Snake Jiuyou took the rhinoceros king and the golden-winged Dapeng bird straight to Zhudao to meet Xiaobai Molin and Zhu Pingman all the way to Mozi Village, while Lu Yue took his apprentice Lei Nan straight to the military. Everyone agreed to meet in Zhudao in six days.

Chapter 43 Save the World
Chapter 43 Save the World
After leaving everyone, Zhu Pingman and Mo Lin, an old man and a young man, are going to Mo Zhe Village to ask Mo Ren for help first.
Mohist schools are all worried about the sky, and judging from Helmos’ words, Mo Ren must have been invited. In this case, it is possible to make the seven great families form a United front against the gods.
Young and old people didn’t dare to neglect and went straight to the west before they walked hundreds of miles and realized that something was wrong.
"Did you find something?" Zhu ping’s rambling steps make a straight line straight into Mo Lin’s ear. This method of beam-sound-forming is safe without the second person’s ear.
"Two people are very strong" Molin and Zhu Pingman discovered almost at the same time.
Newcomers have two smells hidden, but when they approach at high speed, they will definitely show some clues. If they are former Molin, it may take a while to detect them. However, after playing seven chakras, they gained consciousness and gained a little benefit from the last shock wave of the Red Dragon Ball. Now Molin can clearly sense those two smells.
"It seems that an old friend should have no malice." Newcomers are also strong. Since they deliberately hide their breath, it is not easy to judge at the moment. However, from the perspective of the other party’s line, it does not look like the enemy Zhu Pingman has slowed down his steps and is willing to wait.
Ink Lin, of course, also stopped, and both of them converged to express their friendliness to those who came.
Soon, two figures appeared in the distance and quickly approached.
Ink sharp-eyed see the man in front of the black linen turned out to be the trip to find ink endure don’t like the sorrow.
Zhu Ping Man also found a frown saying, "How did he get here?"
The one in front is Mo Ren, while the one behind is not very old, that is, he is less than forty years old.
Two people ran straight to the front of Mo Lin without any pause and stopped to stand five steps away.
"Giant" Mo Lin made a ceremony at Mo Ren, and although he just saved Mo Ren, the entrance of Mo Zhe Village was stabbed by Yang Li in an ambush, but he still maintained his respect for Mo Ren.
Mo Ren sees Mo Lin’s face is a little strange. Although he has experienced several storms, he has always believed that everything he has done is a day. Mo Lin is afraid of difficulties and does not want to repay him. He turned his head and was attacked at the village entrance. So it is also Mohism. I am sorry for Mo Lin.
"Are you all right?" Mo ren asked
"It’s okay." Molin smiled. The so-called meeting, a smile, and an enmity. He played seven chakras and a new world. Now that Yang Li is dead, there are some things that don’t have to be entangled.
"How did the giant get here?" After a simple greeting, Mo Lin found that something was wrong. Mo Ren’s face was gaunt and decadent, which was completely different from the extraordinary tolerance of the former liberal school.
"We are in contact with each big family. Just when we heard the noise, we followed. I didn’t expect to meet you." Mo Rendao said.
"What the hell happened?" Seeing that Mo Ren was a little hesitant, Mo Lin guessed that there was probably a "real thing" with Helmus. We are also going to see you in Mo Zhe Village.
"Oh?" This time it was Mo Ren’s turn to be surprised. "What do you want with me?"
"It’s that Helmus thing that came from the divine world," said Molin, explaining the Helmus thing and showing Mo Ren the invitation of the back of his hand.
Ink endure and the other man turned pale, such as ink Lin finished with your hand.
They also have the same black invitation pattern on the back of their hands as Mo Lin.
Ink Lin frowned "maybe …"
Mo Ren told the story that the Great Desert Divine Gate met Helmus. When he said that Helmus killed the Zhuan Sun wasteland, Zhu Pingman drank a lot.
This is like a thunder, which can almost shake the clouds in the sky.
"What are you talking about? The old slob in the wasteland is dead!" Zhu’s comments are full of hair, swollen eyes and almost oozing blood.
Zhuan Sun wasteland is Zhu Pingman. Please come and help Molin die. Helms’ hand is tantamount to Zhu Pingman killing his old friend. How can he not be angry?
"I must kill this bastard." Zhu Pingman clenched his fists and rushed to the bullfight.
Molin can’t help but feel sad that Zhudao will become permanent. This catastrophe has really killed too many people. I really hope that Hermes is the last doom and the mainland can restore its former peace and tranquility.
"Since we all got the invitation of Helmus, we can’t hide and want us to work together in Qi Xin. I don’t believe that Helmus has a big collar." Zhu Pingman angrily said.
Mo Lin also told Mo Ren about his previous plan, only then did he know that they also hoped that the United States would fight against Helmus.
"We’re still worried about where to find Lu Yueren. Since he went to the military commander, it would be great to wait for the seven aristocratic families to gather together to deal with Helms." Then it is Zou Mo, the new owner of the Yin and Yang family who followed Mo Ren, who was immediately excited to hear that Lu Yueren went to the military commander.
When he said this, he pulled his face apart from Mo Lin, Zhu Ping and Mo Ren.
Zou Mo doesn’t know what she said wrong, and she is a little dumbfounded. Mo Lin also doesn’t understand why Grandpa suddenly becomes heavy and combative.
"Seven-star array hum … seven big families will also have this kind of more bullying and less stuff." Zhu commented coldly.
After what he said, Mo Lin immediately came over in vain. When TaBaYu was almost close to the gods, he was besieged by the seven families and finally vanished. It seems that the seven families were the seven star arrays.
Although it is also very contemptuous of the practice of the seven great families in those days, Molin can tell that this seven-star array is a great array, which can gather the strength of all people and output combat effectiveness several times. In those days, Tuoba Yu could be defeated, and today he might be able to defeat Helms.