"I have already said that I know that I am not two rivals. If you want to find someone to learn from, you are barking up the wrong tree." Zhou Yi said with some disbelief. "So you’d better tell me your true purpose."

"Do you believe it’s your business? Now take out your assistant and fight with me. I’ll let you go, and then you will know that we are not malicious to you."
Tsing lung is too lazy to explain suddenly his blue wind automatically.
Zhouyi stopped talking, and his body naturally became a pose. At this time, no matter whether the young man said it was true or not, he had World War I.
Zhouyi is proficient in extreme boxing, Xingyiquan and Wing Chun, and the combination of extreme boxing and Xingyiquan has reached a state of perfection. However, in the face of this mysterious young man with a blue figure and long hair shawl, Zhouyi still feels a great sense of coercion, and the other person stands there like a towering mountain, which makes people feel hard to shake.
Besides, without saying a word, the dragonfly also distracted Zhouyi. He felt that this figure and other people had an aura of ghosts. If he suddenly made moves, it would be impossible to prevent Zhouyi from knowing the true identity and intentions of these two people. When he played against Qinglong, he had to guard against this dragonfly.
"Extreme boxing frame Xingyi boxing pile method is really interesting."
Tsing lung didn’t pose. He was still there casually. He went to Zhouyi with a rigorous posture and actually combined Xingyi Boxing and Extreme Boxing skillfully. He didn’t admire it. Although he hasn’t fought with Zhouyi yet, he still came out at a glance. Although he is not a top player, there are few opponents.
Qinglong didn’t gain momentum, but he didn’t dare to attack first. He found that in this year, people seem to have a magical power that has been integrated with everything around them and rooted in the earth. Chapter 15 Outstanding stunts
"You go first. There is no one in this world who can let me go first unless your grandfather, who has lived in seclusion for many years, visits []."
Qinglong saw that Zhouyi was walking slowly around himself, but he didn’t make moves, so he said softly that his voice was not loud but very vigorous, giving people a thick and irresistible feeling.
"The elder has a flaw in his body, and besides, there is another elder who is eyeing up and can’t concentrate on pushing."
Zhouyi truthfully said that he really had a feeling that he had a hand in the face of Qinglong. He had never encountered such a situation except in front of his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan. Just now, the blue man said that unless his grandfather came in person, no one was qualified to let him make the first move. This sentence is not madness.
"Young man, don’t worry about his identity, my personality guarantees that he won’t sneak up on you, and you can attack me." Qinglong said lightly with Zhouyi.
"The younger generation barely offended more."
As soon as Zhouyi’s words stopped, the whole person slipped into the back of Qinglong at a rapid speed, and then a progressive collapse punch was shot at Qinglong’s back.
Fist like an arrow! It is said that it is the best effect to surprise the other side with a fist that is broken by speed and penetration. Zhouyi knows that the strength of the other side is far beyond his own surprise attack tactics to deal with Qinglong.
"The speed is not bad. I have mastered the essence of boxing, but my penetration is still a little poor."
Zhouyi raided Qinglong around his back, but he didn’t turn around, but he looked like he had eyes behind him. He calmly commented on Zhouyi’s tricks and body shape. One side of his body moved back, and a hammer just blocked Zhouyi’s attack
Qinglong is a bit like Tai Ji Chuan’s "body-bending hammer", but it is not the same. It seems that it is more powerful and more concealed, which is an excellent defensive counterattack.
Two fists meet.
Zhouyi felt a strong rush coming in, and he was going to lose his footing. He hurriedly sank his waist and shook it, which melted Qinglong’s boxing strength.
Zhouyi steadied himself and stepped forward again, subtly moving an angle, merging the extreme boxing, splitting the palm of the mountain and wing chun boxing, crashing out with one punch and still attacking the back of Qinglong.
"Xingyiquan’s footwork, extreme boxing, wing chun’s creativity is really good, but the combination is not perfect."
Qinglong once again commented on Zhouyi Boxing. This time, he didn’t defend at all, but quickly bowed his body and suffered Zhouyi’s overbearing punch.
Zhouyi hit Qinglong, but it was not a little proud because his fist touched Qinglong, and the instantaneous Qinglong bow got up and suddenly got up.
Zhouyi not only felt that his fist strength had been melted away, but also felt that the other side was powerless and almost vomited blood.
"This person’s body parts can attack when it’s really horrible to the extreme." Zhou Yicai made two punches, but he was deeply shocked because the power of Qinglong was beyond his imagination
However, Zhouyi was not discouraged, and still changed the angle and launched a continuous attack on Qinglong.
However, every move of Zhouyi was easily resolved by Qinglong. Not only that, Qinglong also commented on some defects of Zhouyi boxing one by one.
"Zhouyi, you attacked 30 strokes. Now you can pick me up with three strokes. These three strokes are my own introduction to Dragon Boxing."
Tsing lung will Zhou Yizhen slightly laughed again.
When Zhouyi heard that Qinglong was going to attack, his face became more dignified because he knew that once this man really made a simple move, he could play a rock-breaking effect in his hand.
"Dragon fist first style braving the wind and waves!"
Tsing lung drank one punch at a time, and it started from the waist and went straight to Zhouyi’s chest. This punch seemed simple but purely real, and the strength of winning came from the waist and the abdomen. It was like an army under pressure, which made people feel scared. It really had a huge momentum to ride the wind and waves and blow the sky.
Qinglong gained 50% strength, but it gave Zhouyi a feeling of being powerless. However, Zhouyi practiced extreme boxing and xingyi boxing since childhood, both of which advocated attack. There is a saying that’ when an enemy is on fire, it is like hitting hard and blocking hard’. Although Qinglong boxing is like the Yangtze River, Zhouyi did not retreat, but attacked a punch and a palm at the same time.
There is only a chance in front of a master like Qinglong. If you are afraid of fighting, you will lose 100%.
This time, Zhouyi is the most powerful trick in extreme boxing and xingyi boxing, that is, cannon boxing and splitting the mountain to slap him with one punch and one palm to fight against Qinglong Dragon Boxing.
Zhouyi and Qinglong resisted a move. As soon as they contacted Zhouyi, they felt that Qinglong’s hand strength was not as strong as momentum, because his plate was still very stable and the impact was not great and there was no sign of rout.
However, Zhouyi’s face changed, and the second wave and the third wave of boxing came out, and a wave was like a tide coming to him.
Zhou Yi’s heart was shocked, and his stunt spiral strength broke out continuously to try to resist the attack of Qinglong.
Spiral strength is extremely secretive, and it is rare for Zhou Yi to fight with people, but today the situation is critical and he has to come out.
The first three waves of boxing strength Zhouyi barely resisted, but from the fourth wave of boxing strength, his whole body was prompted by Qinglong boxing strength to wipe the turf and quickly retreat.
Tsing lung is like a simple punch, but it contains ten kinds of changes. This simple punch contains a wave of ten attacks, which is a unique stunt.