His mood is naturally cheerful.

According to Su Wei’s estimation, that is, his setting of 22 activation code is too high to dissuade 99% of the players, otherwise I am afraid that the players who joined the "Limited" OL have already trampled the Huashan threshold.
I’m afraid this game has already exploded.
However, even if there are few players, the game "Limited" OL has already been out of the circle.
Liu Lei once listened to his classmates in class and said that there was a game that was crazy about money recently.
The activation code alone costs more than 20 thousand yuan …
How poor does this game company have to be to be so carefree?
Liu Lei laughed scornfully when he heard it. You idiots don’t know anything … Is 22 over? This is really not even the first course.
Besides, it’s definitely worth spending the money.
It’s a pity that he is too lazy to tell them …
In particular, most of these people are students of different skills or colonization.
Everyone is a competitor. What can I say?
Besides, what the owners hate most is definitely colonization and different skills. If it weren’t for them, how could Gu Wu be reduced to this point?
Naturally, he won’t go to stroke of bad luck … Even pulling Wu Zijie, who wants to defend their popular science, told him not to say more.
Let them misunderstand.
Some people are really not suitable for playing this game.
In fact, although Su Wei wants more players, after all, the more players he has, the higher his authenticity and the faster his strength rises.
But that doesn’t mean he is hungry.
What should I set the purchase activation code?
Because of the authenticity in Su Wei, it is impossible for players to enter … Buying activation code money can save Su Wei’s loss and make a small profit by the way.
Another reason is that the leopard head can be ruled out.
You know, there are a group of players, and Su Wei belonged to this group in those days. No matter how fun the game is, I will play with myself. You let me charge money. Sorry … No second world can exploit my money.
My money is spent on three yuan.
Su Wei can’t afford to take the risk if he can’t even afford to buy a mere 22 activation code and expect them to continue to pay more for recharging.
And it turns out that he did the right thing.
Huashan Sect now has more than 100 players … but these players are more enthusiastic about Krypton.
Su Wei spent more than 600 points of authenticity to successfully show his second career, Songshan School.
Within a month.
His truthfulness has already reached 500 points again. In the past month, he has lost five W per capita!
Obviously, most ancient fighters are rich, so-called poverty is also relatively speaking … It’s not a problem to take out a hundred thousand.
It’s like Liu Lei is just a student, but he can easily break several W’s if he wants to earn a year.
Chapter 61 Brother, isn’t fencing fragrant? What kind of woman do you want
Zhongzhou city
Yunyang university
A Jing Ya Economic Coffee House
The music is melodious and accompanied by the owner’s gesture of grinding coffee, and the whole store is filled with a petty bourgeoisie romantic atmosphere.
Cheng Wu, with a melancholy face, stirred his coffee and said to the girl in front of him, "I’m sorry, Xiaolin, let’s break up. I love other women. Although I like you very much, I can’t go against what I can … We can go here."
The girl coldly spilled coffee in front of Cheng Wu’s face.
Word by word, "I’m Yuan Qiu, and I can’t remember my name correctly. I’m afraid your love for me is limited. I don’t say much. Don’t break up in front of me again from now on, or I’ll call you once."
With that, I hate to leave my head without bringing it back.
After the girl left, five roommates sitting next door all leaned in. Liu Lei conveniently handed a towel to wipe Cheng Wu’s face.
Han Dong skillfully helped him change his coat.
Sun Xing puzzled and asked, "Brother Wu, why did you deliberately call the wrong name? Also deliberately put a cup of coffee in front of her … "
"You don’t understand this, do you?"
Cheng Wu sighed, "Xing Er, you don’t understand women. If I call her by the wrong name on purpose, she will recognize that I have been playing with her, which will save me a thousand words to explain everything, and their anger will definitely be greeted with whatever they catch. I won’t hesitate when I put a cup of coffee in front of them. Although it is not harmful, it is no different from chopping me with a knife in their hearts …"
He said, "After chopping, the anger will be scattered for seven points, and the rest is not worth it to themselves. At this time, they will naturally leave without saying anything, so that breaking up is clean and time-saving."
Yan Qijun exclaimed, "My God, Brother Wu, you know so much about women."
Cheng Wu said with the wave, "These are nothing but basic exercises. Let’s have a cup of coffee first."
Li Yuan said, "The little warrior hasn’t come yet. It’s about 10: 30 and it’s only 10: 15."
"What do you know about coffee? It’s very hot when it first comes, just hanging for ten minutes. You really want to see me peel it off. Besides, coffee is old and expensive, so please call another one. It can also save me money for a cup of coffee. I won’t order it myself! I want to save all my money. Lei is now the first master of Jianzong … "
Liu Lei quickly waved his hand and said, "Don’t don’t don’t wear a top hat for me. I don’t have that ability … Yesterday, I just had a fight with a master of strength in the Rulong Martial Arts School. After more than 20 moves, I was beaten. How can I be called the first master?"
Cheng Wu "mom, if it weren’t for the coffee in front of me, I’ll pour your face now, believe it or not?" What do you hate most about Versailles … "
"It’s still good to always be small."
Li Yuan seriously said, "Huashan School has more and more younger brothers now, and it’s crazy like water bamboo. Krypton followed the deputy head to learn martial arts. Now the deputy head calls the girl water bamboo and Xiao Lingshan together … rich and coquetry. We can’t compete with her. We will be eliminated if she goes there again."

LeiQian shook his head "forward base has the qualification to execute the temple command is absolutely can’t question.

I don’t know if destroying can destroy the seal. "
Three hours later, it was Yan Lie who was the first to run over after the establishment of the channel for sending the stars.
At the same time, Yan Lie also brought the latest situation of Bluestar Terran.
A brainwave star keeps in touch with information through Huaxia District, a former transit planet.
The blue star humans went to Ceres to raid the team, where they encountered a strong enemy, especially the Daxi clan.
However, Cai Shaochu had an advantage by crafting his own bait and then the three-phase thermal explosion bomb barrage hit the enemy hard.
However, Ceres and the Eldar reinforcements are also very strong, especially the Eldar Temple elders Chijing, and even Erila is extremely difficult to deal with.
However, Cai Shaochu’s ingenious blue star Terran has killed and occupied some ancient relics of Ceres, and established a preliminary intelligence association through the array of ancient relics.
Bluestar has reinforcements in the past and the current situation is deadlocked.
This information gave Xu a sigh of relief.
According to the intelligence, he did warn you.
The information of reinforcements before Lei Qian is also true.
Later, Xu Hui sent the Ka Rong astrological information to the Blue Star Gene Committee for intercepting information from other data centers.
An hour later, Silver Six and Silver respectively led a fleet sent from Lingji Star to set out.
The forces left behind by the Eldar should also be gathered up.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Resources closed cultivation extension
The fact is that it is not only Silver Six and Silver, but also the two powerful stars, the Fifth Hui and the Sixth Xiaoshu, who have just fallen.
Silver Six and Silver went to the planet where the Eldar settled in the sun and the resource planet. In addition to giving the Huaxia Linghai Star and Lingcang Star, there are three planets. The main target planets are two.
In addition to bringing back some resources, we must reunite the remaining ethnic groups of the Xie Ling clan.
This is one of the conditions that Xu tui promised Yin Liu to surrender.
Give them opportunities for the development of the Eldar clan under appropriate circumstances.
The name of the Mechs was dead in Leiming before they went to the stars and quasi-planets. They used to mainly gather the Mechs and tie them up.
According to Yinliu’s idea, in this universe, a race may not even be qualified as a slave without the protection of the powerful stars.
Therefore, he must tie up the remaining mechs and take refuge in Xutuimen, and then he may be able to recover after a few decades with the silver asylum.
Originally, this is the time when manpower is needed, but the refund is for Yin Liuhe and Yin to act.
There are two reasons. First, the sun, especially the blue star humans, is expanding rapidly. Without the protection of quasi-planets and planets, the remnants of the Elves will be controlled if they are discovered by the blue star family.
Second, there was a long-range fire idea before Xu retired. The real way for the Eldar is long-range fire.
If there are 50 mechanical Elves who are unified in the transmutation and deformation, they will suffer a big loss if they head straight for the stars in the long-range position.
Xu retired and wanted to gather the rest of the Eldar. The Eldar is still a very real race with good control.
There are also reasons why there are too few people to retreat
There are too many people in the Tongtian famine group, and now they surrender. There are more than 20 control planets, and there are already three, and they will increase in the future.
We must increase manpower.
In the future, Xu tui intends to add some manpower from Huaxia District. Of course, it is voluntary.
The fifth Hui and the sixth Xiaoshu were sent out to seize the planet of Eldar’s spiritual resources.
Elves colonize spiritual planets in the sun. Many spiritual planets colonize spiritual bases, and there are also a large number of resource bases, including source crystals.
There are seven source crystal mines of planets like Liuxiaxing, which produce a lot of money every day.
However, the situation of the Eldar Resource Star is the worst, and there is also a quasi-planet guarding the quasi-planet. In the past, it was easy to have an accident, so it was necessary to send a star to travel in case the Eldar Planet was lost.
Just surrendered, the fifth Hui and the sixth Xiaoshu led a team, among which the fifth Hui was rationed to Laves, the sixth Xiaoshu was rationed to Yinsanping and Yinwushu set out in two teams.
Yu Xutui, An Xiaoxue, Bu Qingqiu and others stayed behind.
On whether Taoyuan Star or Liuxia Star need basic strength to guard.
Of course, this strength will come to two or three stars, and the strong will be able to run away.
This time, there is another important reason to choose to stay behind-practice!
In the next three to five months, I will raise my strength again.
One of the most important development plans given by Huang Qian to Xu retired them is to improve their strength!
It is necessary to upgrade the strength of the core members, and one or two strong players with star-rated combat power must appear among the core members.
This core member refers to Chinese origin.
If you retire, light snow and clear autumn, you will be three people.
Yu Yanlie, Wen Shao, Qu Qingshan and others are the first to break through the quasi-planet for a short time and also have the strength to save lives in front of the strong stars.
Yu Lanxing is currently fighting in Ceres, and he can’t go in and dare not participate.
Even Erila was badly injured, and there were five or six people like Cai Shaochu, Evie and Harun across the strong.
This way, the strong will retreat from the small plate, and it will hurt when touching it, and die when it is rubbed, and it will be safe to practice for a while.
Xu tuineng can support bluestar from the side and intelligence, which is also considered as a contribution.
On September 24, 2013, the members of Lingji Star Tongtian Wilderness Group withdrew to Liuxia Star except Linghou.
After many retreats, one by one, I personally strengthened my spiritual shackles and hinted that I would retreat to Taoyuan Star.

The male host in the water is desperately struggling on the water.

"Help me, something is pulling me … help me! Help me!"
Old man Jia grew up on the edge of Jia Lake, and he was very good at swimming. He plunged into the water without thinking.
As soon as he got into the water, Old Man Jia saw a strange snake wrapped around the man’s leg.
"Hey … what’s the matter?" Jia old man’s eyes almost pop out of breath and almost can’t hold it.
But old Jia gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to pull the strange snake.
At first, I felt that it looked like a vine instead of a snake, but it was a little slippery.
It seems that I feel that there are many people, and the tree vines let the male master’s feet disappear into the water.
If it weren’t for the fingertip touch, old man Jia would probably feel wrong.
"Help … help … help …" The host is still struggling. Old man Jia quickly went to stall him.
"Scared … scared me to death …" The man ran to the shore awkwardly and threw himself on the ground to spit water.
Several old men and women gathered around and accused the host of "it’s too much. How can you set an example for your children when you are such an adult and have no sense of public morality?"
"You got what you deserved for throwing things into the lake!"
"If it weren’t for the old Jia Tou to save you, the Lake God wouldn’t let you go!"
"You outsiders just don’t know fear …"
"Wait, stop, stop!" Old man Jia quickly stopped. "I’m a theist. Tell people not to engage in feudal superstition!"
Then he said to the host, "Have you learned your lesson?"
"I learned, I learned."
"Dare you dare?"
"Dare not dare not …"
Old man Jia was satisfied with this, but when he turned around, he saw that the plastic bag garbage had drifted to a place far from the shore.
"Mom, you see, it’s just strange that you are not unlucky to throw things around!" For old Jia, Jia Hu is his home. He grew up in this lake since childhood. Later, when Jia Hu was polluted, he didn’t know how saddened he was. Now, it’s hard to manage it. How can he bear to be polluted again? When he got angry, he suddenly forgot that he was a theist, and immediately called names and got what he deserved.
Jia old man looked at his wet body and simply planned to refill the water.
"Old man Jia, you are killing yourself!"
"Now that the water is cold and your heart is not good, you are lucky that you didn’t die in the water just now. Wait for us to come …"
Several old men and women are picking up rubbish by the lake with bamboo poles and long clips in their hands.
At this point, I tried it.
"The old banker planted bamboo, and it is estimated that there are bamboo poles to borrow." An old man said.
"Let’s go, I’ll go." A few people are going to go. Old man Jia said, "Hey, don’t bother him because there are international guests in Zhuang Zi. Let me have a water trip."
Jia old man said that he heard a slight water behind him.
"Wow" rang.
As soon as he turned around, he saw a garbage bag rolling ashore behind him.
And a black shadow in the water flashed and disappeared.
Is that the strange snake just now? Am I right?
Jia old man rubbed his eyes.
"The lake god must have appeared." An old lady murmured her prayers with her hands folded.
"You feudal superstitions, where there is no river god?"
"Why not? Our magic mountain can be effective. The magic mountain god has two mounts on the ground. The mount is an ox god. In the water, it is a dragon. The ox god appeared with my own eyes. I have seen it over there at Jia Yiba Villa … I also heard that the mountain god also appeared some time ago … Don’t believe that many things in this world can’t be explained scientifically! "
"I told you not to believe those friends circle articles!"
"Don’t you still forward food and talk about me!"
A group of old people and old ladies were arguing, and old man Jia leaned over and picked up the garbage bag. The fingertips were a little slippery and it seemed to be something mucus.
Is it really that strange snake that sent it?
Don’t … This strange snake actually attacked him just now because he threw things around?
No way. There is nothing so strange in this world.
This strange snake is not refined, is it?
A few people here have listened to what the host said just now. He looks not so good and can’t wait to get out of here.
Jia old man looked at the man in shock next to him. "What are you still doing here? Hurry back and change clothes. "
"This … that thank you. You are all wet … that I can drive you home?" Male host shame way

And this sister-in-law treats herself like a sister-in-law, which is different from the original sister-in-law

When I arrived in Mengzhou City, I was treated like a parent with kindness and valued by Zhang Dujian.
It’s a turn of fortune, but I don’t know that it’s just a dream bubble.
Being trapped in prison, suffering and trying to take his own life.
Fortunately, it was a kindness to meet my brother, and it took hundreds of taels of silver to save his life.
Later, Zhang Qing and Sun Erniang, the elder brothers and sisters, came to save his life again and even spared no effort to avenge him.
Let him know that he is not alone in this world
But because of this, he doesn’t want to bring trouble to his two brothers and sisters.
Zhang Qing Road "is a treasure temple in Erlong Mountain in Qingzhou."
Lin Chong, a leopard head, Lu Zhishen, a Buddhist monk, and Yang Zhi, a blue-faced beast hero, were there to rob the house and dominate the party.
My good brother didn’t get it until he settled down there. If the criminal goes elsewhere, he will eventually eat and take it.
He often comes to take me in, but I can’t change my place.
I’ll write a letter to elaborate on my brother’s affairs and be a leader. Who dares to take you? "
Wu Song way "eldest brother also said.
I also hate it when the time is not right.
Today, it’s best not to be here if you kill someone.
Eldest brother, you can write me today. "
At this time, Sun Erniang held an iron hoop, a suit and a soap cloth, and a mottled short tassel tapestry.
A string of 100 single human skulls, several beads, a sand fish skin sheath and two snowflake wrought iron to make a Buddhist monk’s knife.
It is the dragon and white tiger double knives.
"Now my uncle wants to go, and I don’t want to stay. It is a bad way for my uncle to be painted.
Uncle has to flee unless he cuts his hair. To be a walker, he must cover his forehead with gold to hide from your official duties.
What’s more, it’s a talisman, but it’s not a previous life with my uncle? "
Wu Song took the Dudie and looked at it. Sure enough, he wrote about his age and appearance.
If you don’t know, you really become a monk yourself.
"Sister-in-law? Besides, I’m afraid I don’t look like a monk. "
"A Buddhist monk came from here before, because I saw that he was guilty and turned him over.
After eating his sins, he will be left with steamed bread stuffing for a few days. "
Sun Erniang will be due to simple said again "if not like?
I think this knife has killed many people and raised evil spirits. It often screams in the middle of the night, and I can’t get down.
Didn’t you come to save your uncle the other day? "
Said the clothes to teach Wu Song to wear inside and out.

One lap, two laps, three laps … I don’t know what a few guys think it’s particularly fresh here, and it’s especially exciting to breathe. The soles of your feet are like springs, and they all run with wind.

Running around almost forgot how many laps to run until the coach shouted stop.
The reading of the laser measuring instrument in the underground parking lot is slowly changing.
"After that, stop!"
"Stop!" The coach stared blankly at the stopwatch in his hand. "It’s broken … it’s broken the state record!" "
Master and apprentice have all stayed there.
Trance seems to hear the cheers coming out from all sides.
At that moment, the coach thought, "Am I a genius coach? Even the sky is cheering for me! "
The boys thought, "am I going to take the peak of my life to marry Bai fumei?" Cheer, people! "
Security Lao Zhang shook his head. You think too much.
Chapter 47 Enthusiastic masses
At 9: 15 in the morning, a bus stopped in front of the gymnasium, and several responsible officials and experts came.
When the security guard saw them, he immediately ran in a panic and reported that "the boss inspection expert group came"
Deng Yali was as tired as a dead dog, covered in sweat and wrinkled. When he heard this, he waved his hand vigorously and said, "I’ll be right there."
Du Jianxin squinted at the stadium in the western suburbs from the car, just like looking at his bag.
Zhou Zhu, an official who led the team from the road, consulted him about jack-up, and he demanded a high price.
As far as he knows, the state sports meeting will be called in September. This year, the organizer is a virtual city, and the Xijiao Stadium is an important venue. If the venue can’t make it, let alone the owner, even the owner will be in trouble.
Other price pressures
"This kind of large-scale stadium jack-up project usually takes three months to six months. When our team speaks, we can control the time to about three months. If we want it, it will take less time. I need to reorganize the team and find more people."
"Time is not enough …" Lord Zhou was frantic with anxiety. "Is it faster?"
As we all know, in fact, the curtain of sports events is not a game. Before the curtain, all kinds of preliminaries and trials have already arrived at the Xijiao Stadium and should be put into use at the end of the month.
"It’s impossible to say you’re welcome. Our team is the top team in the state, and it will be slower for you to find another team." Du Jianxin firmly believes that he is an industry leader!
While talking, Deng Yali finally packed up and came in a hurry.
He was still a little lame when walking, but his mental state was very good. He laughed a long way away. "I’m really sorry for the experts. Our company strengthened and upgraded the whole supporting structure of the gymnasium during the construction. The settlement yesterday was a temporary phenomenon, and it’s really scary to bother you to come here specially after it has been repaired today."
Lord Zhou stared at Deng Yali.
Yesterday, Deng Yali had a lovely face. Why did he suddenly feel so worried today?
To tell the truth, Zhou’s feelings for Deng Yali are really very complicated.
Deng Yali’s mistakes in construction have also implicated him and made him resentful.

The attribute of stupidity will not disappear because of the increase of IQ.

But these stupid tigers learned to whistle at beautiful women, complain about the bad food, chat and brag.
Not far from Zhuang, I wonder who Mifeier is taking as a model to reconstruct the brain circuits of these big guys!
Fortunately, they are obedient when they work hard and train.
So there were ten more tigers scouts in the manor.
Cats are the most efficient and deadly predators on earth.
Tigers are the strongest individuals in cats.
These tigers have been domesticated by Mifeier through manor output, and their fighting capacity is much higher than that of humans and rabbit dragons, second only to dog dragons.
Now there is another training subject, that is, one man and one rabbit against tiger scouts.
Later, it was found that one person and one rabbit turned into two people and two rabbits after looking for abuse.
Unfortunately, he was still abused …
The manor is not far from Shizhuang
"Congratulations to Renci Manor. The main manor has two official arms, the Rabbit Dragon Guard and the Tiger Scout."
"At present, both arms of the manor are infantry, and it is suggested that the manor domesticate a reliable mount to recruit cavalry arms in response to various combat situations."
This kind of thing, cavalry, has long since withdrawn from the stage of history.
I haven’t seen it except near Shizhuang.
What’s the difference between cavalry and infantry?
The cavalry has horses and horses.
It’s still a good infantry, isn’t it? What do you want from cavalry?
The manor really gives itself a problem!
If you say cavalry, all kinds of animals in the manor are actually not suitable for riding.
What should we domesticate?
Speaking of which, the most successful mount of mankind is of course the horse.
Do you want to domesticate some horses?
As the saying goes, recruiting soldiers and horses has always been one.
But riding a horse in such a cool place as the manor? How boring!
And how miserable it is to make the tame horse and the exile era so terrible that the opponent is desperate! How cruel!
Not far from Zhuang, there was a brain hole, and the mobile phone suddenly shook. Someone in the classmate group was @ him.
Zhou ye "brothers who have asked for help this Saturday! Ask for help! "
Everyone said, "I don’t have to work overtime on Saturday!"

Because of the dimensional chain, I brought a lot this time.

To be on the safe side, An Xiaoxue gave them a total of three layers of protection.
The first safety measure is to let the smoke in the tobacco field wear a thick shield, which was originally hidden in the wild, but now it is here.
After wearing it, it is a little heavy and sulky, but it is inconvenient to live, but it can also be overcome.
The second security measure is that the shielding composite film covers the thin and dense part of the underground room where Yanzi lives with two layers to form a shielding safe house.
They can’t leave this safe house for a short time, but they can move in it for a certain time.
Of course, one person, one person
The third security measure is that the entire underground exterior wall of the base is simply coated with shielding materials captured by the Eldar.
Theoretically, the triple shielding material can greatly weaken the tracking signal strength even if it can’t completely isolate the tracking means.
These security measures are aimed at tracking An Xiaoxue and there are deeper security measures.
For example, she, Li Zhen, Mu Xingluan and Yanzi live in this safe house, one for protection and the other for monitoring.
The so-called surveillance is not to believe in smoke posture.
In fact, it is absolutely trustworthy that Yanzi can send the array core back with the amount of people crossing the satellite that has passed the safety test.
But the whole Tongtian Expeditionary Force can’t rely on this absolute belief that the Eldar have any magical means.
Living together is the best way to find problems.
Similarly, someone in the tobacco field accompanied Qu Qingshan Yan Lie.
Quqingshan accompanied the tobacco field, which was specially ordered by Xu tui.
Qu Qingshan is a well-informed university teacher. First, he can accompany the tobacco field. Second, he wants to retire in the hope that Qu Qingshan can get along well with the tobacco field and get the array theory from the tobacco field in the usual communication so as to improve himself.
Fire array smoke fields are known and there are.
If Quqingshan can practice the smoke field and know the fire dragon array, Quqingshan’s combat power will soar once or twice in an instant.
This point has been given to Quqingshan by Huang after Xu’s retreat.
Let him take good care of the tobacco field. The old man will try to get it in a short time and learn to become a fire dragon array.
Maybe Quqingshan will have a confrontation after finishing his studies, which will hit the strength of the nine-guard star-rated strong.
Expeditionary force here in AnXiaoXue handle everything calm.
While in Baishan, Xutui is racing against time to escape from life and death.
After the collapse of four multi-person delivery channels, Xu retreated and teleported to escape the siege of two nine-satellite stars, such as Tu Ning Tu Ru Song, and then rushed to Baishan Xingshen No.2 delivery channel at the fastest consumption.
At the same time, far away in the test planet, Qian Shan found an anomaly. At the first time, the total length of confidential information was linked.
Originally, this should have been done by Tuning, but Tuning was delayed due to various emergencies.
From Tuchengshan, the chief of emergency connection of Qian Shan Lingxun Panel, to Tuchengshan, the message was transmitted and reported here. In fact, it was only 35 seconds before and after.
To Tucheng Shanda, I ordered an emergency order. I gave an emergency order to the two nine-satellite planets that have been on standby. When these two nine-satellite planets quickly entered the emergency delivery channel to Baishan Star, it took another 15 seconds to arrive at Baishan Star.
Before and after, that is, in the early fifties, two powerful nine-satellite stars arrived at Baishan Star.
At the same time, Tu Qian Shan also arrived at Baishan Star. At this moment, Tu Ning, Tu Rusong and Baishan Star are guarding, and these two are coming to encircle and encircle Xu’s nine satellite stars. There are already five other high-level satellite stars, and there are nearly twenty.
This array is very luxurious.
Once Xu retreats, he is chased and delayed, breaking the possibility of escape.
However, neither Qian Shan nor the chief confidential officer thought that the speed of retreat had reached an unprecedented horror at this moment, regardless of consumption.
Baishanxing No.2 measuring channel is about 6,000 kilometers away from Baishanxing Test Canyon.
It takes three minutes to fly at the normal speed of nine satellites, and it takes about two minutes to fly at the speed of nine satellites.
Normally, it takes Xu tui three to four minutes to get here.
However, at this time, regardless of the consumption of teleportation, a teleport can move at a speed of 150 kilometers, and the total time from start to end of teleportation is only one second.
At forty-one seconds, Xu retreated and teleported crazily for forty times. Before the reinforcements arrived at Baishan Star, he was guarding Baishan Star and just received the order from the chief confidential officer, Tu Chengshan. When Xu retreated, he rushed to base defense, the No.2 delivery channel.
This base defense is half-released at this time.
Half-release is traffic and needs to be verified.
After Xu retreat, the intelligence investigation here has been made clear.
The commander stationed in base defense is a six-guard, with a total of four stars.
Before Xu retreated to the ground, he had changed the special warfare of the Eldar. When he directly flashed into the base and entered the passage, he gave off a strong star-rated breath, and the horse was greeted by a star-rated guard.
"The adult please show me your identity and pass order …"
As soon as the words were finished, Xu tui was motivated to the extreme, and the main star of the spirit reached the order through the person’s unguarded situation, hypnosis after direct telepathy, and then telepathy and telepathy.
"What person?" At the same time, other stationed stars found the abnormality, and the figure appeared near him at the moment when he found the abnormality.
An ice seal directly sealed him into an ice sculpture.
The increase in the seal power of the Mercury Group and the frost nova have been issued again and again, but only three seconds before and after, the whole base defense has become a frost world, where the defenders are directly killed by the frost nova.

Aaron stirred the spoon next to the cauldron for a moment, and smelled it carefully. His expression finally changed-he frowned to see that the boiled pink thing did not meet his expected standard. He climbed the steps quickly. At this time, it can be seen that Aaron’s action is still rapid, and there is a big gap before.

From the steps, Aaron went into the wooden house again. Half a day later, he came out with a bunch of things, mostly bottles and cans, but also some strange wild flowers and dried flowers. He climbed the wooden steps again and poured everything in his hand into the cauldron …
Do all the things Aaron did before he returned to Yang Ye from the cauldron and became a demon. It seems that it is much easier to see his expression.
"Where were we just now?" Aaron is directly asked as soon as he comes over.
Yang Ye and a thought into a magic leng leng didn’t reply.
"Oh, speaking of letting you give her to me, do you want to give it?" Aaron suddenly came over and said something and stared at Yang Ye.
"Give you a hair"
"Sorry, I don’t need Mao. Will you give her to me?" Aaron continued to ask
"Do you want it?" Yang Ye laughed.
"yeah, I want to."
"Just don’t give it to you! Unless … "Yang Ye suddenly secretive.
A turning point even behind Yang Ye Lilina also can’t help but shake a shake-brother will give her to each other? Is a slight think Lilina around Yang Ye hands strength is even bigger.
It is natural to move Yang Ye behind his back, but it also strengthens his heart.
"Unless what?" Aaron asked, with a flicker of eagerness in his eyes, it seemed to him that there was still a chance?
"Unless …" Yang Ye sneered. "… you die!"
Aaron, the spell master, a human being who has lived in the shadow for a long time, is obsessed with his own research, so he directly destroyed the Yuhua Sea and made it into the current purgatory. From the dialogue between Aaron people, it can be found that he is not ignorant of what is happening in Yuhua Sea, but he knows it.
"I believe I can make a better one for you if you give her to me!" Aaron doesn’t seem to give up.
"Are you an idiot? Said not to give is not to give "strange temper also makes Yang Ye a little angry, but he didn’t expect Aaron this guy to be so annoying.
"Don’t you want something better?" Aaron asked doubtfully.
"I don’t want to be exact. I won’t give her to anyone, including those who once made her!" Yang Ye cold way because of this, he is still trying to find a way to the abyss. Guys are fighting to prevent them from having a chance to take Lilina away!
"Are you sure?" Aaron condensate road
The first time, the first time, Yang Ye, they heard anger from Aaron’s words-he was really angry! Good. I’m afraid it’s too soon. Aaron will probably do it …
So let Yang Ye more delighted to get up "what’s not sure! No one can take her away from me, let alone do any strange experiments. Even you, Aaron, I tell you that you have no chance! " Yang Ye’s tone is very blunt. It seems that he is tilting all the anger of those annoying guys from the abyss on Aaron.
What he said was actually to tell those guys in the abyss. It’s a pity that those guys have only seen it so many times in Yang Ye today. At that time, the situation was good, and it didn’t make him too angry. This attitude of Aaron’s whining made Yang Ye quite unhappy.
Want it? Go to hell!
"Well, you really don’t cry until you see the coffin …" Aaron said softly. "In this case, I’ll grab it myself. Come on, I’m not going to come out and fight with you. But when I saw her, I decided I had to kill you and grab it. She will definitely make me a surprise! !”
"Are you? That’s great. I’m so tired of waiting for you to do it! " to be continued
Chapter 352 Flower spell division
Before all the actions, Yang Ye is still habitually looking at the boss attribute, which comes from the super convenient function of the miner’s hat. Now Yang Ye has come out unconsciously, and he is also looking at Yang Ye and expecting him to inform the blood volume-
Aaron the Flower Charmer (Spirit Level)
Grade 59
Pollen Bomb boom~boom~ Aaron’s throwing makes the pollen bomb do damage to the enemies in the range, and when it hits the target for 5 seconds, it has a 5% chance to enter the "lost" state for 1 second after the pollen bomb explodes.
I have a small fruit that is planted in the enemy’s body ~ Aaron will plant a fruit that will explode in the enemy’s body after 3 seconds. The same target can be planted in a fruit that explodes.
The shadow man is in a shadow state! ! Aaron’s "Shadow State" makes him more powerful. Shadow State is 2% higher than ordinary evasion rate and 15% higher than skill evasion rate. Movement speed is increased by 6%. You can move at an extremely high speed every 6 seconds. This state will be damaged by attack by 5% and will continue to increase by 5% when it is controlled for 1 second.
Flower wonderland come to my paradise! Aaron drags all the targets around him into the "Flower Fantasy" prepared by himself. The fantasy monster will continue to attack the targets, and will collapse after leaving the fantasy, deducting 5% of the remaining health! Fantasy in 2 seconds!
(Hide the falling brilliant sound (level 55 spirit staff), gorgeous lamentation and flower fading night (level 55 fairy shoulder pad), pink solution (props) …)
Aaron’s level is as high as 59 and 6, which is only one step away, but even this one step makes him far behind the 6-level spiritual boss in terms of attributes. There is no way. Who can count him in 5?
But even so, Aaron’s blood volume is as high as 27w, and combined with its attributes, it’s really not that easy to fight. His four skills are all under threat. It seems that the best skill is the skill of "exploding fruit", because this skill will not be attached with abnormal state but dropping blood volume, so it is relatively easy to defend.
And Aaron, the boss output equipment … actually has a 55-level fairy equipment! Fairy-level equipment is not a rare thing now, but somehow it is not so easy to get. The worse level is so high. shoulder pad, we’ll talk about it then.
"How much blood?" On one side, I read into a demon and looked at the promise war with a slightly surprised expression. I quickly asked.
"27w total blood volume!" Yang Ye sink a way
"27 … 27W is ok, it’s not too much. It’s estimated that it’s close to level 6 boss. It seems that it hasn’t arrived yet. If this guy is a level 6 boss, we will be hard to fight." The obsession is also slightly taken aback
As a demon said, level 6 boss is a bit difficult. Their equipment levels are all at level 5, even Yang Ye hand weapons or 45 fairy equipment. The difference between level 55 and level 55 is not too far. The effect is much better than that of some spirits, but it is not too hard to play level 6 boss.
"It’s okay. Little boss just called it too arrogant and crazy. I must kill him!" Yang Ye mercilessly said that it was quite uncomfortable for Aaron to say that he was experimenting with Lilina. No matter whether you are a level 6 spirit level or a fairy boss, you have to die! !
Whispering here, Aaron is already rushing over there. His dry face is angry and his goal is extremely accurate-Yang Ye! It seems that just a conversation not only angered Yang Ye, but also angered Aaron, the spell teacher attached to each other …
Aaron’s weapon is very special. In his right hand, he holds a flower stem with the thickness of a short little finger. At the end of the stem, there are stamens and two petals. The rest of it has withered completely, and the stem is a little bent. It doesn’t look like a weapon that can fight. But Aaron has already waved the flower stem and rushed to the other side of the Yang Ye …
Whether it’s a flower spell master or an ordinary spell master, in the final analysis, the spell master’s job is changed from a priest. Weak defense, low blood volume, slow movement and so on are all its characteristics. This profession should combine its own skills to constantly kite opponents and slowly torture the enemy to death … But Aaron, a spell master, actually waved a short flower stalk directly to fight Yang Ye, a soldier …
"boss is boss, it’s not embarrassing at all!" A thought into a magic looking at Aaron gently way

Sitting on the ground with a wooden stick, I looked at the sky with melancholy. "Oh, my feet …"

Farewell and have a happy life …
At the same time, in the era of exile, two mechanical giant dogs of the Black Triangle Bandits were parked in the virtual space, and two fallen dragon people looked at each other in the mouth of the giant dog.
They didn’t expect Sazler to have one hand chasing after him, and suddenly accelerated, and the hurricane soon disappeared.
"Did you see where it went?"
"Didn’t see you?"
"This guy runs so fast! You can still run away like this! "
"It must be that this guy has also hoarded some good green Rongcheng coal. His uncle is afraid that he will not kill us this time!"
The two fallen dragon people are worried that the competition of the Black Triangle bandit regimental headquarters is also very cruel. Among them, the leader of the fallen dragon people, Uncle San, is not a person who worries about his family, or cool thin is the nature of the fallen dragon people.
Even if these two people are his own nephews, they will be punished or made an example.
"No, we don’t necessarily return it. Remember where Sazler was wandering before? I think there are strange … "
"Go back and have a look!"
Half an hour later, the two war dogs rushed into the unfinished manor crack.
When they saw the vast and rich land of the manor, they were completely stunned!
God, I’m rich!
In a second, they saw a dark dragon flying out of a nightmare, staring at them with wide eyes.
The dark face suddenly grinned, revealing its teeth.
"What kind of monster is this!"
Click! One or two people pressed the "Mouth Close" button at the same time to let the war dog enter the fighting state.
If the distance between two people bursts, Man Cang may still have a fighting power with Bat Gongying, but it is too late to enter the fighting state again at this time. Two black silk threads have tied them tightly and dragged them out from the war giant dog.
Out of control, the giant dogs of the two wars fell from the sky and plunged into the farmland in the front yard, while Xiaofu carefully hung two prey to his tree.
Not far from Zhuang, they all stayed away.
Qi headhunter Sazler buys one get two free gift packages!
These two days, Jia Yelian can be said to be like a year.
After giving the money to those "professionals" who looked like cheating, several people disappeared for several days and no news came back.
Instead, all kinds of news from other places have been summarized to his desk.
Jia Yelian certainly knew that Zhuang was not far away and didn’t announce that he had dug half of the tunnel.
Of course, it’s not kindness, but because he hasn’t bought all the real estate he wants to buy
Now everyone in the world knows that Jia Hu has to pass through the tunnel, which is a matter of time.
Land prices in Jia Hu are rising, and it is only a matter of time before you can earn a lot of money by holding the land in your hand.
But when can we make money? Five years or ten years? Many companies may have collapsed after five more years.
How much can you earn? Five times or ten times? This five times more may not go to the rooftop to jump off a building.
Everyone has his own career, and everyone is seeking to maximize the benefits.
People all over the world are more optimistic about Huanzhou Development Institute. The increase in the west of Jia Hu is several times faster than that in the east. Now many land owners in the east of Jia Hu are looking for cash, selling their land and buying a piece of land in the west to invest.
The news of the manor is not equal to trying to collect the land.
However, once the news is released, the land price in eastern Jia Hu may soar tenfold overnight, and the news has been kept under pressure not far from the village.
Not far from Zhuang, once the news is announced, Jia Yelian will die if the share price of Atlas Group plummets.
Unless they can get the new technology of Baineng Manor before this.
Jia Yelian has been keeping a close eye on Zhuang’s action.
And all kinds of news have been constantly converging on his desk.
Zhuang bought Tianxing Equestrian Club not far away.
Zhuang bought Follette racecourse not far away.
Not far away, Zhuang is talking about the picking base of Xingjia Picking Center.

But how could this happen before Yang Ye? What’s more, they promised Nite that they would let Tamian go out, but they couldn’t keep their word.

"Lilina" Yang Ye shouted
Lilina seems to have been ready. Her left hand has been stretched out to Caster’s five fingers. After hearing Yang Ye’s call, her five fingers severely grabbed her mouth and drank low.
"Trial? Szaszko prisoner angel hinge! "
"Ding ding …"
It’s that familiar sound again, or that familiar gorgeous skill. Four giant chains burst out of the mine from the virtual-
"David tang! !”
Four tones sounded at the same time, and Caster, who was attacking the giant bear with a swing, was severely tied up. In front of the angel hinge, "Giant Bear" was simply funny.
The attack was interrupted, and the whole body could not move. Custer was even more angry and roared wildly. "Who is it? ! ! I’ll kill you! ! !”
Kill us? Wait to die.
Yang Ye sneered at Tammy and said, "Tammy, get out of here. We’ll take care of it here and wait for our good news."
Life and death moment Tammy’s face is now a little pale and trembling. I don’t know what to say. I nodded and trotted out of the mine.
Seeing Tammy run away and unable to move himself, Custer was furious and roared, "Tammy, get back!" ! I’ll kill you! !”
Tammy won’t come back. Custer himself can’t move and scream. He feels deeply humiliated, but Yang Ye and them are humiliated no matter what. While holding the angel prisoner, Yang Ye and Qinghua buried the snow and figured out how to kill him.
Also taking this opportunity, Yang Ye saw the Caster attribute-
Giant bear Caster (spiritual boss), the leader of the mining area
Grade 43
Physical attacks 57~512
Magic attack 427~433
Broken bones will smash your bones! ! Caster makes the long stick hit the target, causing great damage and breaking the target bone, which makes the target act for 2 seconds. If Caster doesn’t hit the target and hits the ground, it will cause vibration damage to a certain range of enemies and stun them for 5 seconds.
The giant bear rushes! ! Go! Feng! ! ! Caster launches a fierce charge at the target on all fours. The charge in the state of hegemony will blow the target for 3 seconds and repel the enemies around the target for 5 seconds.
Caster reloads Caster evolution! Reload custer! Caster enters the reloading state with 3% higher defense and 2% higher movement speed. The attack has a chance to fly for 25 seconds, and the attack has a chance to absorb 1% of the damage.
(Hide the fallen virtual gold staff (level 4 gold staff) and the giant bear spirit (level 45 spirit armor))
The attack is a little high and the skill bonus damage is estimated to be more difficult to fight.
"How to fight?" He is not very good at burying snow in blue and white. Although he is a lone player, his equipment is either stolen or bought, which is not the right way anyway.
"Can’t fight hard" Yang Ye spread out his hand and said that he wanted to know if there was any way to fight skillfully, but at first glance, this boss is also very powerful and can fight hard.
"That line of you with your skills, I believe this boss is not a problem for you." Blue-and-white buried snow said that as soon as Yang Yegang finished hitting him hard, he just took the show and just didn’t want to be!
"If you don’t want to do it, just say it. My equipment will be very tired. You should output it hard." Yang Ye didn’t good the spirit, and Xuanyang was in the hands of evil spirits.
"Wait, give you this." Blue and white buried snow stopped Yang Ye from trading with him for a few bottles of things.
"Good stuff"
You have obtained [Weapon Sharpening Agent 1]
Weapon Sharpening Potion (cost) enables itself to attack 3% at a high speed of 3 minutes and increase the critical strike chance by 1%. This Potion cannot be superimposed with other gain potions.
Things are really good things! At present, this medicine is not in the market, and most of it is in the hands of several guilds. It will only be one when the guild pushes large-scale wild boss.
There is such a thing as burying snow in blue and white, but it is strange when Yang Ye can give him one at a time. It seems that he still has a lot.
"Where did you come from?" Yang Ye asked, as he put the medicine to make Xuanyang’s main evil immediately emerge, and the pale golden glow was hazy, which made people feel sharper.
"Do it yourself" said that burying snow in blue and white is neither salty nor light, and at the same time, give yourself one.
"So much? How many? I’ll sell it for you? " Yang Ye’s first thought was to let the blue-and-white buried snow help him produce and sell it, but according to the personality of the blue-and-white buried snow, most of them would not agree.