Palm trembling slightly.

"I … I don’t want to see it!"
It really doesn’t make any difference whether this perverted man is wrapped or not, but she was outspoken, okay?
Don’t care so much!
But only conscious men gradually melt away when they keep kissing her.
"Too …"
The original clear voice became gentle and lovely, eroding the bones, and the hot air splashed on the man’s face, making his body instantly tense.
Jade coagulates fat and jade arm rings. The man’s neck is surrounded by his strength. He seems to want to get up and raise his neck painfully, leaning on his shoulder and shivering.
Being close to his body makes her cold and relieved, and she can really want to draw more heat, which is more pleasant even on a hot summer day.
"Well …"
The unbearable whisper made Jun Yi Han take a deep breath. Even his patience seemed to reach its limit if it wasn’t for her.
Tightly frowning brows will she stripped from his body.
"Well don’t …"
Realizing that the only heat source was far away from her, Gu Xixi frowned discontentedly. Because they were too close, their cheeks were red and white, and they were charming and charming. She grabbed the man’s shoulder tightly for fear that he would just dump her.
The man raised his hand and clamped her jaw with great force, forcing her to look at herself.
The dark and hot phoenix eyes also look deeply into her eyes at the moment. "Look at the stupid thing clearly. Do you know who I am?"
Away from his room, it seems that there is still a cold chill that blows away a little ambiguity and restores a little clarity. There is a faint focus in my eyes.
Looking at the edges and corners of the facial features, her mind suddenly felt a tingle.
Jun yi Han!
How can she not know who he is? This is the man she has been thinking about for ten years. Maybe she used him as an antidote at first, but in this decade, especially recently, her heart is not made of wood. How can it be impossible? Chapter 1589 1589 She is his poison for life at a glance.
Before I knew it, she was already …
But how on earth did he know about her poisoning?
What if he did detoxify her? What should she do with him? Do you want her to leave forever?
If that’s the case, she’d rather continue to suffer than stay with him until he can’t live without her!
"Too my slave …"
She pushed and shivered to push him away from herself, but suddenly she was restrained by a man.
"Don’t understand this poison, will you always be so painful to understand?"
Jun Yi-han didn’t understand what she meant by this sudden refusal. After so many years, her daughter dressed as a eunuch and stayed with him. Who are you showing such resistance to now?
Or is she afraid that she will just kill her one day?
A man with a deep voice and a tight line whispered in her ear, "Don’t worry that the palace won’t kill you now that it chooses to save you?"
I don’t know if his words are too demagogic or if the cold has invaded her brain. At this moment, I can’t tell what I think in my heart, and I can take back his hand.
Jun Yi’s cold eyes were slightly dark, and he immediately bent down and tightly hooped the woman’s cold and soft, but like a snake twisting his body, his mouth blocked her half-closed red lips.
Overwhelming kiss faintly shows a kind of * * * * atmosphere, accompanied by dry wood and fire, and the house is full of spring.
It was not until the kiss made her almost gasp that Jun Yi-han would leave her sweet and attractive red lips.
Every time I taste it, I can’t stop
She is his poison for life at a glance.
"Jun Yi Han …"
With this hoarse, sultry, low-pitched, cold-recollected pupil and shrinking chest, there seems to be some strong emotion about to break out of the pupa.
This alone is far faster and more effective than flattering drugs.
He held the female shoulder blade in one hand and pinched her waist in the other, which almost made her scream.
But he seems to be deliberately swallowing Nv Jiao’s breath in his stomach, sweeping every corner of a woman’s mouth with a moist and dexterous long tongue, absorbing the sweetest body fluid in the world for half an inch and unwilling to let it go.
"Brushing" made me feel colder. It was the man who tore up her chest wrap directly.
It’s white and beautiful, and only the crimson coat covers it. How many spring curves are elegant and exciting.
In the future, I have to respond that a man’s hot thin lips will cover her collarbone inch by inch and bite it.
Accompanied by a man’s dexterous big hand caressing the soft towering that has not yet bloomed.
"Too …"
The vague whisper of "Eun Gong Here" escaped from the man’s humble and beautiful lips.
The red fruit in his provocative caress finally bloomed as he wished.
Jun Yi-han’s teeth gently rubbed against her, causing her to be short of breath and shudder.
The soft and hot tongue keeps circling around that point, probably for fear that the other side is too empty. The man moves his other hand from her slender waist to keep kneading.