Behind the camera, Ethan was shocked and stared at the screen. Zun Wang muttered, "I was so well hidden that you found my identity and wanted to reveal your identity to the world. I didn’t expect my identity to be exposed first."

Xia Feng twitched in his heart. The masked old man turned out to be his father’s enemy, Ethan? God, I’ve been taken advantage of.
Post and Xia Han is stunned Xia Han slow for a long time to return to absolute being angry roar "yi sen turned out to be you? You did all this? All grievances are over. Why don’t you give up? "
"end? You mean it’s over when it’s over? My wife and children died, my daughter became a nun, and a noble official was destroyed by you, Xia Han and Mo. Now you tell me it’s over? Impossible "
Yi sen is throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, my identity has been exposed. Now everyone in the world knows who I am and there is nothing to hide.
"What do you want?" Summer is cold and gnashing her teeth.
"I want your father to turn against me" Yi Sen sneered treacherously.
The voice just fell and everyone listened to "Ding" for one night, and when a red flashing time bomb was activated for five minutes.
"Xi’ er, Liu parting!" Post nervous wake up "don’t move"
Everyone’s heart is on the line, and their mood is tense.
A gangster pulled Mo Mo’s mouth tape to Mo Mo’s mouth. She gasped and trembled nervously, but her mood became more stable. Her face was twisted with pain and her head must still hurt.
"Evening son, you endure, endure, don’t move." Post was worried.
Don’t be displaced, it’s better, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it for a minute or two. If she moves the bomb lightly, it will detonate and she will be blown to pieces
King Zun took one look at Xi and lowered his eyes to make a decision. He raised his eyes aloof and said, "You deliberately led me here before I left, not because you wanted me to expose my identity and let them go first."
When he spoke, the corner of his eye was slightly raised, which was very casual. A moving plane lengqin had realized the meaning and said to the watch communicator, "Do it!"
For an instant, it seems that there is something different. Everyone can find the place.
"Ha ha really sentient beings have righteousness not the kui is a summer cold son" Yi Sen laughed wildly.
Everyone in the place was shocked by the statue of the king … Is it Xia Haner?
"Your lies are really advanced but poisonous enough." King Zun’s lips overflow with shallow radians. "Anyone who talks to me will not have a good game. You said that I am Xia Haner. From then on, Xia’s family will be Yongning, and I also have a containment, which will solve Xia’s problem and kill me with two birds with one stone."
"You don’t admit it?" Yi Sen said coldly, "Push Mo to the floor."
"Yes," a gangster walked towards Mofu. The cross was shaky and unstable, and he could fall off the building with a push.
"Don’t …" Xia Han shouted in horror.
"Push!" King Zun sneered, "Hurry up if you want to push."
Everyone was shocked and the gangster froze.
Zun Lue Wang waved his hand and suddenly a person fell into the helicopter and fell straight to the edge of the balcony. The cable didn’t go down again.
"Daddy …" It was a typical American who wore a nun, although she was over forty years old, but her face was still gorgeous, delicate, blue-eyed and blonde.
"Yisha?" Xia Han surprised shout.
"You …" Yi Sen Shu, who was hiding in the dark, came trembling with anger. I should have known that the night was not so easy to provoke and the king of the night was even more difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect that it was only a short day when the night not only found out my identity but also caught Sasha.
"Why don’t you push it?" King Zun grinned strangely. "It’s a good deal to pay for one life, but if even your only daughter dies, no one will die."
"Let my daughter go," Ethan roared.
"Let them go" Zun Wang pointed to Mo’s exile.
Evening eyes narrowed with pain but kept staring at the statue of the king. More and more fragments in his mind became clearer and clearer.
"Good one can change one. You can choose who to change." Yi Sen’s eyes sparkled with cunning light.
Everyone froze again. I don’t know how to choose the king.
The statue of the king shook his eyes, took one look at the evening and then looked at Mo Fan. How to choose one who loves a woman and one who is a mother?