Yang night stare big eyes bowed their heads and looked at just being crossed and then turned around and looked at the back of the young talent who had walked over to the car. His head was white!

What’s going on here? How could he have crossed me? Can he spell? Or …
Yang night shocked his eyes and looked straight ahead at the young talent. Even Xin Che couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. He staggered back a few steps and leaned back with one stroke.
It happened that an old lady was walking behind Yang Ye with a cane trembling, and Yang Ye fell down. At the same time, Yu Guang saw the old lady behind her and her heart suddenly sank.
But at this moment, he couldn’t control his body and fell back. At the same time, Yang night’s eyes closed and he thought it was over. According to the old lady’s age and physique, it was also a serious injury to be crushed by himself. If he really didn’t die, he would like to earn medical money for the old lady in the second half of his life …
"Pa" Yang night fell on his back.
This time, he saw clearly that he fell backwards and landed through the old lady’s body!
I am completely scared! Scared silly! Yang night turned to look at the trembling past, and the old lady felt that her brain was not enough.
Then several pedestrians on the other side of their bodies strode up and counted their feet raised high and trampled on Yang Yeshen.
Yang night consciously closed his eyes but didn’t feel the pain of being trampled. When he opened his eyes, he found that those feet were trampled into his body. That’s right! It’s inside Just step in, step on his body, step on the ground where he fell!
Shit! Damn it!
Yang night turned up only to find that he had no pain when he fell, and the pedestrians around him still didn’t pay attention to him. Maybe they couldn’t see him at all
Yang night tried to deliberately bump into a tall man walking by-where? Straight through, and that man feels it!
Surprised at Yang night, I tried several times to wave a punch to the left, kick my hand on the right and reach out to the pedestrians passing by … I can’t touch myself at all, just like gas, so people won’t have substantive contact.
Yang night silly wait for a while lifted up her head and took a few steps. Her mind was in a state of chaos and trance, and she set her pace. Looking at the people coming and going around, the heart became more and more scared.
At this time, his position is in the middle of the road
A van came at a high speed and went straight to Yang Ye.
Yang night hesitated without dodging. He wanted to prove whether he was really so thoroughly, just as if he was angry.
"Shua" a big truck rushed to the front, and Yang Ye consciously closed his eyes and raised his hand in front of himself, but he didn’t feel anything strange. When he opened his eyes again, the truck had already sped through his body.
What’s going on here? Yang night racked his brains in the road, staring blankly, digging up all the knowledge that can explain this phenomenon in his head, and finally a terrible idea got into his head.
Is it … I’m dead?
Now this thing is my soul?
In a trance, Yang’s night is dull as a walking corpse, and he can’t hear the noise in his ears. He is slowly moving his legs and walking step by step, even he doesn’t know where to go.
What makes Yang night wonder most is how he died!
I can’t remember a lot of memories, but I can think of them as fragments. As I walked along, I thought that there were several familiar and unfamiliar faces in my head. Those faces seemed to know all of them, but none of them could be named. Those faces seemed to be anxious about him, but Yang Ye couldn’t hear them at all.
It’s really worthless to die without knowing how you died. It’s worthless. Yang Yenai wants to raise his hand and put it in front of his eyes.
That hand is solid in my own eyes, and it is tactile to clench my hands or pat myself, but how can I be impenetrable in others’ eyes?
And where am I going to die? Where’s my body? Who killed me? Was it a shooting? Knife kill? Or rape and murder?
One problem after another troubled Yang night, almost crazy, and his mind became more and more chaotic, and his eyes became blurred, until he stepped forward blindly and tried to wake himself up.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. Yang Ye looked up and found himself walking back to his shabby accommodation building.
So I dragged my legs back to the door of my hut and reached out from my trouser pocket to find the key.
Just took out the key to Yang Ye, thinking, am I not dead? Isn’t it thorough? Then why do I need the key door to go straight through it?
Hehe, after watching so many ghost films, I didn’t expect that I became a lonely ghost today.
Yang night nai smiled a blunt directly to the door through the past.
"moo!" "pa!"
At the moment, the black poplar night lay heavily on the ground, and the huge pain spread out from his forehead, struggling to sit up. Yang night quickly raised my hand and rubbed his head and looked up to see the door that was hit by himself and trembled slightly.
How can I not cross it? Am I not a soul anymore? Is bullying me a new ghost?
Yang night annoyed sane some or involuntarily twist a head looked around.
It’s a good thing that no one saw it, otherwise it’s really the first idiot of Tianzi. Who has ever seen a master with a door key in his hand?
Depressed, Yang night still took the key and screwed the door into his cabin, then dumped two shoes and jumped straight to the wooden bed.
When you look at ghost movies, you can often see the horror voice trembling and calling out, "I’m so miserable, I’m so wronged …"