I’m afraid he knows what he’s thinking, but I’m afraid he won’t know what will happen after the Magic Guild-I believe it will be a news that will shock everyone …

There are changes in guilds, not only the Devil Fight and other guilds in the Summer Palace, but also the Seven Nights Guild, the Shenburial Guild, the Extreme Guild, and the Dragon Pursuit Guild. They are all restless and seem to smell gunpowder …
The higher the level, the closer it is to the ultimate goal of the first players-they want to go to Longcheng first! Dragon City is a fortress for human beings to fight against the abyss, and it is suggested that players enter Dragon City in large numbers, which means that the abyss is on the verge of fighting first, but there is a period of relaxation, and proper preparation can also help them understand that Dragon City is brushing inside, although it may no longer be needed …
At present, if Yang Ye keeps the trend of upgrading, it can be the first to enter Longcheng, but no one can say whether someone will directly surpass him. Speaking of it, Yang Ye still wants to be the first to enter it and pursue it. It doesn’t seem like …
After tens of minutes of cleaning up, Yang Ye finally felt the fluctuation of the flower fairyland in front of her eyes-it was almost untenable! During this period, even Yang Ye had some difficulty in getting back the potion, which was a thrilling experience, but in the end, he managed to keep full of blood …
When Yang Ye once again chopped a flower monster to the ground, the beautiful illusion suddenly changed. In the distance, the flower sea disappeared and broke like a mirror. The river suddenly broke into pieces like a glass rod. Whether it was true or not, the flowers declined and withered. In an instant, the spring was full, and the flowers blossomed into autumn, which was full of scars and silence.
"pa! !”
Suddenly everything was broken in front of me.
Yang Ye, once obsessed, returned to the shadow in front of the spell teacher Aaron-on how they moved in the flower dreamland, they never moved at the shadow. Aaron was pale and kneeling on his left hand to support his body, and he could see that he was very tired.
I don’t know how much energy a flower fantasy needs to maintain Yang Ye, but the present situation tells him that the more flowers fantasy, the less intensity Aaron will support. That is to say, if the number of players is large and the flower fantasy needs to cover more than a dozen at the same time, I’m afraid Aaron will not be able to support it for a long time instead of treating Yang Ye and becoming a demon as long as he is now.
The flower illusion will also bring a damage to the player-reduce the remaining health by 5%. Generally speaking, "reducing the remaining health" will not let the player die, even if there is a drop of blood reduced by 5%, there are still 5 arguments that will not let the player die.
Despite this, Yang Ye and Yi Nian Meng are still missing a lot of blood.
"Drink blood first" became a demon, took out the medicine bottle and continued to replenish blood while watching Aaron, the spell master, afraid that he would move.
"Well, this flower dreamland is really interesting." Yang Ye nodded and took out a few medicine bottles and gave some to Lilina and some to himself.
"It almost didn’t kill me. I’m fine. I have the skills to add blood." One thought became a demon and angrily said.
"Ha ha, I’m almost the same" Yang Ye laughed.
Aaron got down on one knee for a long time, and after a few minutes, he finally got up. His face changed from pale to bloody. He looked at the two people in front of him and took a deep breath. "I didn’t expect that people who entered my fantasy land could still come out alive."
Yang Ye looked at Aaron and didn’t speak.
And Aaron looked at the two people in front of him and smiled sadly. "Sure enough, I should have died long ago." To be continued.
Chapter 357 People will die and their words will be good.
Don’t be so miserable when Aaron laughs. After the speech, the whole person seems to be depressed. It seems that the flower fantasy method has done harm to Yang Ye and Yi Niancheng, which directly made Aaron lose his fighting spirit.
You can see from the miner’s hat that Aaron’s blood volume is at the last 1% at this time. It’s like attacking the flower monster in the flower dreamland and hurting Aaron himself.
Aaron looked at the two men and touched them in his arms and pulled out a pollen bomb. But at this time, he didn’t throw it at Yang Ye with an arrogant smile, but calmly said, "The Queen Flower is very cruel. Although I don’t believe that you can kill him, I still wish you success … I didn’t want to make her."
"I don’t have any problem with your insistence on killing the Queen Flower-all the way forward, there is a mountain peak built by the Queen Flower on its own, and there is a hole at the foot of the mountain where you can see her."
Then Aaron suddenly pressed the pollen bomb against his chest and closed his eyes …
"Holy shit …"
"Wocao …"
Yang Ye two people to look at Aaron puzzled but now a look is white-this Aaron incredibly fucking suicide! !
In the game, it’s not unusual for boss to commit suicide. Like Aaron, it’s even more for boss to commit suicide with 1% blood left-it takes more than ten seconds to kill himself. Generally, boss commits suicide for a reason, but generally, blood volume doesn’t mean much. If it’s more, the player has to do it himself.
Aaron’s suicide and the words before suicide are a bit like taking the blame and dying-I did something wrong and shouldn’t live. Let me die! ! Shout like this and then die directly …
No matter whether Aaron committed suicide for reasons, but in the end, there was no need for such a little blood. Yang Ye did it himself-
The pollen bomb exploded and the pink mushroom cloud rose, and Aaron’s body was instantly covered by the mushroom cloud and disappeared …
"Equipment … won’t be gone, won’t it?" A thought became a magic wait for a while way.
"Ah … this is a problem." Yang Ye woke up. It would be a pity if the equipment was gone. This Aaron is equipped with fairy-level equipment boss! !
As always, the spectacular shrinking nuclear explosion effect of pink mushroom cloud finally stopped after flipping and rising for a moment. They went to Yang Ye and looked intently-there was no spell teacher Aaron in the original place, and there was a circle of pink land burned by pollen bombs and a few pieces of swaying equipment …
"Haha!" I went to the place where Aaron died and picked up the equipment. "Let’s take a look at what’s good … lie down! ! ! Fairy-level equipment is also special. It’s the soldier shoulder pad who wiped his hair! !”
See fairy dress a thought into a magic is quite not calm rang rang up if you don’t know him, Yang Ye must be which little rookie came here to mix equipment-it’s the president of the Magic Guild!
"By our promise, we are lucky and directly out of the warrior fairy shoulder pad level 55! Made a hair! " As soon as I became obsessed, I kept chanting, "Come and catch the roll. I can’t wait."
Looking at Yang Ye’s appearance as a demon, it’s a bit funny. "I don’t have to roll it for you directly." Yang Ye said that he did have a "chop forging" in the virus lab. At present, Li Yanxin’s continuous collection of materials is about to be made. As soon as it is made, there will be a good shoulder pad equipment. Is there any such thing as Kuang Yangye’s having to read it as a demon? A little favor …
"Hey, you really don’t want it?" A year’s silence changed to a fairy with glowing rays. shoulder pad shook it and let its light shine into Yang Ye’s eyes …
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "I don’t want you to take it." It’s not enough to have a little fairy equipment and become a demon.
"Hey, hey, it’s very kind of you, that’s me." One thought turned into a demon and asked two sentences. It’s true that Yang Ye really doesn’t want to equip himself directly without being melodramatic-
The shoulders are sketched and carved with bright flowers, and shoulder pad is shining with faint light, which is not ordinary at first glance!
Directly turning the special effects into a magic seems to like this low-key. In fact, sometimes Yang Ye still likes it-enough to pretend to be B!
Armed with new equipment, I became fascinated and directly gave the rear equipment department to Yang Ye. Then I excitedly raised his sword and waved it majestically for two times and then said, "Continue?" Look at the sample for such a long time, the fatigue of online brushing will disappear after getting a powerful equipment …
"Continue to have a wool rest. We were online for too long at ten o’clock in the morning." Yang Ye shook his head and said with a smile.
"Ah, that’s right, too." When I read it, I put away my sword and nodded.
Two people directly line out of the game.
The next day, almost at the same time, the two men straightened up a little bit and went deeper into the fascinating shadow-the final site of the Queen Flower was ahead.
The cabin of Aaron, the spell master behind him, is getting farther and smaller, but the mountain peak in front of us is getting higher and higher, and the wind around it is getting more harsh. It seems that people will be overturned in the future and no one will be allowed to get close to it …
All the way, Yang Ye and his party met no obstacles and were quite calm-but this calm seems to tell them that the Queen Flower can be extremely dangerous! Otherwise, countless monsters will be placed in the way to prevent the enemy from approaching. The weaker the boss is, the more help he needs and the stronger he will be. They will fight on their own strength.
I’m afraid we won’t know until we see the queen flower-
The towering mountain peaks stand in the shadows of the plain, and the white fog is constantly pouring out from the top of the mountain and spreading all around. This is the center. At the foot of the mountain, there is a hole, and the hole seems to be more spacious as it narrows at first, which is good for Aaron.
It is not unreasonable to say that people will die and their words will be good.
Yang Ye and the one-year-old demon shine on the road ahead with their weapons, and touch the hole all the way along the wall of ue. There is nothing special about ue except humid air, smooth and watery walls with moss, and it is not too dangerous to hear bugs around.
Even so, Yang Ye never stopped to make the miner’s hat pay attention to all around-who knows if the danger will suddenly come!
The hole ue seems to have been around for a long time for a minute or two, and it didn’t feel like it bottomed out. If it was real, Yang Ye would have gone out long ago, but fortunately, there is another one next to the game that can talk and chat.
"Your guild doesn’t matter, right? I heard from my friend yesterday that one of your guild members and one of their own played a few more games." Yang Ye groped forward and walked forward. His voice echoed in the hole ue, which made the hole more secluded.
When I heard Yang Ye’s words, I smiled first and then said, "It’s normal that no matter how they think about the position of the president of the guild every day, let them think that they refuse this damn thing and make small moves!" One thought becomes a demon and sighs heavily.
"When are you going to act?" Yang Ye expression serious.
"I don’t know if it’s up to you. When you can do it, I’ll do it." He sounded calm when he read the magic word. "What opportunity are you waiting for?"
"Waiting for a suitable opportunity"
"The Summer Palace is going to hold on." One thought became a demon and then added, "Although it is better than my magic guild, there will be nothing wrong with Pan Tianyu Alliance. The moth has been throbbing very much recently."
"Hey, everyone knows about the Pan-Sky Alliance?" Yang Ye wondered that the Pan-Sky Alliance was the first time he met in Dolson. According to his understanding, this stop is not like an alliance that can organize on the table but should work behind the scenes.
"Don’t look at the forum?"
"rarely seen"
"That’s not surprising. They went crazy after the Battle of Dolson. Recently, they have also attracted more small and medium-sized guilds and workshops to join their synthesis. The idea that they are going to become the largest joint organization of Tianyu has to be prevented has become a magic road.

This meal was eaten in the dark, and the blue demon chop was taken to the wing by Watsons to chat and sleep. Before he left, Yang night vaguely saw the blue demon chop and cast a sad look. Did she also think about tonight or worry …

Nearly three nights later, Yang Ye and Du Fu were taken to their backyard by Li Bai. Li Bai ordered the servant to bring three cups and an altar of daughter red, and put a few side dishes on the stone table and chair in the backyard gazebo to greet Du Fu and Yang Ye and sit with a cheerful face.
"Beautiful brother Qingshan Xiandi" Li Bai smiled and sent his servant to hold the jar to personally pour Yang Ye Du Fu’s wine and said, "Such a beautiful scenery can make two people drink and talk about sex."
It is a great blessing in life! "Said put jars raised his cup and cried" come on! Let’s drink this cup first! "
Yang night Du Fu also raised his glass and greeted Li Bai with a smile, and drank a toast together.
"Good wine, good wine!" Du Fu put down a cup and gently twisted his beard and said, "I haven’t been so happy for a long time. Haha!"
Yang Yema also learned from Du Fu’s appearance, smoothed his beard and held a cup half-way, then smiled. "Hehe, I think there are some wines that are not intoxicating tonight, but they are not charming at night!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Qingshan Xiandi Li is really impressed with you today! " Li Bai was surprised, sighed, smiled and talked to Du Fu and nodded gently.
Du Fu is also a look of amazement. Li Bai looked at Yang Ye and shook his sleeve and threw his fist at him. "Du Mou, the good brother of Qingshan, was really surprised. I never thought that the friends around Brother Taibai were also hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and I never thought that the good brother of Qingshan could make such wonderful words at a young age!"
"I don’t dare to lose!" Yang Ye was proud of his modesty and put a cup of fuels in his heart, wondering how to ask Li Bai to let him take them to Chang ‘an.
"Qingshan Xiandi is too modest!" Du Fu smiled and shook a sleeve. "Du Mou was lucky to meet Brother Taibai and Brother Qingshan. They all said that a bosom friend in life is enough. Now Du Mou can even get two Chikio to ask for help!"
"In that case, why don’t the three of us take advantage of this beautiful night, wine and wine to worship Jin Lan in the south?" Li Bai took advantage of the joy to hold Du Fu and Yang Ye’s hands excitedly and said
Yang Ye was stupefied and became sworn to Li Bai and Du Fu? Me? This is a big joke. Besides, did Li Bai and Du Fu become sworn friends in history?
Du Fu, who was stunned by Yang Ye here, was very excited. "It’s really an honor for Du Mou if Brother Taibai really said that!"
After speaking, I also put my hand in Li Bai’s hand, and then they turned their heads to look at Yang Yebi with expectation.
"What am I doing?" Yang night pretended to be surprised and then reached out and Li Bai and Du Fu held hands and said, "I am naturally 110 thousand willing!" The two in my heart are already my brothers! " Said the Yang night thought don’t say become sworn brothers, when my ancestors, these two are absolutely more than enough.
Li Bai and Du Fu are happy, pulling Yang Yebian’s backyard gazebo to the south, paying homage to each other in order to save those worldly rules. Everyone raises a glass first and then respects heaven, then drinks and kowtows, even if they become sworn brothers. Li Bai’s eldest brother Du Fu’s second son Yang Yesan will be brothers to each other in the future.
Yang night or so looked at both sides of the heart smoothing his beard and laughing on his back, but Li Bai and Du Fu kept muttering in their hearts, "What’s the matter?" Did they become sworn brothers with Li Bai and Du Fu? Ancient people are really generous! No, no, you must get two original paintings of Li Bai and Du Fu Mo Bao before you go back! Isn’t it too much to ask to be brothers?
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It’s past midnight, and Li Bai and Du Fu are still interested. Her daughter’s red has been in three places. Yang Ye was drunk, but she didn’t feel drunk. She just got a little bloated and went to the toilet four or five times.
"Since I’m so happy tonight, I’m not as happy as our three brothers improvising poetry. Is the second brother and the third brother happy?" Li Baiduan drink a mouthful of glass suddenly looked up and said
"Good good! That’s what big brother is thinking. Good wine will naturally borrow poetry to relax! " Du Fu clapped his hands gently and pointed to Yang Ye and said, "Besides, I’m afraid the third brother’s talent is superficial, so I just want to hear more of his eloquent sentences!"
"No, no, no!" Yang night hurriedly waved his hand and worried about how many goods he had left to recite Tang poetry and Song poetry, but not many "big brother!" Second brother! Little brother, I’m just a little ignorant. Those were all nonsense just now. Just listen to your poems and I won’t make a fool of myself! "
"Hey ~ ~ ~ This statement is poor!" Li Bai a stare eyes "is sworn brothers to make a fool of yourself? It’s just that the three of us are taking advantage of this cool breeze to express our feelings. It’s also considered that we are sworn to Jin Lan tonight to add fun to drinking wine! "
"Big Brother is right!" Du Fu answered, "Third Brother, don’t spoil your fun! I’ll brew one first! " He squinted and pondered for a moment, twisted his beard and suddenly smiled and said, "Looking at the sky like a jade tree, I often love to escape Zen and Li Bai has a hundred poems before I get drunk."
"Wonderful! !” Yang Yema shouted loudly and clapped his hands like Li Bai and Du Fu.
Li Bai smoothed his beard, shook his head slightly and looked at Du Fu with a smile and said, "What a good poem!
But second brother, you praised me for it? This makes my brother a little ashamed! "
Du Fu also smiled and turned to lift the glass from the stone table to Li Bai. "Eldest brother Du Mou admired you for a long time but didn’t want to be happy today, but he became a brother and unconsciously brought his eldest brother into the poem. This is Du Mou’s sincere praise."
"Good good! The second brother’s heart is white! " Li Baixiao also picked up a cup of Du Fu and gestured to each other to drink it off in pairs. After Li Bai put the glass behind his hand, he looked up at the moon and suddenly smiled. He picked up two glasses and turned around and handed them to Yang Ye for a cup. After that, Lang said, "Don’t refuse a cup of spring breeze and laugh at people. If you don’t drink, you will be safe."

"When am I guilty again!"

Chenchi’s fingertip glided gently over Qingchen’s lips. "You still have the words" You are guilty "written on your face in your eyes. Do you want to take a mirror to take a photo for you?"
"…" Qingchen was cheated and confessed immediately. "Well, I want to know, and then … when our child grows up, if he dares to dislike me and worship you blindly, I will tell him about your black history department and let him know that mom is the best person in the family."
Chenchi couldn’t help laughing, "Don’t tell him my black history. If he dares not like you, I’ll teach him the first lesson."
"True" Qingchen is satisfied with embracing Chenchi "That’s good"
"But you don’t want to change the subject." Qingchen immediately felt that she was almost fooled again.
Qingchen said with a straight face, "Tell me what you have done before that bothers Grandpa. Are you also very mean?"
"I went fishing in other bad things when I could swim in the moat. Do you think that even if I did it, someone would find out that I did it? At that time, I will forget all about it. "
"Cunning" Qing Chen tut tut two "old foxes"
Section 342
Chenchi is regarded as Qingchen praising him. "Thank you for your compliment."
Qingchen scoffed at it and found nothing from Chenchi. Why don’t you try to get it from Zheng Nuo or Lu Jinian later?
In Chuningzhao’s place, Qingchen won’t think that she doesn’t agree with that man.
Afraid of being seen by Chenchi, Qingchen quickly stopped this idea and leaned against his chest again to "go to bed."
Chenchi certainly sees Qingchen heels, but she doesn’t care about patting her back "to sleep".
Qingchen arrived in Taiwan early the next day and paid special attention to whether Xia Lang came but still didn’t see him.
The person next to him saw Qingchen poking around and asked, "Looking for Xia Lang? He didn’t come."
Qingchen sighed, "If he doesn’t come to my place, no one will hand over the work."
"It’s estimated that something happened, otherwise it won’t happen these days, and people won’t be arranged to take over another job." People followed suit.
Xia Lang’s post is not an idle job, and there are many things to deal with at hand. He can handle everything perfectly when he is still in his post, which also makes the former gossip about him change his mind.
However, it didn’t take long for Xia Lang to stop coming to work. It disappeared for several days, and many things that should have been taken from him had to be squeezed. Now no one cares about those things and can continue to drag on.
It’s not a long-term solution to keep putting it off like this. Some things can be put off for a day or two, but some things can’t be rooted.
When Qingchen saw it, he could say, "No, I’ll ask. If he really doesn’t come, he’ll have to find someone to replace him."
"Then please, we haven’t done a lot of work now, but no one cares about his identity, and we dare not go to the leader easily for fear of getting into trouble."
Qingchen knows everyone’s concerns, and she is not afraid of getting into trouble anyway, so just be a good person and take care of it.
After deciding to ask, Qingchen went to see Minister Wang first and wanted to know how much Minister Wang knew about Xia Lang.
If minister Wang can reach Xia Lang, she won’t bother looking for someone everywhere.
It was Minister Wang who knew that Qingchen had come to ask him questions about Xia Lang and immediately said, "I don’t care about him, you have to find someone else."
"Don’t you know?" “
Even if I know, I can’t control it. He just inserted it in front of me. What can I say? "
Qing Chen saw that Minister Wang also had some concerns, and she also knew that there must be something behind Xia Lang’s coming here, otherwise he wouldn’t have dropped directly to that position.
Since Minister Wang has no way to say that Qingchen is not going to ask him any more, he can’t get any results.
Qingchen was able to follow the normal process to find the phase leader. Before Qingchen went to find it, news came to Xia Lang to come to class.
Come to class?
Now that he has come to work … then he will leave this matter alone.
Qingchen is more due to work, but a small part is because Xia Lang suddenly didn’t come to work, which made her feel more insecure.
I always feel that this man is more dangerous than when he appeared.
After all, she doesn’t know if it is possible for Xia Lang to think that he and himself are roots. It is impossible and don’t insist on this matter again.
But no matter what Xia Lang thinks, what Qingchen can do is to stay away from Sharon for a while and then solve the Xia Lang problem after Chenchi finds the evidence.
The contradiction with Xia Lang will be solved sooner or later. Chenchi will not suffer, especially if Xia Lang is behind those incidents, then this person is terrible, and every step is a threat.
Of course, if this person can take the initiative to leave, it must be the best, but Qingchen knows that Xia Lang should not leave so easily.
He has done so many things before, he must have his purpose and will not give up easily.
I heard that Xia Lang didn’t go out of his way to prove it when he came back, or he would meet Xia Lang head-on again.
She really doesn’t want to see that man now.

The place where the dark party painted halberd was a little distorted and flashed with the way. Although the two gods Wang Jiangzhe were proud, they were not stupid. After sensing that they could almost tear the strong breeze, they suddenly fled backwards. Just a few turns were already far away from Du Yun.

Du Yun saw that two people actually hid themselves from attacking "Thunder and Fire". After that, the magic did not recover, and then once again condensed the immortal power in Euphorbia. This time, the painting of the halberd almost turned into an energy-sucking bottom hole, and finally almost extracted Du Yun’s immortal power for a third before finally stopping.
Smiling at a glance, Du Yunmeng, who was still smiling, yelled at the crowd, "The second floor of thunder and fire", and his clothes appeared faster than the flash cross …
Although the source is a dark magic weapon, it looks brighter than the brightest lamp, carrying energy and blasting away directly at the two brothers of the king of God.
Thunder, fire and anger, the second move is ten times more powerful than the first move. The two gods and kings of Du Yun just now are all a little heart-throbbing. They stand back but at the same time they are constantly making defense. But before they are ready, Du Yun’s second move attack has come and made him attack this halberd. If you cut the person, even if the other person is the king of gods, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die.
Du Yun’s attack was very sudden, and the two gods, Wang Yuan, didn’t make the necessary defense against Du Yun’s contempt. At this time, if you think about the danger, you can’t come.
Feeling that avoidance can be avoided and retreat can be retreated, the two kings of God have to yell fiercely. One of their own immortal forces crustily faced the magic of Du Yun and crossed the halberd to meet them.
"Bite whoosh!"
After a few strange rings, one of the two people was shocked and the sharp cross cut his body and left a long scar. At this time, the two gods were depressed to the extreme, and the strong man was injured by a man who just entered the god king. How can they not be angry and depressed?
When the three families saw Du Yungang’s hand, they seriously injured the ghost family and their two God kings. People who were skeptical about Du Yun were all excited at this time.
Li Gugu Lord adults see just a few blink of an eye kung fu Du Yun actually wounded a junior king of gods peak strong fear Du Yun will be complacent and relax vigilance and quickly woke up, "Du Yun, you should be careful that these two kings of gods are the first peak, but the two of them are brothers who will make a very strange combination of fighting skills. It is said that after the combination is completed, it is equivalent to instantly raising their strength to the middle of the third order. You must be careful. Chapter four hundred and fifty-three King of Gods War (3)
"Well," Du Yun nodded with a smile and glanced at the two brothers who were seriously injured by themselves. "Are you really strong? I’m a little disappointed!"
When fighting here in Du Yun, he fought in two places. After Du Ping showed the strength of the Ministry, he was a god king with a first-order strength, but he had to deal with a god king who was at the peak of his early days. Du Ping decided to fight a decisive battle to strengthen his strength.
See Du Ping will target his shadow face shook a shake immediately quick way "Du Ping since you want to die that I will be reluctant to accept" words fall he turned to look at the pair of some embarrassed king of god brothers Yin Yin survey way "if you two can’t cope with Du Yun, who just entered the king of god, then you can directly take a piece of tofu and kill it."
Smell speech that one of the uninjured brothers of the King of God said with a smile; "This small strength is far less than what I waited for, but just now he injured me while I was unprepared. Now that I have woken up, I will never be that little purple pawn."
"Hum!" The shadow man seems to be a little dissatisfied with the two brothers, so he just snorted and said, "I mean, how soon can you send him out?"
The brothers of the King of God felt that the old man hesitated a little and nodded. "Although this little purple strength is not bad, we should be able to solve the problem by making thirty moves for lighter and then help you deal with Du Ping."
Although Du Yun gave them an unusual feeling in front of him, no matter if Du Yun was an early king of God, the early peak of the king of God was a worm in the eyes of the strong, and since they became the king of God for so many years, the strong in their hands, even if their hands add up, are countless. There are still several early peak masters of the king of God who died in this cycle. Therefore, although Du Yun took the opportunity to beat them seriously, they were not really greater than Du Yun’s peace of mind.
I heard that one of the brothers, the king of God, said that the shadow man was satisfied and nodded his head. He glanced at Du Ping and sneered at a mighty fairy force. Immediately after a slight pedal on the sole of the foot, the whole body turned into a black rose and flew directly to the front. When the brothers acted, they didn’t know that they had two more magic weapons dancing with their hands, and then a few sword mans swished out.
"Be careful" When I saw the move of the brothers of the King of God, Du Ping looked a little crooked and woke up to Du Yun. Suddenly, the shadow man’s strength had reached the peak of the early days of the King of God, while Du Ping was just the early days of the King of God. The two of them suffered a little dark loss for Du Ping’s immortal strength after the touch. If it weren’t for the support of the Dragon Divine Jis, Du Ping would have been seriously injured. Now that it has put some pressure on Du Ping, this kind of rise and tide wait for no man’s work, of course, the shadow man won’t miss his sharp eyes and found Du Ping panting
As soon as the two figures came into contact, they burst into vigorous energy fluctuations, perhaps because they wanted to seize each other’s lives. After they met like a flash, they had unconsciously pulled a distance to leave enough for Du Yun’s immortal brothers to fight.
Look at that place filled with terror, strength, fluctuation and war. Soon Du Yun glanced at the front of the King of God brothers. There was a strange flash in their eyes. Look at it. They are twin brothers. They are connected with each other. With the perfect fit, they can raise their strength to the middle class of the King of God. "Why don’t you two get rid of him quickly? Du Ping has a shadow man over there who wants to kill Du Ping, but there are some troubles. Please hurry up and help afterwards." Thomas’s family master long sink a way.
At this time, I saw the two brothers, the King of God, hand in hand, merging together quickly, and then with the integration of each other’s strength, a majestic atmosphere suddenly surged and prepared for the earthquake. Du Yun dallied back three or four steps before finally stabilizing. "What on earth is this * * so magical?" Du Yun looked at the king of god brothers heart murmured.
I feel that the breath of the brothers of the King of God has skyrocketed. Du Yun is very confused in his heart. "What’s going on here? How can a person’s strength grow so fast?" However, when Du Yun was suspicious, he suddenly thought of the three demons of Qishan in World War II. It seems that the three people just had a strange method, but temporarily transferred his two immortals to a person, so that a person’s strength could be greatly improved in a short time. I thought of these Du Yun and quickly spread his spirit to detect the brothers of the King of God, and I found that one of them was weak to the extreme, almost physically immortal.
"Ha ha, it turned out to be as I guessed. Since it is so, it is easier to deal with it."
Immediately, Du Yun clung to the source fire of Fang Tian painting halberd. After a while, a purple flame darted from Du Yun body to form a flame beam directly according to the center of Du Yun. At this time, see Du Yun’s hand. Fang Tian painting halberd gave a fierce shock. The flame column was rotating at high speed and soon formed a flame whirlwind …
After the formation of the flame whirlwind, they quickly turned to the brothers of the God King, close to the whirlwind and formed a sharp wind, which made their clothes rustle. Even the figure was unstable. Now it will take so much effort to resist the whirlwind. If Du Yun launches another attack, it will be absolutely difficult for them to cope with it. Knowing that things are very urgent, the two brothers simply looked at each other and it is already white.
See a person gently nodded and then the body is to fly back, but the other really still stay put and didn’t move, Du Yun strange occasion is to see the strange changes in the hands of the man in the rear.
See two people so strange performance Du Yun some depressed don’t know what they really want to do, but at this time he didn’t say when thinking about these messy things, originally still struggling to support Du Ping, the other king of god at this time is gradually falling into the wind, Du Ping is better, but it won’t fall into danger, but the situation of another king of god is already very bad. Seeing that the man is in crisis, Du Yun knows that he must quickly solve the battle and then rescue them two, otherwise the three families will be even more unfavorable.
Du Yun, who was wrapped in a flame whirlwind bag, quickly approached the former one of the two brothers, Du Yun, who knew that the immortal power of the two men had soared rapidly because they could be transferred to each other. As a result, he made a good plan at the bottom of his heart early, that is, he was prepared to attract one person’s attention by using hot fire array first and then find the right opportunity to sneak attack the other person directly, so that the cooperation between the two men would be self-defeating. Although Du Yun’s idea is simple, if it is put to good use, the effect will be absolutely good. But will the actual result be as predicted by Du Yun?
Du Yun’s law revision was originally different from the fairy force. Unlike that strange practice time in the elf forest, Du Yun did not practice the fairy force, but also practiced the law. The other body is more terrifying than Ziyan Shenhuo and the spirit is extremely high. Naturally, it is much faster than others.
Before Du Yun used the fire array method, Ziyan Shenhuo and the flame summoned by the general fire array method were divided, but after ten years of hard work, Du Yun has completely integrated them.
Plus, Du Yun is very familiar with Ziyan Shenhuo, which is also very convenient to make up. The flame temperature of Ziyan Shenhuo is several times higher than that of the general flame. Now the power of Du Yunli’s Ziyan Shenhuo firing fire array is definitely ten times stronger than that of the general array. The former God Wang Jiangzhe sensed the terrible temperature of the flame whirlwind, and his heart was shocked than that of him. Because of his identity, he was also very knowledgeable, but he had never seen such a terrible flame whirlwind. Even his heart was a little palpitation.
Know that the flame whirlwind is absolutely tough to deal with the man behind him, and then he injected the body fairy force into the front brother’s body through the ribbon. Suddenly, the man’s momentum suddenly soared, and he felt that the receiver was stronger than the fairy force. The magic in the man’s hand was a slight scream, and then the man’s wrist was twisted and a purple light was shot from the magic.
After the light shot out of the magic weapon, it was a Jin Gangzuan spinning and stabbing at the flame whirlwind. The idea of the God King was very good. Now that the flame whirlwind is extremely powerful and difficult to crack, I will find a way to directly destroy the flame whirlwind from the root. His idea is good, but if Du Yun Ziyan Shenhuo was so good at coping with it, he wouldn’t have to take such a big risk to collect Ziyan Shenhuo.
See sword mans just touched the edge of purple rock shenhuo high temperature and rotating strength, he only lasted for a moment when it was crushed. Four hundred and fifty-four Double true travelling.
Seeing that his blow failed, the god king was afraid that the flame whirlwind was even more difficult to deal with, and then a light blew out. However, the effect of this attack was far less than that of the second time. Before it reached the flame whirlwind, it was directly burned by the terrorist flame.

"Which room were the two young ladies just carried into?" OuYangZe emergency tone expression is very worried about flapping the front desk.

"Good handsome boy, please wait a moment." The receptionist smiled politely and said that she didn’t forget to give it to Ouyang Zefang.
"Hurry up, horse" Ouyang Ze is going crazy.
After waiting for about five seconds, Ouyang Ze was already very anxious. Just five seconds felt longer than a century.
"I found the handsome guy in Room 68. Can the handsome guy give me a …" Before the receptionist finished speaking, Ouyang Ze had already left, walked to the front of the ladder and returned to the 18th floor, and then went to the second ladder and returned to the 1st floor.
"shi" Ouyang Ze looked at the tightest end of the ladder, but it was so slow. He slapped a wall and ran to the stairs.
Ouyang Zefei ran from the first floor.
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As soon as he ran to the fourth floor, a man in a black suit came to the hotel lobby, and everyone’s face was ogling.
No sooner had the man in the black suit reached the ladder than one man came in.
Ouyang Ze has run to the sixth floor, room by room, looking for a fast pace and anxious expression.
The security guard in Room 68 has buckled the buttons of the two sisters, and they are wearing tight vests and clothes.
Tight vests make the two sisters’ bodies even hotter, and the protruding parts of their bodies are all displayed. When the security guard saw the hot bodies, nosebleeds also flowed out, and there was a great reaction. One of the security guards touched Xia Yixi’s body, and her skin was so smooth, tender, elastic and soft.
"That’s great. It should feel great, too," said a security guard.
"Yeah, I’ve never seen such a great woman in terms of face and figure."
Ouyang Ze walked to the left at the end of the corridor and saw Room 68.
Ouyang Ze’s button lock is not locked by the insider.
"Did the people inside the door hear the door?" Ouyang Ze slapped the door and patted it for several times. There was no reaction at all, and it didn’t hit the door.
He went to the end of the corridor, where there was a window sticking out to see if there was any way to the room window or some balcony
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Name, drag king, thousand-faced princess
Introduction "What?" I cann’t believe I’m engaged to someone I’ve never met? Are you kidding me? Non-success sunseeker roared, but why did he actually launch an anthomaniac after seeing him? It’s really puzzling that he finally came together with him … Not only that, but his identity and her identity are mysterious! ! ! Face to face without knowing that the other person is the one you love the most …
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Whoa, whoa, whoa ~ ~ ~ ~ Han Caini, who just grew up from junior high school like a sun flower in spring, went straight to high school! /~ What a wonderful world! That’s great! High school can get rid of that bully bitter gourd face teacher and go to many places to see handsome guys with his best friend Han Minzhu! Look at the beautiful scenery ~ ~ ~ It’s so beautiful! !

Duan Qingyun had already hid in the house when the "wives" were twittering outside the door. First, the doors and windows were tightly closed, and then the gaps were tightly covered, lest the "wives" rush in and make a scene after hearing the noise in the house and seeing the lights in the house, and then drag him to Lingshou Mountain to see the moon.

Gently turn on the desk lamp Duan Qingyun glanced at the house full of sweat and cattle, and the ancient Chinese medicine books were full of people. They didn’t take a breath, and they didn’t come. They brushed the dust as thick as a city brick, and carefully searched for all kinds of diseases such as Wang Jinniu. He hadn’t touched these for a long time. After careful calculation, Duan Qingyun had accumulated a variety of ancient Chinese medicine student status of 30,000 copies, and even his father had never seen Duan Qingyun. He had to find a way to save Wang Jinniu from these books. He knew that if the big hospital outside could not cure Wang Jinniu’s disease, then Wang
However, Duan Qingyun spent a lot of time looking at it, but he didn’t find anything he needed except some secrets of aphrodisiac for three thousand years in China, sexual skills for five thousand years, and oriental sexology
Duan Qingyunwo rubbed his red eyes and gasped for breath in the old medical pile, but he regretted not studying his father’s Chinese medicine books seriously, or he might find a way to treat Wang Jinniu. At the same time, he also scolded Wang Jinniu bitterly in his heart. You are an idiot and you can’t go out to see your wife and daughter …
Suddenly Duan Qingyun’s eyes lit up, and in the corner not far from him, a gray-black cover was inconspicuously inserted, and the pages were bitten by insects. The ancient medical cover brush was written with four heavy and powerful characters, "The Secret Technique of Whipping"
Duan Qingyun’s curiosity rose and he gently moved over and took this tattered "The Secret Art of Whipping" in his hand and gently shook off the dust and looked at it vigorously.
Just looking through a few pages, Duan Qingyun couldn’t help laughing. He was afraid to laugh because he was worried that the "wives" at the gate would hear something. He had to cover his belly and gasped for breath. It turned out that this was a special study for animals to "catch whips". According to ancient records, male beasts and female beasts had sex, or it was his unexpected situation that the incident of "broken whips" would be solved according to the records.
Duan Qingyun stroking this strange broken thinking, I don’t know which generation it is, but it has a history of more than 1000 years. Our ancestors are really smart …
Suddenly Duan Qingyun stopped laughing and thinking. A man flashed in his mind-when the village chief Diao Jiewei just drove back from Wang Jinniu’s house, he heard Diao Jiewei’s father talking. This pair of fish village villains were not afraid of danger and went deep into Lingshou Mountain to take measures to cut a tiger’s penis in an attempt to make an altar of aphrodisiac for his son. It was cruel for Director Silin to seek promotion and wealth.
When I think of Duan Qingyun here, I think of the poor tiger with a broken whip in Lingshou Mountain. That tiger must be roaring in the mountains in pain at the moment, right? Those tigress who used to mate with her will surely leave her at this moment and find new love? These days, tigers are protected by the state. Killing tigers is not only about losing money and property, but also about getting shot. Although the father and son didn’t kill the tiger, they designed to take the tiger’s whip, which is even more cruel than killing that tiger!
Duan Qingyun thought how great it would be if he had the chance to meet the "broken whip tiger". When the time comes, it should be a good thing to give the tiger a "continuous whip operation" according to the method in "The Secret Technique of Receiving Whips" to restore the tiger from its power.
When something unexpected happens, it will change. Just after one o’clock passed the direction of Lingshou Mountain, there was a strange wind blowing. The whole Lingxian ancient town was flying sand and stones for a while, and dark clouds were gathering on the horizon. In a blink of an eye, it was completely covered by thick black clouds. Suddenly, the earth was dark, and thousands of people closed their doors and could not get out of the bed.
Duan Qingyun’s "wives" looked at the sky, and a round of white was quickly covered by dark clouds. They blamed God for it. Their eldest brother Duan hasn’t come back yet. They still want to see the moon on Lingshou Mountain. How can God hide the moon?
The girls are talking about the next step. I heard a muffled thunder coming from Lingshou Mountain. The muffled thunder shocked the earth to tremble. The century-old Gu Song at Duan Qingyun’s door was also shaking. A pine needle was like a sharp arrow stabbing the girls in the head, face and neck. Look at me. I’ll see if you don’t know.
Suddenly, the muffled thunder came from the direction of Lingshou Mountain again. This time, it was even more shocking that the ears of the "wives" were numb, and everything seemed to be pinned down by something.
Duan Qingyun’s "seventh wife" Lin Sanmei was the most alert. When she reached out and pressed her hand, she whispered, "Sisters, did you listen carefully?"
"Wives" shook their heads and didn’t know what Lin Sanmei meant.
Lin Sanmei listened to the shaking tunnel of Lingshou Shanlin Tao. "It didn’t seem like thunder just now! That doesn’t sound like thunder … "
"Yeah, I don’t think it’s like thunder either." Leng Xiuyun, the most cultured "fifth wife" at ordinary times, said.
The two wives were so frightened that neither of them dared to speak.
Lin Sanmei steadied herself and tried her best to suppress her fears. "I heard that audio-visual was a tiger barking."
When this statement came out, the "wives" were even more scared. The fourth wife, Geng Shanhua, said, "I heard my father say that there seems to be tigers in Lingshou Mountain, but those tigers never climb mountains!"
Paused GengShanHua added "impossible absolutely impossible is the wife call …"
Hu Xinger, the "first wife", said in a shaking voice, "Sisters, I think we should go home first. Brother Duan will definitely not come back tonight. Even if he comes back, he will be drunk …"
When Hu Xinger’s words came out, several of his "wives" agreed. After all, it was so late. If a tiger really came to the hillside not far away, wouldn’t these tender girls be eaten by the tiger?
Leng Xiuyun, the "fifth wife", expressed her opposition to the opinions of all people. "If Brother Duan is really drunk, we can’t leave. He needs to take care of …"
Before Leng Xiuyun finished, his "wives" turned their heads and stared at her like enemies, hoping to swallow this objection Leng Xiuyun alive.
"First wife" Hu Xinger hey hey a sneer at "five younger sister, do you mean that we are all gone and you stay alone? Don’t forget our oath? "
Leng Xiuyun was shocked when she heard this. The girls in the mountains are the most kind. Which dare not keep their vows? The sisters stand that "there will be a hundred gang rapes!" Poison oath
Suddenly, Lingshou Mountain came again with a "thunder", and the girls screamed again.
The first wife "Hu Xinger" obviously panicked and immediately gave an order to her sisters, "Run quickly! Here comes the old tiger!"
Instantaneous girls, regardless of their vows, ran to the village, like a group of autumn geese in distress and a group of tigers and lambs. There were several "wives" scattered in the moment, and at this moment, it was like a mouse who could not accompany Duan Dage Mountain to see the moon after seeing the cat fight for milk for fear of falling behind and becoming food in the tiger’s belly, which greatly exceeded their previous running records.
The mountain wind is still blowing fiercely, and Duan Qingyun’s door is quiet, leaving a lonely and thin figure. That century-old Gu Song shivers like a night wind. She is Duan Qingyun’s "fifth wife"-Leng Xiuyun.
As a matter of fact, Duan Qingyun had quietly pulled the door to the hospital when the girls were scared to death. Although he covered the doors and windows tightly, he could still hear the tiger roaring from Lingshou Mountain. So he temporarily let go of Chinese medicine and came to the courtyard. He tried his best to hold his breath and listen to the wives’ talk. At the same time, he learned a conclusion in his heart. At the most difficult time, my old man’s fifth wife together was the most worthy of love! Hey, hey, the fifth wife has a fight with Xiaoya!
When Duan Qingyun saw that "Fifth Wife" was alone in a corner of the gate, his heart softened and he pulled the door.
Leng Xiuyun’s eyes lit up at the sight of Duan’s dreamy eldest brother. Duan Qingyun’s night vision ability was excellent. At a glance, he saw a little tear in his fifth wife’s eyes and pulled her soft little hand down to the bass with a wry smile. "Good wife, you are my best wife!" Said the hand pinched a handful of "fifth wife" qiao face heart did Sarah laugh this little girl is much more beautiful than her sister-in-law Chai Qiuju hey hey …
Suddenly a burst of hongyun chung "fifth wife" face and neck is dark night Duan Qingyun didn’t see it.
The fifth wife took the opportunity to explore, "I, I, I don’t want to be your best wife."
Duan Qingyun one leng immediately laughed "so I let you be my first wife, let you sit in the first place! Let’s do it! "
"Fifth wife" said, "I want to be your only wife!"

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!