After Zhang Jin left, Jun Mo Ying’s room was approved for a while, and it didn’t take long for him to wait for someone.

Jun Hanxiao came at the right moment, and he was about to enter the palace and touch Zhang Jin. When he came out, he said that his brother had come to find him quickly.
"Brother, are you looking for my brother, the mysterious person in Jiangnan?"
"Well," Jun Mo Ying Feng’s eyes were slightly folded. "Today, he sent someone to find Yu Fanghua, pretending to be someone else’s identity. The bronze mask is similar in figure …" Speaking of which, Jun Mo Ying sneered at me coldly, "but he won’t know that I can see that it’s not him as soon as I see someone."
Jun Hanxiao made a fierce look. "Then why did he deliberately lead his brother there?"
Jun Moying’s eyes are getting colder and colder, and his thin lips are mocking. "Do you think he deliberately led me there?" He picked an eyebrow that seemed to be frosty. "Either to lure me to that other hospital-but I didn’t find anything unusual there. The other possibility is to do something in the palace when I’m not there!"
Plant an ambush or …
Fengyang Palace!
Yes, if he hadn’t gone out, he should have stayed at Fengyang Palace, and it was probably Fengyang Palace!
"In the palace?" Although Jun Hanxiao also thought of this floor, he still didn’t feel palpitations when he was said by his brother. "I understand that my brother will thoroughly investigate the palace with Shadow Moon in the past two days, and that situation will never happen again!"
"Well," Jun Moying saw his one eye when he finished this matter. "Zhang Jin didn’t leave the palace when you came, did you? What do you want to see me in the palace? "
Jun Han Xiao had a "nothing’s wrong, brother, let’s get busy first."
Looking at his face with a slightly passive expression, Jun Moying frowned and took the baggage and take the journey "when did you become so coy? Say! "
"… I just want to ask my brother how to coax her every time I make her angry?"
Jun Han Xiao squeezed out this sentence in a very awkward tone.
Jun Mo Ying picked his eyebrows "So that’s it"
He came to laugh at Jun Hanxiao, a fool who can’t even handle a woman, but he remembered that he had had such a hard time and swallowed the irony back to his mouth. Chapter 86 When did he become so ashamed?
So my brother someone said very earnestly, "Take out your usual attitude towards normal women and you will definitely coax Long Wei into a post."
Jun Hanxiao thought about what is the way to treat normal women?
He has always been longitudinal and alienated from Ji Pansi, but it is impossible for her to allow her to climb her head to his princess, who has never even touched a finger and has no good face at ordinary times
He seems to be more friendly than the princess and the emperor’s wife.
What about Long Wei?
Jun Hanxiao never felt how bad he was to that woman.
He has been beaten by her, and she has never been punished. On weekdays, that crazy woman can’t listen to a word. Isn’t he good enough for her? Unless you want him to be like a sister-in-law and a sister-in-law?
"Brother, you mean normal women are like … Huang Sao?"
Jun Moying jumped two times between his eyebrows. Now he wants to kick this fool over!
Looking at Jun Hanxiao with a calm face, he suddenly rose to bite his teeth and scold. "No wonder people who chase you to Beijing can go back on their word and run away. It’s strange that people like you don’t run!" With that, I walked out and never looked back.
Jun Hanxiao immediately touched his nose with a blank face. Did he say anything wrong?
Back in Fengyang Palace, Jun Moying told this story to Feng Shao once and told her more than once that if Long Wei came to see her, she must persuade them not to do this again.
Phoenix shallow stopped from laughing surprised tunnel "I also you will let me never help him"
Jun Moying squinted at her with a Gherardini tunnel, "What kind of person do I look like?"
Play off feelings between your brother and your sister-in-law?
Don’t say that Feng Shao really feels like this man is very kind to his relatives. There is no doubt about this, but obviously his attitude towards Wang and Jun Hanxiao is different. The former is mild, but the latter is more inclined to the type of scruples.
Real brothers, no matter which of these two attitudes is normal, it varies from person to person. The king of Qi is elegant and gentle. It is always impossible to scold a fool for such a person, but it is another matter for you to be cold and cold. It is nothing to scold a few jokes at ordinary times.
Jun Moying looked at her with a face of "I really think so" expression and squeezed her face. "I don’t mind if he plays a generation of bachelors because he is afraid that he will ask me how to coax women all day."
He didn’t tell the truth. He mainly disliked you for being a disgrace.
It’s not a piece of wood at ordinary times. How can you run amok when you touch Long Wei?
Feng Asaichi nodded seriously. "Actually, you shouldn’t have told him that just now. What if he goes back and makes Vivian angry again?" Seeing that he made a squint at the smell speech, she quickly rubbed his eyebrows and smiled. "Anyway, it’s okay for you to coax your daughter-in-law to teach him."
Jun Moying, angry and funny, squeezed her, and her dark eyes gripped her thin eyes and gently lifted her lips. She jokingly asked, "When did you become so ashamed, little thing?"
Phoenix shallow ears a red directly shrink his arms "no chapter 863 863 you don’t even think about it!
Jun Hanxiao went back to Wangfu and repeatedly told himself that he couldn’t quarrel with Long Wei again, absolutely not! Your brother has despised him enough. If you keep being such a jerk, you will really abandon him directly.
He has been adjusting his temper with a stiff smile on his face. Even when he saw Princess Duan, he didn’t withdraw his expression, which shocked Princess Duan to say nothing.
Long Wei still lives in the former Jun’s cold night courtyard. Although she is so reluctant, Jun’s cold night anyway says that there is no spare place for her in Wangfu, so that Long Wei almost wants to carry the baggage and run away. The two also had a big fight.
Long Wei saw him come in at the moment, and the figure of practicing martial arts hanging upside down from a lazy tree immediately turned over.
Jun Hanxiao probably didn’t expect to see this scene when he came in. A smile on his face seemed more stiff.
But a moment later, he walked in her direction again. "Do you practice martial arts?"
Long Wei looked at him defensively as if he was not normal. Her hair was a little messy but delicate, which made her face more beautiful and refined.
Jun Hanxiao’s mind consciously wants to stretch out his hand to dial her forehead hair.
As a result, Long Wei was startled and suddenly raised his arm to block his hand.
Jun’s face turned black on a cold night.