They want to keep a low profile in Beijing to check him out. I’m afraid they can’t keep a low profile even if they want to keep a low profile.

As soon as Su Wan’s thoughts fell, she heard that a group of soldiers were flying away, and the horses rushed to blink and surrounded Feng Linglong and Su Wan’s carriage.
"Who will have the carriage inspected at once?"
Feng Linglong was about to lift the curtain and didn’t want to talk to another carriage. Xiao Ye had already stepped forward to lift the curtain and looked out.
According to the meaning of Feng Linglong, they first find a guest to find out that Feng is falling from the night and then make plans, but now they are discovered by these soldiers as soon as they enter the city. If they want to keep a low profile, I’m afraid they can’t be pulled out by Xiao Ye.
Xiao Ye, Ning Wang, has been trying to impress Feng Linglong and Su Wan.
Not to mention that his efforts have really seen the effect. At least Feng Linglong thinks he thinks this young man is good.
Of course, before, she didn’t know that this person was a person who lost Su Wan in a previous life.
Xiao Ye watched Feng Linglong, a mother-in-law, like to work harder by herself.
Xiao Ye lifted the curtain and looked out of the carriage at a group of black armor soldiers who would sink their fists and said, "Your officials are the King Ning of the Western Chu State who came to visit the East China Sea emperor. Please help this official to lead the way."
The first soldier caught a big fish in the future, but now he met a report from the Western Chu State. He didn’t know whether it was true or not and looked at each other at the moment.
Finally, the first person said, "Do you say that you are the Ningwang Hall of the Western Chu State or the Ningwang Hall of the Western Chu State? This matter needs to be verified. "
The soldiers in the East China Sea obviously didn’t pay much attention to Xiao Ye, because they didn’t forget one thing in advance, that is, they went to the Western Chu State to talk about peace between the two countries. As a result, not only did they not talk about peace alliance, but they also caused their own leg to be broken, which is now a waste.
Although the legs are too useless, there will be new ones, but the key is that they have been beaten in the face
Can the soldiers in the East China Sea feel better about them?
At the moment when facing Xiao Ye face is not much good-looking.
Ning Wang Xiao Ye didn’t expect these soldiers to be so insolent and directly face heavy and say, "Then please go and verify that we are waiting here."
The first soldier will remember that not long ago, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War and other adults have been to the western Chu State with Taitai. Presumably, assistant minister Zhu must know these people. This man immediately sent someone to the assistant minister’s office of the Ministry of War to find assistant minister Zhu, while he himself led a large part of the soldiers to surround Xiao Ye and Feng Linglong and others.
There was an assassination in the former palace. The emperor specially aimed to check the identity of every stranger in Liangcheng. If not, he would go straight to the prison of punishments.
No one of these people can be spared, and he will never do so unless he can prove their identity.
Then he will never let them leave.
Xiao Ye’s face can’t be said to be ugly, but he’s not angry. This is the East China Sea country, and they’re not good either. They really have a conflict with the East China Sea people.
Well, assistant minister Zhu came very quickly and apologized when he saw Xiao Ye, the king of Ning.
"It’s rude. It’s rude. The official made a gift to Ning Wang Ye for General Zhao. I hope Ning Wang Ye’s adult won’t remember the villain."
It turned out that the way to stop Xiao Ye and others was a general in the East China Sea.
Although General Zhao knew that he was really the prince of the Western Chu State, he was not at all upset. On the contrary, he was very angry. However, the accident happened in the Western Chu State, and now this grandfather dares to come to the East China Sea. What are you doing?
If he wants to drive them out of the East China Sea immediately, he will see the real chapter in the battlefield from now on.
However, General Zhao dares to think in his heart and dare not talk too much.
"I don’t know that he is the prince of the place of Chu, and his face has no lettering."
Xiao Ye’s eyes are a little dark, but he doesn’t care too much about fuels. He looked at Assistant Minister Zhu and said, "You left my father in a hurry and didn’t trust the special king to come to the East China Sea to make a gift to the East China Sea Emperor."
Assistant minister Zhu quietly shook his eyes and his dark fingers, but his face was not polite. He said, "Ning Wang Dian asked the officer to take the report to the palace to visit my emperor."
"Thank you, Assistant Minister Zhu."
All the way to the palace.
Empress Donghai and others in the palace received the news, even Taiyi Yunhe and Xixi received the news.
The Emperor and Empress of the East China Sea are all right, but Yiyun Cloud and Creek look much uglier.
The second time they lost such a big face in the Western Chu State, this time they dared to come.
Points are death.
Yiyun and Xixi are out.
Xiao Ye and Feng Linglong and others took a carriage all the way into the East China Sea Palace, and the carriage drove to the palace gate, and then a waiter led them into the emperor’s residence in Huade Palace.
In front of the temple, there were eunuchs waiting to see a group of handsome men and beautiful women coming in the distance. Those eunuchs were stunned until they came to their senses and quickly welcomed them to the hall.
Walking in front is Xiao Ye, followed by Feng Linglong.
Others followed them all the way into the hall.
Feng Linglong’s lips caught a faint smile, so he embraced your anger and became more and more luxurious and extraordinary. Step by step, he stepped in from outside the temple, just like stepping on a golden carpet queen, proudly and inviolable. Far away, she saw that the eyes of the person sitting in the high-ranking jade seat were a little deep. Don’t be ill
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