The place where the dark party painted halberd was a little distorted and flashed with the way. Although the two gods Wang Jiangzhe were proud, they were not stupid. After sensing that they could almost tear the strong breeze, they suddenly fled backwards. Just a few turns were already far away from Du Yun.

Du Yun saw that two people actually hid themselves from attacking "Thunder and Fire". After that, the magic did not recover, and then once again condensed the immortal power in Euphorbia. This time, the painting of the halberd almost turned into an energy-sucking bottom hole, and finally almost extracted Du Yun’s immortal power for a third before finally stopping.
Smiling at a glance, Du Yunmeng, who was still smiling, yelled at the crowd, "The second floor of thunder and fire", and his clothes appeared faster than the flash cross …
Although the source is a dark magic weapon, it looks brighter than the brightest lamp, carrying energy and blasting away directly at the two brothers of the king of God.
Thunder, fire and anger, the second move is ten times more powerful than the first move. The two gods and kings of Du Yun just now are all a little heart-throbbing. They stand back but at the same time they are constantly making defense. But before they are ready, Du Yun’s second move attack has come and made him attack this halberd. If you cut the person, even if the other person is the king of gods, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die.
Du Yun’s attack was very sudden, and the two gods, Wang Yuan, didn’t make the necessary defense against Du Yun’s contempt. At this time, if you think about the danger, you can’t come.
Feeling that avoidance can be avoided and retreat can be retreated, the two kings of God have to yell fiercely. One of their own immortal forces crustily faced the magic of Du Yun and crossed the halberd to meet them.
"Bite whoosh!"
After a few strange rings, one of the two people was shocked and the sharp cross cut his body and left a long scar. At this time, the two gods were depressed to the extreme, and the strong man was injured by a man who just entered the god king. How can they not be angry and depressed?
When the three families saw Du Yungang’s hand, they seriously injured the ghost family and their two God kings. People who were skeptical about Du Yun were all excited at this time.
Li Gugu Lord adults see just a few blink of an eye kung fu Du Yun actually wounded a junior king of gods peak strong fear Du Yun will be complacent and relax vigilance and quickly woke up, "Du Yun, you should be careful that these two kings of gods are the first peak, but the two of them are brothers who will make a very strange combination of fighting skills. It is said that after the combination is completed, it is equivalent to instantly raising their strength to the middle of the third order. You must be careful. Chapter four hundred and fifty-three King of Gods War (3)
"Well," Du Yun nodded with a smile and glanced at the two brothers who were seriously injured by themselves. "Are you really strong? I’m a little disappointed!"
When fighting here in Du Yun, he fought in two places. After Du Ping showed the strength of the Ministry, he was a god king with a first-order strength, but he had to deal with a god king who was at the peak of his early days. Du Ping decided to fight a decisive battle to strengthen his strength.
See Du Ping will target his shadow face shook a shake immediately quick way "Du Ping since you want to die that I will be reluctant to accept" words fall he turned to look at the pair of some embarrassed king of god brothers Yin Yin survey way "if you two can’t cope with Du Yun, who just entered the king of god, then you can directly take a piece of tofu and kill it."
Smell speech that one of the uninjured brothers of the King of God said with a smile; "This small strength is far less than what I waited for, but just now he injured me while I was unprepared. Now that I have woken up, I will never be that little purple pawn."
"Hum!" The shadow man seems to be a little dissatisfied with the two brothers, so he just snorted and said, "I mean, how soon can you send him out?"
The brothers of the King of God felt that the old man hesitated a little and nodded. "Although this little purple strength is not bad, we should be able to solve the problem by making thirty moves for lighter and then help you deal with Du Ping."
Although Du Yun gave them an unusual feeling in front of him, no matter if Du Yun was an early king of God, the early peak of the king of God was a worm in the eyes of the strong, and since they became the king of God for so many years, the strong in their hands, even if their hands add up, are countless. There are still several early peak masters of the king of God who died in this cycle. Therefore, although Du Yun took the opportunity to beat them seriously, they were not really greater than Du Yun’s peace of mind.
I heard that one of the brothers, the king of God, said that the shadow man was satisfied and nodded his head. He glanced at Du Ping and sneered at a mighty fairy force. Immediately after a slight pedal on the sole of the foot, the whole body turned into a black rose and flew directly to the front. When the brothers acted, they didn’t know that they had two more magic weapons dancing with their hands, and then a few sword mans swished out.
"Be careful" When I saw the move of the brothers of the King of God, Du Ping looked a little crooked and woke up to Du Yun. Suddenly, the shadow man’s strength had reached the peak of the early days of the King of God, while Du Ping was just the early days of the King of God. The two of them suffered a little dark loss for Du Ping’s immortal strength after the touch. If it weren’t for the support of the Dragon Divine Jis, Du Ping would have been seriously injured. Now that it has put some pressure on Du Ping, this kind of rise and tide wait for no man’s work, of course, the shadow man won’t miss his sharp eyes and found Du Ping panting
As soon as the two figures came into contact, they burst into vigorous energy fluctuations, perhaps because they wanted to seize each other’s lives. After they met like a flash, they had unconsciously pulled a distance to leave enough for Du Yun’s immortal brothers to fight.
Look at that place filled with terror, strength, fluctuation and war. Soon Du Yun glanced at the front of the King of God brothers. There was a strange flash in their eyes. Look at it. They are twin brothers. They are connected with each other. With the perfect fit, they can raise their strength to the middle class of the King of God. "Why don’t you two get rid of him quickly? Du Ping has a shadow man over there who wants to kill Du Ping, but there are some troubles. Please hurry up and help afterwards." Thomas’s family master long sink a way.
At this time, I saw the two brothers, the King of God, hand in hand, merging together quickly, and then with the integration of each other’s strength, a majestic atmosphere suddenly surged and prepared for the earthquake. Du Yun dallied back three or four steps before finally stabilizing. "What on earth is this * * so magical?" Du Yun looked at the king of god brothers heart murmured.
I feel that the breath of the brothers of the King of God has skyrocketed. Du Yun is very confused in his heart. "What’s going on here? How can a person’s strength grow so fast?" However, when Du Yun was suspicious, he suddenly thought of the three demons of Qishan in World War II. It seems that the three people just had a strange method, but temporarily transferred his two immortals to a person, so that a person’s strength could be greatly improved in a short time. I thought of these Du Yun and quickly spread his spirit to detect the brothers of the King of God, and I found that one of them was weak to the extreme, almost physically immortal.
"Ha ha, it turned out to be as I guessed. Since it is so, it is easier to deal with it."
Immediately, Du Yun clung to the source fire of Fang Tian painting halberd. After a while, a purple flame darted from Du Yun body to form a flame beam directly according to the center of Du Yun. At this time, see Du Yun’s hand. Fang Tian painting halberd gave a fierce shock. The flame column was rotating at high speed and soon formed a flame whirlwind …
After the formation of the flame whirlwind, they quickly turned to the brothers of the God King, close to the whirlwind and formed a sharp wind, which made their clothes rustle. Even the figure was unstable. Now it will take so much effort to resist the whirlwind. If Du Yun launches another attack, it will be absolutely difficult for them to cope with it. Knowing that things are very urgent, the two brothers simply looked at each other and it is already white.
See a person gently nodded and then the body is to fly back, but the other really still stay put and didn’t move, Du Yun strange occasion is to see the strange changes in the hands of the man in the rear.
See two people so strange performance Du Yun some depressed don’t know what they really want to do, but at this time he didn’t say when thinking about these messy things, originally still struggling to support Du Ping, the other king of god at this time is gradually falling into the wind, Du Ping is better, but it won’t fall into danger, but the situation of another king of god is already very bad. Seeing that the man is in crisis, Du Yun knows that he must quickly solve the battle and then rescue them two, otherwise the three families will be even more unfavorable.
Du Yun, who was wrapped in a flame whirlwind bag, quickly approached the former one of the two brothers, Du Yun, who knew that the immortal power of the two men had soared rapidly because they could be transferred to each other. As a result, he made a good plan at the bottom of his heart early, that is, he was prepared to attract one person’s attention by using hot fire array first and then find the right opportunity to sneak attack the other person directly, so that the cooperation between the two men would be self-defeating. Although Du Yun’s idea is simple, if it is put to good use, the effect will be absolutely good. But will the actual result be as predicted by Du Yun?
Du Yun’s law revision was originally different from the fairy force. Unlike that strange practice time in the elf forest, Du Yun did not practice the fairy force, but also practiced the law. The other body is more terrifying than Ziyan Shenhuo and the spirit is extremely high. Naturally, it is much faster than others.
Before Du Yun used the fire array method, Ziyan Shenhuo and the flame summoned by the general fire array method were divided, but after ten years of hard work, Du Yun has completely integrated them.
Plus, Du Yun is very familiar with Ziyan Shenhuo, which is also very convenient to make up. The flame temperature of Ziyan Shenhuo is several times higher than that of the general flame. Now the power of Du Yunli’s Ziyan Shenhuo firing fire array is definitely ten times stronger than that of the general array. The former God Wang Jiangzhe sensed the terrible temperature of the flame whirlwind, and his heart was shocked than that of him. Because of his identity, he was also very knowledgeable, but he had never seen such a terrible flame whirlwind. Even his heart was a little palpitation.
Know that the flame whirlwind is absolutely tough to deal with the man behind him, and then he injected the body fairy force into the front brother’s body through the ribbon. Suddenly, the man’s momentum suddenly soared, and he felt that the receiver was stronger than the fairy force. The magic in the man’s hand was a slight scream, and then the man’s wrist was twisted and a purple light was shot from the magic.
After the light shot out of the magic weapon, it was a Jin Gangzuan spinning and stabbing at the flame whirlwind. The idea of the God King was very good. Now that the flame whirlwind is extremely powerful and difficult to crack, I will find a way to directly destroy the flame whirlwind from the root. His idea is good, but if Du Yun Ziyan Shenhuo was so good at coping with it, he wouldn’t have to take such a big risk to collect Ziyan Shenhuo.
See sword mans just touched the edge of purple rock shenhuo high temperature and rotating strength, he only lasted for a moment when it was crushed. Four hundred and fifty-four Double true travelling.
Seeing that his blow failed, the god king was afraid that the flame whirlwind was even more difficult to deal with, and then a light blew out. However, the effect of this attack was far less than that of the second time. Before it reached the flame whirlwind, it was directly burned by the terrorist flame.