See Yang Luoyun come up with a chamber pot, and they can’t help laughing. Some people laugh and bend their backs. The original tension becomes extremely ridiculous.

If pale LingYing ruthlessly toward inflammation coagulation shouted "or? Where to go! "
Cang Lingying casually threw chamber pot to the inflammation if coagulation inflammation if coagulation is not polite with him and immediately took this chamber pot over.
"That I accept" inflammation if coagulation actually accept the chamber pot this let everyone can’t help one leng.
Because they all think that Cang Lingying’s treasure can’t be a chamber pot, it must be a partnership between Cang Lingying and Lin Yu to deceive everyone.
Cang Lingying was too angry to throw this chamber pot out. If the original inflammation is coagulated, I didn’t expect that if the inflammation is coagulated, I would really want Cang Lingying to be dumbfounded immediately. "Give me back chamber pot!"
CangLingYing this weird call roar first let the people laugh again, but if inflammation coagulation turned and walked CangLingYing immediately came after them, they immediately white originally this chamber pot is really a treasure!
His treasure doesn’t know what it is, and there is a ready-made place. A large group of people jumped at it.
"protect miss!" Inflammation feng immediately shout at top of voice a let inflammation home all the younger brothers to protect inflammation if coagulation escape.
Each family brother immediately fought with Yan’s brother. Now that there are treasures, and people in Cangyu College attach so much importance to them, they don’t care about the "deep friendship" of each family.
Yan Feng fled with Yan Ruo Ning, and Cang Lingying followed closely behind them.
He hates it. He hates himself. Why is it so easy to get angry? He hates Lin Yu, the hateful guy, for making himself angry.
He doesn’t come easily, but why is he so angry at the sight of Lin Yu? Are you really jealous that this aspect is not as small as yourself?
Hum, anyway, I must find a chance to kill this annoying little one.
Let’s recover the treasure first!
A large group of people were attracted by inflammation and pale Lingying. In the past, Lin Yuze quietly pulled Wang Haoxuan and Yuan Lan.
When Yang Luoyun and Cang Xuanfeng saw that Lin Yu had escaped, they left with Lin Yu behind them.
But there are still a group of people who have noticed Lin Yu, that is, the demon family, the Luo family and the Zi family.
These three families know that Lin Yu has a map of the battlefield of the ancient gods and will definitely go to other places to look for treasures.
Following Lin Yu is equivalent to following a living treasure map.
Of course, he is not stupid to send some people to chase after Yan Ruo Ning and Cang Lingying, and their large forces will follow the demon family, Luo family and Zi family and follow Lin Yu.
In this way, on the fifth day of entering the battlefield of the ancient gods, because a chamber pot came to treasure, everyone was divided into two batches and went in two opposite directions.
"Lin Yu, what should we do with these people behind us?" Wang Haoxuan asked
Lin Yu hey hey smiled. "They just want to get some bones to chew. Simply take them to places with bones and let them grab them."
Half a day later, a large group of people were led by Lin Yu to the scaffold of the ancient god battlefield.
It is said that the Zhongtian scaffold is the last duel place for the top experts of all ethnic groups, and good luck may lead to artifacts here.
If you’re unlucky, it’s possible to split people in half if a top player remains to attack their vitality.
Lin Yu, the scaffold of heaven, stopped and panted toward the crowd behind him. "It’s up to you to find artifacts in this place. Please stop pestering me."
"Who knows if you lied to us?" Ouyang Zhen grunted, "Lin Yu, the so-called beholder has a share. You can’t keep the treasure for yourself. Hand over the treasure you got, and we will discuss how to divide it. Otherwise, it’s hard for you five to escape and want to live."
"Ha-ha-ha! Come and try something!" Lin Yu repeatedly sneered at this law of the jungle world. He didn’t intend that others would let him go easily when he came.
But these guys want to rob others, but they have to say so grandiose that Lin Yu feels sick.
What they didn’t come at the first time must be that these people have their own minds and don’t want to be the first bird
Lin Yu’s stimulus to them is to hold some silly birds as early birds to teach them some bad lessons!
Ouyang Zhen turned his attention to peacekeeping in Zhao Xiong. "Did you kill Lin Yuru together?"

"His niang coward line you stay here let’s go! Let’s go, guys … "The head of the security guard looked at Weaver’s bear-like contempt and said, and then called seven security guards to stop the car and walk into the company …

Weaver has been with smile after they left insidious smile scold a way "always timid but timid not beaten! You idiots are waiting to be beaten, and a group of people are looking for goods! " It’s nice to lie in your seat and cover your crotch after scolding. Chapter 11 If you get angry, I’ll have to be beaten!
Chapter 11 If I get angry, I have to be beaten!
The head of the security guard despised Weaver extremely, and then rushed into Tongda Insurance Company with a group of security guards. At this time, the receptionist at the front desk of Tongda Insurance Company was there to greet the guests with a standard etiquette. Unexpectedly, a group of nine disheveled security etiquette ladies suddenly broke into the company. After seeing these security guards, they always wanted to laugh, but professional ethics and professional standards restrained her. She looked at the nine disheveled faces with injuries and asked, "Gentlemen, who are you looking for?"
"Looking for who? Hey hey, can I find you? " The security guard first saw that the receptionist was so pure and beautiful, so he suddenly forgot his body pain and teased
"Oh, sir, you’re so funny. I’m sorry. We’re in class. What’s the matter with you?" The receptionist is still very professional and said with a smile
"What’s wrong with Ben? Your class just received us. Hey, hey, beauty, do you know your phone number?" The head of the security guard continued to ask shamelessly, as if he still wanted to keep in-depth contact with this little beauty, which seemed to be a classic trick of picking up girls in Hong Kong and Taiwan films in the late 1990s.
"Mr. Hehe, please show some respect. Who are you looking for?" The receptionist was teased by the security chief for a long time and was a little angry, but she still asked with a professional smile on her face
"Hehe, forget it. We’ll talk to you about beauty when we’re done … I’m looking for a small driver in your company …" The head of the security guard saw that the little girl didn’t like him at all and didn’t care about him at all, so he hurriedly smiled awkwardly and gave himself a step. He was not as thick-skinned as Weaver’s youngest son, although his skin was thicker, but it was all made out of him. There was a qualitative difference between him and this little girl. If he had been talking at that time, he would have been old Wei. It will make the little girl cry instead of cursing the street. This is pretending to force people. Most people can’t learn it. It’s like the magical secret book "Sunflower Collection" that says, "If you want to practice this skill, you must first go to the palace." Everything has to pay a price. Of course, it’s sloppy. If you don’t grind your face out, how can you become a big man in the port city?
"Little driver? What little driver? " The receptionist breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the head of the security guard was not entangled. She continued to ask because she really didn’t know who the driver was in the mouth of the head of the security guard. Because she came to the company to find either the chairman or the general manager, who would find a small driver?
"What is the driver bai can also be a small driver! Oh, yes, I remember what his name seems to be … what Wang Xiaogan … "The security chief continued to explain.
"Oh … what do you want with him?" When the receptionist heard that she had come to see Wang Xiaogan, she suddenly became radiant. Because Brother Gan didn’t come for a long time, but she was deeply impressed. Especially, it was a passionate speech at the door of the company, which had a profound influence on the little girl. She became an idol because she felt that although this man was not very good-looking, he felt responsible and responsible, and such a man was the most attractive man. This was the simple idea of a little girl.
"Ha ha, it’s nothing. I just want to talk to him …" The security guard first saw that the little girl knew the little driver and immediately smiled and said.
"Mr … that I make a phone call to help you ask! See if he doesn’t … "Although the receptionist has always reported a professional smile, she has always been wary of rejecting this group of disheveled big men, because although this group of people are all wearing security system, they look like hooligans. How can there be a good man? More importantly, this group of security guards just have a fight with others, otherwise their faces are all red and purple? Seeing that they are aggressive, it must be bad for them to protect the idol, the little girl said, picking up the words, and called the driver’s cab, because she knew that the elder brother was fine at ordinary times, so she stayed in the driver’s lounge
The head of the security guard didn’t think much about it. The receptionist wanted to give a message to Brother Gan. She didn’t want Brother Gan to be beaten by such a group of bruisers. First, Brother Gan was her idol. How could she be beaten under her nose? Second, Brother Gan was beaten. It is estimated that General Sun of the company will definitely blame her, but she knows that General Sun is doing it, but it is not common in the company. She thinks that it is quite reasonable for General Sun to follow Brother Gan. It is very simple because Brother Gan is her idol and her idol is a good man. What can a woman say with a good man?
The little girl dialed the words in the driver’s lounge of Gange, who was reading the newspaper and drinking a small cup of tea. Suddenly, the bell rang, and Gange put the newspaper in and answered the words, "Hello, who are you?"
"Hello, I’m Xiao Li at the front desk. I don’t want to go to the office …" The little girl ignored the elder brother’s question and answered, and then continued not to let the elder brother interjected, "Oh … well, no, it’s just that nine security guards have just come to the company, saying that they want to come to the elder brother …"
Listen to the little girl Xiaoli at the front desk. Brother Gan is still confused when he first arrived, but it turns out that this little girl is trying to protect herself from harm. So he smiled and said, "Hehe, thank you, Xiaoli. I’m fine. Just tell them to wait. I’ll be there in a minute …" Brother Gan hung up and took a sip. He just made that cup of fragrant Tieguanyin and went upstairs.
What else does the little girl want to persuade? But Brother Gan has hung up, so she is a little lost. After hanging up, the security chief asks, "What’s up? That little driver? "
“! He said let you wait here and his horse will come to meet you! " It’s annoying that Xiaoli is lost. This group of smelly security guards let them ask and suddenly didn’t good the spirit said
"Yo, I didn’t expect this little guy to have a look. It’s good to know that he’s coming to meet us. Since he’s so honest, you guys can just tap your hands for a while! Don’t kill and maim … "The security guard first heard that the elder brother had to come to meet them in person, and immediately said with arrogance, a group of security guards issued an arrogant yin smile.
"Ha ha guys talk about what so happy? Talk about making my younger brother happy? " Brother Gan was coming out of the ladder at this time and saw that a group of security guards had just been beaten up by himself last night, but they even came to the door and made a lot of noise at the company gate and immediately asked with a smile.
A group of people are still there laughing and suddenly nervous when they hear the sound of dry elder brother, but they have all been beaten by dry elder brother, and the scars haven’t been good for more than five hours when they were beaten. They don’t want to be beaten up again, or the head of the security guard mixed up with him and said calmly, "Hehehe, it’s nothing for us to come to you. The elder brothers just miss you. Come and see you …"
After the head of security guard said this, Brother Gan suddenly felt a funny feeling in his heart. This guy is so obsessed with himself, right? I don’t even miss you on my own! Said his mother was so disgusting! And a group of younger security guards behind the head of the security guard were really cold in their hearts for a while, and they also scolded the head of the security guard for a while and missed him. If you miss us, we don’t want to be hurt after being beaten. You think about being beaten so soon. Isn’t that a bitch?
"Ha ha come and see me? Have you seen enough now, guys? Why don’t I move a stool out and sit for you guys to enjoy? " Dry elder brother teased and asked
I haven’t waited for the head of the security guard to reply before I finished. Xiaoli, the receptionist at the front desk, couldn’t help laughing. She couldn’t help it. The security guards looked at Xiaoli and laughed so hard that they quickly replied, "No, no, we’ll be satisfied at a glance …" He said, and he was surrounded to walk outside.
Brother Gan looked at this group of bullying security guards and suddenly felt that they were also pretty cute. At this time, they were afraid of being cute in front of people. Before they could walk a few steps, Brother Gan shouted, "Come back! Don’t be busy leaving, I haven’t finished yet! "
It’s great to be called by Brother Gan to escape from the fire. Brother Gan is going back on his word, so he didn’t dare to turn back and finally unanimously elected them to speak to the head of the security guard. The head of the security guard turned to see his legs tremble a little and asked, "Brother … What else do you command?"
"Ha ha, what can I tell you … I’m here to see you guys off and say a few words …" Brother Gan smiled and looked at them and said.
"Mr … seeing me off … how can I help you to do it? We can go by ourselves …" The security chief replied with a sigh of relief after listening to the words of the elder brother.
"Ha ha well, then I won’t send it … I’ll say a few words to you and tell you Yu Dagong!" Dry elder brother still said with a smile
"You said that you said that I am listening to the eldest brother. Don’t worry, I will definitely give you the message!" Security chief guarantee way
"Well … I don’t have much to say. Just say a word. I don’t care if his father is the mayor or the governor. I have to be beaten if I get angry!" Dry elder brother positive color way
After listening to Brother Gan’s words, the head of security didn’t know what a real aura was, so Nuo Nuo nodded and promised, "I know, eldest brother, don’t worry, I will definitely take the message to you …" After that, I was still waiting for Brother Gan’s order.
Brother Gan smiled with satisfaction after hearing the security chief’s words, and then waved at him. The security chief dared to turn and walk to the Jinbei car. Chapter 1 secretly fought.
After a group of security guards, the head of the security guard, despondently, found that Wei Fu had been sitting there waiting for them, clutching his crotch. Just now, Wei Fu saw his eyes, gnashing his teeth. How awesome it was to come to this group of tigers? I didn’t expect a group of cowards to be soft before they started, and I still expected them to avenge themselves. I expected them not to even avenge themselves. So Wei Fu looked at them with contempt and asked, "How did you finish teaching that little driver so quickly?"
The head of the security guard looked at Weaver’s schadenfreude, so he didn’t fight. He was scared by the dry brother just now, and now he finally found someone to get angry. So he looked at Weaver angrily and said, "How dare you laugh at our brothers?" ! Last name is Wei. I tell you, don’t look down on people. Although our brothers can’t beat that small, we can’t go to see him in the harbor car. But you fucking know that hiding in the car is the only thing you can do! " The head of the security guard patted Wei Fu’s head, and his security guards were all eyeing Wei Fu’s position. It seemed that if Wei Fu, the youngest son, dared to pout, they would attack directly. Although they were afraid of being a brother, they were not afraid to deal with Wei Fu, a pretentious man. The best way to deal with him was to beat him until he could not pretend to force him to be honest.
Weaver looked up at the pair of glaring eyes and wanted to be poor. At the sight of this posture, he suddenly softened and smiled. "Hey, hey, what are these little brothers talking about? How can I look down on you? You are all men, all real men, all just pure men, all war fighters …" That guy Weaver can talk and praise all these embarrassed security guards, saying that he feels sick and feels hypocritical.

Snake Jiuyou took the rhinoceros king and the golden-winged Dapeng bird straight to Zhudao to meet Xiaobai Molin and Zhu Pingman all the way to Mozi Village, while Lu Yue took his apprentice Lei Nan straight to the military. Everyone agreed to meet in Zhudao in six days.

Chapter 43 Save the World
Chapter 43 Save the World
After leaving everyone, Zhu Pingman and Mo Lin, an old man and a young man, are going to Mo Zhe Village to ask Mo Ren for help first.
Mohist schools are all worried about the sky, and judging from Helmos’ words, Mo Ren must have been invited. In this case, it is possible to make the seven great families form a United front against the gods.
Young and old people didn’t dare to neglect and went straight to the west before they walked hundreds of miles and realized that something was wrong.
"Did you find something?" Zhu ping’s rambling steps make a straight line straight into Mo Lin’s ear. This method of beam-sound-forming is safe without the second person’s ear.
"Two people are very strong" Molin and Zhu Pingman discovered almost at the same time.
Newcomers have two smells hidden, but when they approach at high speed, they will definitely show some clues. If they are former Molin, it may take a while to detect them. However, after playing seven chakras, they gained consciousness and gained a little benefit from the last shock wave of the Red Dragon Ball. Now Molin can clearly sense those two smells.
"It seems that an old friend should have no malice." Newcomers are also strong. Since they deliberately hide their breath, it is not easy to judge at the moment. However, from the perspective of the other party’s line, it does not look like the enemy Zhu Pingman has slowed down his steps and is willing to wait.
Ink Lin, of course, also stopped, and both of them converged to express their friendliness to those who came.
Soon, two figures appeared in the distance and quickly approached.
Ink sharp-eyed see the man in front of the black linen turned out to be the trip to find ink endure don’t like the sorrow.
Zhu Ping Man also found a frown saying, "How did he get here?"
The one in front is Mo Ren, while the one behind is not very old, that is, he is less than forty years old.
Two people ran straight to the front of Mo Lin without any pause and stopped to stand five steps away.
"Giant" Mo Lin made a ceremony at Mo Ren, and although he just saved Mo Ren, the entrance of Mo Zhe Village was stabbed by Yang Li in an ambush, but he still maintained his respect for Mo Ren.
Mo Ren sees Mo Lin’s face is a little strange. Although he has experienced several storms, he has always believed that everything he has done is a day. Mo Lin is afraid of difficulties and does not want to repay him. He turned his head and was attacked at the village entrance. So it is also Mohism. I am sorry for Mo Lin.
"Are you all right?" Mo ren asked
"It’s okay." Molin smiled. The so-called meeting, a smile, and an enmity. He played seven chakras and a new world. Now that Yang Li is dead, there are some things that don’t have to be entangled.
"How did the giant get here?" After a simple greeting, Mo Lin found that something was wrong. Mo Ren’s face was gaunt and decadent, which was completely different from the extraordinary tolerance of the former liberal school.
"We are in contact with each big family. Just when we heard the noise, we followed. I didn’t expect to meet you." Mo Rendao said.
"What the hell happened?" Seeing that Mo Ren was a little hesitant, Mo Lin guessed that there was probably a "real thing" with Helmus. We are also going to see you in Mo Zhe Village.
"Oh?" This time it was Mo Ren’s turn to be surprised. "What do you want with me?"
"It’s that Helmus thing that came from the divine world," said Molin, explaining the Helmus thing and showing Mo Ren the invitation of the back of his hand.
Ink endure and the other man turned pale, such as ink Lin finished with your hand.
They also have the same black invitation pattern on the back of their hands as Mo Lin.
Ink Lin frowned "maybe …"
Mo Ren told the story that the Great Desert Divine Gate met Helmus. When he said that Helmus killed the Zhuan Sun wasteland, Zhu Pingman drank a lot.
This is like a thunder, which can almost shake the clouds in the sky.
"What are you talking about? The old slob in the wasteland is dead!" Zhu’s comments are full of hair, swollen eyes and almost oozing blood.
Zhuan Sun wasteland is Zhu Pingman. Please come and help Molin die. Helms’ hand is tantamount to Zhu Pingman killing his old friend. How can he not be angry?
"I must kill this bastard." Zhu Pingman clenched his fists and rushed to the bullfight.
Molin can’t help but feel sad that Zhudao will become permanent. This catastrophe has really killed too many people. I really hope that Hermes is the last doom and the mainland can restore its former peace and tranquility.
"Since we all got the invitation of Helmus, we can’t hide and want us to work together in Qi Xin. I don’t believe that Helmus has a big collar." Zhu Pingman angrily said.
Mo Lin also told Mo Ren about his previous plan, only then did he know that they also hoped that the United States would fight against Helmus.
"We’re still worried about where to find Lu Yueren. Since he went to the military commander, it would be great to wait for the seven aristocratic families to gather together to deal with Helms." Then it is Zou Mo, the new owner of the Yin and Yang family who followed Mo Ren, who was immediately excited to hear that Lu Yueren went to the military commander.
When he said this, he pulled his face apart from Mo Lin, Zhu Ping and Mo Ren.
Zou Mo doesn’t know what she said wrong, and she is a little dumbfounded. Mo Lin also doesn’t understand why Grandpa suddenly becomes heavy and combative.
"Seven-star array hum … seven big families will also have this kind of more bullying and less stuff." Zhu commented coldly.
After what he said, Mo Lin immediately came over in vain. When TaBaYu was almost close to the gods, he was besieged by the seven families and finally vanished. It seems that the seven families were the seven star arrays.
Although it is also very contemptuous of the practice of the seven great families in those days, Molin can tell that this seven-star array is a great array, which can gather the strength of all people and output combat effectiveness several times. In those days, Tuoba Yu could be defeated, and today he might be able to defeat Helms.