The anger in Jinshan’s heart is getting stronger and stronger, and the anger is getting stronger and stronger. There are already signs that she can control herself. Her body is trembling slightly, and a strange flow suddenly flashes in her eyes. The sunshine is charming, and the light is not strong during the day, so it is not conspicuous.

Facing the wounds of flying knife, Feng Yang brimmed with shoulder pain and suddenly leaned out of his right arm with two fingers. It is extremely fast to clamp the flying knife accurately, and the body has extremely strong attack power to clamp the flying knife with fingers. Flying knife contains great impact. Pulling Feng Yang’s arm, he let his shoulder splash blood, and his body was pulled back by flying knife. The ground rolled back and slipped back for several feet. This stopped.
At this moment, he is seriously injured, and this kind of bad situation will occur. If the wind blows in the heyday, how much pressure will it take to clamp this flying knife?
"Die, little one." The superb swordsmanship shows a ferocious ecstasy on his face. Although the sword has been broken, it makes him feel heartbroken and pressured by the strength of the wind, but it is more interested in the sword that can cut tenacity into several pieces than the sword of Qing Ming. It can be said that it is a kind of lack of heart and snake swallowing like greed.
Seeing that Feng Yang was slipped and broken by flying knives, he seized the opportunity to flash a handle. The texture method is comparable to that of Qing Ming Jian, but it is not the price of ordinary cabbage. The sword in his hand flies and jumps over Feng Yang, and the sword is like flying reeds, but it has unparalleled lethality.
"Give me death"
Feng Yang’s body hasn’t stopped yet, but he suddenly turns around to bring impact to the body. With the help of this rotating potential, he gathers in his arm and clamps the flying knife. When the arm rotates, he suddenly lifts out.
Bearing the load brought by such great strength, the wind blows and his arm bleeds again, and the pain has made him unable to find words. He knows that he is so tough that his body seems to faint with pain.
There is still a time flying out of the blood, which is fiercer than throwing knives at wounds.
The speed of flying knife is twice as fast as that of breaking the sword. More than that, the time is amazing. In the layers of broken swords, a mouth is instantly transmitted through the broken body and a long blood arrow is pulled out
Having a pure and delicate picture is like killing an ant with one hand tied to a chicken. It hurts and tears. The weak girl leaves her face and looks at the scenes in front of her.
This is a painful loss in her career as a top killer in mainland China. Even if she assassinated the strong in Wu Shen, they did not fall into such a tragic situation. The four of them were seriously injured by a young man of their own age with the help of the occult technique. This is a very incredible thing.
I have never met it before, so I will feel so surprised. Even if the skill of throwing knives is superb, the number of assassins in this combination is large, and the success rate of assassination is high. At this time, the wounds are also stunned and horrified. My fingers hold my throwing knives and then use the impact of my throwing knives to transform them into strength to hit my brother hard. This is simply a shame, but it also proves the young man’s combat effectiveness.
Feng Yang slowly got up. At this time, he has become a bloody person, as if he had been soaked in a bloodletting pool and bathed in blood. Xia Ying, the navy suit she made by herself, has been dyed strangely dark purple. Because the blood soaked the clothes, the original elegant navy suit is also tightly attached to him, which makes his figure look more and more tall than some thin and rickety, just like a small seedling standing still strong in a storm, giving people a feeling of loneliness and desolation.
His shoulders are still hooked with a pair of silver hooks, and the blood keeps overflowing. Because of several excesses, his arms have been pulled more and more, which makes people feel creepy.
He held a giant sword in his hand and leaned on the ground with a pestle to hold his body steady. His eyes turned over with his head down, revealing a somewhat cruel and bloodthirsty charm. He stared at his psychology and looked at it again. He was lying around his giant sword and was in a coma. He was worried about three killers. He grimaced, "Now I have three in my hand, and I don’t lose one in your hand."
There are some hesitations in the look of Jin Shan’s arm shaking slightly. One side is his own goal, and the other is his companion who has been living together for many years. Although he is a killer, it is impossible to have any feelings for his companion, and there is still a cruel reality that even if he fights against him in this state, he still doesn’t have much confidence. Just that battle shocked him, which really shocked him and made him lose a lot of fighting spirit.
After finally weighing the pros and cons, the hands of the ruin booth gently pushed Jin Shan to push Jin Shan to the wind.
Jin Shan’s shoulder was stabbed by wounds, and she couldn’t help exclaiming in pain when she was pushed so hard, and then she ran to Feng Yang with gritting her teeth.
"I didn’t expect that this time we would plant you alone, but we will come again," said Yan Leng.
"No matter how many times you come, you don’t want me to breathe. She can’t take anyone away." Feng Yang put away his sword, but secretly he has already started the cycle of six ways. The first acupoint forcibly stimulated the body’s potential to restore some physical strength, so he put his arm around Jin Shan’s shoulder and forced him to fly.
It’s hard to imagine that this guy has been able to fly, which means that he is already a strong Wu Xian, and Zheng Ancheng belongs to the top ranks of the strong.
"If you can fly, why don’t you leave?" Jinshan wanted to get a message from Fengyang, but she didn’t receive Fengyang’s response. Suddenly, she felt the rain falling on her head. She was startled to see the sunny weather in Wan Li, which would also rain.
When she looked up, she saw that the wind was blowing, her nostrils and mouth were constantly flowing out, and blood was dripping from her head, not rain, but blood. When her eyes were blowing, she saw this young man who had always looked radiant since she realized it. Suddenly, his eyes were so tired that his eyelids drooped as if he were dozing off and his shoulders were overflowing with blood, which made his spirit weaker and weaker. She knew what kind of obsession enabled him to support the body that had been damaged to such an extent.
At that moment, she didn’t feel the fear and discomfort brought by the blood falling, but suddenly she felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart, which made her burst into tears in an instant.
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and sixty-three Independent thinking
Welcome you to come.
In any case, Fengyang finally insisted on returning to Juxian Base in Xunmeng Street. Although this flying all the way back attracted many passers-by to look up and watch, most of Zheng Ancheng, a strong Wuxian level, could look up and look at it with a far-sighted attitude, while Zheng Ancheng, a strong Wuxian level, knew that someone was flying, but no one went out to talk about anything.
Falling to the ground, Jin Shan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Flying high all the time made her a little uncomfortable. During the flight, she was floating and almost fainted. However, Jin Shan first thought that it was still windy, but when she reacted, she had already seen the wind and fell to the ground and looked weak and fainted.
"Come on," Jin Shan cried with tears at the moment when he saw that Feng Yang seemed to be dead.
At this time, everyone gathered in Xian and heard a delicate and crisp cry from the outside. Wu Hua, Rowling, Liu Zhe and Lan Long rushed out from the inside. Four big men rushed out while fighting against Wu Hua at a slow speed, and they kept pulling their clothes and pulling the front person out of balance. It is better to lose both sides than to let others take their own step.
These four animals have professional ear skills. They can judge the appearance and temperament of strangers at the first time. A girl with good appearance and temperament calls for help. This is how good it is to show a hero to save the United States. All four animals are rushing out.

Sitting opposite Li Dalong, no one introduced him, but he saw at a glance that this man was Gu Yucai.

Gu Yucai belongs to the kind of person who knows success at a glance. Although he is wearing a suit, his belly is still bulging. From his appearance, he can’t tell that he is a 4-year-old man, but he exudes the charm of a mature man.
It depends. At the moment, these men are still talking about the reason, so Gu Yucai in Xiangzhi’s home is not too taboo. "Are you sure it’s Jingyuan Planet when you find a new star in the General Federal Fleet?"
Xiang Zhi smiled. "Old Gu, you have a wide range of contacts in the Ministry of Energy. Do you think this news may be false?"
Gu Yucai shook his head and said, "The road of the Ministry of Energy is not as easy as it used to be, especially after the accident last year."
Ye Tian couldn’t help saying, "That sensational rape case in Gaos?"
Gu Yucai sighed, "It’s not that the Gaos always do stupid things."
Fang Qiang said, "Should it be released now?"
Gu Yucai nodded, "When he came out, his master was afraid that he would make another big deal. He had already sent him to Beauty, and he was not allowed to go back to the Star."
A few people have been chatting casually for a while, but Li Dalong is listening attentively. Although it was last year, most of them were still talking about business contacts.
Fang Qiang suddenly turned his head and said, "I don’t know where Dalong works?"
Li Dalong laughed. "What’s the job of a vagrant in my industry?"
Fang Qiang also smiled, "How can a friend of Miss Song be simple? You are modest."
Xiang Zhi also laughed. "Tai Lung seems to be not doing business, but you are very strong."
His eyes are poisonous, and this implies a lot, which means that Li Dalong is likely to be a policeman, bodyguard and security professional.
Li Dalong laughed. "I am familiar with Tai Police Station and often deal with it."
This is not a lie, either. He is always investigated by his uncle, and he does deal with him often, but he secretly observes other people’s reactions when he speaks here.
Several men’s reaction bases are normal, but Gu Yucai’s canthus muscles can’t help jumping. Is this man a policeman?
After chatting for a while, Gu Yucai got up and left because the company had something to do.
The party was also peaceful. After Zhou Jie enjoyed dinner together, everyone left separately.
Car back LuXiaoJia just asked "? Did you get anything today? "
Li Dalong nodded. "This Gu Yucai is definitely a problem."
Xiao Jia said, "His company is big and has high family support behind it."
Li Dalong said, "Oh?"
Xiao Jia said, "If the federal fleet finds a new planet in the depths of the universe, if it finds that this planet has resources, it is usually the technical team of the new power group. In the past, it was awarded by his company four times out of ten."
Li Dalong was silent.
Michelle saw his silence and quickly said, "But you promised me not to go the same way again."
Li Dalong wry smile way "I said so, but we face too much power, and I don’t know when Brother Hua will come to Tianxing. I don’t have much time."
Michelle frowned and said, "What?"
Li Dalong said, "Yesterday, Li Mei told me that because of my good performance, the public welfare center gave me a lot of grades and educational scores."
Xiaojia said, "How much did you add?"
Li Dalong reached out and said, "Exactly 4 points!"
Xiaojia stopped talking. This score means that Li Dalong should be able to afford Zheng Dayi, so that the lawyer may have his sentence reduced. Once the sentence is over, Li Dalong will be sent away from Tianxing because he has no citizenship.
At this time, Xiaojia is contradictory. Of course, she hopes that Li Dalong will get rid of the punishment years as soon as possible, but she doesn’t know how to leave Li Dalong in Tianxing, which is beyond her ability.
The car soon arrived in the slum, which made neither of them think that Zheng Dayi was actually waving to Li Dalong at the gate, and Zheng Dayi followed a man in a short shirt behind him.
This man is not young, but he doesn’t look old either.
"Zheng Dazhuang, why are you here?" Li Dalong jumped.
"I’m here to see you!" Zheng Dayi took another look at Michelle and her car and couldn’t help smiling. "It seems that you are doing well."
Li Dalong was a little embarrassed. "Thank you, Zheng Dazhuang!"
Zheng Dayi laughed. "Well, since you’re back, my work is finished. You can talk about it. I have something to go back to the lawyer’s office."
He left when he said it, which puzzled Li Dalong and Michelle. At this time, the shirt man slowly came over and politely reached out and said, "Hello Li Dalong!"
Li Dalong hesitated. "Who are you?"
The man laughed. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My surname is Yuan. You can call me Xiao Yuan!"
Li Dalong suddenly shocked that this man looks older than himself, but he has to call him that. To be continued.
Chapter five hundred and forty Mysterious picture album
"What can I do for Mr. Yuan?" Li Dalong asked.
Xiaoyuan pulled out a bound book and handed it to me. "This is a client who transferred it from layer to layer and named it to Mr. Li for you."
"Oh?" Li Dalong was curious to take over "Who commissioned it?"
This book is self-bound by printing paper and sealed with a layer of wax certificate, which has never been unsealed.
Xiao Yuan shook his head and said, "No one knows about this. If there is nothing else, I will go first."
These two people came suddenly and went quickly. Xiaojia followed Li Dalong Building, and she was also very curious about this book.
After the album was sealed, she was surprised to find that it was a hand-drawn album. Although it was a sketch, the painting style was exquisite and the characters were lifelike.
The first few pages show a big man in a suit and tie who seems to be enjoying the exhibition in an exquisite exhibition hall, followed by several casually dressed men.
Michelle was surprised. "Ah, this is Mr. President."

Palm trembling slightly.

"I … I don’t want to see it!"
It really doesn’t make any difference whether this perverted man is wrapped or not, but she was outspoken, okay?
Don’t care so much!
But only conscious men gradually melt away when they keep kissing her.
"Too …"
The original clear voice became gentle and lovely, eroding the bones, and the hot air splashed on the man’s face, making his body instantly tense.
Jade coagulates fat and jade arm rings. The man’s neck is surrounded by his strength. He seems to want to get up and raise his neck painfully, leaning on his shoulder and shivering.
Being close to his body makes her cold and relieved, and she can really want to draw more heat, which is more pleasant even on a hot summer day.
"Well …"
The unbearable whisper made Jun Yi Han take a deep breath. Even his patience seemed to reach its limit if it wasn’t for her.
Tightly frowning brows will she stripped from his body.
"Well don’t …"
Realizing that the only heat source was far away from her, Gu Xixi frowned discontentedly. Because they were too close, their cheeks were red and white, and they were charming and charming. She grabbed the man’s shoulder tightly for fear that he would just dump her.
The man raised his hand and clamped her jaw with great force, forcing her to look at herself.
The dark and hot phoenix eyes also look deeply into her eyes at the moment. "Look at the stupid thing clearly. Do you know who I am?"
Away from his room, it seems that there is still a cold chill that blows away a little ambiguity and restores a little clarity. There is a faint focus in my eyes.
Looking at the edges and corners of the facial features, her mind suddenly felt a tingle.
Jun yi Han!
How can she not know who he is? This is the man she has been thinking about for ten years. Maybe she used him as an antidote at first, but in this decade, especially recently, her heart is not made of wood. How can it be impossible? Chapter 1589 1589 She is his poison for life at a glance.
Before I knew it, she was already …
But how on earth did he know about her poisoning?
What if he did detoxify her? What should she do with him? Do you want her to leave forever?
If that’s the case, she’d rather continue to suffer than stay with him until he can’t live without her!
"Too my slave …"
She pushed and shivered to push him away from herself, but suddenly she was restrained by a man.
"Don’t understand this poison, will you always be so painful to understand?"
Jun Yi-han didn’t understand what she meant by this sudden refusal. After so many years, her daughter dressed as a eunuch and stayed with him. Who are you showing such resistance to now?
Or is she afraid that she will just kill her one day?
A man with a deep voice and a tight line whispered in her ear, "Don’t worry that the palace won’t kill you now that it chooses to save you?"
I don’t know if his words are too demagogic or if the cold has invaded her brain. At this moment, I can’t tell what I think in my heart, and I can take back his hand.
Jun Yi’s cold eyes were slightly dark, and he immediately bent down and tightly hooped the woman’s cold and soft, but like a snake twisting his body, his mouth blocked her half-closed red lips.
Overwhelming kiss faintly shows a kind of * * * * atmosphere, accompanied by dry wood and fire, and the house is full of spring.
It was not until the kiss made her almost gasp that Jun Yi-han would leave her sweet and attractive red lips.
Every time I taste it, I can’t stop
She is his poison for life at a glance.
"Jun Yi Han …"
With this hoarse, sultry, low-pitched, cold-recollected pupil and shrinking chest, there seems to be some strong emotion about to break out of the pupa.
This alone is far faster and more effective than flattering drugs.
He held the female shoulder blade in one hand and pinched her waist in the other, which almost made her scream.
But he seems to be deliberately swallowing Nv Jiao’s breath in his stomach, sweeping every corner of a woman’s mouth with a moist and dexterous long tongue, absorbing the sweetest body fluid in the world for half an inch and unwilling to let it go.
"Brushing" made me feel colder. It was the man who tore up her chest wrap directly.
It’s white and beautiful, and only the crimson coat covers it. How many spring curves are elegant and exciting.
In the future, I have to respond that a man’s hot thin lips will cover her collarbone inch by inch and bite it.
Accompanied by a man’s dexterous big hand caressing the soft towering that has not yet bloomed.
"Too …"
The vague whisper of "Eun Gong Here" escaped from the man’s humble and beautiful lips.
The red fruit in his provocative caress finally bloomed as he wished.
Jun Yi-han’s teeth gently rubbed against her, causing her to be short of breath and shudder.
The soft and hot tongue keeps circling around that point, probably for fear that the other side is too empty. The man moves his other hand from her slender waist to keep kneading.

Just as Cang Lingying was preparing to rise and strike, it suddenly burst into a white light, and the red light around Cang Lingying was scattered with a bang.

That more than one thousand inferno soldiers at the same time spit out one mouthful blood pale back several steps.
Cang Lingying wanted to thank the person who saved himself, but when he saw the white light, his face turned from gratitude to anger and hatred "Lin Yu! Who asked you to meddle? !”
Cang Lingying came here but was conspicuous. Instead, he was saved by Lin Yu. He can’t afford to lose such a face.
Lin Yucai was too lazy to ignore Cang Lingying’s anger. His right hand took back the magic gun.
Lin Yu!’ As soon as the inferno warrior saw Lin Yulai, his eyes were red and his eyes became like blood. "Kill this devil!"
For inferno fighters, Cang Ling Yinggen is not regarded by them. Lin Yu is their worst nightmare.
To say that the previous scene of more than 1,000 people dealing with Cang Lingying was spectacular, and thousands of inferno soldiers swarmed nearby as soon as they heard Lin Yu coming.
The scene is so contrasted that Cang Lingying’s momentum is obviously much weaker than Lin Yu’s.
As soon as Lin Yu came, the pressure on many city soldiers and Cangyu College students suddenly eased, which made them look at Lin Yu with special respect.
Even if Lin Yu’s existing Yuan soul realm is heavy, his charm and influence are far from being comparable to that of Yuan Shen realm.
"Piss me off! Lin Yu, I curse you for being shattered by these magic people! " Cang Lingying hid aside and stared bitterly at Lin Yu while healing.
Lin Yu, an inferno warrior, faced with a flood coming to him, did not "shovel" a magic gun into the ground.
Silver magic gun totem immediately sends out a red light that makes inferno soldiers palpitation, enveloping them all.
"Fight with Lin Yu!" Those inferno fighters launched the explosive without hesitation.
Instantly, a "boom" explosive sounded around Lin Yu, and the red light released by the magic gun was scattered.
Thousands of magic people blew themselves up and broke Lin Yu’s silver-tattooed magic gun. Demon totem restraint!
"kill!" The red light of the holy demon totem was broken, and the demons even killed their red eyes and came at Lin Yu.
They couldn’t wait to chop this inferno nemesis into a paste with weapons in their hands!
"Lin Yu, your magic gun has failed. I want to see how you can escape these inferno siege this time!" Hiding in the rear, Cang Lingying smiled grimly. His mind seemed to see the scene of Lin Yu being chopped into meat sauce.
Even if the demon totem temporarily fails, there is still no panic in the face of hordes of Lin Yu
There are already 100 people who are 50 or 60 meters away from Lin Yuyou. Lin Yu is still holding his gray hair and covering up his mocking eyes.
"Your weapons don’t seem to have a good level!" Lin Yu inexplicably said, at the same time, the metal weapons in the hands of those inferno soldiers changed their shapes instantly.
Come is the point of your gun towards Lin Yu these point of your gun suddenly moved to their master stabbed in the past!
Poof, poof, poof …
The hundreds of inferno fighters closest to Lin Yu were inexplicably cut their throats or pierced their hearts with their own weapons.
It’s even more exaggerated that a guy flew up with a big hammer in his hand and smashed his own head to pieces!
"The special attribute of Lin Yuyuan’s soul-metal control!" Secretly and quietly noting the battle, people exclaimed, and their faces were written in shock.
Few people have the special property of metal control, which is generally a substitute company. Few people have seen this special property of meta-soul.
Today, Lin Yu finally showed them what metal control is.
"Damn it!" The inferno soldiers in the rear knew that Lin Yu was too eccentric to fight in close combat. Someone quickly shouted, "This guy is dead with his vitality!"
But will Lin Yu give them such an opportunity?

Snake Jiuyou took the rhinoceros king and the golden-winged Dapeng bird straight to Zhudao to meet Xiaobai Molin and Zhu Pingman all the way to Mozi Village, while Lu Yue took his apprentice Lei Nan straight to the military. Everyone agreed to meet in Zhudao in six days.

Chapter 43 Save the World
Chapter 43 Save the World
After leaving everyone, Zhu Pingman and Mo Lin, an old man and a young man, are going to Mo Zhe Village to ask Mo Ren for help first.
Mohist schools are all worried about the sky, and judging from Helmos’ words, Mo Ren must have been invited. In this case, it is possible to make the seven great families form a United front against the gods.
Young and old people didn’t dare to neglect and went straight to the west before they walked hundreds of miles and realized that something was wrong.
"Did you find something?" Zhu ping’s rambling steps make a straight line straight into Mo Lin’s ear. This method of beam-sound-forming is safe without the second person’s ear.
"Two people are very strong" Molin and Zhu Pingman discovered almost at the same time.
Newcomers have two smells hidden, but when they approach at high speed, they will definitely show some clues. If they are former Molin, it may take a while to detect them. However, after playing seven chakras, they gained consciousness and gained a little benefit from the last shock wave of the Red Dragon Ball. Now Molin can clearly sense those two smells.
"It seems that an old friend should have no malice." Newcomers are also strong. Since they deliberately hide their breath, it is not easy to judge at the moment. However, from the perspective of the other party’s line, it does not look like the enemy Zhu Pingman has slowed down his steps and is willing to wait.
Ink Lin, of course, also stopped, and both of them converged to express their friendliness to those who came.
Soon, two figures appeared in the distance and quickly approached.
Ink sharp-eyed see the man in front of the black linen turned out to be the trip to find ink endure don’t like the sorrow.
Zhu Ping Man also found a frown saying, "How did he get here?"
The one in front is Mo Ren, while the one behind is not very old, that is, he is less than forty years old.
Two people ran straight to the front of Mo Lin without any pause and stopped to stand five steps away.
"Giant" Mo Lin made a ceremony at Mo Ren, and although he just saved Mo Ren, the entrance of Mo Zhe Village was stabbed by Yang Li in an ambush, but he still maintained his respect for Mo Ren.
Mo Ren sees Mo Lin’s face is a little strange. Although he has experienced several storms, he has always believed that everything he has done is a day. Mo Lin is afraid of difficulties and does not want to repay him. He turned his head and was attacked at the village entrance. So it is also Mohism. I am sorry for Mo Lin.
"Are you all right?" Mo ren asked
"It’s okay." Molin smiled. The so-called meeting, a smile, and an enmity. He played seven chakras and a new world. Now that Yang Li is dead, there are some things that don’t have to be entangled.
"How did the giant get here?" After a simple greeting, Mo Lin found that something was wrong. Mo Ren’s face was gaunt and decadent, which was completely different from the extraordinary tolerance of the former liberal school.
"We are in contact with each big family. Just when we heard the noise, we followed. I didn’t expect to meet you." Mo Rendao said.
"What the hell happened?" Seeing that Mo Ren was a little hesitant, Mo Lin guessed that there was probably a "real thing" with Helmus. We are also going to see you in Mo Zhe Village.
"Oh?" This time it was Mo Ren’s turn to be surprised. "What do you want with me?"
"It’s that Helmus thing that came from the divine world," said Molin, explaining the Helmus thing and showing Mo Ren the invitation of the back of his hand.
Ink endure and the other man turned pale, such as ink Lin finished with your hand.
They also have the same black invitation pattern on the back of their hands as Mo Lin.
Ink Lin frowned "maybe …"
Mo Ren told the story that the Great Desert Divine Gate met Helmus. When he said that Helmus killed the Zhuan Sun wasteland, Zhu Pingman drank a lot.
This is like a thunder, which can almost shake the clouds in the sky.
"What are you talking about? The old slob in the wasteland is dead!" Zhu’s comments are full of hair, swollen eyes and almost oozing blood.
Zhuan Sun wasteland is Zhu Pingman. Please come and help Molin die. Helms’ hand is tantamount to Zhu Pingman killing his old friend. How can he not be angry?
"I must kill this bastard." Zhu Pingman clenched his fists and rushed to the bullfight.
Molin can’t help but feel sad that Zhudao will become permanent. This catastrophe has really killed too many people. I really hope that Hermes is the last doom and the mainland can restore its former peace and tranquility.
"Since we all got the invitation of Helmus, we can’t hide and want us to work together in Qi Xin. I don’t believe that Helmus has a big collar." Zhu Pingman angrily said.
Mo Lin also told Mo Ren about his previous plan, only then did he know that they also hoped that the United States would fight against Helmus.
"We’re still worried about where to find Lu Yueren. Since he went to the military commander, it would be great to wait for the seven aristocratic families to gather together to deal with Helms." Then it is Zou Mo, the new owner of the Yin and Yang family who followed Mo Ren, who was immediately excited to hear that Lu Yueren went to the military commander.
When he said this, he pulled his face apart from Mo Lin, Zhu Ping and Mo Ren.
Zou Mo doesn’t know what she said wrong, and she is a little dumbfounded. Mo Lin also doesn’t understand why Grandpa suddenly becomes heavy and combative.
"Seven-star array hum … seven big families will also have this kind of more bullying and less stuff." Zhu commented coldly.
After what he said, Mo Lin immediately came over in vain. When TaBaYu was almost close to the gods, he was besieged by the seven families and finally vanished. It seems that the seven families were the seven star arrays.
Although it is also very contemptuous of the practice of the seven great families in those days, Molin can tell that this seven-star array is a great array, which can gather the strength of all people and output combat effectiveness several times. In those days, Tuoba Yu could be defeated, and today he might be able to defeat Helms.