cave!" A beautiful image is shot and born, and the couple are flanked by the cave. wait for a while is watching the desire, life and the cave in the distance. They can anxiously watch the law intervene.
For a moment, when the three men fought fiercely, the crowd was agitated and heard someone surprise, "It’s the Lord of Tianlong Hall!" Then the crowd quickly jumped in with a strong figure. "Mom! It’s you again, you haunted bastard! " After saying his word, Tianlong deceives himself and attacks from behind the cave.
As soon as the cave heard the dragon sound, it was not good. Although his martial arts were better than those of the three men, now he is besieged by three men, but he also feels hard and he must not hurt his desire!
Before Tianlong joined, Dongtian could fight back from time to time, but now he can keep defending and be forced to be beaten.
"Damn it!" The sword in the cave swings the dragon and the desire language attack jump after the attack has not arrived, and the whole person flies out of the crowd. "I will definitely let you into my arms!" I will! " Say that finish land figure disappeared in the line of sight of a few people.
"Hum escape pretty fast, kongtong first player? Afraid of being the first master of flying skills, "Tianlong sarcastically looked at the disappearing direction of the cave."
"Ah" put the sword in its sheath and smiled lightly. "Escape like a dog …"
Tianlong lang laughed. "Who said it wasn’t a kaleidoscope? Run away every time or call it the bitch building! "
"Continue to kill monsters" said to Sheng and Tianlong faintly, and then waved to meet the monster just brushed out from the front.
"Good you continue!" Life looked at a group of new people’s congress and said
Chapter one hundred and twelve midnight words
The cold wind in the northwest gradually recedes, and the warm spring breeze, accompanied by the charming sunshine, gently blows the earth. There are endless flowers in the vast wilderness.
A broad avenue in the sea of flowers suddenly a fine horse sped away towards the center of the sea of flowers, and the fine horse came closer and closer. It was actually a magnificent tall building with nine floors like a palace!
The speed of the steed gradually slowed down in front of the tall building and stopped in front of the outer wall of the tall building.
When the two guards saw the bearer, they immediately knelt down and respectfully said, "Deputy Landlord!" The newcomer is the deputy landlord of Wanhualou, and the magnificent tall building in front of him is Wanhualou!
Cave nodded slightly and threw the reins to one person, then walked directly to the building, through several corridors and straight to the ninth floor.
"Knock, knock, knock" The cave tapped three times outside a red wooden door.
"Come in" sounded indifferently with a magnetic sound, and then the cave pushed the wooden door respectfully and went in.
"Landlord" Dong Tian bent down slightly to sit on the couch in front of him, closed his eyes and saluted the midnight. At this moment, Dong Tian’s mind once again emerged that every time he saw the midnight, he could not help but think, "Is there a more handsome man in the Jianghu?"
He didn’t open his eyes for a long time in the middle of the night. He just spit out the fresh words from his mouth like spearmint. "Is there any change in Baiyun City?"
Dong Tiandao: "Baiyun City has become the largest sect in the Jianghu since it appeared in the Jianghu. Even in the past, it was difficult to fight against it. But now the Jianghu is chaotic, and there are many small and medium-sized gangs in Baiyun City. Even if the family is big, they dare not devour one of the top ten gangs at will. At this time, Huang Ji and his martial arts master seem to have discovered that Wushu has no other actions except concealment."
Listen to the expression on your face at midnight and then ask, "Where are the other gangs?"
Cave corners of the mouth smiled and said, "The strength of the Palace of Heaven has been greatly reduced since it left with two gangs. Now it is not as strong as it used to be in the Jianghu, and the Fengge Pavilion has gathered the two gangs of the Palace of Heaven. At the same time, the big brothers of the Fengyue Sect have a very high status. Many Huashan brothers joined the Fengge Pavilion directly behind the mountain, but their comprehensive snobbery can keep pace with our Wanhua Tower. Although it is an alliance in name, the three gangs don’t know what happened after the emergence of the emperor. The problem doesn’t seem to be as United as it used to be. Among them, the little beggars never ask about gangs, and Qin Guyue has been trying to break through. The two gangs are very low-key. It’s hard to listen. Although two of them have touched the martial arts, there has not been a martial arts expert, let alone a master in the field. Now they are no longer worthy of our six gangs and claim that they are in the same stream as the other three bottom ten gangs. Of course, they still have more advantages in the same stream. By the way, according to a reliable survey, the money villa is not ranked in the rivers and lakes, and
"There are so many?" Although midnight asked, there was no other expression change. Then he asked indifferently, "What about Piaoxue Mountain Villa?"
Dong Tian was stunned, "Snow Mountain Villa?"
The midnight said, "Well, if there is a domain-level expert in Piaoxue Mountain Villa, how far can they reach?"
After listening to the cave, he frowned slightly and meditated. Although he has always been very arrogant, he was absolutely careful in analyzing the gangs in the Jianghu. Otherwise, he would not be able to climb to this position. After a while, he hesitated slightly and said, "It will surpass the moon and wind valley as the major gangs except Baiyun City."
"Oh, it will be so strong?" Although I didn’t open my eyes at midnight, my face showed a little surprise.
"It’s that Piaoxue Villa used to be the strongest fighting force of Tianxing Palace. Although it was later transferred by Qingfeng to two-thirds of the forces, the main period of Sinian Villa was to gain money by its own means and focus on enhancing the individual ability of Zhuang members. Although I have always disliked Piaoxue Villa, I have to admit that the deputy villa leader of Piaoxue Villa is seeking knowledge and once the deputy villa leader is fighting for the master and the student. None of them can touch the martial arts master in the gang, but their development still depends on Qingfeng’s instructions and Lingjiu Palace’s support.
"Qingfeng Lingjiu Palace?"
Dong Tian nodded seriously. "Yes, it seems that Qingfeng intends to let Piaoxue Villa develop on its own. It is not Piaoxue Villa because of its affiliated gangs. He has never restricted Piaoxue Villa. It is said that Si Nian and Qingfeng have reached a tacit understanding that Piaoxue Villa is not dominated by the top of Tianxing Palace, including Qingfeng’s Lingjiu Palace. Because they sent the sixth master’s desire, it is very popular with the demon Ji and the fourth master Mochow of Lingjiu Palace, and she is very caring for the school sister. Now she looks faintly more than the second master who has always been a loner.
"Interesting. Maybe when Si Nian comes back, it’s snowing villa. Even the name is no longer attached to the Palace of Heaven. What are your thoughts? Has been cultivating the decline of gang figures, so it is even more so. Are you proud or can’t I? " Muttered in the dead of night, closed his eyes and kept his mind thinking about Qingfeng’s final goal and plan in the dark …
"By the way, who is the woman named Desire and Si Nian?" The midnight turned out to be a sudden problem.
After a little hesitation in the cave, there was a flash of hatred in his eyes for Sinian. "I love Sinian deeply …"
"Is she beautiful?" The midnight asked again
Staring at the delicate face in the night, he didn’t expect the landlord, who has always been indifferent, to ask these questions repeatedly, but he still answered, "She is very beautiful …"
"Ah" raised a faint smile on his handsome face at night, and then he asked softly, "Do you like lust very much?"
Dong Tian nodded slightly, and it was clear to all rivers and lakes that he was pursuing lust. His face changed a lot after he asked this question at midnight. He said, "I decided to marry her since I met her the first time!" "
"Marry her?" In the dead of night, the corner of his mouth raised a radian, and then his long eyelashes danced gently and opened his eyes. There was a deep meaning in his eyes. He smiled leisurely. "Then I will marry her with you one day …"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Ink cat
The quiet villa is full of fragrant white pears, which bloom like snow in the spring season.
Suddenly, there was a noise, and the whole Silent Mountain Villa suddenly ran. Groups of men dressed in white shirts and embroidered with a blooming blood flower ran to the outside of the village with swords.
"The night landlord doesn’t know that you are here for something?" Desire language staring at the handsome man sitting in front of the horse said in a low voice.
"It proved to be a beauty, but is it truly beautiful?" The midnight looked at the desire language and said lightly.

"Ha ha ha princess generous! Come again! " Haketu laughed and the beautiful horse poured Su Mian another big cup.

"The princess drank too much, but the king was in trouble to come to Wang Jing Xia Li Wang." Yan returned to Su Mian and gulped down the wine, and then took up his worship for Hakkas.
"The sovereign is a good drinker and loves beauty." A nice girl came.
"Queen, you are late!" Haketu saw his queen and laughed.
"I’m going to prepare tables, wine, and food. The king and princess won’t blame!"
The woman is wearing a loose silver robe, but it’s a shame to be painted with gold patterns.
Gold and silver match
"The princess is really beautiful. It is said that … the country is beautiful and the country is beautiful!" The queen thought for a while to determine the way
"How dare the queen is also very beautiful and radiant?" This is the most appropriate shape. Let’s not say that a golden headdress is tied into a braided hair head and a toilet is worn …
Big red lips, thick black eyebrows and eyes … Red cinnabar marks on the forehead and thumb.
Really don’t see the original looks like.
The princess was praised, but she was very happy to laugh …
"Come on, let me eat meat and drink! Today, let’s talk about the big events on Happy Day. We must stay a few more days this time and ask Xiao Wang to do his best! " Hacker figure waved and said
Soon, I saw a group of beautiful women wearing green gauze skirts and standing on drums. The steps were light and graceful, and they were exotic.
Even Su Mian is very novel. However, different dances are still very interesting. Chapter 337 Gold Mine
The noise of singing and dancing is not over until dawn.
People in the Xia Dynasty are enthusiastic, which means you can refuse, especially for Yan Gui, who is even more enthusiastic.
The east has been flooded with fish-belly white, and Su Mian is too tired to sit still. After the end, a beautiful woman took them to the palace, which is second only to Xia Li Wang’s bedroom.
"This is our little princess’s residence. Let the guests come out for the time being." The beauty said.
"Where did your little princess live? Don’t need this? " Sue cotton laughed
"It should be safe for the guests in the little princess’s harem." The beauty laughed.
Into the palace, a word is bright!
Gold and silver inlaid pearls, fluorite and precious stones are also bright pink and silver.
Su Mian covered her lips with a smile. "This is an injustice to the sovereign."
Yan Gui glared at her and called Albizia to come in and serve Albizia. They were also dragged to drink several cups of koumiss, and each one was very nai.
This will be busy waiting for two people to wash and sleep, but the temporary preparation is still gorgeous big bed ivory bed.
That’s real ivory inlay. It’s very luxurious.
Su Mian lamented that "people in the Xia Dynasty really don’t lack gold." Gold and silver are so common.
"The western countries are very rich, but the land is too small." Yan Gui closed her eyes and said that he was also very tired.
"Yes, the weather is bad, and the land is small, so you can live comfortably. Otherwise …" If you take advantage of the gold, silver and minerals and cover an area, you will naturally have ambitions, and there will be wars for a long time. It will be difficult if you either beat others yourself or others beat yourself.
And the country is too small, a gold mine is enough to feed a country, but everyone is rich and lives and works in peace and contentment.
"Go to sleep. Are you tired?" Yan GUI didn’t open his eyes. He gently touched Su Mian’s cheek and asked softly.
"Well, the report koumiss tastes terrible." Su Mian muttered that Yan Gui’s arms were rubbing against each other and she was so sleepy.
Yan Gui has been gently touching her face and hair. As soon as she saw her crawling like a worm, she slowly moved for a long time and then fell asleep. The whole body was soft, and his heart was soft, so he hugged her tightly and slept steadily.
When Su Mian woke up again, it was already dusk. She was hungry and the whole person was uncomfortable.
"Where is the sovereign?" Su mian asked
Albizia request and indigo naturalis came in. "The report got up after sleeping for a while, saying that he went out with King Xia Li. Lord Gao Feng stayed with Lord North Wind and figured it was time to come back."
She changed Su Mian into a purple coat skirt, combed a snake bun and wore a set of pearl mixed ruby jewelry that Xia Li people like.
"If you have porridge, please have a drink first. It seems that it is time for dinner. If you still have a party today, you will be unbearable." Qingdai said.

Mo Xiaoyan didn’t say anything in his heart, but at that time, they agreed that it was forced by the situation. There was a man chasing Xia Shuqing, which didn’t drag him along, and the situation didn’t make him look unwilling

And now really want to’ male male’ that sometime reaction is not necessarily.
But now that she’s here, she won’t give Xia Shuqing a chance to regret it, and her family has met her. Besides, it’s absolutely no problem for her to get what she wants.
☆, Chapter ninety-four Temper again
When the words are finished, breakfast is over
After the four elders left, the four seniors went to the living room first. When Su Meng saw a pair of sweet and greasy hands walking in front, it was always difficult to forget the’ gorilla’ revenge.
Su Meng couldn’t help but whisper softly, but even the people in front could hear the sound. "Is my wife very rich this summer?"
Although Xiao Yu feels strange, didn’t he tell him this last night? But still with a nod, it should be "yes!"
"Oh-"Su Meng stretched the sound and looked up along Xia Shuqing’s eyes to deliberately look at him and then suddenly realized, "It’s really a long experience that Gao Fushuai looks like this."
"Hee hee ….." Xiao Yu knew he was seeking revenge, covering his mouth and laughing.
Xia Shuqing was unhappy when he heard this. He was wronged and said "He bullied me" as if he didn’t hear it.
Childish! Mo Xiaoyan’s face moved forward too lazy to pay attention.
Xia Shuqing saw that no one was more wronged, which made Su Meng laugh. He immediately grabbed Mo Xiaoyan and pouted, "Old … husband, you can’t ignore old … hum! Wife! " See if he ignores it and simply squints and changes his name.
Look at him. He is endless. After listening to Mo Xiaoyan, the two men laughed so loudly that they suddenly became angry and tore Xia Shuqing forward. Don’t forget to reprimand him.
"You see, you are not tall and handsome, and the money is not yours. You can’t bully you just because others tell the truth."
Mo Xiaoyan paused to listen to the two people laughing more happily behind him, and then the tone turned pale with a sentence, "You should learn to make even gorillas somehow account for the same."
The gorilla at least occupied a’ high’ word. After listening to the music, Xia Shuqing deliberately suddenly realized that he should "Oh!" Don’t forget the clever answer "I know"
"…" And being turned a Xiao Yu and Su Mengxiao immediately didn’t look at each other, and the first two people walked away Su Mengcai complained.
"Wife, your brother is too sharp."
"Hum! Ignore him. "Xiao Yu’s arrogant pie mouth is not sharp in his heart." You have to be a cow and a horse to coax that charming guest, which is not as comfortable as being spoiled like a king.
Xiao Yu said yes. At lunch, Xia Shuqing had a black face, like everyone owed him a million dollars. He still held chopsticks and poked rice as it was, but he didn’t look at all the dishes on the table, like he didn’t like them, and he didn’t have any appetite.
And mo Xiao, who is next to him, didn’t pay attention to him. He simply ate in an elegant posture. Anyway, filling his stomach is the most important thing.
The new guests look like this. Mojia elders are all smiling and don’t know if it’s good to react. Even Su Meng and Xiao Yu, who want to find some venues, are quiet and say nothing
Master Mo doesn’t speak. After all, he has retired, and things are no longer in charge. But Mo Haihua is still managing the company. Naturally, he can’t neglect Xia Jia’s darling. He still asks Xia Shuqing carefully.
"What do you want to eat? Tell your uncle to let someone cook it for you, okay?"
Xia Shuqing smell speech is looked up and glanced at him with some bitterness and no interest in shaking his head.
It was his glance that scared Mo Haihua into thinking silently, but he didn’t say anything against your association. Why do you look like this?
Mo Haihua, puzzled, turned to Er with a black face. "Do you think Shu Qing didn’t eat anything?"
Mo Xiao, who was named, had to let go of the bowl chopsticks and told the woman to wait on him. "Another bowl of rice is enough."
Here, the woman should serve a meal. Mo Xiaoyan leaned over and pulled Xia Shuqing’s hand to poke the unformed bowl of rice. Then she pulled and broke off his slender long finger, took off chopsticks and changed him into a pair of new chopsticks. Then she changed half a bowl of rice, followed by pushing and pouting, and followed him through Xia Shuqing with caution and even warning.
"Stop fooling around and eat."
"Well …" Xia Shuqing gave a few grains of rice to his face and put it in his mouth, so he drummed his cheeks and turned his head to ignore her.
Damn it! If Mo Xiaoyan didn’t want to tell him not to eat in front of his family, he would still eat snacks in the afternoon according to his recipe.
Mo Xiaoyan suppressed her anger and said nothing. The attractive prawn neatly peeled off the skin and handed it to him with the shrimp tail. Xia Shuqing glanced at the prawn mouth in front of him.’ Ah-woo’ bit the shrimp and chewed it slowly, but she was still dissatisfied with it.
Others didn’t understand, but Mo Xiao understood that it was because her prawns were boiled, and he liked to eat braised prawns.
Since I don’t like to eat it, change the dish and sweep the eyes. Mo Xiaoyan’s turntable iron plate mandarin fish takes chopsticks with fish in front of him and picks it up and puts it in his bowl.
Someone helped the cloth dishes, Xia Shuqing looked down at the rice dishes in the bowl and moved like a child. Everyone was relieved, and at the same time, they all looked at Mo Xiaoyan in their hearts. This skilled cloth dish movement must be done often.
Secretly, Xiao Yu is proud of her high spirits, and it is really good for her family to complain about "orangutans"
But at the table, Mo’s mother doesn’t feel sad. Anyway, she doesn’t want her daughter to wait on people like this. What is the boy used to be? Is this looking for a husband or a gigolo?
Mo Haihua and Master Mo don’t look very well. Grandma Mo smiles because she thinks her grandson is beautiful and delicate to marry his granddaughter. How blessed she is!
In fact, Xia Shuqing’s food was spoiled by his family, and he didn’t enjoy it several times at ordinary times. Moreover, Mo Xiaoyan was somewhat guilty this time to spoil it.
Because after breakfast, they went back to the room twice, Mo Xiaoyan simply read the documents in front of him, and Xia Shuqing found a partner in the game’ misty rain’ to talk about meeting some days.
I didn’t know that Xia Shuqing would receive a message from Master Xia, saying that he wanted to see Sun. In the afternoon, he sent someone to Mozhai to pick him up. In fact, he didn’t hear that Baby Sun was picking him up with Mo Shao.
Of course, this matter can’t be postponed. Xia Shuqing can’t go to the official arena of the game. I can’t tell misty rain that the reality is urgent and I can’t go. Both of them are sorry that this mood is naturally bad.
When the mood is bad, Xia Shuqing’s charming young master’s temper comes out, looking for a wife to seek comfort and a mandarin duck bath, but Mo Xiaoyan is dealing with business and has no time to play with him, especially since she recently recognized that a mandarin duck bath means that a string of affectionate things are naturally rejected.
It’s not summer master is completely careless.
It is reasonable to say that no one knows about Xia Shuqing’s coming to Mo Zhai, but it was Mo Haihua who personally called to tell Master Xia. After all, Mo Haihua had been thinking about the two things for a long time, but he still felt that it was better to put things on the table and say whatever he wanted.
Xia Shuqing is unhappy that she can’t go to the official site, but Mo Xiaoyan is determined that the two people will compromise with CCBA and don’t want to fall out with him at this point. After all, lifelong events are not a child’s play, and it is the first time to see her in-laws. Although she has seen her mother once, her mood is much worse than then, and her mother is also charming. If she doesn’t agree to have a cry, two troubles and three hanging, she really has nothing to lose. There is a lot of pressure.
After dinner, Mo Xiaoyan coaxed Xia Shuqing to take a nap and lie down. He was thinking of staying for a while, but he didn’t want Mo’s mother to find someone.
Look at my mother’s face as if she was preoccupied. Mo Xiaoyan made a gesture to let her wait for her to turn over in the room and carefully help Xia Shuqing cover the thin film and be tucked away by the corner.
Xiaoyu has something to say. Oh, no! I haven’t stopped the internet recently. It’s a tragedy!
☆, Chapter ninety-five Mom loves you.
Mother Mo in the room looked at the fake child sitting in front of her, her mind was fluctuating, and her mind was swaying. Should I say it or not?
You see, in front of him, his nose is covered with plain glasses, and his feminine face is half bright. The silver stripe and white shirt are enough to show off his advanced knowledge and temperament. Anyone who casually puts him on the street will definitely praise him. This must be lost Wang.
If it’s really a child, it’s very gratifying, but it’s a daughter. Dressing like this makes her feel special. I also found a boyfriend who is not male or female. I don’t know if it’s really swollen. Why did she do so much?
"Blare …" Mo’s mother cried at the thought of sadness.
Mo Xiaoyan, who was sitting firmly on Mount Tai, waited patiently for Mo’s mother to speak, but her mother suddenly became sad and cried, and her face suddenly became enough, but she was a little scared and handed a tissue to persuade her.
"Mom, if you have any difficulties, just say that I am your child and you are related by blood. What’s to say?"
Don’t let Xiao Yu, that crazy girl, know that her mother is crying here, or she will definitely say that she bullied her mother.
"Xiaoyan, I … I’m sorry you blare … mom didn’t take care of you." Mom Mo sobbed sadly and fell down on the big sofa.
"Nothing, Mom!" Mo Xiao’s words are like Zhang, and the two monks are at a loss. She expresses her true thoughts to her mother. "Mom, remember that I am your child and you never need to apologize to me."
In fact, Mo Xiaoyan’s heart is falling. Is it because of Xia Shuqing’s mother? But even so, her mother doesn’t need to apologize to her. It’s not her parents. Even if her mother ignores her at ordinary times, even if her mother hurts Xiao Yu at ordinary times, even if her mother says something to tell her about Xia Shuqing, she doesn’t need to apologize to her because she believes that what her mother has done must be her own good.
After listening to Mo Xiao’s words, Mo’s mother raised her tearful eyes and reached out to her face with trembling hands, taking off her glasses and crying, "Does Mom Xiaoyan think that Mom is good to Xiaoyu?"
Mo Xiaoyan just wanted to answer’ yes’ seriously, but Mo’s mother had already answered herself. "It must be, but you know what? Xiaoyu feels that mom is better for you than her. "
"Ah?" Mo Xiaoyan is really at a loss. How? It is true to say that grandma is kind to her.
"That’s because on Xiaoyu’s birthday, everyone will hold a banquet for her. I will always remember you to her later." Mo’s mother retracted and stroked Xiao Yan’s face, covered her face with a paper towel and sobbed.
"I was also very worried when I gave birth to a pair of daughters, but your grandfather and your father discussed that they had to be reported as twins, and then they left my house when you were full moon. In addition, they invited a wet nurse to take care of you, just like in the old days, so that our mother could meet each other every month, especially when I saw you, there were always many scars …"
Mo’s mother recalled that she was so emotional that she cried and fell down. Mo Xiaoyan instantly blushed and patted her mother on the shoulder to comfort her. "It’s all right, mom. It’s true that I’m doing well abroad."
Mother Mo got excited when she was abroad. "When I came, I opposed them to do this, especially when you were seven years old and were kidnapped and broke your leg for half a year. I insisted that my two daughters were all pampered and grew up, but your father didn’t listen and sent you abroad to stop me from seeing each other …"

Sobbing "Sorry Sister"

Shixun suddenly shocked. Did she just say "sister"? Slowly turn your head and look directly into the depths of her pupil. She feels that the grievances are over. "No" I don’t blame you.
The next day, Yan Hong Xin Yue and Yan Hong Li Yue flew to Germany by special plane to get together and see them off. Before boarding the plane, they each gave her a hug, which was very warm and then "goodbye".
Don’t be impressed when Shi Xun remembers Yan Hong Li Yue’s sentence. She said-
"Elder sister, I think I just know which year we can meet again, and I won’t be me today." 76 "Chapter 75 Conclusion 1
five years later
Ball women think the most valuable and attractive man-
Chiying Instant Ball ranks second. The president of Chiying Multinational Group is 23 years old. He is one of the most valuable bachelors in the world with his handsome appearance and innate indifference.
Antivia ap; Tano ap; The president of Shixiteng Listening Group is twenty-five years old, with a strong family background and handsome appearance. Even if he is married, he will not reduce his work and family, and he is recognized as a good husband.
Yang Chu Jingqiu ranks second in the consortium. Yang’s current president is 24 years old. His deep and gentle temperament makes him the best candidate for celebrities to choose boyfriends.
The most famous brain doctor who is involved in basketball, his success rate of surgery has reached 100%, and he is only 23 years old. His handsome appearance and personality are favored by female friends in the society.
Zuo Yunchen, a well-known barrister in the world, is said to be worth hundreds of millions when he is only 23 years old this year. His charming and evil face is pulling the hearts of thousands of girls, but it is said that he decided to marry his beloved fiancee this year.
-world magazine
Sit in the ap of Antivia; I didn’t expect that only a few of them actually won the world-class magazine. I have to admit that they are very powerful now!
"Mommy, I’m going to pick apples with grandpa." A lovely three-year-old boy ran to the side of Wei Xu and then left.
Not a little worried, he shouted "Zhuo Zhuo should be careful" behind him. Hehe smiled and felt very happy now. Four years ago, she got married as she wished, so that they could meet every day and simply move the headquarters of Rattan Leaf from Japan to France. Although the current president is very busy, she is still very satisfied with her grandfather and Zhuo Zhuo.
Not far from the phone rang, she almost immediately went over to pick up "Hello, this is Antoine ap; Tano Castle "
Sister-in-law, I’m Xu Han
"Ah, how is your special event in Vienna going?" I can’t help but be proud of the fact that her "sister-in-law" usiqueen identity is going to be public.
Well, it’s almost time. Tickets will be sent home tonight, and you will come and see them the day after tomorrow.
Not repeatedly promised and then hung up after chatting for a few words. She smiled happily and Xu Han changed a lot in recent years.
Five years ago, Kaoru, Huan Hu and Xu Han secretly gave the position of President of Rattan Leaf to Shixi, and then they traveled all over the world. Later, Kaoru helped grandpa take over the Antoine family and went to dream China to play. Xu Han said that he had not returned to Vienna to practice for a long time and had stayed in Vienna in recent years.
"The president has an email for you." The secret lady pushed the door and came in and put it in the mail just arrived.
"Good" Shi Xun took off her glasses and rubbed her eyebrows, wondering what the email was, but it didn’t take long for her to open it and continue her work.
Originally, she wanted to quit her job as the president of Rattan Leaf, and it would be easier for her to push all the work to Shixi. Unexpectedly, she was still influenced by her grandfather. However, it is better for her to win over her grandfather than to manage Rattan Leaf. She also said that if she wants to get rid of her job one day, she will have to wait until she gets married and gives birth.
She spoke the truth and had to accept her fate.
Finally, all today’s documents were approved, and later generations got up and went to the water dispenser to pour water, and saw the secret mail.
Fingertips are familiar and fast. Remove the paper and pull out the mail inside.
It’s a beautifully printed invitation to invite some famous people who graduated there for the 55th anniversary of Carlette next month.
Shi Xun put away the invitation and thought about whether to go or not. Maybe Huan Yin and Xu Han also received it and asked them if they would go or not. Let’s talk about it. I glanced at the magazine "Ball Women Recognize the Most Valuable and Charming Men" next to the water cooler, and I found that the names of those people were as expected, and they were still in the top five, especially Chi Ying’s instant return to gold singles. Chapter 76 ended.

Blue ink yan fundus with a cold light.

It’s easy for him to see such things in his present position.
How many prisoners died in Dali Temple prison? No one will ask.
In that case, it seems that he will really become a monster.
RuXiaoNan didn’t wake up for a long time to understand the meaning in Qing Mo Yan’s words just now. What he needs is her blood, not to make her a king’s food.
"Green ink yan you are a big, bad guy … you scared me to death …"
RuXiaoNan sob to cry.
"Are you wrong and blaming me?" Green ink Yan mouth not lose looking at her eyes but revealed his guilt again bent over to lick her neck wound residual blood.
"World!" Xuanyu suddenly entered the door with a big bamboo basket in his hand covered with a board. "It belongs to two geese."
Xuanyu put the basket.
"Where did this come from?" Blue ink Yan stared at the basket.
Monks in the temple have always been vegetarians. How could there be such a thing? It seems that the white goose is raised at home.
"It’s from a villager in the back hill," Xuanyu replied. "That man has also come to the world. Would you like to meet him?"
Green ink Yan first looked at the two geese and then let XuanYu go out to avoid them.
He took a look at RuXiaoNan.
"Don’t kick me out" RuXiaoNan tightly around his waist.
Blue ink yan didn’t insist that she avoid directly called the method of the king.
Xuanyu waited outside for a lamp of tea when the door opened. Green ink Yan came out with Ru Xiaonan.
Xuanyu hurriedly greeted him.
Green ink Yan noticed that there was a villager in the courtyard outside who was born in his thirties with a simple and honest appearance.
"He gave me two white geese." Xuanyu pointed to the man. "He refused to accept the money."
Green ink yan looked at the villagers before the villagers polite ceremony.
Green ink Yan was surprised to invite the villagers into the next wing to listen to him carefully.
RuXiaoNan followed, dumbfounded.
It turns out that those method worms in the secret door have lived for so many years because he is raising them.
Send some live food into the hole from time to time to bring them back to life.
"Speaking of it … it should be more than twenty years ago. At that time, my father was still alive and saved a girl who fell off a mountain. She gave her father a lot of valuable jewelry and asked him for help. She often threw live food into the back mountain cave … saying that there were cannibals living in the cave. If they didn’t do this, the villagers would be eaten by them …"
"Where did that woman go later?" Qing mo Yan asked
"She got well and left … when I was young, I remembered that she had saved a passing nobleman before leaving. The man seemed to like him and advised her to leave with him …"
Chapter 36 Trying to spy on me is very good
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
The emperor took several old ministers around Huayan Temple.
Looking at the railing, the emperor pointed to the distance. "Do you know where it is?" He asked the duke around him
The duke of Qing looked up and said, "It’s the front hall."
"The front hall?" The emperor looks puzzled as if he can’t remember what happened here before.
"In those days, the partial temple caught fire, together with the past hall, and now the hall is built later." The old duke carefully looked at the emperor’s face.
"Oh," the emperor nodded faintly instead of showing displeasure. "I almost forgot all about it after so many years."
Everyone was secretly relieved to hear him say this.
Who doesn’t know the disappearance of Yingfei in those days?
There was a fire in Huayan Temple, and the imperial concubine disappeared. How many guards were killed in great anger? There were hundreds of officials involved in the head.
The people turned out from the front hall, and the emperor was in high spirits, leaving the old duke to play chess in the wing.
The old duke is distracted.
After so many years, he hasn’t been able to get a chance to re-enter the emperor’s vicinity. What happened to the emperor today? Did he remember the old feelings of the old minister again?
The emperor twisted his chess in his hand and suddenly said, "Do you think Yingfei really died that year?"
The old duke shook his hand and dropped the chess on the chessboard.
"The emperor …"
In those days, anyone who dared to say that Yingfei was dead in front of the emperor would be dragged out and cut off his head. This topic can be said to be taboo for the emperor, and no one dared to touch it.
"I don’t know …"
The emperor smiled. "You don’t know?"
The old duke’s head is buried low, so he dare not answer it, and he can’t.
"I always feel that Yingfei is not dead. She is a clever woman who is smarter than those women in my harem." The emperor laughed at himself. "She doesn’t like me to give her things, but I just like her because I just don’t want to let go. She thought of a way to fool me and your eyes."
"But … the fire even burned out the temple and no one saw the surplus princess empress escape." The old duke crustily skin of head said.
"Just because no one saw her doesn’t mean she was really dead." The emperor suddenly changed the subject. "I remember that you were still in charge of searching the back hill area in Jinwuweizhi."
At that time, he and his men searched almost all the hills, even every cave.
There is a cave with a monster that eats people. He narrowly died in it when he took people in to search.
No one knows what’s hidden in it. All the people who entered the cave died without even a bone residue.
The thought of these made him shudder.
"I remember you were badly hurt later?"
"It was my hand that was in danger at that time and I escaped back alone."
"You were saved, weren’t you?" The emperor asked
"Yes" reminds me of Lushi’s old duke’s complicated fundus look.
"I don’t know if you were saved by someone. I have never heard you talk about it?" The emperor seems extremely curious about this matter.
The old duke crustily skin of head "is just an ordinary village woman who can’t get into the emperor’s eyes"
The emperor asked a few more questions, saying that the duke was too old to remember the emperor, so he didn’t ask again.
They played half a game of chess again when it was already dark outside.

Ye Han was a little flustered when he saw it. It took a while to gently hold Lengling’s arm and pull it up from his arms. Then he couldn’t help but look at his mouth and said, "Okay, okay, Linger won’t cry, let her husband see!"

"Well, I didn’t expect our Linger to become more and more beautiful!" See a great Ye Han this just a face of smile at her and said
Listen to Ye Han this LengLing face, also emerge with a faint red shy unceasingly looking at Ye Han for a long time without words at this time, Yan Xin has also come to Ye Han near Ye Han said busy to vacate an arm to embrace in your arms.
"It’s all because my husband didn’t come back to see you for so long!" Two women don’t cry at the moment, but quietly snuggle up to Ye Han’s arms like two obedient little rabbits. Ye Han also saw a pity and said with a face of remorse.
Seeing Ye Han’s tears in the corner of her eyes, Lengling shed tears and shook her head. "We will be satisfied if we can come back before Xianggong!"
Yan Xin heard this and nodded his head. "Yes, now that Xianggong is back, we can be together again!"
After hearing what the two women said, Ye Han felt more guilty that they were busy. The two women left a kiss on their foreheads and then nodded, "Well, we will never be separated again. We will be together forever."
Say Ye Han buried them in his arms again and stroked their hair with their hands. The two women didn’t say anything for a long time. When they saw this, they didn’t say anything. Suddenly, the room fell into silence again, but it was full of tenderness.
"Cold son, how have you been these days?" After a long time, LengLing broke free from Ye Han’s arms first and then asked him.
Ye Hanwen nodded his head in a hurry. "Well, I’ve been doing well during this period. How about you? Are you doing well during this period?"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin immediately smiled. "Don’t worry, everyone in the family has taken care of us during this period. It’s much better to experience us outside than you alone. But your cold brother must have suffered a lot outside, right?"
"Ha ha hin son what’s the matter? Didn’t everyone just call me "xianggong"? Why are you changing your tune now? Are you still angry with your husband? " Ye Han smell speech busy bifurcation topic with a smile.
Hear Ye Han this inflammation hin where can I not know that he is deliberately concerned about him? But now it’s not easy for him to expose the situation, so he immediately shook his head along with Ye Han’s meaning. "Xianggong, where is this? Is it because Xiner wants to call you Xianggong every day? It was just a moment when the feeling was nasty. Besides, Xiner has never been born with you. What about this?"
Wen Yan Ye Han was speechless, but suddenly he heard a noise outside, so he let go of Yan Xin in his arms and slowly walked towards the door of the house. The two of them were busy following him.
In the courtyard outside the door, several Ye family members are watching Ye Hangang as soon as he comes out around the little fox who has been wearing blue fluff.
The little fox besieged in the courtyard is obviously Xiaoli’s former Ye Han asked her not to wander around. This has been a rest in the courtyard, but I don’t want to do so, which has attracted these Ye family members to watch and be at a loss.
See Ye Han out at the moment Xiaoli suddenly have the bottom spirit busy jumped at one of the people will fall on the ground this just jumped out from the man escaped from the encirclement and went straight to Ye Han.
Ye Han looked at suddenly some in distress situation but also busy to Xiaoli picked up from the ground and immediately shouted at those people "what are you doing is not a little fox? If you have anything to see, don’t go soon! "
Ye Han’s words came out, and those people naturally retreated. However, he was pregnant with a small fox, but suddenly he made a fuss. He snorted at her. "What do you mean, it’s nothing to see? Brother Han bullied people. Brother Han is still cold. You won’t forget Xiaoli when you come back. I didn’t expect this to come back for a while and then you will dislike Xiaoli!"
Said Xiaoli also assumed a pathetic touch kind and then turned to the door of the Bank of China to see Leng Lingyanxin as they were coming out of the room, so they were busy breaking away from Ye Han’s arms and running towards the two women.
Ye Han looked at suddenly a surprised busy with to but don’t want to at this time Xiaoli unexpectedly has jumped into the arms of LengLing LengLing looked at first is also a surprised, but found that Xiaoli didn’t mean any harm this just relax not to jilt but stretched out his hands gently stroked her head.
Ye Han quietly relaxed when he saw Fox so quiet, but suddenly he heard Fox’s voice busy and listened carefully. Only then did he hear Xiaoli muttering softly, "Hum, I knew you’d be cranky. Are you really me, Xiaoli, the kind of person who doesn’t know your heart?"
"Well …" To find out the little fox’s mind, Ye Han suddenly felt sweaty, busy and embarrassed, coming at Lengling and then wry smile. "Linger, this is the little fox I wanted to catch in the foggy forest!"
Ye Han deliberately observed the fox’s heart when he said this, and found that Xiaoli was suddenly angry when he heard this, so for a pretence he didn’t find that he was busy grabbing Xiaoli from Lengling’s arms and holding him in his arms.
"Ha ha, cold son, that’s so bad. I let you catch her because I felt that he had a star breath!" Lengling looked at busy embarrassed smile to say with smile
Smell Ye Han feel nai and Xiaoli secretly smile quietly glanced at Ye Han then suddenly struggled to break free from his arms and then jumped at Yan Xin’s arms.
Yan Xin looked at busy stretch out his hand and then looked at the little fox quietly with his hands in front of him for a long time before he nodded with a smile. "What a handsome little fox," xianggong "?How did you find her? Look at him. He smells like us! "
"Sister smells good. Xiaoli loves it!" Ye Hangang wanted to explain, but he didn’t want the little fox to look even more embarrassed when he suddenly said such a thing. But when he looked at the little fox again, he was almost fooled by the little fox. What body smells good? She didn’t lack fragrance when she was alone.
【 459 】 【 Poisonous fire reappearance 】
"Ha ha, let’s not talk about this. Let’s go meet my parents. We haven’t come back to see them for so long!" Ye Han, though white, was fooled by Xiaoli, but it was even whiter. The reason why Xiaoli played himself was that he didn’t want to let himself reveal things a hundred years ago so as to change the subject prematurely!
Yan Xin’s question didn’t get a reply, but he didn’t get angry or continue to ask questions because he should have known that he would know that since Ye Han didn’t want to say it now, it was inconvenient for him to ask more questions.
Ye Han is also very relieved to see that things have been successfully uncovered. Now he has got enough letters in front of his wife, which has caused a lot of unnecessary troubles. After all, the secret of misty clouds is very secret, and he doesn’t know what to do as explained. He can choose to hide it.
Husband and wife should not keep secrets. Ye Han knows that if the two women are struggling to pursue it, they can’t hide their own theories. Now they don’t ask again, so he won’t have to find a way to explain it.
Xiaoli repose Yan Xin’s arms didn’t make trouble again. Ye Han also felt strange that the things he received soon made him lose his mind to worry about Xiaoli’s screaming outside the room, which instantly diverted his attention.
"No, there’s a fire. Go and put out the fire!" Not far from the door, a scream interrupted not only Ye Han’s thoughts, but also Leng Lingyanxin. When they heard that the house was on fire, they suddenly felt anxious.

Equipment level 45

Physical attacks 47~492
Magic attack 519~524
+17 Intelligence
+157 Spirit
+3 maximum force value
+5 mana recovery per second
Compassion, compassion, pregnancy? The therapeutic effect increased by 7%
If you return to save people, you can recover 15% of your healing amount after an effective treatment for friendly units, and you can get a recovery effect at the same time, taking the maximum healing amount.
I heard this one can be beeped. Who will try it?
When I first saw this stave, even the mage Tao moved his hand and wanted to take it to one side by being slapped by Yang Ye.
Li Yanxin’s palm once again reached out to Wu Di and said, "Come and trade!"
[Unified player] Double-edged sword requests you to trade. Do you agree? 】
Wu Di looked at this trip with a dull look. He really didn’t intend to come up with any equipment of his own. Although he can’t use weapons, he can wait until this period is over. The price will be much cheaper if it is a level 4 gold or a spirit.
But …
Out of it is out of Li Yanxin, but he doesn’t hesitate to send a trading application to himself, and there is no one around him who is unhappy. Wu Di swallowed his saliva and hesitated. "Isn’t Tao also a mage?" Although this mage is a little different.
"He? Hehe … "Yang Ye smiled at Tao." Leave him alone. He is better! " It’s not easy for him to handle the staff!
[Agree! 】
The transaction bar is quietly placed with the needle-shaped staff.
[The other party has agreed to the transaction! 】
Li Yanxin chose the transaction directly without stopping.
Some quivering Wu Dicai absently agreed …
[You got [Little Nurse Big Needle (Spirit Level) 1! 】
Level 43 Shengmu passed this pair and couldn’t get to level 45. When Wu Di thought that level 45 still needed some, this staff was not in a hurry. The remaining piece of gold equipment went to Wu Di. Although the level was lower, it was somewhat reserved. When the time comes, it will be able to sell a lot of money by blessing an abyss abnormal state of resistance.
Speaking of Abyssal Abnormal Resistance, Yang Ye’s team did not encounter the influence of Abyssal Abnormal Resistance on the first two floors-this is because they are equipped with Abyssal Abnormal Resistance and the values are not small, so they can be infected.
But on the third floor, it’s absolutely different.
According to the video, in some cases, a good team, like Yang Ye, has no influence on the first two floors, but this numerical theory will definitely be affected on the third floor!
When Yang Ye noticed this, he also deliberately rummaged through the video of Huiyao Workshop to see that the result confirmed this point-even if he had more than a hundred abyss abnormal state resistance like Huiyao Workshop M, it was also affected.
Then this is probably due to insufficient values.
Yang Ye guessed that each floor has a critical value. For example, on the first floor, it is 1. Anyone who resists the abnormal state of the abyss will not be affected. On the second floor, it is 2. Anyone who exceeds 2 will not feel it, and so on … But the problem comes again. Some people don’t hang on to the abnormal state of the abyss, but there will be no problem on the first floor and the second floor. After reaching the third floor, they will also enter the abyss immediately. The abnormal state is a little more serious than other players with resistance values.
What is this?
Yang Yefa guessed.
The head team has taken care of the cruel head nurse, and the third floor is coming.
Without rest, a few people went to the third floor immediately after they recovered their state. The third floor was difficult. The first and second floors could not be mentioned in the same breath. The third floor hit all the mobs, ordinary patients and little nurses on the fourth floor.
Micro-virus is a strange-looking virus floating in the middle, but the real virus is several times larger than the similar shape! And they will take the initiative to attack players, which is probably too high IQ.
There is nothing to be afraid of!
You entered the virus lab on the third floor! 】
The third floor is different from the second floor and the first floor, which increases the difficulty. The game no longer needs players to go all the way to the end and then see the boss, which is too boring. This requires players to find the boss!
That’s right. find boss
On the third floor, the boss is the attending doctor waving a scalpel. The attack power is extremely high and the double defense is very low. Playing this guy can make the team get through here quickly. The low level M will make the team stop here, but it is also very troublesome to find this attending doctor because he will go to different rooms for surgery.
The game refreshes the boss attending doctor to a random position, and then the player finds it, hits it, and keeps looking if he doesn’t find it.
Here’s the difficulty. Players need to go through a lot of mobs to kill them when they are looking for the boss. If they are in poor health, I’m sorry if they meet the attending doctor. It’s just a matter of seconds to press you to the ground.
I don’t know if I’m lucky enough to meet the explosive team, but Yang Ye’s team is not so lucky to find it by itself
The layout of the third floor and the second floor is also very different, which reveals more areas. Unlike the second floor and the first floor, there is only one aisle. The third floor is a bit like a maze. Turn left and turn right. Anyway, it is the size of a word!
The game is for players to constantly touch the boss inside.
Of course, if you keep doing this, you will definitely annoy the players. It’s not always like this. You can’t find the game at the back. You will arrange boss to come to the team where the players are, and you will find the smell of unknown creatures.
At that time, the team will have to get ready
Yang Ye, this one definitely doesn’t need this
There is a miner’s hat!
Looking up, I saw a dotted line pointing far away and circling around the corner, which was actually very intimate and pointed out the way forward instead of going straight through the wall.
Yang Ye smiled and said, "Hey, hey!" Where M goes, where the team goes, Yang Ye doesn’t need to explain why he met boss…… so quickly …
It’s all luck! to be continued
Chapter 22 Micro Viruses
A slight step forward, the magic light department in the corridor on the third floor lights up. After a while, a few lights flicker as if they are about to go out. This is a common tactic in horror movies.
【 System is affected by the abnormal state of the abyss! Attribute drop! 】
This is it!
At present, even if the player team arrives at the third floor with the best equipment today, it will be affected by the abnormal state of the abyss, and the result will be-attribute degradation! The decline in attributes means that the difficulty of lowering the overall strength of the team has also increased in disguise.
This attribute degradation was cleared by the priest’s "Soul Baptism". As long as the player stays in this pair, this attribute degradation state will disappear immediately until he goes out.
The attribute reduction value is determined according to its own "abyss abnormal state resistance". The larger the value, the less the attribute will be reduced and the difficulty will naturally be reduced.
Affected by this, several people are much more stable this time, and they are no longer rushing forward as before.
There are micro-viruses everywhere, which is quite dangerous. In addition, the number of crazy patients in the third floor is small, and the number of nurses is much higher than that on the first and second floors, which is easy to attract a group of careless people.
Looking at the distance from the target from the miner’s hat-the attending doctor is still a little far away and not too anxious