The Nangong Sandy gently fiddled with the strings, and the pain in his heart didn’t know that it was his wedding news in his mind. He smiled bitterly. South Vietnam couldn’t hide from the wedding, even in Japan.

After a song, the Nangong Sandy nodded and returned to his seat.
The Four Emperors looked at the Nangong Sandy with great interest, and there was a general look in his eyes when he saw his prey.
"good! This song should be heard several times! " The emperor laughed and praised.
But he smiled but didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, thinking that the two emperors never said that he had come back from China and never asked himself if it was South Vietnam.
"The emperor’s ridiculous praise is that I am sorry to hear such a wonderful flute player and piano heart, so I am embarrassed."
The nangongshan Sandy smile this song has long been her heart backwards, after all, this is he used to often she blew.
Su Xue looked at the two men’s harps, harps and songs and got up in anger. "The emperor’s minister and daughter have learned a set of swordsmanship. Today, if the atmosphere is so good, they will make a fool of themselves. I wonder if the second emperor is willing to play with the piano?"
Look at that person with cold eyes with faint expectation.
The nangongshan obsidian eyes plundered the country without a trace of cold thought and refused, "How can Gong Xiao be worthy of Miss Su’s swordsmanship or find someone else?"
Su Xue bit her lip hard, and all the blame points to that person, if it wasn’t for her! How could all this be so!
"Miss Su, if you don’t mind coming to the palace?"
A sound made Su Xueyou step. Looking back, Su Xue saw the corners of the four emperors and looked at her with a smile.
Cast a grateful look and nodded. They closed for the first time.
The Four Emperors played the piano when they were not good at playing the flute. Su Xue danced the sword and flowed freely. Although the swordsmanship was natural and unrestrained, there were too many holes, and all the weaknesses were exposed.
Nangong Sandy lacks appetite and taste.
The boring banquet didn’t last long, and the crowd dispersed sparsely. The Nangong Sandy glared at him and took a carriage.
The carriage, Zhongnangong, was pale and felt the stomach rolling even worse.
Jun Feng’s warm face is a little bad and worried. Looking at her, "Sandy, are you okay?"
The nangongshan Sandy shook his head and didn’t speak again, sticking his head out and thinking freely.
After arriving at the post, I went straight to the room regardless of their concerns. Just after locking the door, I felt a male hormone surrounding me.
The nangongshan Sandy was hugged tightly and smelled the familiar smell behind him. Today, he was forced to endure anger and finally struggled to scold a way. "Isn’t the Japanese Second Emperor going to marry soon? Is it still in my room? I’m not afraid of you. Miss Su is angry. Chapter 1848 You and I have our own needs together.
The nangongshan obsidian eyes a little nai want to give a surprise, but now it seems as if there is a surprise.
Put the struggling man in her arms again. Depressed tone sounded above her head. "I wanted to give you a surprise. Believe me, I never meant to marry her. Absolutely not."
"The nangongshan obsidian you really when I was stupid? Now it’s all over the city. Dare you tell me you don’t know? "
The nangongshan Sandy sneer at although her mind is simple but not stupid to this extent!
"Believe me, ok? Sometimes I will tell you slowly. "
The nangongshan Sandy also don’t talk is held by him.
Sihuang bedroom
Su Xue sat on four emperors’ legs and four emperors frivolous her. "Beauty, do you want to thank me for today?"
Su Xue’s eyes were disgusted but fleeting. His hands touched his chest and said, "Isn’t it enough that I’m committed?"
"Ha-ha, that’s enough." Four emperors laughed and kissed their lips mercilessly. "Since then, you and I have joined hands to have our own needs."
Even if you have a body, it doesn’t prevent two people from getting together. Isn’t it beautiful?
Su Xue nod fundus has a cruel to get the nangongshan obsidian even dedication and hard?
"Beauty can’t think of others when she is with me, or the palace will be angry."