Just as Cang Lingying was preparing to rise and strike, it suddenly burst into a white light, and the red light around Cang Lingying was scattered with a bang.

That more than one thousand inferno soldiers at the same time spit out one mouthful blood pale back several steps.
Cang Lingying wanted to thank the person who saved himself, but when he saw the white light, his face turned from gratitude to anger and hatred "Lin Yu! Who asked you to meddle? !”
Cang Lingying came here but was conspicuous. Instead, he was saved by Lin Yu. He can’t afford to lose such a face.
Lin Yucai was too lazy to ignore Cang Lingying’s anger. His right hand took back the magic gun.
Lin Yu!’ As soon as the inferno warrior saw Lin Yulai, his eyes were red and his eyes became like blood. "Kill this devil!"
For inferno fighters, Cang Ling Yinggen is not regarded by them. Lin Yu is their worst nightmare.
To say that the previous scene of more than 1,000 people dealing with Cang Lingying was spectacular, and thousands of inferno soldiers swarmed nearby as soon as they heard Lin Yu coming.
The scene is so contrasted that Cang Lingying’s momentum is obviously much weaker than Lin Yu’s.
As soon as Lin Yu came, the pressure on many city soldiers and Cangyu College students suddenly eased, which made them look at Lin Yu with special respect.
Even if Lin Yu’s existing Yuan soul realm is heavy, his charm and influence are far from being comparable to that of Yuan Shen realm.
"Piss me off! Lin Yu, I curse you for being shattered by these magic people! " Cang Lingying hid aside and stared bitterly at Lin Yu while healing.
Lin Yu, an inferno warrior, faced with a flood coming to him, did not "shovel" a magic gun into the ground.
Silver magic gun totem immediately sends out a red light that makes inferno soldiers palpitation, enveloping them all.
"Fight with Lin Yu!" Those inferno fighters launched the explosive without hesitation.
Instantly, a "boom" explosive sounded around Lin Yu, and the red light released by the magic gun was scattered.
Thousands of magic people blew themselves up and broke Lin Yu’s silver-tattooed magic gun. Demon totem restraint!
"kill!" The red light of the holy demon totem was broken, and the demons even killed their red eyes and came at Lin Yu.
They couldn’t wait to chop this inferno nemesis into a paste with weapons in their hands!
"Lin Yu, your magic gun has failed. I want to see how you can escape these inferno siege this time!" Hiding in the rear, Cang Lingying smiled grimly. His mind seemed to see the scene of Lin Yu being chopped into meat sauce.
Even if the demon totem temporarily fails, there is still no panic in the face of hordes of Lin Yu
There are already 100 people who are 50 or 60 meters away from Lin Yuyou. Lin Yu is still holding his gray hair and covering up his mocking eyes.
"Your weapons don’t seem to have a good level!" Lin Yu inexplicably said, at the same time, the metal weapons in the hands of those inferno soldiers changed their shapes instantly.
Come is the point of your gun towards Lin Yu these point of your gun suddenly moved to their master stabbed in the past!
Poof, poof, poof …
The hundreds of inferno fighters closest to Lin Yu were inexplicably cut their throats or pierced their hearts with their own weapons.
It’s even more exaggerated that a guy flew up with a big hammer in his hand and smashed his own head to pieces!
"The special attribute of Lin Yuyuan’s soul-metal control!" Secretly and quietly noting the battle, people exclaimed, and their faces were written in shock.
Few people have the special property of metal control, which is generally a substitute company. Few people have seen this special property of meta-soul.
Today, Lin Yu finally showed them what metal control is.
"Damn it!" The inferno soldiers in the rear knew that Lin Yu was too eccentric to fight in close combat. Someone quickly shouted, "This guy is dead with his vitality!"
But will Lin Yu give them such an opportunity?