Private rain, this is a white feeling. I just promised np, so it’s all for me to get a hidden career? This is a hidden profession! What a favor …

Looking at the private rain, I looked at my eyes with a fiery light. Yang Ye coughed two times. "Pick it up quickly …"
"Uh-huh!" The private rain rushed to nod and the smile was beyond words.
At this time, I came over to eat peaches and asked, "What are you doing? I’m so worried. I just got a very powerful smart suit ~ "
Yang Ye glanced at him and said directly, "I met a hidden professional priest and let it rain."
Know Yang Ye is seen severe equipment, I eat peach for a boring and not angry crossed the pack up equipment suddenly heard Yang Ye words suddenly exclaimed, "what? Lying in the trough to hide your career? Mom, it’s so easy for you to take a hidden job. Do you know that professional players can count with two palms at present? Will you stop doing this? Will you give everyone a way out? How about a fair game? You … "
Too lazy to listen to me. It’s much more interesting for Yang Ye to come to Lilina and flirt with MengMeng Lilina than to talk to this peach.
A long time ago, Private Rain finally connected it. According to her, she can change her job and go alone. So Yang Ye didn’t bother and Private Rain returned to the rainy city preparation line respectively.
Before the line, I sent a message to the chairman of the limit, and it was sent directly to my mailbox. I’ll go to the rest line first
Back line
I got up from bed, washed myself, went out to buy something, filled my stomach, and fell asleep until 7 o’clock in the evening when I was woken up by Qin Yan.
"Brother Xiao Ye …" Qin Yan shouted to Yang Ye with a piece of meat in his bowl.
Yang Ye mumbled, "What?"
Qin Yan seems to have some words in his mouth, but he really doesn’t say Yang Ye’s good meal. "What’s the matter?"
Qin Yan blushed and his forefinger stirred each other to take a breath and finally said, "Brother Xiao Ye will accompany me to a high school reunion."
Yang Ye laughed. "How much more can I do? When?"
"I’ll let you know in a few days …"
"Okay, do you need new clothes?" Yang Ye suddenly remembered that Qin Yan seemed to have no clothes.
"Oh, no, you … you sent me before …" Qin Yan blushed and said that she had worn the beige skirt once.
"All right, all right, I’ll go back first."
"Well, go to bed early and don’t always stay up late!"
I went back to my small home, Yang Ye, and thought about it for a while. I entered Baidu. I looked for a special store in hrisianloubouin Huaxia District for a while and saw a pure white round-headed high-heeled shoes with a purple butterfly decoration. The price was more than 5,000 US dollars, and I thought about it at fendi for a while and bought a purple bag with more than 3,000 US dollars again.
Yang Ye also dismissed the idea, so let’s have a good sleep and adjust our biological clock.
After breakfast the next day, I went online again.
Just a line of mailbox came to show-
[Please pay attention to check the new mail when you receive it]
Take a look at it. It’s the ultimate meeting leader to agree on the level 3 gold suit.
Fire throat blood armor (armor-gold level)
Equipment Level 3 (Warrior Attribute Occupation)
+272 physical defense
+22 Magic Defense
+194 Life
+114 Power
+191 physical strength
Nature reduces magic damage from enemies by 3%
Fire throat blood set 3 pieces with 1% higher blood volume and 6 pieces with 3% higher blood volume.
Fire throat blood leg protector (leg protector-gold grade)
Equipment Level 3 (Warrior Attribute Occupation)
+251 physical defense
+199 Magic Defense
+17 Life
+11 Power
+1 physical strength
Protecting your own strength? Too look down on soldiers! +5% reduction from skill damage
Fire throat blood set 3 pieces with 1% higher blood volume and 6 pieces with 3% higher blood volume.

"Today, I sent you a text message to tell you that Smith Bond and William will go to Chinatown again this afternoon. I have helped you. You have to thank me, so please help me interrogate these three hateful guys."

Alice smiled mischievously and sat down on the sofa.
"all right"
Zhou Yi said naively, "It’s the first time for me to work as a coolie for others."
"It’s not a coolie, is it? Interrogating people is a technical job."
Alice giggled when she heard Zhou Yi talking about Zhou Yi’s expression. At this moment, he felt that Zhou Yi not only had a real man’s side and a cool and mature side, but also had a lovely side. The more she felt that Zhou Yi was a good man, the better she felt when she got along with Zhou Yi for less than half an hour.
Zhouyi didn’t say anything. He put the woven bag of Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono in the ground and tied it tightly, so that the heads of these three guys were exposed.
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono’s medicine have not faded yet, so they are still talking nonsense and their faces are red and they look very excited.
Zhou Yi took two bottles of cold beer and immediately drenched Tengren Yi Watanabe and Onotou.
It’s the early Spring Festival Evening, and the temperature is still relatively low. As soon as this cold beer stimulates Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko, they are shivering, and they slowly wake up.
"How did I get here?"
"Zhouyi, who are you?"
"Let me go!"
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko shouted at Zhouyi.
"Stop yelling and think about what happened. Don’t blame me, not to mention Alice. You can blame Alice for doing bad things with your eyes."
Zhouyi said coldly
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono, who got wet with cold beer when they heard Zhouyi say that, recalled what had just happened. When they had a drug-induced hair, the whole person was not completely awake. Now they were stimulated by cold beer, and then they slowly remembered what had just happened.
"Ga Xiao, how dare you plot against the three of us? Let me go or I’ll kill you."
Finally, I want to know what happened. Tengren Yi ruthlessly said to Zhouyi, but his hands and feet were trapped and he couldn’t move.
"Do you still want to kill me? Your lives are in my hands? You’re fine. You’re calling it harming others and ultimately harming yourself. I’m going to ask you something now, so you can answer it honestly, or your farm will be thrown into the sea to feed sharks. "
Zhouyi picked up the bottle and smashed Tengren Yi’s head. Then he asked coldly that he was mainly worried about these three guys and the 3k gang.
The bottle was broken, Tengren Yi was smashed, and the horse screamed, while Watanabe and Ono were scared and almost fainted.
"Stop screaming and ask me to give you some more bottles. Now answer my question. Who are you?" Zhouyi continue to coldly say
"Okay, I’ll talk. I’ll talk."
Tengren Yi is also a guy who robs money and sex by drugs. Where have he seen such malicious means, his horse has honestly confessed his identity.
"It’s not the Klan gang, it’s a few scum from Japan."
After finding out the identities of Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono, Zhouyi sat down on the balcony sofa and said to Alice, "Take care of what these guys do with yourself. I’ll be in charge of interrogation."
"It’s better to throw them into the sea."
Alice said that she hated these three Japanese people now, because if Zhouyi hadn’t come, it might have been herself who made a fool of herself in the bar tonight, and she would have been defiled by these three Japanese people. She didn’t intend to let Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono go.
I also object to Alice’s disposal of Zhouyi, and he has no good opinion of the Japanese.
Alice called the bar owner Haine, and soon Haine sent someone to drag Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono out to solve it.
"Zhouyi these three annoying guys solved are we going out for a drink or dancing together? You have to play with me tonight. "
When Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko were dragged out, Alice was in a better mood. She sat down beside Zhouyi and held Zhouyi’s arm, saying that her towering chest, which had developed well, also squeezed Zhouyi’s arm, which made Zhouyi a little in spirit.
"American girls are just different. They are really passionate and familiar with me so quickly. If Chinese girls are sure to be reserved, how can they be so close to boys casually?"
Feeling Alice’s breasts, Zhou Yi thought that he didn’t realize that Alice had already liked him, and he wanted to compete with Xiaoxiao for him.
"Go out for a drink first."
Zhouyi thought for a moment and said, Fisherman’s Wharf Bar San Francisco is very famous. Since I’m here, it’s natural to drink a few glasses of wine.
"Well, let’s go."
Alice took Zhouyi arm in arm and went outside the box to go out for a drink.
In the bar, the lights go out, the music changes, the dance floor is wild, and men and women are dancing close to each other. This place is really a hotbed for cultivating ambiguity.
Many young men and women who are interested in each other often make great progress in their feelings when they come to bars where the atmosphere is ambiguous, because wine is a double-edged sword, which can strengthen heroic courage and confuse human nature. Many men and women tear the paper and often stick together after half a day.

Behind the camera, Ethan was shocked and stared at the screen. Zun Wang muttered, "I was so well hidden that you found my identity and wanted to reveal your identity to the world. I didn’t expect my identity to be exposed first."

Xia Feng twitched in his heart. The masked old man turned out to be his father’s enemy, Ethan? God, I’ve been taken advantage of.
Post and Xia Han is stunned Xia Han slow for a long time to return to absolute being angry roar "yi sen turned out to be you? You did all this? All grievances are over. Why don’t you give up? "
"end? You mean it’s over when it’s over? My wife and children died, my daughter became a nun, and a noble official was destroyed by you, Xia Han and Mo. Now you tell me it’s over? Impossible "
Yi sen is throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, my identity has been exposed. Now everyone in the world knows who I am and there is nothing to hide.
"What do you want?" Summer is cold and gnashing her teeth.
"I want your father to turn against me" Yi Sen sneered treacherously.
The voice just fell and everyone listened to "Ding" for one night, and when a red flashing time bomb was activated for five minutes.
"Xi’ er, Liu parting!" Post nervous wake up "don’t move"
Everyone’s heart is on the line, and their mood is tense.
A gangster pulled Mo Mo’s mouth tape to Mo Mo’s mouth. She gasped and trembled nervously, but her mood became more stable. Her face was twisted with pain and her head must still hurt.
"Evening son, you endure, endure, don’t move." Post was worried.
Don’t be displaced, it’s better, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it for a minute or two. If she moves the bomb lightly, it will detonate and she will be blown to pieces
King Zun took one look at Xi and lowered his eyes to make a decision. He raised his eyes aloof and said, "You deliberately led me here before I left, not because you wanted me to expose my identity and let them go first."
When he spoke, the corner of his eye was slightly raised, which was very casual. A moving plane lengqin had realized the meaning and said to the watch communicator, "Do it!"
For an instant, it seems that there is something different. Everyone can find the place.
"Ha ha really sentient beings have righteousness not the kui is a summer cold son" Yi Sen laughed wildly.
Everyone in the place was shocked by the statue of the king … Is it Xia Haner?
"Your lies are really advanced but poisonous enough." King Zun’s lips overflow with shallow radians. "Anyone who talks to me will not have a good game. You said that I am Xia Haner. From then on, Xia’s family will be Yongning, and I also have a containment, which will solve Xia’s problem and kill me with two birds with one stone."
"You don’t admit it?" Yi Sen said coldly, "Push Mo to the floor."
"Yes," a gangster walked towards Mofu. The cross was shaky and unstable, and he could fall off the building with a push.
"Don’t …" Xia Han shouted in horror.
"Push!" King Zun sneered, "Hurry up if you want to push."
Everyone was shocked and the gangster froze.
Zun Lue Wang waved his hand and suddenly a person fell into the helicopter and fell straight to the edge of the balcony. The cable didn’t go down again.
"Daddy …" It was a typical American who wore a nun, although she was over forty years old, but her face was still gorgeous, delicate, blue-eyed and blonde.
"Yisha?" Xia Han surprised shout.
"You …" Yi Sen Shu, who was hiding in the dark, came trembling with anger. I should have known that the night was not so easy to provoke and the king of the night was even more difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect that it was only a short day when the night not only found out my identity but also caught Sasha.
"Why don’t you push it?" King Zun grinned strangely. "It’s a good deal to pay for one life, but if even your only daughter dies, no one will die."
"Let my daughter go," Ethan roared.
"Let them go" Zun Wang pointed to Mo’s exile.
Evening eyes narrowed with pain but kept staring at the statue of the king. More and more fragments in his mind became clearer and clearer.
"Good one can change one. You can choose who to change." Yi Sen’s eyes sparkled with cunning light.
Everyone froze again. I don’t know how to choose the king.
The statue of the king shook his eyes, took one look at the evening and then looked at Mo Fan. How to choose one who loves a woman and one who is a mother?

Everyone feels like they’ve walked through the ghost gate. If there’s one thing, don’t live.

"I also dare not speak ill of you" Su Mian embarrassed way.
"Lord, don’t say such things. You’re lucky that you’re okay," he asked.
"You all go to change clothes. I’m fine. It’s not good for you to get cold again. Let people cook a pot of ginger soup and drink a few bowls." Su Mian laughed.
"Is the handmaiden all right" Fang Mammy also laughed.
Su Mian just sat back to her dream after everyone took their positions.
Miraculously, she doesn’t remember every detail.
SEAO … What’s this called? A dream? She doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, but she has to believe something if she doesn’t believe it. Now …
Does it matter whether you believe it or not? SEAO went to worry about her daughter. When she returns to Beijing, she doesn’t have to get up and avoid taking care of her.
"Second sister, you can go at ease."
After half an hour, Yan Gui also went back to the house in the rain, almost flying to Su Mian’s house.
"Cotton cotton?" He looked at Sue cotton nervously way
"The report was misunderstood, but it’s okay. You are quick to change clothes." Su Mian embarrassed.
Yan Gui relaxed and nodded, but didn’t change clothes. She chose a place to stay away from her and sat down and didn’t talk.
Su Mian’s heart thumped and Yan Gui would never be angry because she made an oolong. This is an accident.
She asked for help and approached Yan Gui Yan Gui without realizing it.
"Report …" Sue cotton light call.
"What are you doing? The king is all right. "Yan Gui will help her, but she thinks that she is wet.
"Request to go out first" Su Mian waved.
I don’t want to, but please go out when I see this situation.
"I’m okay. It was a misunderstanding just now." Su Mian explained first, or Yan was not allowed to go to her. Chapter 364 Slaughterhouse
Listen to her say that Yan Gui nodded.
"Report change clothes" Sue cotton or pull him up.
Yan Gui didn’t object after all, as she entered the back.
"Call someone in to wait on you and wait for the king to be good." See her waiting for him to change clothes with a belly. Yan is sad and tight. Does she see that he is unhappy?
Su Mian didn’t object to calling indigo naturalis to serve.
For a long time, Yan Gui changed into a light sky-blue robe, and her hair was not tied, so she let it hang freely again and entered the room.
Su Mian took a dry handkerchief to wipe his hair, and the water droplets didn’t ask what happened.
"Mianmian, if this baby is called Ming ‘an, is it good?" Yan Guiyin some dry light way
Su Mianshou gave a "good" meal.
Something happened to Shouan City …
Su Mian was afraid to ask again what else could it be if the city had already given it to Beiyuanren?

See Yang Luoyun come up with a chamber pot, and they can’t help laughing. Some people laugh and bend their backs. The original tension becomes extremely ridiculous.

If pale LingYing ruthlessly toward inflammation coagulation shouted "or? Where to go! "
Cang Lingying casually threw chamber pot to the inflammation if coagulation inflammation if coagulation is not polite with him and immediately took this chamber pot over.
"That I accept" inflammation if coagulation actually accept the chamber pot this let everyone can’t help one leng.
Because they all think that Cang Lingying’s treasure can’t be a chamber pot, it must be a partnership between Cang Lingying and Lin Yu to deceive everyone.
Cang Lingying was too angry to throw this chamber pot out. If the original inflammation is coagulated, I didn’t expect that if the inflammation is coagulated, I would really want Cang Lingying to be dumbfounded immediately. "Give me back chamber pot!"
CangLingYing this weird call roar first let the people laugh again, but if inflammation coagulation turned and walked CangLingYing immediately came after them, they immediately white originally this chamber pot is really a treasure!
His treasure doesn’t know what it is, and there is a ready-made place. A large group of people jumped at it.
"protect miss!" Inflammation feng immediately shout at top of voice a let inflammation home all the younger brothers to protect inflammation if coagulation escape.
Each family brother immediately fought with Yan’s brother. Now that there are treasures, and people in Cangyu College attach so much importance to them, they don’t care about the "deep friendship" of each family.
Yan Feng fled with Yan Ruo Ning, and Cang Lingying followed closely behind them.
He hates it. He hates himself. Why is it so easy to get angry? He hates Lin Yu, the hateful guy, for making himself angry.
He doesn’t come easily, but why is he so angry at the sight of Lin Yu? Are you really jealous that this aspect is not as small as yourself?
Hum, anyway, I must find a chance to kill this annoying little one.
Let’s recover the treasure first!
A large group of people were attracted by inflammation and pale Lingying. In the past, Lin Yuze quietly pulled Wang Haoxuan and Yuan Lan.
When Yang Luoyun and Cang Xuanfeng saw that Lin Yu had escaped, they left with Lin Yu behind them.
But there are still a group of people who have noticed Lin Yu, that is, the demon family, the Luo family and the Zi family.
These three families know that Lin Yu has a map of the battlefield of the ancient gods and will definitely go to other places to look for treasures.
Following Lin Yu is equivalent to following a living treasure map.
Of course, he is not stupid to send some people to chase after Yan Ruo Ning and Cang Lingying, and their large forces will follow the demon family, Luo family and Zi family and follow Lin Yu.
In this way, on the fifth day of entering the battlefield of the ancient gods, because a chamber pot came to treasure, everyone was divided into two batches and went in two opposite directions.
"Lin Yu, what should we do with these people behind us?" Wang Haoxuan asked
Lin Yu hey hey smiled. "They just want to get some bones to chew. Simply take them to places with bones and let them grab them."
Half a day later, a large group of people were led by Lin Yu to the scaffold of the ancient god battlefield.
It is said that the Zhongtian scaffold is the last duel place for the top experts of all ethnic groups, and good luck may lead to artifacts here.
If you’re unlucky, it’s possible to split people in half if a top player remains to attack their vitality.
Lin Yu, the scaffold of heaven, stopped and panted toward the crowd behind him. "It’s up to you to find artifacts in this place. Please stop pestering me."
"Who knows if you lied to us?" Ouyang Zhen grunted, "Lin Yu, the so-called beholder has a share. You can’t keep the treasure for yourself. Hand over the treasure you got, and we will discuss how to divide it. Otherwise, it’s hard for you five to escape and want to live."
"Ha-ha-ha! Come and try something!" Lin Yu repeatedly sneered at this law of the jungle world. He didn’t intend that others would let him go easily when he came.
But these guys want to rob others, but they have to say so grandiose that Lin Yu feels sick.
What they didn’t come at the first time must be that these people have their own minds and don’t want to be the first bird
Lin Yu’s stimulus to them is to hold some silly birds as early birds to teach them some bad lessons!
Ouyang Zhen turned his attention to peacekeeping in Zhao Xiong. "Did you kill Lin Yuru together?"