At noon, Zhuang didn’t come back as he wished. As soon as he came back, he went directly to the wave office.

The small group knew something important when they saw Zhuang’s wish face. She was very clever. She went to Zhuang’s office to play without saying a word. She followed Zhuang’s wish for so long. Of course, she knew what business Zhuang wanted to do. Some things were not what she wanted. A little girl could hear what Zhuang wanted. If she didn’t, she would hide in the office of the waves. Now Zhuang wanted to come to the office of the waves. Of course, she would hide in the office of Zhuang wanted.
The waves saw Zhuang’s wish, frowned and said nothing, and knew that Zhuang’s wish had met with nerve-racking things.
As soon as the waves and other small groups left, they got up, sat down at the office door and poured a glass of water. They handed it to Zhuang Ruyi and said, "What’s the matter, Brother Zhuang?"
Zhuang ruyuan still frowned and said, "It’s really strange. I really don’t know what the hell Huang Husheng is doing!"
The waves smiled and said, "What’s going on?"
Zhuang said as he wished, "I paid off a messenger to find out about Huang Husheng’s reality. Last night, I received a message that Huang Husheng had invited a boxer, a famous boxer in the provincial capital and won many Sanda championships. But this morning, I received another message that Huang Husheng had given up the new boxer. The messenger didn’t know who the new boxer was. The messenger said that Huang Husheng didn’t disclose who the new boxer was to anyone, but a pair of fighters had a certain plan. It seemed that Zhizhu was absolutely sure to win."
The waves laughed and said, "It’s no big deal that you can’t reveal your strength when you come to the virtual front."
Zhuang ruyuan shook his head and said, "Huang Husheng has always been a showman with deep pockets. He never hides things. It’s not like he is so mysterious this time. There must be something fishy."
The waves said, "Don’t think too much. Anyway, it will be clear at night."
Zhuang Yuan still seemed worried and said, "The strangest thing is that when I came back just now, I received the messenger saying that it was a new candidate Huang Husheng or the Sanda champion in the provincial capital, but the messenger said that this might be a real boxer and someone else might be there."
The waves know that there is something fishy in it, but they don’t want people to know who the real boxer is. The waves are not afraid that no matter who stands up for him, they can let people go out vertically and horizontally.
The waves laughed. "Let’s go. It’s my treat today and Brother Zhuang has a good drink."
Zhuang said as he wished, "I’m not in the mood to drink. I’ll just find a place to eat."
The waves said, "how can that be done?" You have to eat, drink and do your work well. Brother Zhuang, don’t think it’s too complicated. Won’t everything be revealed in the evening? Whatever! Go and drink. "
Zhuang ruyuan got up with a bitter smile and walked out of the office with the waves half pulled.
The waves came out of the office door and called a "small group"
Xiao qun ran out of Zhuang ruyuan’s office and said, "What is it, Brother Hai?"
The waves laughed. "Let’s go and have dinner with us. I’ll treat you both today."
The small group was so happy that they hurried back to the office, adjusted their makeup and rushed out.
The three men went to a restaurant opposite the company and chatted over dinner.
Xi Hailang found that Zhuang wished to have a good heart for the small group. His uncle always said according to the heart of the small group, "It seems that this Zhuang wished to have a good heart, but after leaving the underworld, he was stained with the habits of the underworld. Seeing him according to his daughter and friends will know that this person has a conscience and some love."
The waves and Zhuang ruyuan drink French brandy in small groups, and French cognac is very expensive. Of course, the waves can’t treat them too shabby.
Now, the waves just want to lay the Xuanwu Hall well, even if they can’t win over Zhuang, they can’t stand in opposition to him. He still doesn’t know how many enemies he will face in the future. It is his current purpose to make all kinds of complexities stable and harmonious, so that Lan Tianxing can see that his ability is more important, and he can further search for evidence of Lan Tianxing.
Zhuang ruyuan’s resistance to the waves is getting smaller and smaller through contact with them, and he thinks that the waves are a good friend and may be worth socializing with.
After dinner, hou zhuang said as he wished, "There’s nothing wrong with the company. I’ll go home first. My daughter is on holiday. I want to spend more time with her in the afternoon. I’ll accompany her to the street to buy clothes and go to Xiaohai. Please keep an eye on it."
The waves laughed. "Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with the company anyway. I’m also sleeping in the office. I’ll call you if there’s something important, and I’ll handle it myself."
Zhuang got his wish and drove first.
The waves and the small group returned to the office, and the small group drank a lot of wine, and the brown face was even more charming and lovely.
A small group of people first made a cup of hangover tea in the waves and went to the office to wash their faces in the bedroom. When she came back from washing her face, she found that the waves had fallen asleep on the office sofa.
The waves also drank a lot of wine until they were fine in the afternoon. When they relaxed, they really fell asleep on the sofa.
It’s a little difficult for a small group. It’s definitely not good to let the waves sleep on the sofa, but she can’t hold the waves and can’t move him to the bedroom
The small group wanted to think about it, but Naihao called two bodyguards outside to help them lift the waves to the bedroom.
After all the bodyguards left, a small group of office doors went to the bedroom to help the waves take off their shoes, and he was covered and prepared to find a place to take a nap himself.
It turned out that when the waves didn’t come, the small group was resting in this office. Now that the waves came, she has no place. Zhuang ruyuan’s bedroom can go, but she can’t lie in Zhuang ruyuan’s bed. Now this bed is occupied by the waves, and she can go to the sofa outside to sleep by herself.
At noon, Zhuang didn’t come back as he wished. As soon as he came back, he went directly to the wave office.
The small group knew something important when they saw Zhuang’s wish face. She was very clever. She went to Zhuang’s office to play without saying a word. She followed Zhuang’s wish for so long. Of course, she knew what business Zhuang wanted to do. Some things were not what she wanted. A little girl could hear what Zhuang wanted. If she didn’t, she would hide in the office of the waves. Now Zhuang wanted to come to the office of the waves. Of course, she would hide in the office of Zhuang wanted.
The waves saw Zhuang’s wish, frowned and said nothing, and knew that Zhuang’s wish had met with nerve-racking things.
As soon as the waves and other small groups left, they got up, sat down at the office door and poured a glass of water. They handed it to Zhuang Ruyi and said, "What’s the matter, Brother Zhuang?"
Zhuang ruyuan still frowned and said, "It’s really strange. I really don’t know what the hell Huang Husheng is doing!"

Eyes rolled around looking for possible ways to get out, and the face of three rookies was even heavier when they quickly gathered around.

Li Yanxin angrily ran to the front of Yang Ye and took out the whiteboard knife without saying anything. He kept poking it up in Daewoo’s roaring celestial body. He hurt dozens of points and fluttered slowly while poking and laughing. Then he added, "Ha, ha, ha, Xiao Di orange, hurry up and poke this guy’s mother’s egg and just burst orange equipment! I can’t kill you! Xiao Ye, you keep an eye on it. Don’t let this goods get away, let alone let him make moves. "How many knives are there?"
"Mom egg new b you give me a few knife slowly! !” Wu Di also shouted and rushed. He was a priest, but he also poked hard, but the damage was not as high as the last two digits in Daewoo’s defense.
"I like this kind of bad thing best …" The orange archer also shot arrows at Daewoo’s crotch …
Daewoo’s face turned purple in the roar of heaven. It’s definitely a big shame to be bullied by a few rookies like this. This revenge must be reported!
Look bitterly at the promise war, and this cargo will block itself, one with a charge and one with a flight, so that there is no hope of getting out …
Since you can’t escape, kill two mats!
As soon as the idea came out, Daewoo whistled and immediately put it into action. With a slight shake of the staff, it was extremely difficult to be detected. Leili leaped to the fingertips, and the lightning chain skills quietly took shape …
When the thunder chain mage turns the thunder skill and attacks the first target in one direction, it will cause huge thunder damage. It is possible to paralyze the enemy, and the moving speed of the enemy will be reduced. At the same time, the thunder chain can jump to a certain range, and the damage caused by another target will be reduced by 4%. The first-level thunder chain can attack at most two targets.
God pays attention to Daewoo’s roaring day. It is impossible for Yang Ye not to know that Daewoo’s whistling day is going to be watching it-
【 Daewoo Whistling Day is about to release skill thunder chain! 】
Daewoo Xiao Tian reveals a smile at the corner of his mouth.
Yang Ye corners of the mouth a pick toward Lilina said after two sentences also reveal a smile.
Both of them are different, but Li Yanxin, three people, don’t know anything. They are poking Daewoo in the sky.
Wu Di just poked a character and shook it immediately before wanting to poke it again. At the same time, Daewoo Xiao Tian finally waited for the opportunity to make his move …
Although the three are level 1, what pastor Wu Di thinks is the first, and so is Daewoo Xiaotian.
Before seeing Wu Di again, I wanted to poke him for a long time. Suddenly, the staff lifted the tip of the staff and aimed it at Wu Di. At the same time, the right index finger and middle finger merged with the other three fingers and quickly put them on the left elbow to open their mouths and drink-
"Thunder chain!"
As soon as the skill came out, a pale blue ray quickly rushed to Wu Di and Wu Di with strong destructive power. Before that, where could I have thought that the enemy had been passively beaten and resisted, and the speed was so fast that he couldn’t react at the moment …
But just because he can’t react doesn’t mean Yang Ye can’t react. He has a miner’s hat!
As soon as the thunder chain came out of Yang Ye, it immediately had a move to cut the emperor’s style. Flash attacked quickly and rushed to the thunder chain attack path …
And Lilina also reacted quickly and changed her former cute appearance skills. As soon as she came out, she also appeared in Yang Ye and Wu Di as soon as the blue flame jet "swish" disappeared …
Daewoo Xiao Tian looked ferocious and jumped out of the thunder chain. When it was really good to the extreme, it was extremely accurate. So who can hide unless it is a celebrity in the standings? Who can hide? ! Ha ha ha……
But suddenly two figures flashed out and left him alone …
The thunder chain stirred up righteousness and rushed forward. Suddenly it suddenly hit an object-an enemy! Then it hurts! Then instantly jumped to another enemy and continued to do damage!
Hurt a lot, but nobody died …
Jumped to Lilina for hitting Yang Ye.
"Grass!" Daewoo roar day mercilessly scolded 1.
As soon as I scolded him, he flew, not because he could fly like Lilina, but because he was pulled up.
"Gravity control!"
Will Daewoo roar day a pull up Yang Ye unceremoniously in his alongside of.seem to two knives and then chuckled "clever but not enough".
A listen to Yang Ye "ridicule" daewoo roar day immediately nu "I grass nima promise to fight you step on the horse waiting for this matter! I don’t want to play with you until you delete the number! Cao Nima! "
"Cut …" Yang Ye pouted and shouted, "You guys send him back to the city together!"
Li Yanxin three people didn’t wake up at this time and suddenly turned around and felt angry in hindsight, especially Wu Di, who is the target of Daewoo Xiaotian and naturally the most angry one. He is also the fastest one to follow Yang Ye. He still poked and poked his whiteboard staff and called "Let you aim at me, let you aim at me, let you …"
"Grass, are you all waiting for me …" A miserable shout a white light Daewoo whistling day disappeared in the original place and died back to the city
Yang Ye also blew up the most valuable silver staff.
Four people are laughing at Daewoo’s roaring days. "Ha, ha, ha, it’s amazing. Xiao Ye, you’re holding you, I’m holding you to death."
"Yes and yes, after Xiao Ye, please take care of yang a lot …" Wu Di also said.

Palm trembling slightly.

"I … I don’t want to see it!"
It really doesn’t make any difference whether this perverted man is wrapped or not, but she was outspoken, okay?
Don’t care so much!
But only conscious men gradually melt away when they keep kissing her.
"Too …"
The original clear voice became gentle and lovely, eroding the bones, and the hot air splashed on the man’s face, making his body instantly tense.
Jade coagulates fat and jade arm rings. The man’s neck is surrounded by his strength. He seems to want to get up and raise his neck painfully, leaning on his shoulder and shivering.
Being close to his body makes her cold and relieved, and she can really want to draw more heat, which is more pleasant even on a hot summer day.
"Well …"
The unbearable whisper made Jun Yi Han take a deep breath. Even his patience seemed to reach its limit if it wasn’t for her.
Tightly frowning brows will she stripped from his body.
"Well don’t …"
Realizing that the only heat source was far away from her, Gu Xixi frowned discontentedly. Because they were too close, their cheeks were red and white, and they were charming and charming. She grabbed the man’s shoulder tightly for fear that he would just dump her.
The man raised his hand and clamped her jaw with great force, forcing her to look at herself.
The dark and hot phoenix eyes also look deeply into her eyes at the moment. "Look at the stupid thing clearly. Do you know who I am?"
Away from his room, it seems that there is still a cold chill that blows away a little ambiguity and restores a little clarity. There is a faint focus in my eyes.
Looking at the edges and corners of the facial features, her mind suddenly felt a tingle.
Jun yi Han!
How can she not know who he is? This is the man she has been thinking about for ten years. Maybe she used him as an antidote at first, but in this decade, especially recently, her heart is not made of wood. How can it be impossible? Chapter 1589 1589 She is his poison for life at a glance.
Before I knew it, she was already …
But how on earth did he know about her poisoning?
What if he did detoxify her? What should she do with him? Do you want her to leave forever?
If that’s the case, she’d rather continue to suffer than stay with him until he can’t live without her!
"Too my slave …"
She pushed and shivered to push him away from herself, but suddenly she was restrained by a man.
"Don’t understand this poison, will you always be so painful to understand?"
Jun Yi-han didn’t understand what she meant by this sudden refusal. After so many years, her daughter dressed as a eunuch and stayed with him. Who are you showing such resistance to now?
Or is she afraid that she will just kill her one day?
A man with a deep voice and a tight line whispered in her ear, "Don’t worry that the palace won’t kill you now that it chooses to save you?"
I don’t know if his words are too demagogic or if the cold has invaded her brain. At this moment, I can’t tell what I think in my heart, and I can take back his hand.
Jun Yi’s cold eyes were slightly dark, and he immediately bent down and tightly hooped the woman’s cold and soft, but like a snake twisting his body, his mouth blocked her half-closed red lips.
Overwhelming kiss faintly shows a kind of * * * * atmosphere, accompanied by dry wood and fire, and the house is full of spring.
It was not until the kiss made her almost gasp that Jun Yi-han would leave her sweet and attractive red lips.
Every time I taste it, I can’t stop
She is his poison for life at a glance.
"Jun Yi Han …"
With this hoarse, sultry, low-pitched, cold-recollected pupil and shrinking chest, there seems to be some strong emotion about to break out of the pupa.
This alone is far faster and more effective than flattering drugs.
He held the female shoulder blade in one hand and pinched her waist in the other, which almost made her scream.
But he seems to be deliberately swallowing Nv Jiao’s breath in his stomach, sweeping every corner of a woman’s mouth with a moist and dexterous long tongue, absorbing the sweetest body fluid in the world for half an inch and unwilling to let it go.
"Brushing" made me feel colder. It was the man who tore up her chest wrap directly.
It’s white and beautiful, and only the crimson coat covers it. How many spring curves are elegant and exciting.
In the future, I have to respond that a man’s hot thin lips will cover her collarbone inch by inch and bite it.
Accompanied by a man’s dexterous big hand caressing the soft towering that has not yet bloomed.
"Too …"
The vague whisper of "Eun Gong Here" escaped from the man’s humble and beautiful lips.
The red fruit in his provocative caress finally bloomed as he wished.
Jun Yi-han’s teeth gently rubbed against her, causing her to be short of breath and shudder.
The soft and hot tongue keeps circling around that point, probably for fear that the other side is too empty. The man moves his other hand from her slender waist to keep kneading.

Behind the camera, Ethan was shocked and stared at the screen. Zun Wang muttered, "I was so well hidden that you found my identity and wanted to reveal your identity to the world. I didn’t expect my identity to be exposed first."

Xia Feng twitched in his heart. The masked old man turned out to be his father’s enemy, Ethan? God, I’ve been taken advantage of.
Post and Xia Han is stunned Xia Han slow for a long time to return to absolute being angry roar "yi sen turned out to be you? You did all this? All grievances are over. Why don’t you give up? "
"end? You mean it’s over when it’s over? My wife and children died, my daughter became a nun, and a noble official was destroyed by you, Xia Han and Mo. Now you tell me it’s over? Impossible "
Yi sen is throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, my identity has been exposed. Now everyone in the world knows who I am and there is nothing to hide.
"What do you want?" Summer is cold and gnashing her teeth.
"I want your father to turn against me" Yi Sen sneered treacherously.
The voice just fell and everyone listened to "Ding" for one night, and when a red flashing time bomb was activated for five minutes.
"Xi’ er, Liu parting!" Post nervous wake up "don’t move"
Everyone’s heart is on the line, and their mood is tense.
A gangster pulled Mo Mo’s mouth tape to Mo Mo’s mouth. She gasped and trembled nervously, but her mood became more stable. Her face was twisted with pain and her head must still hurt.
"Evening son, you endure, endure, don’t move." Post was worried.
Don’t be displaced, it’s better, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it for a minute or two. If she moves the bomb lightly, it will detonate and she will be blown to pieces
King Zun took one look at Xi and lowered his eyes to make a decision. He raised his eyes aloof and said, "You deliberately led me here before I left, not because you wanted me to expose my identity and let them go first."
When he spoke, the corner of his eye was slightly raised, which was very casual. A moving plane lengqin had realized the meaning and said to the watch communicator, "Do it!"
For an instant, it seems that there is something different. Everyone can find the place.
"Ha ha really sentient beings have righteousness not the kui is a summer cold son" Yi Sen laughed wildly.
Everyone in the place was shocked by the statue of the king … Is it Xia Haner?
"Your lies are really advanced but poisonous enough." King Zun’s lips overflow with shallow radians. "Anyone who talks to me will not have a good game. You said that I am Xia Haner. From then on, Xia’s family will be Yongning, and I also have a containment, which will solve Xia’s problem and kill me with two birds with one stone."
"You don’t admit it?" Yi Sen said coldly, "Push Mo to the floor."
"Yes," a gangster walked towards Mofu. The cross was shaky and unstable, and he could fall off the building with a push.
"Don’t …" Xia Han shouted in horror.
"Push!" King Zun sneered, "Hurry up if you want to push."
Everyone was shocked and the gangster froze.
Zun Lue Wang waved his hand and suddenly a person fell into the helicopter and fell straight to the edge of the balcony. The cable didn’t go down again.
"Daddy …" It was a typical American who wore a nun, although she was over forty years old, but her face was still gorgeous, delicate, blue-eyed and blonde.
"Yisha?" Xia Han surprised shout.
"You …" Yi Sen Shu, who was hiding in the dark, came trembling with anger. I should have known that the night was not so easy to provoke and the king of the night was even more difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect that it was only a short day when the night not only found out my identity but also caught Sasha.
"Why don’t you push it?" King Zun grinned strangely. "It’s a good deal to pay for one life, but if even your only daughter dies, no one will die."
"Let my daughter go," Ethan roared.
"Let them go" Zun Wang pointed to Mo’s exile.
Evening eyes narrowed with pain but kept staring at the statue of the king. More and more fragments in his mind became clearer and clearer.
"Good one can change one. You can choose who to change." Yi Sen’s eyes sparkled with cunning light.
Everyone froze again. I don’t know how to choose the king.
The statue of the king shook his eyes, took one look at the evening and then looked at Mo Fan. How to choose one who loves a woman and one who is a mother?

The place where the dark party painted halberd was a little distorted and flashed with the way. Although the two gods Wang Jiangzhe were proud, they were not stupid. After sensing that they could almost tear the strong breeze, they suddenly fled backwards. Just a few turns were already far away from Du Yun.

Du Yun saw that two people actually hid themselves from attacking "Thunder and Fire". After that, the magic did not recover, and then once again condensed the immortal power in Euphorbia. This time, the painting of the halberd almost turned into an energy-sucking bottom hole, and finally almost extracted Du Yun’s immortal power for a third before finally stopping.
Smiling at a glance, Du Yunmeng, who was still smiling, yelled at the crowd, "The second floor of thunder and fire", and his clothes appeared faster than the flash cross …
Although the source is a dark magic weapon, it looks brighter than the brightest lamp, carrying energy and blasting away directly at the two brothers of the king of God.
Thunder, fire and anger, the second move is ten times more powerful than the first move. The two gods and kings of Du Yun just now are all a little heart-throbbing. They stand back but at the same time they are constantly making defense. But before they are ready, Du Yun’s second move attack has come and made him attack this halberd. If you cut the person, even if the other person is the king of gods, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die.
Du Yun’s attack was very sudden, and the two gods, Wang Yuan, didn’t make the necessary defense against Du Yun’s contempt. At this time, if you think about the danger, you can’t come.
Feeling that avoidance can be avoided and retreat can be retreated, the two kings of God have to yell fiercely. One of their own immortal forces crustily faced the magic of Du Yun and crossed the halberd to meet them.
"Bite whoosh!"
After a few strange rings, one of the two people was shocked and the sharp cross cut his body and left a long scar. At this time, the two gods were depressed to the extreme, and the strong man was injured by a man who just entered the god king. How can they not be angry and depressed?
When the three families saw Du Yungang’s hand, they seriously injured the ghost family and their two God kings. People who were skeptical about Du Yun were all excited at this time.
Li Gugu Lord adults see just a few blink of an eye kung fu Du Yun actually wounded a junior king of gods peak strong fear Du Yun will be complacent and relax vigilance and quickly woke up, "Du Yun, you should be careful that these two kings of gods are the first peak, but the two of them are brothers who will make a very strange combination of fighting skills. It is said that after the combination is completed, it is equivalent to instantly raising their strength to the middle of the third order. You must be careful. Chapter four hundred and fifty-three King of Gods War (3)
"Well," Du Yun nodded with a smile and glanced at the two brothers who were seriously injured by themselves. "Are you really strong? I’m a little disappointed!"
When fighting here in Du Yun, he fought in two places. After Du Ping showed the strength of the Ministry, he was a god king with a first-order strength, but he had to deal with a god king who was at the peak of his early days. Du Ping decided to fight a decisive battle to strengthen his strength.
See Du Ping will target his shadow face shook a shake immediately quick way "Du Ping since you want to die that I will be reluctant to accept" words fall he turned to look at the pair of some embarrassed king of god brothers Yin Yin survey way "if you two can’t cope with Du Yun, who just entered the king of god, then you can directly take a piece of tofu and kill it."
Smell speech that one of the uninjured brothers of the King of God said with a smile; "This small strength is far less than what I waited for, but just now he injured me while I was unprepared. Now that I have woken up, I will never be that little purple pawn."
"Hum!" The shadow man seems to be a little dissatisfied with the two brothers, so he just snorted and said, "I mean, how soon can you send him out?"
The brothers of the King of God felt that the old man hesitated a little and nodded. "Although this little purple strength is not bad, we should be able to solve the problem by making thirty moves for lighter and then help you deal with Du Ping."
Although Du Yun gave them an unusual feeling in front of him, no matter if Du Yun was an early king of God, the early peak of the king of God was a worm in the eyes of the strong, and since they became the king of God for so many years, the strong in their hands, even if their hands add up, are countless. There are still several early peak masters of the king of God who died in this cycle. Therefore, although Du Yun took the opportunity to beat them seriously, they were not really greater than Du Yun’s peace of mind.
I heard that one of the brothers, the king of God, said that the shadow man was satisfied and nodded his head. He glanced at Du Ping and sneered at a mighty fairy force. Immediately after a slight pedal on the sole of the foot, the whole body turned into a black rose and flew directly to the front. When the brothers acted, they didn’t know that they had two more magic weapons dancing with their hands, and then a few sword mans swished out.
"Be careful" When I saw the move of the brothers of the King of God, Du Ping looked a little crooked and woke up to Du Yun. Suddenly, the shadow man’s strength had reached the peak of the early days of the King of God, while Du Ping was just the early days of the King of God. The two of them suffered a little dark loss for Du Ping’s immortal strength after the touch. If it weren’t for the support of the Dragon Divine Jis, Du Ping would have been seriously injured. Now that it has put some pressure on Du Ping, this kind of rise and tide wait for no man’s work, of course, the shadow man won’t miss his sharp eyes and found Du Ping panting
As soon as the two figures came into contact, they burst into vigorous energy fluctuations, perhaps because they wanted to seize each other’s lives. After they met like a flash, they had unconsciously pulled a distance to leave enough for Du Yun’s immortal brothers to fight.
Look at that place filled with terror, strength, fluctuation and war. Soon Du Yun glanced at the front of the King of God brothers. There was a strange flash in their eyes. Look at it. They are twin brothers. They are connected with each other. With the perfect fit, they can raise their strength to the middle class of the King of God. "Why don’t you two get rid of him quickly? Du Ping has a shadow man over there who wants to kill Du Ping, but there are some troubles. Please hurry up and help afterwards." Thomas’s family master long sink a way.
At this time, I saw the two brothers, the King of God, hand in hand, merging together quickly, and then with the integration of each other’s strength, a majestic atmosphere suddenly surged and prepared for the earthquake. Du Yun dallied back three or four steps before finally stabilizing. "What on earth is this * * so magical?" Du Yun looked at the king of god brothers heart murmured.
I feel that the breath of the brothers of the King of God has skyrocketed. Du Yun is very confused in his heart. "What’s going on here? How can a person’s strength grow so fast?" However, when Du Yun was suspicious, he suddenly thought of the three demons of Qishan in World War II. It seems that the three people just had a strange method, but temporarily transferred his two immortals to a person, so that a person’s strength could be greatly improved in a short time. I thought of these Du Yun and quickly spread his spirit to detect the brothers of the King of God, and I found that one of them was weak to the extreme, almost physically immortal.
"Ha ha, it turned out to be as I guessed. Since it is so, it is easier to deal with it."
Immediately, Du Yun clung to the source fire of Fang Tian painting halberd. After a while, a purple flame darted from Du Yun body to form a flame beam directly according to the center of Du Yun. At this time, see Du Yun’s hand. Fang Tian painting halberd gave a fierce shock. The flame column was rotating at high speed and soon formed a flame whirlwind …
After the formation of the flame whirlwind, they quickly turned to the brothers of the God King, close to the whirlwind and formed a sharp wind, which made their clothes rustle. Even the figure was unstable. Now it will take so much effort to resist the whirlwind. If Du Yun launches another attack, it will be absolutely difficult for them to cope with it. Knowing that things are very urgent, the two brothers simply looked at each other and it is already white.
See a person gently nodded and then the body is to fly back, but the other really still stay put and didn’t move, Du Yun strange occasion is to see the strange changes in the hands of the man in the rear.
See two people so strange performance Du Yun some depressed don’t know what they really want to do, but at this time he didn’t say when thinking about these messy things, originally still struggling to support Du Ping, the other king of god at this time is gradually falling into the wind, Du Ping is better, but it won’t fall into danger, but the situation of another king of god is already very bad. Seeing that the man is in crisis, Du Yun knows that he must quickly solve the battle and then rescue them two, otherwise the three families will be even more unfavorable.
Du Yun, who was wrapped in a flame whirlwind bag, quickly approached the former one of the two brothers, Du Yun, who knew that the immortal power of the two men had soared rapidly because they could be transferred to each other. As a result, he made a good plan at the bottom of his heart early, that is, he was prepared to attract one person’s attention by using hot fire array first and then find the right opportunity to sneak attack the other person directly, so that the cooperation between the two men would be self-defeating. Although Du Yun’s idea is simple, if it is put to good use, the effect will be absolutely good. But will the actual result be as predicted by Du Yun?
Du Yun’s law revision was originally different from the fairy force. Unlike that strange practice time in the elf forest, Du Yun did not practice the fairy force, but also practiced the law. The other body is more terrifying than Ziyan Shenhuo and the spirit is extremely high. Naturally, it is much faster than others.
Before Du Yun used the fire array method, Ziyan Shenhuo and the flame summoned by the general fire array method were divided, but after ten years of hard work, Du Yun has completely integrated them.
Plus, Du Yun is very familiar with Ziyan Shenhuo, which is also very convenient to make up. The flame temperature of Ziyan Shenhuo is several times higher than that of the general flame. Now the power of Du Yunli’s Ziyan Shenhuo firing fire array is definitely ten times stronger than that of the general array. The former God Wang Jiangzhe sensed the terrible temperature of the flame whirlwind, and his heart was shocked than that of him. Because of his identity, he was also very knowledgeable, but he had never seen such a terrible flame whirlwind. Even his heart was a little palpitation.
Know that the flame whirlwind is absolutely tough to deal with the man behind him, and then he injected the body fairy force into the front brother’s body through the ribbon. Suddenly, the man’s momentum suddenly soared, and he felt that the receiver was stronger than the fairy force. The magic in the man’s hand was a slight scream, and then the man’s wrist was twisted and a purple light was shot from the magic.
After the light shot out of the magic weapon, it was a Jin Gangzuan spinning and stabbing at the flame whirlwind. The idea of the God King was very good. Now that the flame whirlwind is extremely powerful and difficult to crack, I will find a way to directly destroy the flame whirlwind from the root. His idea is good, but if Du Yun Ziyan Shenhuo was so good at coping with it, he wouldn’t have to take such a big risk to collect Ziyan Shenhuo.
See sword mans just touched the edge of purple rock shenhuo high temperature and rotating strength, he only lasted for a moment when it was crushed. Four hundred and fifty-four Double true travelling.
Seeing that his blow failed, the god king was afraid that the flame whirlwind was even more difficult to deal with, and then a light blew out. However, the effect of this attack was far less than that of the second time. Before it reached the flame whirlwind, it was directly burned by the terrorist flame.

Yang night stare big eyes bowed their heads and looked at just being crossed and then turned around and looked at the back of the young talent who had walked over to the car. His head was white!

What’s going on here? How could he have crossed me? Can he spell? Or …
Yang night shocked his eyes and looked straight ahead at the young talent. Even Xin Che couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. He staggered back a few steps and leaned back with one stroke.
It happened that an old lady was walking behind Yang Ye with a cane trembling, and Yang Ye fell down. At the same time, Yu Guang saw the old lady behind her and her heart suddenly sank.
But at this moment, he couldn’t control his body and fell back. At the same time, Yang night’s eyes closed and he thought it was over. According to the old lady’s age and physique, it was also a serious injury to be crushed by himself. If he really didn’t die, he would like to earn medical money for the old lady in the second half of his life …
"Pa" Yang night fell on his back.
This time, he saw clearly that he fell backwards and landed through the old lady’s body!
I am completely scared! Scared silly! Yang night turned to look at the trembling past, and the old lady felt that her brain was not enough.
Then several pedestrians on the other side of their bodies strode up and counted their feet raised high and trampled on Yang Yeshen.
Yang night consciously closed his eyes but didn’t feel the pain of being trampled. When he opened his eyes, he found that those feet were trampled into his body. That’s right! It’s inside Just step in, step on his body, step on the ground where he fell!
Shit! Damn it!
Yang night turned up only to find that he had no pain when he fell, and the pedestrians around him still didn’t pay attention to him. Maybe they couldn’t see him at all
Yang night tried to deliberately bump into a tall man walking by-where? Straight through, and that man feels it!
Surprised at Yang night, I tried several times to wave a punch to the left, kick my hand on the right and reach out to the pedestrians passing by … I can’t touch myself at all, just like gas, so people won’t have substantive contact.
Yang night silly wait for a while lifted up her head and took a few steps. Her mind was in a state of chaos and trance, and she set her pace. Looking at the people coming and going around, the heart became more and more scared.
At this time, his position is in the middle of the road
A van came at a high speed and went straight to Yang Ye.
Yang night hesitated without dodging. He wanted to prove whether he was really so thoroughly, just as if he was angry.
"Shua" a big truck rushed to the front, and Yang Ye consciously closed his eyes and raised his hand in front of himself, but he didn’t feel anything strange. When he opened his eyes again, the truck had already sped through his body.
What’s going on here? Yang night racked his brains in the road, staring blankly, digging up all the knowledge that can explain this phenomenon in his head, and finally a terrible idea got into his head.
Is it … I’m dead?
Now this thing is my soul?
In a trance, Yang’s night is dull as a walking corpse, and he can’t hear the noise in his ears. He is slowly moving his legs and walking step by step, even he doesn’t know where to go.
What makes Yang night wonder most is how he died!
I can’t remember a lot of memories, but I can think of them as fragments. As I walked along, I thought that there were several familiar and unfamiliar faces in my head. Those faces seemed to know all of them, but none of them could be named. Those faces seemed to be anxious about him, but Yang Ye couldn’t hear them at all.
It’s really worthless to die without knowing how you died. It’s worthless. Yang Yenai wants to raise his hand and put it in front of his eyes.
That hand is solid in my own eyes, and it is tactile to clench my hands or pat myself, but how can I be impenetrable in others’ eyes?
And where am I going to die? Where’s my body? Who killed me? Was it a shooting? Knife kill? Or rape and murder?
One problem after another troubled Yang night, almost crazy, and his mind became more and more chaotic, and his eyes became blurred, until he stepped forward blindly and tried to wake himself up.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. Yang Ye looked up and found himself walking back to his shabby accommodation building.
So I dragged my legs back to the door of my hut and reached out from my trouser pocket to find the key.
Just took out the key to Yang Ye, thinking, am I not dead? Isn’t it thorough? Then why do I need the key door to go straight through it?
Hehe, after watching so many ghost films, I didn’t expect that I became a lonely ghost today.
Yang night nai smiled a blunt directly to the door through the past.
"moo!" "pa!"
At the moment, the black poplar night lay heavily on the ground, and the huge pain spread out from his forehead, struggling to sit up. Yang night quickly raised my hand and rubbed his head and looked up to see the door that was hit by himself and trembled slightly.
How can I not cross it? Am I not a soul anymore? Is bullying me a new ghost?
Yang night annoyed sane some or involuntarily twist a head looked around.
It’s a good thing that no one saw it, otherwise it’s really the first idiot of Tianzi. Who has ever seen a master with a door key in his hand?
Depressed, Yang night still took the key and screwed the door into his cabin, then dumped two shoes and jumped straight to the wooden bed.
When you look at ghost movies, you can often see the horror voice trembling and calling out, "I’m so miserable, I’m so wronged …"

"I have already said that I know that I am not two rivals. If you want to find someone to learn from, you are barking up the wrong tree." Zhou Yi said with some disbelief. "So you’d better tell me your true purpose."

"Do you believe it’s your business? Now take out your assistant and fight with me. I’ll let you go, and then you will know that we are not malicious to you."
Tsing lung is too lazy to explain suddenly his blue wind automatically.
Zhouyi stopped talking, and his body naturally became a pose. At this time, no matter whether the young man said it was true or not, he had World War I.
Zhouyi is proficient in extreme boxing, Xingyiquan and Wing Chun, and the combination of extreme boxing and Xingyiquan has reached a state of perfection. However, in the face of this mysterious young man with a blue figure and long hair shawl, Zhouyi still feels a great sense of coercion, and the other person stands there like a towering mountain, which makes people feel hard to shake.
Besides, without saying a word, the dragonfly also distracted Zhouyi. He felt that this figure and other people had an aura of ghosts. If he suddenly made moves, it would be impossible to prevent Zhouyi from knowing the true identity and intentions of these two people. When he played against Qinglong, he had to guard against this dragonfly.
"Extreme boxing frame Xingyi boxing pile method is really interesting."
Tsing lung didn’t pose. He was still there casually. He went to Zhouyi with a rigorous posture and actually combined Xingyi Boxing and Extreme Boxing skillfully. He didn’t admire it. Although he hasn’t fought with Zhouyi yet, he still came out at a glance. Although he is not a top player, there are few opponents.
Qinglong didn’t gain momentum, but he didn’t dare to attack first. He found that in this year, people seem to have a magical power that has been integrated with everything around them and rooted in the earth. Chapter 15 Outstanding stunts
"You go first. There is no one in this world who can let me go first unless your grandfather, who has lived in seclusion for many years, visits []."
Qinglong saw that Zhouyi was walking slowly around himself, but he didn’t make moves, so he said softly that his voice was not loud but very vigorous, giving people a thick and irresistible feeling.
"The elder has a flaw in his body, and besides, there is another elder who is eyeing up and can’t concentrate on pushing."
Zhouyi truthfully said that he really had a feeling that he had a hand in the face of Qinglong. He had never encountered such a situation except in front of his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan. Just now, the blue man said that unless his grandfather came in person, no one was qualified to let him make the first move. This sentence is not madness.
"Young man, don’t worry about his identity, my personality guarantees that he won’t sneak up on you, and you can attack me." Qinglong said lightly with Zhouyi.
"The younger generation barely offended more."
As soon as Zhouyi’s words stopped, the whole person slipped into the back of Qinglong at a rapid speed, and then a progressive collapse punch was shot at Qinglong’s back.
Fist like an arrow! It is said that it is the best effect to surprise the other side with a fist that is broken by speed and penetration. Zhouyi knows that the strength of the other side is far beyond his own surprise attack tactics to deal with Qinglong.
"The speed is not bad. I have mastered the essence of boxing, but my penetration is still a little poor."
Zhouyi raided Qinglong around his back, but he didn’t turn around, but he looked like he had eyes behind him. He calmly commented on Zhouyi’s tricks and body shape. One side of his body moved back, and a hammer just blocked Zhouyi’s attack
Qinglong is a bit like Tai Ji Chuan’s "body-bending hammer", but it is not the same. It seems that it is more powerful and more concealed, which is an excellent defensive counterattack.
Two fists meet.
Zhouyi felt a strong rush coming in, and he was going to lose his footing. He hurriedly sank his waist and shook it, which melted Qinglong’s boxing strength.
Zhouyi steadied himself and stepped forward again, subtly moving an angle, merging the extreme boxing, splitting the palm of the mountain and wing chun boxing, crashing out with one punch and still attacking the back of Qinglong.
"Xingyiquan’s footwork, extreme boxing, wing chun’s creativity is really good, but the combination is not perfect."
Qinglong once again commented on Zhouyi Boxing. This time, he didn’t defend at all, but quickly bowed his body and suffered Zhouyi’s overbearing punch.
Zhouyi hit Qinglong, but it was not a little proud because his fist touched Qinglong, and the instantaneous Qinglong bow got up and suddenly got up.
Zhouyi not only felt that his fist strength had been melted away, but also felt that the other side was powerless and almost vomited blood.
"This person’s body parts can attack when it’s really horrible to the extreme." Zhou Yicai made two punches, but he was deeply shocked because the power of Qinglong was beyond his imagination
However, Zhouyi was not discouraged, and still changed the angle and launched a continuous attack on Qinglong.
However, every move of Zhouyi was easily resolved by Qinglong. Not only that, Qinglong also commented on some defects of Zhouyi boxing one by one.
"Zhouyi, you attacked 30 strokes. Now you can pick me up with three strokes. These three strokes are my own introduction to Dragon Boxing."
Tsing lung will Zhou Yizhen slightly laughed again.
When Zhouyi heard that Qinglong was going to attack, his face became more dignified because he knew that once this man really made a simple move, he could play a rock-breaking effect in his hand.
"Dragon fist first style braving the wind and waves!"
Tsing lung drank one punch at a time, and it started from the waist and went straight to Zhouyi’s chest. This punch seemed simple but purely real, and the strength of winning came from the waist and the abdomen. It was like an army under pressure, which made people feel scared. It really had a huge momentum to ride the wind and waves and blow the sky.
Qinglong gained 50% strength, but it gave Zhouyi a feeling of being powerless. However, Zhouyi practiced extreme boxing and xingyi boxing since childhood, both of which advocated attack. There is a saying that’ when an enemy is on fire, it is like hitting hard and blocking hard’. Although Qinglong boxing is like the Yangtze River, Zhouyi did not retreat, but attacked a punch and a palm at the same time.
There is only a chance in front of a master like Qinglong. If you are afraid of fighting, you will lose 100%.
This time, Zhouyi is the most powerful trick in extreme boxing and xingyi boxing, that is, cannon boxing and splitting the mountain to slap him with one punch and one palm to fight against Qinglong Dragon Boxing.
Zhouyi and Qinglong resisted a move. As soon as they contacted Zhouyi, they felt that Qinglong’s hand strength was not as strong as momentum, because his plate was still very stable and the impact was not great and there was no sign of rout.
However, Zhouyi’s face changed, and the second wave and the third wave of boxing came out, and a wave was like a tide coming to him.
Zhou Yi’s heart was shocked, and his stunt spiral strength broke out continuously to try to resist the attack of Qinglong.
Spiral strength is extremely secretive, and it is rare for Zhou Yi to fight with people, but today the situation is critical and he has to come out.
The first three waves of boxing strength Zhouyi barely resisted, but from the fourth wave of boxing strength, his whole body was prompted by Qinglong boxing strength to wipe the turf and quickly retreat.
Tsing lung is like a simple punch, but it contains ten kinds of changes. This simple punch contains a wave of ten attacks, which is a unique stunt.

Just as Cang Lingying was preparing to rise and strike, it suddenly burst into a white light, and the red light around Cang Lingying was scattered with a bang.

That more than one thousand inferno soldiers at the same time spit out one mouthful blood pale back several steps.
Cang Lingying wanted to thank the person who saved himself, but when he saw the white light, his face turned from gratitude to anger and hatred "Lin Yu! Who asked you to meddle? !”
Cang Lingying came here but was conspicuous. Instead, he was saved by Lin Yu. He can’t afford to lose such a face.
Lin Yucai was too lazy to ignore Cang Lingying’s anger. His right hand took back the magic gun.
Lin Yu!’ As soon as the inferno warrior saw Lin Yulai, his eyes were red and his eyes became like blood. "Kill this devil!"
For inferno fighters, Cang Ling Yinggen is not regarded by them. Lin Yu is their worst nightmare.
To say that the previous scene of more than 1,000 people dealing with Cang Lingying was spectacular, and thousands of inferno soldiers swarmed nearby as soon as they heard Lin Yu coming.
The scene is so contrasted that Cang Lingying’s momentum is obviously much weaker than Lin Yu’s.
As soon as Lin Yu came, the pressure on many city soldiers and Cangyu College students suddenly eased, which made them look at Lin Yu with special respect.
Even if Lin Yu’s existing Yuan soul realm is heavy, his charm and influence are far from being comparable to that of Yuan Shen realm.
"Piss me off! Lin Yu, I curse you for being shattered by these magic people! " Cang Lingying hid aside and stared bitterly at Lin Yu while healing.
Lin Yu, an inferno warrior, faced with a flood coming to him, did not "shovel" a magic gun into the ground.
Silver magic gun totem immediately sends out a red light that makes inferno soldiers palpitation, enveloping them all.
"Fight with Lin Yu!" Those inferno fighters launched the explosive without hesitation.
Instantly, a "boom" explosive sounded around Lin Yu, and the red light released by the magic gun was scattered.
Thousands of magic people blew themselves up and broke Lin Yu’s silver-tattooed magic gun. Demon totem restraint!
"kill!" The red light of the holy demon totem was broken, and the demons even killed their red eyes and came at Lin Yu.
They couldn’t wait to chop this inferno nemesis into a paste with weapons in their hands!
"Lin Yu, your magic gun has failed. I want to see how you can escape these inferno siege this time!" Hiding in the rear, Cang Lingying smiled grimly. His mind seemed to see the scene of Lin Yu being chopped into meat sauce.
Even if the demon totem temporarily fails, there is still no panic in the face of hordes of Lin Yu
There are already 100 people who are 50 or 60 meters away from Lin Yuyou. Lin Yu is still holding his gray hair and covering up his mocking eyes.
"Your weapons don’t seem to have a good level!" Lin Yu inexplicably said, at the same time, the metal weapons in the hands of those inferno soldiers changed their shapes instantly.
Come is the point of your gun towards Lin Yu these point of your gun suddenly moved to their master stabbed in the past!
Poof, poof, poof …
The hundreds of inferno fighters closest to Lin Yu were inexplicably cut their throats or pierced their hearts with their own weapons.
It’s even more exaggerated that a guy flew up with a big hammer in his hand and smashed his own head to pieces!
"The special attribute of Lin Yuyuan’s soul-metal control!" Secretly and quietly noting the battle, people exclaimed, and their faces were written in shock.
Few people have the special property of metal control, which is generally a substitute company. Few people have seen this special property of meta-soul.
Today, Lin Yu finally showed them what metal control is.
"Damn it!" The inferno soldiers in the rear knew that Lin Yu was too eccentric to fight in close combat. Someone quickly shouted, "This guy is dead with his vitality!"
But will Lin Yu give them such an opportunity?

"Which room were the two young ladies just carried into?" OuYangZe emergency tone expression is very worried about flapping the front desk.

"Good handsome boy, please wait a moment." The receptionist smiled politely and said that she didn’t forget to give it to Ouyang Zefang.
"Hurry up, horse" Ouyang Ze is going crazy.
After waiting for about five seconds, Ouyang Ze was already very anxious. Just five seconds felt longer than a century.
"I found the handsome guy in Room 68. Can the handsome guy give me a …" Before the receptionist finished speaking, Ouyang Ze had already left, walked to the front of the ladder and returned to the 18th floor, and then went to the second ladder and returned to the 1st floor.
"shi" Ouyang Ze looked at the tightest end of the ladder, but it was so slow. He slapped a wall and ran to the stairs.
Ouyang Zefei ran from the first floor.
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As soon as he ran to the fourth floor, a man in a black suit came to the hotel lobby, and everyone’s face was ogling.
No sooner had the man in the black suit reached the ladder than one man came in.
Ouyang Ze has run to the sixth floor, room by room, looking for a fast pace and anxious expression.
The security guard in Room 68 has buckled the buttons of the two sisters, and they are wearing tight vests and clothes.
Tight vests make the two sisters’ bodies even hotter, and the protruding parts of their bodies are all displayed. When the security guard saw the hot bodies, nosebleeds also flowed out, and there was a great reaction. One of the security guards touched Xia Yixi’s body, and her skin was so smooth, tender, elastic and soft.
"That’s great. It should feel great, too," said a security guard.
"Yeah, I’ve never seen such a great woman in terms of face and figure."
Ouyang Ze walked to the left at the end of the corridor and saw Room 68.
Ouyang Ze’s button lock is not locked by the insider.
"Did the people inside the door hear the door?" Ouyang Ze slapped the door and patted it for several times. There was no reaction at all, and it didn’t hit the door.
He went to the end of the corridor, where there was a window sticking out to see if there was any way to the room window or some balcony
That’s all for today.
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Everyone feels like they’ve walked through the ghost gate. If there’s one thing, don’t live.

"I also dare not speak ill of you" Su Mian embarrassed way.
"Lord, don’t say such things. You’re lucky that you’re okay," he asked.
"You all go to change clothes. I’m fine. It’s not good for you to get cold again. Let people cook a pot of ginger soup and drink a few bowls." Su Mian laughed.
"Is the handmaiden all right" Fang Mammy also laughed.
Su Mian just sat back to her dream after everyone took their positions.
Miraculously, she doesn’t remember every detail.
SEAO … What’s this called? A dream? She doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, but she has to believe something if she doesn’t believe it. Now …
Does it matter whether you believe it or not? SEAO went to worry about her daughter. When she returns to Beijing, she doesn’t have to get up and avoid taking care of her.
"Second sister, you can go at ease."
After half an hour, Yan Gui also went back to the house in the rain, almost flying to Su Mian’s house.
"Cotton cotton?" He looked at Sue cotton nervously way
"The report was misunderstood, but it’s okay. You are quick to change clothes." Su Mian embarrassed.
Yan Gui relaxed and nodded, but didn’t change clothes. She chose a place to stay away from her and sat down and didn’t talk.
Su Mian’s heart thumped and Yan Gui would never be angry because she made an oolong. This is an accident.
She asked for help and approached Yan Gui Yan Gui without realizing it.
"Report …" Sue cotton light call.
"What are you doing? The king is all right. "Yan Gui will help her, but she thinks that she is wet.
"Request to go out first" Su Mian waved.
I don’t want to, but please go out when I see this situation.
"I’m okay. It was a misunderstanding just now." Su Mian explained first, or Yan was not allowed to go to her. Chapter 364 Slaughterhouse
Listen to her say that Yan Gui nodded.
"Report change clothes" Sue cotton or pull him up.
Yan Gui didn’t object after all, as she entered the back.
"Call someone in to wait on you and wait for the king to be good." See her waiting for him to change clothes with a belly. Yan is sad and tight. Does she see that he is unhappy?
Su Mian didn’t object to calling indigo naturalis to serve.
For a long time, Yan Gui changed into a light sky-blue robe, and her hair was not tied, so she let it hang freely again and entered the room.
Su Mian took a dry handkerchief to wipe his hair, and the water droplets didn’t ask what happened.
"Mianmian, if this baby is called Ming ‘an, is it good?" Yan Guiyin some dry light way
Su Mianshou gave a "good" meal.
Something happened to Shouan City …
Su Mian was afraid to ask again what else could it be if the city had already given it to Beiyuanren?