"Which room were the two young ladies just carried into?" OuYangZe emergency tone expression is very worried about flapping the front desk.

"Good handsome boy, please wait a moment." The receptionist smiled politely and said that she didn’t forget to give it to Ouyang Zefang.
"Hurry up, horse" Ouyang Ze is going crazy.
After waiting for about five seconds, Ouyang Ze was already very anxious. Just five seconds felt longer than a century.
"I found the handsome guy in Room 68. Can the handsome guy give me a …" Before the receptionist finished speaking, Ouyang Ze had already left, walked to the front of the ladder and returned to the 18th floor, and then went to the second ladder and returned to the 1st floor.
"shi" Ouyang Ze looked at the tightest end of the ladder, but it was so slow. He slapped a wall and ran to the stairs.
Ouyang Zefei ran from the first floor.
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As soon as he ran to the fourth floor, a man in a black suit came to the hotel lobby, and everyone’s face was ogling.
No sooner had the man in the black suit reached the ladder than one man came in.
Ouyang Ze has run to the sixth floor, room by room, looking for a fast pace and anxious expression.
The security guard in Room 68 has buckled the buttons of the two sisters, and they are wearing tight vests and clothes.
Tight vests make the two sisters’ bodies even hotter, and the protruding parts of their bodies are all displayed. When the security guard saw the hot bodies, nosebleeds also flowed out, and there was a great reaction. One of the security guards touched Xia Yixi’s body, and her skin was so smooth, tender, elastic and soft.
"That’s great. It should feel great, too," said a security guard.
"Yeah, I’ve never seen such a great woman in terms of face and figure."
Ouyang Ze walked to the left at the end of the corridor and saw Room 68.
Ouyang Ze’s button lock is not locked by the insider.
"Did the people inside the door hear the door?" Ouyang Ze slapped the door and patted it for several times. There was no reaction at all, and it didn’t hit the door.
He went to the end of the corridor, where there was a window sticking out to see if there was any way to the room window or some balcony
That’s all for today.
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