Everyone feels like they’ve walked through the ghost gate. If there’s one thing, don’t live.

"I also dare not speak ill of you" Su Mian embarrassed way.
"Lord, don’t say such things. You’re lucky that you’re okay," he asked.
"You all go to change clothes. I’m fine. It’s not good for you to get cold again. Let people cook a pot of ginger soup and drink a few bowls." Su Mian laughed.
"Is the handmaiden all right" Fang Mammy also laughed.
Su Mian just sat back to her dream after everyone took their positions.
Miraculously, she doesn’t remember every detail.
SEAO … What’s this called? A dream? She doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, but she has to believe something if she doesn’t believe it. Now …
Does it matter whether you believe it or not? SEAO went to worry about her daughter. When she returns to Beijing, she doesn’t have to get up and avoid taking care of her.
"Second sister, you can go at ease."
After half an hour, Yan Gui also went back to the house in the rain, almost flying to Su Mian’s house.
"Cotton cotton?" He looked at Sue cotton nervously way
"The report was misunderstood, but it’s okay. You are quick to change clothes." Su Mian embarrassed.
Yan Gui relaxed and nodded, but didn’t change clothes. She chose a place to stay away from her and sat down and didn’t talk.
Su Mian’s heart thumped and Yan Gui would never be angry because she made an oolong. This is an accident.
She asked for help and approached Yan Gui Yan Gui without realizing it.
"Report …" Sue cotton light call.
"What are you doing? The king is all right. "Yan Gui will help her, but she thinks that she is wet.
"Request to go out first" Su Mian waved.
I don’t want to, but please go out when I see this situation.
"I’m okay. It was a misunderstanding just now." Su Mian explained first, or Yan was not allowed to go to her. Chapter 364 Slaughterhouse
Listen to her say that Yan Gui nodded.
"Report change clothes" Sue cotton or pull him up.
Yan Gui didn’t object after all, as she entered the back.
"Call someone in to wait on you and wait for the king to be good." See her waiting for him to change clothes with a belly. Yan is sad and tight. Does she see that he is unhappy?
Su Mian didn’t object to calling indigo naturalis to serve.
For a long time, Yan Gui changed into a light sky-blue robe, and her hair was not tied, so she let it hang freely again and entered the room.
Su Mian took a dry handkerchief to wipe his hair, and the water droplets didn’t ask what happened.
"Mianmian, if this baby is called Ming ‘an, is it good?" Yan Guiyin some dry light way
Su Mianshou gave a "good" meal.
Something happened to Shouan City …
Su Mian was afraid to ask again what else could it be if the city had already given it to Beiyuanren?