See Yang Luoyun come up with a chamber pot, and they can’t help laughing. Some people laugh and bend their backs. The original tension becomes extremely ridiculous.

If pale LingYing ruthlessly toward inflammation coagulation shouted "or? Where to go! "
Cang Lingying casually threw chamber pot to the inflammation if coagulation inflammation if coagulation is not polite with him and immediately took this chamber pot over.
"That I accept" inflammation if coagulation actually accept the chamber pot this let everyone can’t help one leng.
Because they all think that Cang Lingying’s treasure can’t be a chamber pot, it must be a partnership between Cang Lingying and Lin Yu to deceive everyone.
Cang Lingying was too angry to throw this chamber pot out. If the original inflammation is coagulated, I didn’t expect that if the inflammation is coagulated, I would really want Cang Lingying to be dumbfounded immediately. "Give me back chamber pot!"
CangLingYing this weird call roar first let the people laugh again, but if inflammation coagulation turned and walked CangLingYing immediately came after them, they immediately white originally this chamber pot is really a treasure!
His treasure doesn’t know what it is, and there is a ready-made place. A large group of people jumped at it.
"protect miss!" Inflammation feng immediately shout at top of voice a let inflammation home all the younger brothers to protect inflammation if coagulation escape.
Each family brother immediately fought with Yan’s brother. Now that there are treasures, and people in Cangyu College attach so much importance to them, they don’t care about the "deep friendship" of each family.
Yan Feng fled with Yan Ruo Ning, and Cang Lingying followed closely behind them.
He hates it. He hates himself. Why is it so easy to get angry? He hates Lin Yu, the hateful guy, for making himself angry.
He doesn’t come easily, but why is he so angry at the sight of Lin Yu? Are you really jealous that this aspect is not as small as yourself?
Hum, anyway, I must find a chance to kill this annoying little one.
Let’s recover the treasure first!
A large group of people were attracted by inflammation and pale Lingying. In the past, Lin Yuze quietly pulled Wang Haoxuan and Yuan Lan.
When Yang Luoyun and Cang Xuanfeng saw that Lin Yu had escaped, they left with Lin Yu behind them.
But there are still a group of people who have noticed Lin Yu, that is, the demon family, the Luo family and the Zi family.
These three families know that Lin Yu has a map of the battlefield of the ancient gods and will definitely go to other places to look for treasures.
Following Lin Yu is equivalent to following a living treasure map.
Of course, he is not stupid to send some people to chase after Yan Ruo Ning and Cang Lingying, and their large forces will follow the demon family, Luo family and Zi family and follow Lin Yu.
In this way, on the fifth day of entering the battlefield of the ancient gods, because a chamber pot came to treasure, everyone was divided into two batches and went in two opposite directions.
"Lin Yu, what should we do with these people behind us?" Wang Haoxuan asked
Lin Yu hey hey smiled. "They just want to get some bones to chew. Simply take them to places with bones and let them grab them."
Half a day later, a large group of people were led by Lin Yu to the scaffold of the ancient god battlefield.
It is said that the Zhongtian scaffold is the last duel place for the top experts of all ethnic groups, and good luck may lead to artifacts here.
If you’re unlucky, it’s possible to split people in half if a top player remains to attack their vitality.
Lin Yu, the scaffold of heaven, stopped and panted toward the crowd behind him. "It’s up to you to find artifacts in this place. Please stop pestering me."
"Who knows if you lied to us?" Ouyang Zhen grunted, "Lin Yu, the so-called beholder has a share. You can’t keep the treasure for yourself. Hand over the treasure you got, and we will discuss how to divide it. Otherwise, it’s hard for you five to escape and want to live."
"Ha-ha-ha! Come and try something!" Lin Yu repeatedly sneered at this law of the jungle world. He didn’t intend that others would let him go easily when he came.
But these guys want to rob others, but they have to say so grandiose that Lin Yu feels sick.
What they didn’t come at the first time must be that these people have their own minds and don’t want to be the first bird
Lin Yu’s stimulus to them is to hold some silly birds as early birds to teach them some bad lessons!
Ouyang Zhen turned his attention to peacekeeping in Zhao Xiong. "Did you kill Lin Yuru together?"