I’m afraid he knows what he’s thinking, but I’m afraid he won’t know what will happen after the Magic Guild-I believe it will be a news that will shock everyone …

There are changes in guilds, not only the Devil Fight and other guilds in the Summer Palace, but also the Seven Nights Guild, the Shenburial Guild, the Extreme Guild, and the Dragon Pursuit Guild. They are all restless and seem to smell gunpowder …
The higher the level, the closer it is to the ultimate goal of the first players-they want to go to Longcheng first! Dragon City is a fortress for human beings to fight against the abyss, and it is suggested that players enter Dragon City in large numbers, which means that the abyss is on the verge of fighting first, but there is a period of relaxation, and proper preparation can also help them understand that Dragon City is brushing inside, although it may no longer be needed …
At present, if Yang Ye keeps the trend of upgrading, it can be the first to enter Longcheng, but no one can say whether someone will directly surpass him. Speaking of it, Yang Ye still wants to be the first to enter it and pursue it. It doesn’t seem like …
After tens of minutes of cleaning up, Yang Ye finally felt the fluctuation of the flower fairyland in front of her eyes-it was almost untenable! During this period, even Yang Ye had some difficulty in getting back the potion, which was a thrilling experience, but in the end, he managed to keep full of blood …
When Yang Ye once again chopped a flower monster to the ground, the beautiful illusion suddenly changed. In the distance, the flower sea disappeared and broke like a mirror. The river suddenly broke into pieces like a glass rod. Whether it was true or not, the flowers declined and withered. In an instant, the spring was full, and the flowers blossomed into autumn, which was full of scars and silence.
"pa! !”
Suddenly everything was broken in front of me.
Yang Ye, once obsessed, returned to the shadow in front of the spell teacher Aaron-on how they moved in the flower dreamland, they never moved at the shadow. Aaron was pale and kneeling on his left hand to support his body, and he could see that he was very tired.
I don’t know how much energy a flower fantasy needs to maintain Yang Ye, but the present situation tells him that the more flowers fantasy, the less intensity Aaron will support. That is to say, if the number of players is large and the flower fantasy needs to cover more than a dozen at the same time, I’m afraid Aaron will not be able to support it for a long time instead of treating Yang Ye and becoming a demon as long as he is now.
The flower illusion will also bring a damage to the player-reduce the remaining health by 5%. Generally speaking, "reducing the remaining health" will not let the player die, even if there is a drop of blood reduced by 5%, there are still 5 arguments that will not let the player die.
Despite this, Yang Ye and Yi Nian Meng are still missing a lot of blood.
"Drink blood first" became a demon, took out the medicine bottle and continued to replenish blood while watching Aaron, the spell master, afraid that he would move.
"Well, this flower dreamland is really interesting." Yang Ye nodded and took out a few medicine bottles and gave some to Lilina and some to himself.
"It almost didn’t kill me. I’m fine. I have the skills to add blood." One thought became a demon and angrily said.
"Ha ha, I’m almost the same" Yang Ye laughed.
Aaron got down on one knee for a long time, and after a few minutes, he finally got up. His face changed from pale to bloody. He looked at the two people in front of him and took a deep breath. "I didn’t expect that people who entered my fantasy land could still come out alive."
Yang Ye looked at Aaron and didn’t speak.
And Aaron looked at the two people in front of him and smiled sadly. "Sure enough, I should have died long ago." To be continued.
Chapter 357 People will die and their words will be good.
Don’t be so miserable when Aaron laughs. After the speech, the whole person seems to be depressed. It seems that the flower fantasy method has done harm to Yang Ye and Yi Niancheng, which directly made Aaron lose his fighting spirit.
You can see from the miner’s hat that Aaron’s blood volume is at the last 1% at this time. It’s like attacking the flower monster in the flower dreamland and hurting Aaron himself.
Aaron looked at the two men and touched them in his arms and pulled out a pollen bomb. But at this time, he didn’t throw it at Yang Ye with an arrogant smile, but calmly said, "The Queen Flower is very cruel. Although I don’t believe that you can kill him, I still wish you success … I didn’t want to make her."
"I don’t have any problem with your insistence on killing the Queen Flower-all the way forward, there is a mountain peak built by the Queen Flower on its own, and there is a hole at the foot of the mountain where you can see her."
Then Aaron suddenly pressed the pollen bomb against his chest and closed his eyes …
"Holy shit …"
"Wocao …"
Yang Ye two people to look at Aaron puzzled but now a look is white-this Aaron incredibly fucking suicide! !
In the game, it’s not unusual for boss to commit suicide. Like Aaron, it’s even more for boss to commit suicide with 1% blood left-it takes more than ten seconds to kill himself. Generally, boss commits suicide for a reason, but generally, blood volume doesn’t mean much. If it’s more, the player has to do it himself.
Aaron’s suicide and the words before suicide are a bit like taking the blame and dying-I did something wrong and shouldn’t live. Let me die! ! Shout like this and then die directly …
No matter whether Aaron committed suicide for reasons, but in the end, there was no need for such a little blood. Yang Ye did it himself-
The pollen bomb exploded and the pink mushroom cloud rose, and Aaron’s body was instantly covered by the mushroom cloud and disappeared …
"Equipment … won’t be gone, won’t it?" A thought became a magic wait for a while way.
"Ah … this is a problem." Yang Ye woke up. It would be a pity if the equipment was gone. This Aaron is equipped with fairy-level equipment boss! !
As always, the spectacular shrinking nuclear explosion effect of pink mushroom cloud finally stopped after flipping and rising for a moment. They went to Yang Ye and looked intently-there was no spell teacher Aaron in the original place, and there was a circle of pink land burned by pollen bombs and a few pieces of swaying equipment …
"Haha!" I went to the place where Aaron died and picked up the equipment. "Let’s take a look at what’s good … lie down! ! ! Fairy-level equipment is also special. It’s the soldier shoulder pad who wiped his hair! !”
See fairy dress a thought into a magic is quite not calm rang rang up if you don’t know him, Yang Ye must be which little rookie came here to mix equipment-it’s the president of the Magic Guild!
"By our promise, we are lucky and directly out of the warrior fairy shoulder pad level 55! Made a hair! " As soon as I became obsessed, I kept chanting, "Come and catch the roll. I can’t wait."
Looking at Yang Ye’s appearance as a demon, it’s a bit funny. "I don’t have to roll it for you directly." Yang Ye said that he did have a "chop forging" in the virus lab. At present, Li Yanxin’s continuous collection of materials is about to be made. As soon as it is made, there will be a good shoulder pad equipment. Is there any such thing as Kuang Yangye’s having to read it as a demon? A little favor …
"Hey, you really don’t want it?" A year’s silence changed to a fairy with glowing rays. shoulder pad shook it and let its light shine into Yang Ye’s eyes …
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "I don’t want you to take it." It’s not enough to have a little fairy equipment and become a demon.
"Hey, hey, it’s very kind of you, that’s me." One thought turned into a demon and asked two sentences. It’s true that Yang Ye really doesn’t want to equip himself directly without being melodramatic-
The shoulders are sketched and carved with bright flowers, and shoulder pad is shining with faint light, which is not ordinary at first glance!
Directly turning the special effects into a magic seems to like this low-key. In fact, sometimes Yang Ye still likes it-enough to pretend to be B!
Armed with new equipment, I became fascinated and directly gave the rear equipment department to Yang Ye. Then I excitedly raised his sword and waved it majestically for two times and then said, "Continue?" Look at the sample for such a long time, the fatigue of online brushing will disappear after getting a powerful equipment …
"Continue to have a wool rest. We were online for too long at ten o’clock in the morning." Yang Ye shook his head and said with a smile.
"Ah, that’s right, too." When I read it, I put away my sword and nodded.
Two people directly line out of the game.
The next day, almost at the same time, the two men straightened up a little bit and went deeper into the fascinating shadow-the final site of the Queen Flower was ahead.
The cabin of Aaron, the spell master behind him, is getting farther and smaller, but the mountain peak in front of us is getting higher and higher, and the wind around it is getting more harsh. It seems that people will be overturned in the future and no one will be allowed to get close to it …
All the way, Yang Ye and his party met no obstacles and were quite calm-but this calm seems to tell them that the Queen Flower can be extremely dangerous! Otherwise, countless monsters will be placed in the way to prevent the enemy from approaching. The weaker the boss is, the more help he needs and the stronger he will be. They will fight on their own strength.
I’m afraid we won’t know until we see the queen flower-
The towering mountain peaks stand in the shadows of the plain, and the white fog is constantly pouring out from the top of the mountain and spreading all around. This is the center. At the foot of the mountain, there is a hole, and the hole seems to be more spacious as it narrows at first, which is good for Aaron.
It is not unreasonable to say that people will die and their words will be good.
Yang Ye and the one-year-old demon shine on the road ahead with their weapons, and touch the hole all the way along the wall of ue. There is nothing special about ue except humid air, smooth and watery walls with moss, and it is not too dangerous to hear bugs around.
Even so, Yang Ye never stopped to make the miner’s hat pay attention to all around-who knows if the danger will suddenly come!
The hole ue seems to have been around for a long time for a minute or two, and it didn’t feel like it bottomed out. If it was real, Yang Ye would have gone out long ago, but fortunately, there is another one next to the game that can talk and chat.
"Your guild doesn’t matter, right? I heard from my friend yesterday that one of your guild members and one of their own played a few more games." Yang Ye groped forward and walked forward. His voice echoed in the hole ue, which made the hole more secluded.
When I heard Yang Ye’s words, I smiled first and then said, "It’s normal that no matter how they think about the position of the president of the guild every day, let them think that they refuse this damn thing and make small moves!" One thought becomes a demon and sighs heavily.
"When are you going to act?" Yang Ye expression serious.
"I don’t know if it’s up to you. When you can do it, I’ll do it." He sounded calm when he read the magic word. "What opportunity are you waiting for?"
"Waiting for a suitable opportunity"
"The Summer Palace is going to hold on." One thought became a demon and then added, "Although it is better than my magic guild, there will be nothing wrong with Pan Tianyu Alliance. The moth has been throbbing very much recently."
"Hey, everyone knows about the Pan-Sky Alliance?" Yang Ye wondered that the Pan-Sky Alliance was the first time he met in Dolson. According to his understanding, this stop is not like an alliance that can organize on the table but should work behind the scenes.
"Don’t look at the forum?"
"rarely seen"
"That’s not surprising. They went crazy after the Battle of Dolson. Recently, they have also attracted more small and medium-sized guilds and workshops to join their synthesis. The idea that they are going to become the largest joint organization of Tianyu has to be prevented has become a magic road.

Alas, this small job is just unprofessional. Xia Xiaoqing inwardly sighed.

Of course, everyone knows that once a dragon hair is successful, it can’t stand loneliness. It is always necessary to try to do things in the east and the west, but where is it different this time? I can’t seem to go anywhere this time, which really makes people feel wasted.
But don’t forget what is the general line of our party? That is to make money! Keep this in mind, then there will be no worries about no projects to dig!
The waist box rang when the key was pressed. Pick it up and have a look. It’s a beauty!
"I have a job for you. Will you take it?" Colchicine Iraqi voice is still cold and can’t recognize feelings.
"Why don’t you pick it up?" Mad dog dragon, don’t say that if you want to make money, you can sell yourself to bury your friends. "How big a job?"
"Two diamond coins!" The beauty said lightly.
"Hissing-"Mad Dog Dragon gasped. "What’s the big deal with you?"
"If you are interested, we will meet at the north gate of the lobby in 2 minutes." Then the beauty hangs up the phone.
Colchicine iraqis didn’t make a big deal, she just wanted to synthesize a classic equipment.
When it comes to synthesis, you have to equip the melting pot, which can be said to be the core equipment system of players in the ninth continent
Every player will automatically get a unified gift from the warehouse when he is born. The furnace includes three functions: catalysis, forging and synthesis. It is true that the core system can’t deal with the magic stone because all three functions need the crystal source to start.
Catalysis is to put a piece of equipment into the furnace and pass through the crystal source with pure high properties.
This function seems to be quite against the sky. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. For example, a novice wooden stick, even if you are super rich and repeatedly catalyzed by magic crystals, you might as well go to the store to buy an old axe.
Then the catalytic function must be in those worthy of catalytic equipment. For example, if you get a sword with +1 attack power, you will find that the first time you catalyze with a magic crystal, you will actually get +2 attack power. If you catalyze once, the return will be doubled. Then you can be sure that this sword is very worthy of repeated catalysis. Of course, this sword is theoretical, but it may be almost impossible in practice.
The principle of catalysis can be limited, but when the equipment quality and bearing capacity reach the limit to a certain extent, how do you expect that it will not be upgraded at all? The novice stick will not be upgraded again. Even if you catalyze once, you will not increase your attack power for the 11th time, even if you are a thousand magic crystals.
In general, this seemingly simple and anti-God function depends on the player’s knowledge, vision, experience and feeling.
The second is forging, which is to achieve mutation after mixing equipment and crystal source to obtain attribute enhancement catalysis. The difference is that the quality of equipment has changed
It’s still a novice wooden stick case. For the first time, forging a wooden stick made it bigger and the attack power of the stick increased a few points. Then forge a big stick into a mace; Then forge the mace and it becomes a multi-section stick …
Of course, forging doesn’t mean that the more times you forge, the better your equipment will be, the more abnormal it will be and the same as catalysis. When the equipment’s bearing capacity breaks through the limit, the forged thing is likely to be a waste.
Things like novice sticks are all experienced knowledge. You can forge them four times. You have to forge them for the fifth time. It will turn into a rolling pin or something. Anyway, the attack power will be +11 points. At the sixth time, it may become a branch. The attack power is not as good as that of novice sticks. Besides, it should be noted that the more times you forge, the greater the amount of crystal source you invest each time. From the perspective of resources, the forging risk is much greater than that of catalysis.
Forging is suitable for those unpopular equipment and strange things, so surely someone will ask the mad dog, the dragon and the bachelor, if you take it for forging once, it will become the original bomb.
I’m sorry, you think too much. Mad Dog Dragon Bomb belongs to props. Props can’t make the furnace function equipped, and once the props in science and technology are successfully issued, they can’t be changed.
As far as risk synthesis is concerned, it is the highest and largest function.
The specific method of synthesis is to put five pieces of equipment of the same level together and fuse them to finally become a higher-level equipment.
Everyone knows that the equipment in The Ninth Continental is divided into whiteboard, perfection, classic, narration, epic and eternity. If you reach the eternal level, then your equipment is the pinnacle and you are done.
It seems that there are six levels, among which the difficulty is simply terrible. If you want to upgrade five pieces of equipment of the same level, you will not be able to succeed simply by combining them together. On the contrary, if you don’t get the point, your success rate will fail for a generation.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that several senior players continue to explore and summarize the synthesis system.
For example, from the perspective of quality, attribute, category and level, the five novice sticks are all the same, so the success rate of upgrading is 1%, but even if you combine the novice sticks into an epic novice stick, its attributes are just that.
+25 attack power +25% crit chance +2% crit damage +5% attack bloodsucking +15 water magic damage;
In this way, the properties are really awesome, but in fact, you consume more crystal sources in the synthesis process than forging, which is not worth the candle.
Another example is three novice sticks plus two wood blade. From the category point of view, wood blade is another equipment. Now, the success rate of your synthetic words is only 6%. In most cases, it is still a novice stick. If your ancestral grave is full of smoke, it will not be obvious if you have a perfect novice stick.
The data of the five pieces of equipment needed for synthesis, such as their quality, attributes, grades, categories, whether they have been forged or catalyzed, etc., should be perfectly matched. Of course, it is impossible to do this. Then these data should be basically matched or not far apart, so that the success rate is higher.
The equipment in "The Ninth Continent" is no longer dependent on exploding the boss or picking up a player as in the unified game. No matter whether you are poor or rich, you need to be full of courage, wisdom, be good at research and dare to try to innovate boldly. You can create a generation of amazing weapons yourself. From then on, the left-hand peasant knife and the right-hand chair lick the sword and sunflower treasure book will block the killing Buddha’s wife in front of your chest … Then I will kill my wife!
Chapter 43 Give them some color to see see
At present, Qiushui Yiren holds four perfect necklaces with the same attributes +2 spell strength +12 mana; Now we need the last one to synthesize smoothly.
In the end, it was exactly the same. It was said that it was easy to get the equipment. It was completed by picking up the chef np in the city and collecting two big carp in the Qinghe River in the west of the city
Each player is limited to five beautiful women, and the first four times have been successfully completed.
But it’s hard to get it, and it’s hard to get it. The first thing is to synthesize this thing. For the poor in the novice stage, it’s best not to touch the magic crystal. Let’s not say that this is to get the fish back to the second-level player. Who wants you to break it? So how much can I play this or level 1 people have at level 1? You don’t try to get a fishing rod and a fishing net. What can you catch fish?
And the biggest obstacle is the beauty’s own level 1 mage to catch fish? Don’t joke about your small body. Of course, if a level 1 mage really has a classic treasure pendant, it’s quite a fate, even worse than the innate attributes of a mad dog dragon. Don’t say that if a beautiful woman reaches level 1, that thing is likely to catalyze you to an extent that you can’t imagine. You know, Bai Fumei has money to play with a melting pot.
However, in the final analysis, the Iraqi people’s disastrous appearance will cause a lot of trouble wherever they go. Even if the enemy doesn’t find fault, our teammates stick to flies and progress is really slow.
After much deliberation, she decided to pay for the Mad Dog Dragon again. She felt that Mad Dog Dragon was more reliable. Relatively speaking, Mad Dog Dragon had the right level and superior strength. In addition, Mad Dog Dragon Root didn’t covet her beauty, which was the most reassuring.
Objectively speaking, her employment price is sky-high, mainly because she is eager to fit the equipment herself.
"Of course, I’ve never been interested in women. I like people who are handsome, burly, ambitious, knowledgeable, literate, martial-minded, immortal, immortal, and longevity …" A dragon rushed to the north gate of the hall and shamelessly boasted. "But I said, boss, when you first came in, you must turn your beauty into such a pervert?"
Colchicine iraqis gave him a white "I’m ugly 3% what else can I do? Did it ruin this function? "
"This ….." Mad dog dragon also language.
Because I had a fight with Brother Pants in the bloody castle before, I shocked the Council. This time, the beauty was relatively low-key, and the equipment color was hidden. That Aston Martin could not replace it. It was a tattered Santala 2.
But the problem is that you think you are low-key enough, but when you actually get to Qinghe, you find yourself still very high-profile. Some people are doomed to be unable to keep a low profile.
The Qinghe River is also relatively quiet. There are five players here and three players there. There are not many players in this limited number of players. It is difficult for Iraqis to drive to make others pay attention.
Of course, everyone’s first reaction when they see a beautiful woman is that their eyes are bright. Wow, isn’t this girl too bright?
Then I saw the mad dog dragon next to the beautiful woman, but my heart was cold. Wow, brother, you are brighter. What a flower! Oh, it’s not a good cow dung.
The so-called fishing is fishing with a fishing rod, but this efficiency is too low, because chef np requires that it be a big carp, which is at least 3 Jin. There are many fish in this river, and you may not catch a carp. I don’t know if it will be completed until the year of the year.
The mad dog dragon was amazed at the moment. "How did you finish it four times when you were with us on the St. Tianqiao only two days ago?"
The beauty suddenly blushed. "I received it here at a high price."
"How much is it?" Mad dog dragon suspected.
The beauty sighed "15 gold coins"
Mad dog dragon suddenly stopped talking, and his face looked like he saw a monster.
I know ya has money, but no matter how rich you are, it’s not your way to waste it. You’ve been ripped off. Today, I finally know that you don’t charge high prices for fish.
Alas, women are just irrational.
"Four times, that is, a fish with 15 gold coins is 12 gold coins equivalent to 12 diamond coins just by collecting fish …" Even if Mad Dog Dragon pulls his fingers, "this doesn’t include road, food, car, oil and so on, as well as fishing rods, earthworms, zanba, nails and benches …"
Qiu Shui Yiren was angered by him. "I hired you to help me get fish and protect me by the way, not to ask you to help me settle accounts. I asked you to be a helper, not an accountant!"
Mad dog Longnai shrugged, and they found a place to sit in the grass and then fished.
However, the efficiency is really not generally low. It was not until one minute later that Mad Dog Dragon caught the first one, not carp, but a crab. According to this progress, it will take at least ten days to complete it.
What kind of fish do you catch when there are so many hours? Even if you make a bunch of bombs and take them to the guild to sell and earn two or three diamond coins, it will be a matter of minutes.
He was upset about the beauty there, but he was even more upset, mainly because a group of players next door were yelling and whistling and winking at her from time to time.
The beauty was upset, or the second key was so loud that the fish were scared away, so she called Mad Dog Dragon.
"What’s wrong with the boss?" Mad dog dragon is puzzled
The beauty said angrily, "Go and show them some color."
I fork. Really? You Gao Fushuai Bai Fumei are ready to fight and kill. Well, even if you are arrogant and unreasonable, there are a dozen people in the group next door. It seems that one soldier is one enemy and ten seems to be out of the buddy’s strategic and tactical category
Seeing that he was hesitant, the beauty couldn’t help but sneer. "Isn’t your principle to take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others?"

"When am I guilty again!"

Chenchi’s fingertip glided gently over Qingchen’s lips. "You still have the words" You are guilty "written on your face in your eyes. Do you want to take a mirror to take a photo for you?"
"…" Qingchen was cheated and confessed immediately. "Well, I want to know, and then … when our child grows up, if he dares to dislike me and worship you blindly, I will tell him about your black history department and let him know that mom is the best person in the family."
Chenchi couldn’t help laughing, "Don’t tell him my black history. If he dares not like you, I’ll teach him the first lesson."
"True" Qingchen is satisfied with embracing Chenchi "That’s good"
"But you don’t want to change the subject." Qingchen immediately felt that she was almost fooled again.
Qingchen said with a straight face, "Tell me what you have done before that bothers Grandpa. Are you also very mean?"
"I went fishing in other bad things when I could swim in the moat. Do you think that even if I did it, someone would find out that I did it? At that time, I will forget all about it. "
"Cunning" Qing Chen tut tut two "old foxes"
Section 342
Chenchi is regarded as Qingchen praising him. "Thank you for your compliment."
Qingchen scoffed at it and found nothing from Chenchi. Why don’t you try to get it from Zheng Nuo or Lu Jinian later?
In Chuningzhao’s place, Qingchen won’t think that she doesn’t agree with that man.
Afraid of being seen by Chenchi, Qingchen quickly stopped this idea and leaned against his chest again to "go to bed."
Chenchi certainly sees Qingchen heels, but she doesn’t care about patting her back "to sleep".
Qingchen arrived in Taiwan early the next day and paid special attention to whether Xia Lang came but still didn’t see him.
The person next to him saw Qingchen poking around and asked, "Looking for Xia Lang? He didn’t come."
Qingchen sighed, "If he doesn’t come to my place, no one will hand over the work."
"It’s estimated that something happened, otherwise it won’t happen these days, and people won’t be arranged to take over another job." People followed suit.
Xia Lang’s post is not an idle job, and there are many things to deal with at hand. He can handle everything perfectly when he is still in his post, which also makes the former gossip about him change his mind.
However, it didn’t take long for Xia Lang to stop coming to work. It disappeared for several days, and many things that should have been taken from him had to be squeezed. Now no one cares about those things and can continue to drag on.
It’s not a long-term solution to keep putting it off like this. Some things can be put off for a day or two, but some things can’t be rooted.
When Qingchen saw it, he could say, "No, I’ll ask. If he really doesn’t come, he’ll have to find someone to replace him."
"Then please, we haven’t done a lot of work now, but no one cares about his identity, and we dare not go to the leader easily for fear of getting into trouble."
Qingchen knows everyone’s concerns, and she is not afraid of getting into trouble anyway, so just be a good person and take care of it.
After deciding to ask, Qingchen went to see Minister Wang first and wanted to know how much Minister Wang knew about Xia Lang.
If minister Wang can reach Xia Lang, she won’t bother looking for someone everywhere.
It was Minister Wang who knew that Qingchen had come to ask him questions about Xia Lang and immediately said, "I don’t care about him, you have to find someone else."
"Don’t you know?" “
Even if I know, I can’t control it. He just inserted it in front of me. What can I say? "
Qing Chen saw that Minister Wang also had some concerns, and she also knew that there must be something behind Xia Lang’s coming here, otherwise he wouldn’t have dropped directly to that position.
Since Minister Wang has no way to say that Qingchen is not going to ask him any more, he can’t get any results.
Qingchen was able to follow the normal process to find the phase leader. Before Qingchen went to find it, news came to Xia Lang to come to class.
Come to class?
Now that he has come to work … then he will leave this matter alone.
Qingchen is more due to work, but a small part is because Xia Lang suddenly didn’t come to work, which made her feel more insecure.
I always feel that this man is more dangerous than when he appeared.
After all, she doesn’t know if it is possible for Xia Lang to think that he and himself are roots. It is impossible and don’t insist on this matter again.
But no matter what Xia Lang thinks, what Qingchen can do is to stay away from Sharon for a while and then solve the Xia Lang problem after Chenchi finds the evidence.
The contradiction with Xia Lang will be solved sooner or later. Chenchi will not suffer, especially if Xia Lang is behind those incidents, then this person is terrible, and every step is a threat.
Of course, if this person can take the initiative to leave, it must be the best, but Qingchen knows that Xia Lang should not leave so easily.
He has done so many things before, he must have his purpose and will not give up easily.
I heard that Xia Lang didn’t go out of his way to prove it when he came back, or he would meet Xia Lang head-on again.
She really doesn’t want to see that man now.

"Only by swallowing so many demon cores can I display all the skills of these demon nuclear masters."

The little girl’s master said proudly, "My physical strength is as weak as a newborn child compared with that before. All right, don’t think about it yet. You have to rely on yourself for everything when you go out. Chapter 41 Blue-tailed Fox."
Lin Yu manipulated flying boat to come to the area pointed out by Little Lori and landed quietly.
Let Yue Qiuling have another healing medicine, and then Lin Yu will let her stay in a relative hiding place and release more than a dozen war machines to protect her, which is just a little safe.
Blue-tailed fox is a fifth-order monster beast. No other creatures are allowed to enter the place where it lives in Fiona Fang Baili.
Once the owner of the blue-tailed fox discovered the intruder field, it was absolutely terrible.
Although Lin Yu is a 16-year-old teenager, his perseverance has been tempered in hell. Even in the face of great difficulties and dangers, Lin Yu will never shrink back.
"Blue-tailed fox prefers spar. He is the most greedy group of monster beasts. If there is a spar nearby, they will take it for themselves."
Master Loli explained that "the blue-tailed fox nose is sensitive, especially when it smells people for 500 meters. It’s up to you to do what you do next."
Lin Yu thought of locking the yuan array to lure the blue-tailed fox, but the little girl’s master immediately stopped Lin Yu’s idea that "locking the yuan array is not everything, and it is just like fighting the magic chain, which at most traps the fourth-order monster beast and the yuan soul. If you want to lock the yuan array and trap the blue-tailed fox, you are dying."
Since the little girl said so, Master Lin Yuhao gave up the plan.
Then the only feasible way is to put spar here to draw the blue-tailed fox out, and then quietly go around to the blue-tailed fox’s lair to collect medicine.
Lin Yu thought a little and handed the SPAR to a humanoid war machine. He sat in flying boat and flew high, waiting for the blue-tailed fox to collect herbs 500 meters from the mouth of the cave.
After everything was ready, Lin Yuzheng sat in flying boat and waited for the blue-tailed fox to feel the spar and then came out of the hole. Suddenly, he found a large piece of dark flying boat flying in his direction in the distance.
Lin Yu estimated that the speed of flying boat is a little weaker than that of coming to flying boat from Yue Xian. It seems that there are so many high-speed flying boat is the main team of Luo family.
"Luo family make track for? How can it be such an urgent matter! " Lin Yu frowned. "What should I do if I escape now but Yue Qiuling is injured and won’t allow myself to escape again?"
Lin Yu was so worried that he quickly thought that if he could find a way to find two beauties, he could not only escape the Luo family’s tracking, but also pick the blue saliva incense.
The feeling be nasty Lin Yu suddenly thought of one thing, eyes suddenly lit up "hey hey!"
Yue Xian told Luo that he had lost Lin Yu. Of course, the process was processed by Yue Xian.
After this processing, Lin Yu Luo’s mind became even more evil, so that Luo almost didn’t let the whole Luo family elite run out to search for Lin Yu for him
So Yue Xian and Luo received hundreds of flying boat ships from Yunduan City and rushed to catch up with people.
In the first half of the day, Yue Xian could still know where Lin Yu flew, but then he lost Lin Yu.
After a day of chasing from the missing place in Lin Yu, Luo and Yue Xian still failed to find Lin Yu, which made their hearts even more angry.
It’s just a nine-heavy guy who has made them dizzy. If Luo and Yuexian can’t catch this little word, they will be the laughing stock of Luo’s family, which is more likely to be laughed at by all families in the whole Cangyu mainland.
"chase! Dig this little bastard out even if you dig three feet! " Los flustered and frustratedly roar when YueXian to track Lin Yu that piece of jade suddenly have a reaction.
"What’s the matter?" Old Yue Xian became suspicious. Since the little boy knew about this thing, how could he bring it with him for himself to discover?
However, Yue Xian found that the tracking jade was moving and was too anxious to find Lin Yu Yue Xian to think about him again.
Anyway, this jade site is not far from here, and there is nothing to lose by going and seeing it.
With the strength of nature, I am still afraid that Lin Yu will not plot against me?
There is another reason why Yue Xian wants to catch Lin Yu urgently, and that is that Lin Yu has a red eye pupil at that moment.
Besides inferno’s natural red pupil, Yue Xian hasn’t found that Terran can suddenly become red pupil.
And Lin Yu into red pupil that moment spirit several times stronger.
Yue Xian seems that this must be something that can increase the spirit, special skills and ambition. Yue Xian will never let go of such a fate.
"Young master, there is a small possibility that we will go in that direction!" Yuexian took the lead in tracking jade and flew towards the place indicated by jade.
Anyway, there was no Lin Yu Luoluo, and he followed Yue Xian to a valley somewhere in the northeast.
A blue fox, one size larger than an ordinary fox, was thinking that he had picked up so many spar, and his good mood was suddenly destroyed by a large area of flying boat.
This blue fox is naturally the fifth-order monster beast blue-tailed fox lured by Lin Yu.
Blue-tailed fox hates intruders most. When it sees these uninvited guests, it is angry. It can’t stand its emotions any longer.
"Woo-"Blue-tailed fox suddenly became bigger with a long whistle. I don’t know how many times, in addition to its original big tail, it also has four more big tails!
"Damn it!" Yue Xian also found the blue-tailed fox, but his reaction was still half a beat slower than that of the blue-tailed fox.
Blue-tailed fox’s long whistle shook a dozen flying boat ships in front of it, and then the blue-tailed fox threw out its five big tails.
Boom boom …
Five tails in the shape of blue vitality hit a dozen flying boat ships, and with a series of violent explosions, the dozen flying boat ships should explode.
Those Luo families in flying boat were either killed or directly hit by the blue-tailed fox’s vitality to attack the blasting body and died miserably.

Sitting opposite Li Dalong, no one introduced him, but he saw at a glance that this man was Gu Yucai.

Gu Yucai belongs to the kind of person who knows success at a glance. Although he is wearing a suit, his belly is still bulging. From his appearance, he can’t tell that he is a 4-year-old man, but he exudes the charm of a mature man.
It depends. At the moment, these men are still talking about the reason, so Gu Yucai in Xiangzhi’s home is not too taboo. "Are you sure it’s Jingyuan Planet when you find a new star in the General Federal Fleet?"
Xiang Zhi smiled. "Old Gu, you have a wide range of contacts in the Ministry of Energy. Do you think this news may be false?"
Gu Yucai shook his head and said, "The road of the Ministry of Energy is not as easy as it used to be, especially after the accident last year."
Ye Tian couldn’t help saying, "That sensational rape case in Gaos?"
Gu Yucai sighed, "It’s not that the Gaos always do stupid things."
Fang Qiang said, "Should it be released now?"
Gu Yucai nodded, "When he came out, his master was afraid that he would make another big deal. He had already sent him to Beauty, and he was not allowed to go back to the Star."
A few people have been chatting casually for a while, but Li Dalong is listening attentively. Although it was last year, most of them were still talking about business contacts.
Fang Qiang suddenly turned his head and said, "I don’t know where Dalong works?"
Li Dalong laughed. "What’s the job of a vagrant in my industry?"
Fang Qiang also smiled, "How can a friend of Miss Song be simple? You are modest."
Xiang Zhi also laughed. "Tai Lung seems to be not doing business, but you are very strong."
His eyes are poisonous, and this implies a lot, which means that Li Dalong is likely to be a policeman, bodyguard and security professional.
Li Dalong laughed. "I am familiar with Tai Police Station and often deal with it."
This is not a lie, either. He is always investigated by his uncle, and he does deal with him often, but he secretly observes other people’s reactions when he speaks here.
Several men’s reaction bases are normal, but Gu Yucai’s canthus muscles can’t help jumping. Is this man a policeman?
After chatting for a while, Gu Yucai got up and left because the company had something to do.
The party was also peaceful. After Zhou Jie enjoyed dinner together, everyone left separately.
Car back LuXiaoJia just asked "? Did you get anything today? "
Li Dalong nodded. "This Gu Yucai is definitely a problem."
Xiao Jia said, "His company is big and has high family support behind it."
Li Dalong said, "Oh?"
Xiao Jia said, "If the federal fleet finds a new planet in the depths of the universe, if it finds that this planet has resources, it is usually the technical team of the new power group. In the past, it was awarded by his company four times out of ten."
Li Dalong was silent.
Michelle saw his silence and quickly said, "But you promised me not to go the same way again."
Li Dalong wry smile way "I said so, but we face too much power, and I don’t know when Brother Hua will come to Tianxing. I don’t have much time."
Michelle frowned and said, "What?"
Li Dalong said, "Yesterday, Li Mei told me that because of my good performance, the public welfare center gave me a lot of grades and educational scores."
Xiaojia said, "How much did you add?"
Li Dalong reached out and said, "Exactly 4 points!"
Xiaojia stopped talking. This score means that Li Dalong should be able to afford Zheng Dayi, so that the lawyer may have his sentence reduced. Once the sentence is over, Li Dalong will be sent away from Tianxing because he has no citizenship.
At this time, Xiaojia is contradictory. Of course, she hopes that Li Dalong will get rid of the punishment years as soon as possible, but she doesn’t know how to leave Li Dalong in Tianxing, which is beyond her ability.
The car soon arrived in the slum, which made neither of them think that Zheng Dayi was actually waving to Li Dalong at the gate, and Zheng Dayi followed a man in a short shirt behind him.
This man is not young, but he doesn’t look old either.
"Zheng Dazhuang, why are you here?" Li Dalong jumped.
"I’m here to see you!" Zheng Dayi took another look at Michelle and her car and couldn’t help smiling. "It seems that you are doing well."
Li Dalong was a little embarrassed. "Thank you, Zheng Dazhuang!"
Zheng Dayi laughed. "Well, since you’re back, my work is finished. You can talk about it. I have something to go back to the lawyer’s office."
He left when he said it, which puzzled Li Dalong and Michelle. At this time, the shirt man slowly came over and politely reached out and said, "Hello Li Dalong!"
Li Dalong hesitated. "Who are you?"
The man laughed. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My surname is Yuan. You can call me Xiao Yuan!"
Li Dalong suddenly shocked that this man looks older than himself, but he has to call him that. To be continued.
Chapter five hundred and forty Mysterious picture album
"What can I do for Mr. Yuan?" Li Dalong asked.
Xiaoyuan pulled out a bound book and handed it to me. "This is a client who transferred it from layer to layer and named it to Mr. Li for you."
"Oh?" Li Dalong was curious to take over "Who commissioned it?"
This book is self-bound by printing paper and sealed with a layer of wax certificate, which has never been unsealed.
Xiao Yuan shook his head and said, "No one knows about this. If there is nothing else, I will go first."
These two people came suddenly and went quickly. Xiaojia followed Li Dalong Building, and she was also very curious about this book.
After the album was sealed, she was surprised to find that it was a hand-drawn album. Although it was a sketch, the painting style was exquisite and the characters were lifelike.
The first few pages show a big man in a suit and tie who seems to be enjoying the exhibition in an exquisite exhibition hall, followed by several casually dressed men.
Michelle was surprised. "Ah, this is Mr. President."

Yang night stare big eyes bowed their heads and looked at just being crossed and then turned around and looked at the back of the young talent who had walked over to the car. His head was white!

What’s going on here? How could he have crossed me? Can he spell? Or …
Yang night shocked his eyes and looked straight ahead at the young talent. Even Xin Che couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. He staggered back a few steps and leaned back with one stroke.
It happened that an old lady was walking behind Yang Ye with a cane trembling, and Yang Ye fell down. At the same time, Yu Guang saw the old lady behind her and her heart suddenly sank.
But at this moment, he couldn’t control his body and fell back. At the same time, Yang night’s eyes closed and he thought it was over. According to the old lady’s age and physique, it was also a serious injury to be crushed by himself. If he really didn’t die, he would like to earn medical money for the old lady in the second half of his life …
"Pa" Yang night fell on his back.
This time, he saw clearly that he fell backwards and landed through the old lady’s body!
I am completely scared! Scared silly! Yang night turned to look at the trembling past, and the old lady felt that her brain was not enough.
Then several pedestrians on the other side of their bodies strode up and counted their feet raised high and trampled on Yang Yeshen.
Yang night consciously closed his eyes but didn’t feel the pain of being trampled. When he opened his eyes, he found that those feet were trampled into his body. That’s right! It’s inside Just step in, step on his body, step on the ground where he fell!
Shit! Damn it!
Yang night turned up only to find that he had no pain when he fell, and the pedestrians around him still didn’t pay attention to him. Maybe they couldn’t see him at all
Yang night tried to deliberately bump into a tall man walking by-where? Straight through, and that man feels it!
Surprised at Yang night, I tried several times to wave a punch to the left, kick my hand on the right and reach out to the pedestrians passing by … I can’t touch myself at all, just like gas, so people won’t have substantive contact.
Yang night silly wait for a while lifted up her head and took a few steps. Her mind was in a state of chaos and trance, and she set her pace. Looking at the people coming and going around, the heart became more and more scared.
At this time, his position is in the middle of the road
A van came at a high speed and went straight to Yang Ye.
Yang night hesitated without dodging. He wanted to prove whether he was really so thoroughly, just as if he was angry.
"Shua" a big truck rushed to the front, and Yang Ye consciously closed his eyes and raised his hand in front of himself, but he didn’t feel anything strange. When he opened his eyes again, the truck had already sped through his body.
What’s going on here? Yang night racked his brains in the road, staring blankly, digging up all the knowledge that can explain this phenomenon in his head, and finally a terrible idea got into his head.
Is it … I’m dead?
Now this thing is my soul?
In a trance, Yang’s night is dull as a walking corpse, and he can’t hear the noise in his ears. He is slowly moving his legs and walking step by step, even he doesn’t know where to go.
What makes Yang night wonder most is how he died!
I can’t remember a lot of memories, but I can think of them as fragments. As I walked along, I thought that there were several familiar and unfamiliar faces in my head. Those faces seemed to know all of them, but none of them could be named. Those faces seemed to be anxious about him, but Yang Ye couldn’t hear them at all.
It’s really worthless to die without knowing how you died. It’s worthless. Yang Yenai wants to raise his hand and put it in front of his eyes.
That hand is solid in my own eyes, and it is tactile to clench my hands or pat myself, but how can I be impenetrable in others’ eyes?
And where am I going to die? Where’s my body? Who killed me? Was it a shooting? Knife kill? Or rape and murder?
One problem after another troubled Yang night, almost crazy, and his mind became more and more chaotic, and his eyes became blurred, until he stepped forward blindly and tried to wake himself up.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. Yang Ye looked up and found himself walking back to his shabby accommodation building.
So I dragged my legs back to the door of my hut and reached out from my trouser pocket to find the key.
Just took out the key to Yang Ye, thinking, am I not dead? Isn’t it thorough? Then why do I need the key door to go straight through it?
Hehe, after watching so many ghost films, I didn’t expect that I became a lonely ghost today.
Yang night nai smiled a blunt directly to the door through the past.
"moo!" "pa!"
At the moment, the black poplar night lay heavily on the ground, and the huge pain spread out from his forehead, struggling to sit up. Yang night quickly raised my hand and rubbed his head and looked up to see the door that was hit by himself and trembled slightly.
How can I not cross it? Am I not a soul anymore? Is bullying me a new ghost?
Yang night annoyed sane some or involuntarily twist a head looked around.
It’s a good thing that no one saw it, otherwise it’s really the first idiot of Tianzi. Who has ever seen a master with a door key in his hand?
Depressed, Yang night still took the key and screwed the door into his cabin, then dumped two shoes and jumped straight to the wooden bed.
When you look at ghost movies, you can often see the horror voice trembling and calling out, "I’m so miserable, I’m so wronged …"

The Nangong Sandy gently fiddled with the strings, and the pain in his heart didn’t know that it was his wedding news in his mind. He smiled bitterly. South Vietnam couldn’t hide from the wedding, even in Japan.

After a song, the Nangong Sandy nodded and returned to his seat.
The Four Emperors looked at the Nangong Sandy with great interest, and there was a general look in his eyes when he saw his prey.
"good! This song should be heard several times! " The emperor laughed and praised.
But he smiled but didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, thinking that the two emperors never said that he had come back from China and never asked himself if it was South Vietnam.
"The emperor’s ridiculous praise is that I am sorry to hear such a wonderful flute player and piano heart, so I am embarrassed."
The nangongshan Sandy smile this song has long been her heart backwards, after all, this is he used to often she blew.
Su Xue looked at the two men’s harps, harps and songs and got up in anger. "The emperor’s minister and daughter have learned a set of swordsmanship. Today, if the atmosphere is so good, they will make a fool of themselves. I wonder if the second emperor is willing to play with the piano?"
Look at that person with cold eyes with faint expectation.
The nangongshan obsidian eyes plundered the country without a trace of cold thought and refused, "How can Gong Xiao be worthy of Miss Su’s swordsmanship or find someone else?"
Su Xue bit her lip hard, and all the blame points to that person, if it wasn’t for her! How could all this be so!
"Miss Su, if you don’t mind coming to the palace?"
A sound made Su Xueyou step. Looking back, Su Xue saw the corners of the four emperors and looked at her with a smile.
Cast a grateful look and nodded. They closed for the first time.
The Four Emperors played the piano when they were not good at playing the flute. Su Xue danced the sword and flowed freely. Although the swordsmanship was natural and unrestrained, there were too many holes, and all the weaknesses were exposed.
Nangong Sandy lacks appetite and taste.
The boring banquet didn’t last long, and the crowd dispersed sparsely. The Nangong Sandy glared at him and took a carriage.
The carriage, Zhongnangong, was pale and felt the stomach rolling even worse.
Jun Feng’s warm face is a little bad and worried. Looking at her, "Sandy, are you okay?"
The nangongshan Sandy shook his head and didn’t speak again, sticking his head out and thinking freely.
After arriving at the post, I went straight to the room regardless of their concerns. Just after locking the door, I felt a male hormone surrounding me.
The nangongshan Sandy was hugged tightly and smelled the familiar smell behind him. Today, he was forced to endure anger and finally struggled to scold a way. "Isn’t the Japanese Second Emperor going to marry soon? Is it still in my room? I’m not afraid of you. Miss Su is angry. Chapter 1848 You and I have our own needs together.
The nangongshan obsidian eyes a little nai want to give a surprise, but now it seems as if there is a surprise.
Put the struggling man in her arms again. Depressed tone sounded above her head. "I wanted to give you a surprise. Believe me, I never meant to marry her. Absolutely not."
"The nangongshan obsidian you really when I was stupid? Now it’s all over the city. Dare you tell me you don’t know? "
The nangongshan Sandy sneer at although her mind is simple but not stupid to this extent!
"Believe me, ok? Sometimes I will tell you slowly. "
The nangongshan Sandy also don’t talk is held by him.
Sihuang bedroom
Su Xue sat on four emperors’ legs and four emperors frivolous her. "Beauty, do you want to thank me for today?"
Su Xue’s eyes were disgusted but fleeting. His hands touched his chest and said, "Isn’t it enough that I’m committed?"
"Ha-ha, that’s enough." Four emperors laughed and kissed their lips mercilessly. "Since then, you and I have joined hands to have our own needs."
Even if you have a body, it doesn’t prevent two people from getting together. Isn’t it beautiful?
Su Xue nod fundus has a cruel to get the nangongshan obsidian even dedication and hard?
"Beauty can’t think of others when she is with me, or the palace will be angry."

"His niang coward line you stay here let’s go! Let’s go, guys … "The head of the security guard looked at Weaver’s bear-like contempt and said, and then called seven security guards to stop the car and walk into the company …

Weaver has been with smile after they left insidious smile scold a way "always timid but timid not beaten! You idiots are waiting to be beaten, and a group of people are looking for goods! " It’s nice to lie in your seat and cover your crotch after scolding. Chapter 11 If you get angry, I’ll have to be beaten!
Chapter 11 If I get angry, I have to be beaten!
The head of the security guard despised Weaver extremely, and then rushed into Tongda Insurance Company with a group of security guards. At this time, the receptionist at the front desk of Tongda Insurance Company was there to greet the guests with a standard etiquette. Unexpectedly, a group of nine disheveled security etiquette ladies suddenly broke into the company. After seeing these security guards, they always wanted to laugh, but professional ethics and professional standards restrained her. She looked at the nine disheveled faces with injuries and asked, "Gentlemen, who are you looking for?"
"Looking for who? Hey hey, can I find you? " The security guard first saw that the receptionist was so pure and beautiful, so he suddenly forgot his body pain and teased
"Oh, sir, you’re so funny. I’m sorry. We’re in class. What’s the matter with you?" The receptionist is still very professional and said with a smile
"What’s wrong with Ben? Your class just received us. Hey, hey, beauty, do you know your phone number?" The head of the security guard continued to ask shamelessly, as if he still wanted to keep in-depth contact with this little beauty, which seemed to be a classic trick of picking up girls in Hong Kong and Taiwan films in the late 1990s.
"Mr. Hehe, please show some respect. Who are you looking for?" The receptionist was teased by the security chief for a long time and was a little angry, but she still asked with a professional smile on her face
"Hehe, forget it. We’ll talk to you about beauty when we’re done … I’m looking for a small driver in your company …" The head of the security guard saw that the little girl didn’t like him at all and didn’t care about him at all, so he hurriedly smiled awkwardly and gave himself a step. He was not as thick-skinned as Weaver’s youngest son, although his skin was thicker, but it was all made out of him. There was a qualitative difference between him and this little girl. If he had been talking at that time, he would have been old Wei. It will make the little girl cry instead of cursing the street. This is pretending to force people. Most people can’t learn it. It’s like the magical secret book "Sunflower Collection" that says, "If you want to practice this skill, you must first go to the palace." Everything has to pay a price. Of course, it’s sloppy. If you don’t grind your face out, how can you become a big man in the port city?
"Little driver? What little driver? " The receptionist breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the head of the security guard was not entangled. She continued to ask because she really didn’t know who the driver was in the mouth of the head of the security guard. Because she came to the company to find either the chairman or the general manager, who would find a small driver?
"What is the driver bai can also be a small driver! Oh, yes, I remember what his name seems to be … what Wang Xiaogan … "The security chief continued to explain.
"Oh … what do you want with him?" When the receptionist heard that she had come to see Wang Xiaogan, she suddenly became radiant. Because Brother Gan didn’t come for a long time, but she was deeply impressed. Especially, it was a passionate speech at the door of the company, which had a profound influence on the little girl. She became an idol because she felt that although this man was not very good-looking, he felt responsible and responsible, and such a man was the most attractive man. This was the simple idea of a little girl.
"Ha ha, it’s nothing. I just want to talk to him …" The security guard first saw that the little girl knew the little driver and immediately smiled and said.
"Mr … that I make a phone call to help you ask! See if he doesn’t … "Although the receptionist has always reported a professional smile, she has always been wary of rejecting this group of disheveled big men, because although this group of people are all wearing security system, they look like hooligans. How can there be a good man? More importantly, this group of security guards just have a fight with others, otherwise their faces are all red and purple? Seeing that they are aggressive, it must be bad for them to protect the idol, the little girl said, picking up the words, and called the driver’s cab, because she knew that the elder brother was fine at ordinary times, so she stayed in the driver’s lounge
The head of the security guard didn’t think much about it. The receptionist wanted to give a message to Brother Gan. She didn’t want Brother Gan to be beaten by such a group of bruisers. First, Brother Gan was her idol. How could she be beaten under her nose? Second, Brother Gan was beaten. It is estimated that General Sun of the company will definitely blame her, but she knows that General Sun is doing it, but it is not common in the company. She thinks that it is quite reasonable for General Sun to follow Brother Gan. It is very simple because Brother Gan is her idol and her idol is a good man. What can a woman say with a good man?
The little girl dialed the words in the driver’s lounge of Gange, who was reading the newspaper and drinking a small cup of tea. Suddenly, the bell rang, and Gange put the newspaper in and answered the words, "Hello, who are you?"
"Hello, I’m Xiao Li at the front desk. I don’t want to go to the office …" The little girl ignored the elder brother’s question and answered, and then continued not to let the elder brother interjected, "Oh … well, no, it’s just that nine security guards have just come to the company, saying that they want to come to the elder brother …"
Listen to the little girl Xiaoli at the front desk. Brother Gan is still confused when he first arrived, but it turns out that this little girl is trying to protect herself from harm. So he smiled and said, "Hehe, thank you, Xiaoli. I’m fine. Just tell them to wait. I’ll be there in a minute …" Brother Gan hung up and took a sip. He just made that cup of fragrant Tieguanyin and went upstairs.
What else does the little girl want to persuade? But Brother Gan has hung up, so she is a little lost. After hanging up, the security chief asks, "What’s up? That little driver? "
“! He said let you wait here and his horse will come to meet you! " It’s annoying that Xiaoli is lost. This group of smelly security guards let them ask and suddenly didn’t good the spirit said
"Yo, I didn’t expect this little guy to have a look. It’s good to know that he’s coming to meet us. Since he’s so honest, you guys can just tap your hands for a while! Don’t kill and maim … "The security guard first heard that the elder brother had to come to meet them in person, and immediately said with arrogance, a group of security guards issued an arrogant yin smile.
"Ha ha guys talk about what so happy? Talk about making my younger brother happy? " Brother Gan was coming out of the ladder at this time and saw that a group of security guards had just been beaten up by himself last night, but they even came to the door and made a lot of noise at the company gate and immediately asked with a smile.
A group of people are still there laughing and suddenly nervous when they hear the sound of dry elder brother, but they have all been beaten by dry elder brother, and the scars haven’t been good for more than five hours when they were beaten. They don’t want to be beaten up again, or the head of the security guard mixed up with him and said calmly, "Hehehe, it’s nothing for us to come to you. The elder brothers just miss you. Come and see you …"
After the head of security guard said this, Brother Gan suddenly felt a funny feeling in his heart. This guy is so obsessed with himself, right? I don’t even miss you on my own! Said his mother was so disgusting! And a group of younger security guards behind the head of the security guard were really cold in their hearts for a while, and they also scolded the head of the security guard for a while and missed him. If you miss us, we don’t want to be hurt after being beaten. You think about being beaten so soon. Isn’t that a bitch?
"Ha ha come and see me? Have you seen enough now, guys? Why don’t I move a stool out and sit for you guys to enjoy? " Dry elder brother teased and asked
I haven’t waited for the head of the security guard to reply before I finished. Xiaoli, the receptionist at the front desk, couldn’t help laughing. She couldn’t help it. The security guards looked at Xiaoli and laughed so hard that they quickly replied, "No, no, we’ll be satisfied at a glance …" He said, and he was surrounded to walk outside.
Brother Gan looked at this group of bullying security guards and suddenly felt that they were also pretty cute. At this time, they were afraid of being cute in front of people. Before they could walk a few steps, Brother Gan shouted, "Come back! Don’t be busy leaving, I haven’t finished yet! "
It’s great to be called by Brother Gan to escape from the fire. Brother Gan is going back on his word, so he didn’t dare to turn back and finally unanimously elected them to speak to the head of the security guard. The head of the security guard turned to see his legs tremble a little and asked, "Brother … What else do you command?"
"Ha ha, what can I tell you … I’m here to see you guys off and say a few words …" Brother Gan smiled and looked at them and said.
"Mr … seeing me off … how can I help you to do it? We can go by ourselves …" The security chief replied with a sigh of relief after listening to the words of the elder brother.
"Ha ha well, then I won’t send it … I’ll say a few words to you and tell you Yu Dagong!" Dry elder brother still said with a smile
"You said that you said that I am listening to the eldest brother. Don’t worry, I will definitely give you the message!" Security chief guarantee way
"Well … I don’t have much to say. Just say a word. I don’t care if his father is the mayor or the governor. I have to be beaten if I get angry!" Dry elder brother positive color way
After listening to Brother Gan’s words, the head of security didn’t know what a real aura was, so Nuo Nuo nodded and promised, "I know, eldest brother, don’t worry, I will definitely take the message to you …" After that, I was still waiting for Brother Gan’s order.
Brother Gan smiled with satisfaction after hearing the security chief’s words, and then waved at him. The security chief dared to turn and walk to the Jinbei car. Chapter 1 secretly fought.
After a group of security guards, the head of the security guard, despondently, found that Wei Fu had been sitting there waiting for them, clutching his crotch. Just now, Wei Fu saw his eyes, gnashing his teeth. How awesome it was to come to this group of tigers? I didn’t expect a group of cowards to be soft before they started, and I still expected them to avenge themselves. I expected them not to even avenge themselves. So Wei Fu looked at them with contempt and asked, "How did you finish teaching that little driver so quickly?"
The head of the security guard looked at Weaver’s schadenfreude, so he didn’t fight. He was scared by the dry brother just now, and now he finally found someone to get angry. So he looked at Weaver angrily and said, "How dare you laugh at our brothers?" ! Last name is Wei. I tell you, don’t look down on people. Although our brothers can’t beat that small, we can’t go to see him in the harbor car. But you fucking know that hiding in the car is the only thing you can do! " The head of the security guard patted Wei Fu’s head, and his security guards were all eyeing Wei Fu’s position. It seemed that if Wei Fu, the youngest son, dared to pout, they would attack directly. Although they were afraid of being a brother, they were not afraid to deal with Wei Fu, a pretentious man. The best way to deal with him was to beat him until he could not pretend to force him to be honest.
Weaver looked up at the pair of glaring eyes and wanted to be poor. At the sight of this posture, he suddenly softened and smiled. "Hey, hey, what are these little brothers talking about? How can I look down on you? You are all men, all real men, all just pure men, all war fighters …" That guy Weaver can talk and praise all these embarrassed security guards, saying that he feels sick and feels hypocritical.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “